初二英语试题 一.单词辩音(10 分) 初二英语试题 一.单词辩音(10 分)
  1.A.please B.meal C.speask D.bread
  2.A.but B.bus C.ruler D.nut
  3.A.stay B.may C.play D.says
  4.A.cake B.climb C.nice D.come
  5.A.walked B.washed c.worked D.moved
  6.A.who B.what C.why D.when
  7.A.move B.come C.some D.love
  8.A.nothing B.with C.third D.ninth
  9.A.book B.look C.foot D.room
  10.A.far B.park C.quarter D.hard 二.补全单词:(10 分)
  11.M__ch A.ar B.cw C.aw D.al
  12.bec__se A.ou B.au C.or D.oa
  13.cert__nly A.ai B.ia C.io D.ui
  14.fav__rite A.au B.ar C.ou D.or
  15.alw__s A.oy B.uy C.iy D.ay
  16.yest__day A.er B.ar C.ur D.ir
  17.quesA.toin B.tain C.tien D.tein
  18.cful A.are B.at C.ei D.ay
  19.c__ch A.ai B.at C.ei D.ay
  20.prent A.e B.air C.a D.aie 三.词语释义(10 分)
  21.Li Ping is away today. A.at school B.not here C.working
  22.Lucy does well in boating. A.likes B.enjoys C.is good at
  23.Why don't you come with me? A.why not B.Shall we C.Let's
  24.He played happily in the park yesterday. A.had a good time B.played football C.saw animals
  25.She had a little rest after lunch. A.much B.a long C.a short
  26.He gets to school at six. A.reaches B.goes C.walks
  27.She watched TV for half an hour. A.more than an hour B.thirty minutes C.less than an hour
  28.Shall we go to the park? I've no idea. A. I don’t know B.I’m very happy C.sure
  29.Nice to see you. A.look B.watch C.meet
  30.There is nothing on the desk.
A.anything B.not anything C.not somthing 四.单项选择.(25 分)
  31.Please listenme,everyone. A.at B.to C.in D.with
  32.I usually come to schoolfoot. A.at B.on C.with D.in
  33.I like sometimes. A.walk B.walking C.walks D.walked
  34.We eat mooncakes that day. A.at B.on C.with D.in
  35.I'd like you my fathar. A.meet B.to meet C.meeting D.met
  36.This cake is than that one. A.nicer B.nice C.the nicest D.nicest
  37.Would you like cake? A.other B.the other C.another D.others
  38.are you going to do tomorrow? A.When B.What C.Which D.What time
  39.I'm going to buy bananas. A.few B.little C.a few D.a little
  40.The third one is the of all. A.good B.better C.best D.well
  41.We are going to help some farmers-their work. A.to B.with C.at D.on
  42.It's time class. A.to B.for C.with D.at
  43.I have quite a lot of homework. A.doing B.do C.to do D.does
  44.It's about six kilometres. A.long B.far C.away D.from
  45.You'd better the work today. A.finish B.to finish C.finishing D.finishes
  46.You must look after. A.you B.your C.yours D.yourself.
  47.Is reading in bed good or bad your health? A.to B.at C.with D.for
  48.When you have a meeting last week? A.do B.does C.are D.did
  49.I was bornFeb
  87. A.on B.in C.at D.to
  50.We lived there about five years. A.on B.for C.at D.to
  51.Are you enjoying here? A.live B.living C.to line D.lives
  52. in that meat ,please.
A.How long B.How much C.How many D.How often
  53.The of near is far. A.word B.opposite C.place D.park
  54.let me for you. A.pick it up B.pick up it C.picked it up D.picked up it
  55.I'm coming back a minute. A.in B.on C.with D.at 五.情景对话.(15 分)
  56.A:Good morning,class . B:. A. Good morning B. Goodbye C. Nice to see you
  57.A:May I have a piece of paper ,please B:. A. Thank you B. Here you are C .Not at all
  58.A:Happy new year. B:. A. Thank you B. The same to you C. Not sorry
  59.A:Nice to see you! B: A. I'm happy . B. Nice to see you C. Nice to meet you
  60.A:How are you? B: A. Fifteen B .Fine. Thank you C. I'm good
  62.A:See you here at two. B:. A. Not at all B That's all right C. See you
  63.A:Thank you very much. B:. A. That's right B. Sure C. You're welcome
  64.A:Hi. Li Lei ,Am I late ? B:. A.Yes ,I am B.No, I am not C.NO , yor aren't
  65.A:Are you free tommorrow? B:. A.No ,I don't B.Yes ,I do C.I think so
  66.A:Shall we go to the zoo? B:. A.You're welcome B.Nothing much C.Good idea
  67.where is the bus stop,please? A.Sorry B.Excyse me. C.Hi.
  68.where is the park ,please? A. Sorry , I don’t know. B.Thank you all the same. C. Goodbye
  68.A:I can't go with you,My mother is ill today.
  68.A:I can't go with you,My mother is ill today.
B:. A.Thank you B.Thank you all the same C.Goodbye
  69.A:I can't go with you,My mother is ill to day. B:. A.I'm sorry to hear that B.It's too bad C.Is that so
  70.A:Your coat is very beautiful. B:. A.No , it isn't B.Thank you C.I don't think so 七,词形转换:(15 分)
  15.sea(同音词) 八.句型转换.(10 分)
  1.Li Lei is a student.(改为一般过去时) Li Lei a student 3 years ago.
  2.She came to China in 19
  89.(一般问句) she to China in 19
  3.It's Monday today(提问) is it today?
  4.It was July 3rd 1997(提问) the date?
  5.Sometimes she watches TV(提问) she watch TV?
  6.Ibought some oranges this morning(否定句) I buy oranges this morning.
  7.Mr Turner found his ticket on the floor(提问) did Mr Turner his ticket?
  8.Han Meimei cooked some food because she was hungry(提问) Han Mei mei cook some food?
  9.Her father goes to work by bus (提问) her father go to work.
  10.She often takes the NO .11 bus(提问) does she often take? 九.用括号内动词的适当形式填空.(5 分)
  1.Kate (go) swimming last Saturday.
  2.They (have) a meeting tomorrow.
  3.We must (buy)some food for supper.
  4.Don't worry ,Let me (help) you.
  5.The students (talk) about the picture now.



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