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初二英语试卷 A
Ⅰ听力 A)听句子, 选择正确的选项:
  1. A at B on C in
  2. A seven B eight C six
  3. A in B one C on
  4. A second B. first C third
  5. A here B there C near B)听录音, 完成句子
  1. Good idea! We’ll start early
  2. Do you like to go to ?
  3. The twins took the basket from the boat and put it
  4. The children started to walk around
  5. We won’t go until we get it C)听完录音, 完成下面短文: Mrs. Jones was waiting 1 an important telephone call, but there 2 no 3 in the house. So she left the baby 4 home. She said to her older son, ”I’m going to 5 Jimmy, I will be back in 6 minutes, ” When she was 7 , there was a telephone call. Jimmy answered. “Hello, is 8 Mrs. Jones?” a man said, “ 9 , ” answered Jimmy. “When she comes back, say to her, Mr. Baker telephoned. ” “What?” . B-A-K-E-R. ” “Mr. Baker. Write it 10 “But I 11 write. ” “ 12 anyone else 13 you?” “My brother Bill is here. ” “Good, I want 14 to him. ” “All right, ”Jimmy 15 the telephone to his brother Billy. He was only one 16 old. II.单词拼写 A)根据句意和所给的汉语的意思,在横线上填出一个适当的词:
  1. Don’t (嗅) the flowers.
  2. I see a film (一次)a week.
  3. The baby saw her mother and stopped (哭).
  4. They are (推) the boat to the river.
  5. Don’t be (害怕), He’s a kind man. B)按要求写出下列名词
  1. usual(反义词)
  2. begin(同义词)
  3. push(反义词)
  4. we (反身代词)
  5. father(同音词)
  6. near(最高级)
  7. many(比较级)
  8. easy(副词)
  9. danger(形容词) III. 单项选择 单项选择:
  1. They’re going to have picnic on island. A. a, a B. the, the C. a, the D. the, an
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清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来

  2. We enjoyed on the island yesterday. A. us B. our C. ours D. ourselves
  3. ?Is here? ?No. Jim and Dick don’t come. A. everybody B. anybody C. somebody D. nobody
  4. ?There’re two islands near our town. ?Which one is ? A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest the room.
  5. The children pulled the basket A. off B. of C. out D. out of
  6. ?May I go to the island with you? ?No, you . The boat is too small. A. can B. may C. mustn’t D. needn’t waiting for you at the school gate now.
  7. Someone A. is B. are C. was D. were
  8. ?What are they going to do? ?They the boat to the river. A. push B. will push C. are pushing D. pushed
  9. ? . ?What a good idea! A. We had a picnic last Saturday. B. Let’s have a picnic next Saturday. C. They’re having a good time on the island. D. We went to the island by boat.
  10. ?There’s a dog by the gate. ? . It’ll be friendly to you. A. It’s a pleasure B. Don’t laugh at it C. Don’t be afraid D. Be careful
  11. Her daughter wanted to go home once. A. in B. on C. at D. for
  12. -I feel afraid. -We’re safe. Don’t be afraid. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
  13. There with your watch. A. is wrong something B. is something wrong C. are wrong something D. are something wrong
  14. Which is , the park, the cinema or the theatre? A. farther B. farthest C. the farther D. the farthest
  15. I’m free now. I have to do . A. nothing B. anything C. something D. everything
  16. they are listening to the teacher! A. How careful B. How carefully C. What careful D. What carefully
  17. Don’t forget to your books when you here next time. A. bring; come B. take; come
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清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
C. bring; will come D. take; will come
  18. The girls looked than the boys. A. so tired B. too tired C. much tired D. much more tired you the text.
  19. Let’s A. hear; read B. to hear; read C. hear; to read D. to hear; to read
  20. I know the village very much because I there four times. A. have gone B. have been C. have gone to D. have been to IV.根据课文内容,在每个空白处填写一个句子,完成对话 根据课文内容, 根据课文内容 在每个空白处填写一个句子,完成对话: A A: Were you out yesterday, Kate? K: Yes. 1 A: With whom? K: With Jim, Lucy and other four children. A: 2 K: By boat. A: But you had no boat. K: 3 A: Oh, I remember! He has a boat. Does anybody live in it ? K: No. We went there alone. We put the picnic basket under a big tree, but we couldn’t find it later on . I thought there was a tiger on the island. 4 A: (Laughs) Really? But I hear there is no tiger on it . Instead, there are a lot of monkeys on it . 5 K: Oh, you’re right . I saw something in the trees. 1 2 3 4 5 B 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出正确答案填入空白处。 L: How hot it is today! M: I hear it’ll be hotter tomorrow. L: Really? 1 M: 2 It’s cooler there. L: 3 But how can we get there? We can get there by boat. M: 4 L: We haven’t any boats, you know. M: But Mr. Liu has one. L: I don’t know him at all. M: 5 He often helps others. Make sure he’ll lend it to us. L: Well, then. Let’s go and visit him. M: OK A. What a good idea! B. Sorry, I can’t help you. C. What shall we do? D. Don’t worry. E. You can go to the island F. Why not go to the island? G. That’s easy. V.用适当的复合不定代词完成下列各句:
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com 知识改变命运 教育成就未来
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知识改变命运 教育成就未来

  1. Today we’re going to have English.
  2. -Is here today? live in that small house on the island.
  3. Does
  4. is difficult if you try your best.
  5. is waiting for you at the school gate.
  6. Is there interesting in today’s newspaper?
  7. It’s very quiet over there. There is there. is ready. There’s nothing to worry about.
  9. There is something wrong with my eyes. I can’t see .
  10. I’m thirsty. Could you gave me to drink. VI. 介词填空 . 介词填空:
  1. The temperature will fall night. the island.
  2. There are some animals
  3. He took his food his basket a picnic.
  4. The old man pulled a big fish up the water.
  5. We ‘re alone here , we’re all ourselves.
  6. The dog is the door. . I can’t see it.
  7. Please put the ball bed. us tomorrow?
  8. Are you coming
  9. Let’s read the story the children on Snake Island.
  10. The boy my right is from Hainan Island. VII. 完形填空: 完形填空: How Much is the Ship Fare? he finished middle school, he began to find work Jack Hunt lived in a small town. 1 there. But it was not 2 for him to do it . One of his friends 3 him that a factory on our island needed some workers. He came here 4 . The head of the factory(厂长) thought him young and 5 and employed(雇用)him. He didn’t know 6 here and had no friends. He worked hard in the factory in the daytime and came back to his 7 in the evening. Most workers lived in their houses and only he 8 here alone. It was Sunday yesterday. It began to snow and the weather was 9 . Jack went to a town near his factory and came in a shop. He wanted to 10 a coat for himself(自己). “How much is the coat, sir?” asked the young man. “Two hundred dollars(美元). ” Answered the man in the shop. “But a coat like this in New York is only one hundred and twenty dollars!” “How much is the ship fare (票价), then?”
  1. A. Until B. That C. Before D. After
  2. A. easy B. safe C. dangerous D. busy
  3. A. said B. told C. spoke D. talked
  4. A. at first B. at last C. at once D. all the time
  5. A. strong B. ill C. clean D. rich
  6. A. nobody B. somebody C. anybody D. everybody
  7. A. school B. bedroom C. classroom D. hospital
  8. A. played B. sang C. ate D. lived
  9. A. hot B. cold C. cool D. warm
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清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来

  10. A. sell VIII. 阅读理解
B. find
C. borrow
D. buy
I’m His Neighbor Dick was born is a farmer’s family. He had to study in a school in the town when he was small. He liked playing and was not good at his lessons. So he could do nothing when he grew up. But he didn’t like to be a farmer or worker. He left the poor (贫穷的)village and came to the city. On the train he knew a young man Jim. They became good friends soon. But they can’t find any work here. They have to beg(乞讨)from door to door in the day-time and sleep on the chairs in the garden at night. The weather is warm and they always think they have a good time. But one evening a shop near the garden was stolen(被盗). The policemen went there at once. They found the two young men in the garden and brought them to the police station. “Where do you live, young man ?” asked a policeman. “I live everywhere(到处), sir , ”said Dick, “The fields, the parks, the hills, the gardens…” The policeman stopped him and turned to Jim, “And where do you live?” “We’re neighbors(邻居), ”said the young man, “I live next door to him. ”
  1. Dick wasn’t good at his lessons because . A. he wasn’t born in a farmer’s family B. he didn’t study hard C. he was often hungry D. his parents didn’t help him
  2. Dick went to the city because . A. he didn’t want to live in the poor village B. he couldn’t find any work in the village C. he could get much money(钱) there D. he wanted to have many friends there
  3. Dick knew Jim . A. when they slept in the garden B. when they began to find work in the city C. after the policemen brought him to the police station D. when he was on the train to the city
  4. Dick didn’t find work in the city because . A. he liked begging B. he had no friends there C. he couldn’t do anything D. he was from a village
  5. The policemen thought , so they brought them to the police station . A. Dick and Jim stole the shop B. the two young men slept in the garden at night C. Dick and Jim begged in the street D. the two young men had to leave the city IX. 根据短文及所给首字母,填上适当单词 根据短文及所给首字母,填上适当单词: We were (
  1)f last Sunday. I went to the nearest island with (
  2)s friends of mine. We wanted to have a (
  3)p on it . We (
  4)b some take away and drinks in a a boat from Mr Yao. We were not good at (
  6)b shop that morning and (
  5) b
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清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
and it was hard to do it . When we got there, we were all (
  7)t . We had a good (
  8)r in a farmer’s house. Then we visited the big trees and threw some fruit to the (
  9)m . At the island. I thought we had a good time there. four we (
  10)l X. 书面表达 Bruce, Bill, Jim, Lucy, Kate went to visit an island by boat for a picnic last weekend. Can you say something about their trip according to(根据) the text? Write them down. 答案: ⅠA)
  1. We’re going to visit Monkey Island at the weekend. 〔A〕
  2. We’ll meet at the school gate at six. Is that OK? 〔C〕
  3. Don’t worry. I’ll be there on time. 〔C〕
  4. Which island shall we go to first? 〔B〕
  5. The smaller one is nearer, and we’ve never been there before. 〔B〕 B)听录音, 完成句子
  6. Good idea! We’ll start early in the morning
  7. Do you like to go to strange places ?
  8. The twins took the basket from the boat and put it under the tree
  9. The children started to walk around the island
  10. We won’t go until we get it back again C) Mrs. Jones was waiting
  1. for an important telephone call, but there
  2. was no
  3. bread in the house. So she left the baby
  4. at home. She said to her older son, ”I’m going to
  5. shop Jimmy, I will be back in
  6. a few minutes, ” When she was
  7. out , there was a telephone call. Jimmy answered. “Hello, is
  8. that Mrs. Jones?” a man said, “
  9. No , ” answered Jimmy. “When she comes back, say to her, Mr. Baker telephoned. ” “What?” “Mr Baker. Write it
  10. down . B-A-K-E-R. ” “But I
  11. can’t write. ” “
  12. Is anyone else
  13. with you?” “My brother Bill is here. ” “Good, I want
  14. to speak to him. ” “All right, ”Jimmy
  15. gave the telephone to his brother Billy. He was only one
  16. year old. II. A
  1. small
  2. once
  3. crying
  4. pushing
  5. afraid B
  1. unusual
  2. start
  3. pull
  4. ourselves
  5. farther
  6. nearest
  7. more
  8. easily
  9. dangerous III. 1-5 C D A B D 6-10 C A B B C 11-15 C D B D A 16-20 B A D A B IV.A)
  1. I went to the island
  2. How did you get there?
  3. we borrowed a boat from Uncle Li.
  4. So I was afraid.
  5. Maybe they took it away B)
  1. C
  2. F
  3. A
  4. G
  5. D V.
  1. something
  2. everybody/ everyone
  3. anybody
  4. Nothing
  5. Someone/
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com 知识改变命运 教育成就未来
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
  6. anything
  7. nobody
  8. Everything
  9. anything
  10. something VI.
  1. at
  2. on
  3. from for
  4. from
  5. by
  6. behind
  7. under
  8. with
  9. about
  10. on VII. 1-5 D A B C A 6-10 C B D B D VIII..1-5 B A D C A IX
  1. free
  2. some
  3. picnic
  4. bought
  5. borrowed
  6. boating
  7. tired
  8. rest
  9. monkeys
  10. left X..略
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