一.阅读理解 阅读理解
A Judy works in a sports shop. She loves all kinds of sports. She can swim and skate very well. She often plays basketball and volleyball. These days, she is taking her tennis lessons at a tennis club. She goes to the club at weekends. There she meets Kate and Joan. The three of the become good friends. Kate and Joan started their tennis lessons earlier than Judy, but Judy learns the fastest. Now she plays the best of the three. "You must take part in the tennis match in our town next year, "Kate says to Judy. "But I have sports only for exercise and fun, you know, "Judy answers. 根据短文内容,判断下列各句。符合短文内容的打“√”,不符合的打“×” ( )
  1. . Judy is learning to play tennis at a tennis club. ( )
  2. Kate and Joan are Judy's new friends. ( )
  3. Judy starts her tennis lessons earliest of the three. ( )
  4. Judy can play tennis better than Kate and Joan. ( )
  5. Judy is going to take part in the tennis match next year.) B Arli has known how to type for several years. Still, he types rather slowly, and he can only spell out words of four letters or less. But Arli is doing quite well?for a dog. He is a black, white and brown English setter 谍犬) uses a special typewriter 打字机) has ( .He ( .It (浅) ,bowl-like keys that are about two inches 英寸) ( wide. His owner calls out the letters, shallow he hits the keys with his nose. Arli does very well in typing “good dog”. But he seems to have a bit of trouble when he is asked to spell out “bad dog”.
  6.Arli is the name of . A. a dog B. a typist C. a child D. an Englishman
  7.How do you think Arli learned to type ? A. He was helped to do it by a dog. B.He did it with the help of his master. C. He did it for a living. D.He started doing it several years ago.
  8.The writer tells us that Arli’s typewriter . A. has only a small number of keys B. is smaller than an ordinary typewriter C. is larger than an ordinary typewriter D. sometimes gives you a bit of trouble
二.完形填空(10 分) 完形填空(
Yesterday evening, when I went to town 1 my mother, we met a strange old man. It was raining 2 and we had no umbrella. We were trying to 3 a taxi when he came up to us. He was carrying a nice umbrella and he said that he would give 4 for only a pound. He had forgotten his wallet, he said he needed taxi to go back home. My mother didn't believe what he had said at first, and 5 him a lot of questions. But a good she finally believed the man and gave him the pound. She was happy to 6
umbrella for so little. But the old man didn't get into a taxi. We walked 7 him and found he went into a pub and bought himself a glass of 8 with the pound. After he drank it, he 9 his hat and took up one of the many wet umbrellas there and went off with the new one. it again. Soon after that, he 10
  1. A. in B. near C. with D. by
  2. A. hard B. big C. heavy D. small
  3. A. get out of B. get into C. get up D. get off
  4. A. it us B. it to us C. us it D. us to it
  5. A. showed B. asked C. lent D. borrowed
  6. A. have B. buy C. see D. make
  7. A. with B. for C. before D. after
  8. A. orange B. tea C. coffee D. whiskey
  9. A. put on B. took off C. put up D. put down
  10. A. lost B. dropped C. sold D. wore
句型转换。 (10 按要求改写下列句子,每空一词 每空一词。 三.句型转换。 句型转换 ( 分) 按要求改写下列句子 每空一词。

  1. There will be a film tonight. (改为反意疑问句) There will be a film tonight, ?
  2. It is snowing heavily now. (改为感叹句) it is snowing now!
  3. Bill sat next to him in the classroom. (改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) Bill next to him in the classroom? No, he .
  4. Take the first turning on the right. (改为否定句) the first turning on the right.
  5. My sister is helping my mother wash clothes now. (用 tomorrow afternoon 替换 now) My sister my mother wash clothes tomorrow afternoon.
  6. I bought some colour paper to make a kite.(对划线部分提问) you buy some colour paper ?
  7. The Browns had lunch at half past eleven.(对划线部分提问) the Browns lunch?
  8. Did they take a train to Hangzhou last Friday? (改为同义句) Did they Hangzhou last Friday?
  9. I'm busy now. I can't play football with you. (改为同义句) I have to play football with you.
  10. I think it's bad for animals to stay in cages.(改为同义句) I think it's for animals to stay in cages.
动词填空。 用方框中所给动词的适当形式完成句子 有剩余选项) 四. 动词填空。 10 分) ( 用方框中所给动词的适当形式完成句子 有剩余选项) ( 。
read speak talk close give begin drink take get meet bring teach
  1. In China, the last name is the name.
  2. You had better finish your homework soon, and it here next Monday.

  3. I'm a teacher. My job is English in No. 2 Middle School.
  4. I'm very thirsty. I need something .
  5. Keep your eyes and do eye exercises carefully.
  6. I remember him in Changchun last year.
  7. Do you have fun the morning paper?
  8. He to learn English when he was five years old.
  9. The weather colder later on. Let's stay at home.
  10. ?Where is our teacher? ?She with some students over there.
根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。 五. 根据汉语意思完成下列英语句子。 (10 分)

  1. 你多长时间去一趟中山公园? do you go to the Zhongshan Park?
  2. 保罗每天都乘坐电梯上下楼。 Paul uses a lift to every day.
  3. 这是你们第三次参观长城吗? this your third time the Great Wall?
  4. 你愿意来我家过中秋节吗? Would you like to my home Midautumn Festival?
  5. 这里的天气比纽约的热。 The weather here in New York.
  6. 让我们讨论一下怎样去那里好吗? Let's discuss there, ?
  7. 今天的天气怎样? the weather today?
  8. 考试结束后我们将在下星期天上午举行聚会。 After exam, we'll the morning of next Sunday.
  9. 昨晚瑞典摇滚乐队在哪举行了音乐会? Where the Swedish rock band last night?
  10. 我的朋友比我擅长游泳。 My friend is I swimming
补全对话。 (5 六. 补全对话。 分) (
根据情境,从 a-g 中选出五个选项完成对话。 A: May I ask you some questions, Liu Min? B: Of course. A: (
  1) B: I like swimming best. A: Why? B: Because swimming is a sport for the whole body.
A: (
  2) B: Yes, usually once a week, and no change through the four seasons. A: (
  3) B: Usually in the swimming pool. A: (
  4) B: I'm not sure, maybe five years ago. A: (
  5) B: Four. They are breaststroke (蛙泳), freestyle(自由泳), backstroke(仰泳) and butterfly stroke (蝶泳). A: I hear that freestyle is the fastest, is that right? B: Yes, that's right. a. Where do you swim? b. Do you like skating? c. How many styles (样式) can you swim? d. What sport do you like best? e. Do you usually go to the shopping centre? f. When did you begin to swim? g. Do you often go swimming?
书面表达。 (6 七. 书面表达。 分) (
假设你是 Lisa Raster (电子邮箱为:17680@csu.edu), 准备在本周五下午举行一个生日聚 会。你想邀请你的好友 Jenny Smith (电子邮箱为:jennysmith@yahoo.com)参加。请你发一 封电子邮件通知她。 内容提示:
  1. 本周五下午 1:30?
  5:00 在家举行生日聚会;
  2. 你的其他一些好友也来参加,其间要叙旧话新,做游戏,会餐;
  3. 希望她能参加,你想尽快知道她是否能来,让她给你打电话(495-35
  39)或发(send) 电 子邮件。 要求:
  1. 填写好收发人的 e-mail 地址;
  2. 不要逐句翻译内容提要;
  3. 不少于 50 个单词。 From: To: Subject: Birthday Party Lisa Raster



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