( )
  1. This is useful book, and you should read it again. A. a ( B. an C. / D. one
  2. The song sounds . Can you sing it again? A. softly B. wonderfully C. lively D. badly
  3. Nancy Green lives , but she never feels . A. lonely; alone B. alone; alone C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely
If you visit , you’ll see the Eiffel Tower. B. Sydney C. Washington D. Tokyo
A. Paris (
  5. There are more boys in our class than . A. your B. your class C. yours D. in yours
  6. The number of the birds in the zoo about ninety. A. am B. is C. are D. be
Kitty’s pencil case is Amy’s. It is also very small. B. different from C. alike D. the same size as
A. the same colour as (
  8. Elephants are very and they often walk . A. quiet; quiet B. quiet; quietly C. quietly; quiet D. quietly; quietly
If we more bamboos, giant pandas will have more food. B. grow C. grew D. are growing
A. grows (
  10. Xi Wang a healthy young giant panda and weighed 150 kilograms A. grew B. grew into C. grew up D. grew out of
  11. We should do something the animals in danger being killed. A. to protect; from B. protect; from C. to protect; for D. protect; for
  12. Heilongjiang is in the of China. A. northeast B northeastern C. northwest D. northwestern ?.
  13. ?Which of the following birds has a forked tail?
A. Swans. (
B. Golden eagles.
C. Swallows
D. Sparrows.
  14. Daniel taught how to make a home page. A. him B. he C. his D. himself
  15. Two students are from Korea. A. hundreds of B. hundred C. hundreds D. hundred of

  1. ?What your brother often (have) for breakfast? ?He usually has bread and milk but sometimes he has noodles.
  2. You’d better (put) on your coat because it’s cold outside.
  3. Look! A boy (cry) over there. Let’s go and see what is wrong with him.
  4. (not play) football on the road. It’s very dangerous.
  5. ?Can I (have) a look at those new books? ?Ok, here you are.

  6. We always have a great time (chat) with each other.
  7. Teachers should encourage their students (study) hard.
  8. We (get) orange if we (mix) red with yellow.
  9. She (lose) her purse on her way home yesterday.

  10. They (be) good friends for nearly 20 years. 三、翻译下列句子:

  1. 我长大后想成为一名社会义工(social worker)。
  2. 对于大熊猫来说,在野外生存(survive in the wild)是非常困难的。
  3. 这个自然保护区(nature reserve)里有许多不同种类的野生生物(wild animals)。
  4. 当天开始下雨时,我正在睡觉。
二、单项选择: (15%)
  1~5 A C D A D
  6~10 BDBBB

  11~15 A A C D B
五、动词填空: (10%)

  1. do, have
  6. chatting
  2. put
  7. to study
  3. is crying
  8. will get, mix
  4. Don’t play
  5. have
  9. lost
  10. have been
六、翻译下列句子: (15%)

  1. I would like to be a social worker when I grow up.
  2. If I see a snake in front of me I will run the other way.
  3. It is difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild.
  4. There are many different kinds of wild animals in the nature reserve.
  5. I was sleeping when it started to rain.



   初二英语期末试卷 (答题时间:90 分钟) 听力部分 一. 听对话及问题,选出能回答问题的正确答案。(5 分) 1. A. Half past one. B. One twenty-seven. C. Three past two. 2. A. Because she isn’t interested in it at all. B. Because she has been there many times. C. Because she has no time at the moment ...


   高二期中考试 英语试卷分析 试卷特点介绍 1)试卷在考查目标、试卷结构、题型设置、考查内容、分 )试卷在考查目标、试卷结构、题型设置、考查内容、 值分配等方面与往年基本保持不变的前提下更加突出考查 了学生综合运用语言的能力, 了学生综合运用语言的能力,体现了交际性语言测试的功 加大了英语学习与实际生活的相结合( 能,加大了英语学习与实际生活的相结合(real-life)的 ) 比例。 比例。 2)突出语境,照顾知识覆盖面。 )突出语境,照顾知识覆盖面。 考点覆盖了高中英语教材高二UNITS1 ...


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   第一课时 单词: 单词: exercise hardly(always usually sometimes never) although Keep until forget finish 短语: 短语: How(how often how much how many how old how far how long As for Look after Leave for how about how soon) 辨析: 辨析: Maybe/may be A few/few/a little/ ...


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   一,词汇 (一)按要求完成各题. 1.mean(名词) 2.heavy(比较级) 3.slowly(最高级) 4.leave(现在分词) 5.wish(复数) (二)用所给词的适当形式填空. 1.September is the(nine) of month of the year. 2.Usually, he(catch)the No.11 bus to work. Now he is getting on the bus. 3.I'm stronger than he, but he i ...



   1.木头人:如:I can fiy I can jump 读句子的同时表演出动作,老师说停, 不论你什么姿态,都不能动,老师挑选一名学生去逗表演的学生,看谁懂了谁犯 规 2.猜袋中物 教师从书包中拿出一件东西放入一只不透明的袋子里, 由每组的第一名学生 轮流猜,可以问:“Is it a banana(an apple,orange)?”猜对了为优胜。 3.西蒙说(Simon says) 这个游戏的玩法与[65]差不多,不同的是教师在发出指令前可以说“Simon says”, 也可以不说。如说 ...

流行的英语短片小说 芒果街上的小屋

   头发 我们家里每个人的头发都不一样.爸爸的头发像扫把,根根直立 往上插.而我,我的头发挺懒惰.它从来不听发夹和发带的话.卡洛 斯的头发又直又厚.他不用梳头.蕾妮的头发滑滑的??会从你手里 溜走.还有奇奇,他最小,茸茸的头发像毛皮. 只有妈妈的头发,妈妈的头发,好像一朵朵小小的玫瑰花结 , 一枚枚小小的糖果圈儿,全都那么拳曲,那么漂亮,因为她成天给它 们上发卷.把鼻子伸进去闻一闻吧,当她搂着你 时.当她搂着你时,你觉得那么安全,闻到的气味又那么香甜.是那 种待烤的面包暖暖的香味,是那种她给你让 ...


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