听力测试( 第一部分 听力测试(共 20 分) 一,听句子,选择正确的应答语.每个句子读两遍. 分) (5
  1.A.Let's go. B.This evening. C.Yes,I have.
  2.A.I am hungry. B.With my best friend. C.Good idea.
  3.A.Last year. B.I like English. C.At school.
  4.A.Last week. B.For a year. C.OK.
  5.A.At home. B.I like English songs. C.John Denver. 二,听对话及问题,选择最佳答案.每段对话和问题读两遍. 分) (5
  6.A.On the fourteenth floor. B.On the twelfth floor. C.On the tenth floor.
  29. B.February
  28. C.March
  8.A.English. B.Chemistry. C.History.
  9.A.He had a cough. B.He had a headache. C.He felt cold.
  10.A.50 yuan. B.15 yuan. C.35 yuan. 三,听对话,回答问题.每段对话读两遍. 分) (5 听第一段对话,回答第 11?12 小题.
  11.Where does the woman want to go? A.The Police Station. B.The English Corner. C.Center Street.
  12.In which direction(方向)does the woman have to turn at the next corner? A.To the right. B.To the left. C.To the south. 听第二段对话,回答 13?15 小题.
  13.Who are the two speakers? A.Husband and wife. B.Teacher and student. C.Shopkeeper and buyer.
  14.What color trousers did he buy? A.Black trousers. B.Brown trousers. C.White trousers.
  15.How much are the trousers? A.$
  45. B.$
  35. C.$
  46. 四,听短文,选择正确答案.短文读两遍. 分) (5
  16.Where was the old woman's house? A.In a town. B.On a farm. C.In a village.
  17.Who was the old woman having dinner with? A.By herself. B.Her children. C.Bill.
  18.When did the young man come back again to the old woman's house? A.Ten months later. B.Ten years later. C.Ten weeks later.

  19.What was the young man's job later? A.A cook. B.A farmer. C.A worker.
  20.What do you think of the old woman? A.Kind. B.Bad. C.Sick. 第二部分 笔答题(共 80 分) 笔答题( 五,单项选择(20 分) .
  21.-Will you watch the World Cup match this year? -No,but I several World Cup matches since I was a small kid. A.had seen B.saw C.was seeing D.have seen
  22.I study by with a group. A.work B.working C.to work D.to working
  23.-Have you cleaned your room? -. A.Yes,I do. B.No,I don't. C.Not yet. D.No,I didn't.
  24.I will eat rice,meat noodles. A.instead of B.stead of C.instead for D.instead by
  25.Tong is one of my favorite basketball .He is our school basketball team. A.player;on B.player;in C.players;on D.players;in
  26.The man in the white coat isn't a doctor, his wife. A.so is B.is so C.neither if D.is neither
  27.Tom to take the exam later because he was ill. A.allows B.allowed C.is allowed D.was allowed
  28.Could you tell me in 20
  08. A.where does she live B.where she lives C.where did she live D.where she lived
  29.-Do you still remember me somewhere in Shanghai? -Yes,of course.Two years ago. A.to see B.see C.seeing D.saw
  30.This is the most beautiful card I have ever got. A.which B.that C.it D.what
  31.Do you know Mr Brown daughter is a famous singer? A.that her B.whose C.who D.whom
  32.-Would you like a cup of tea? -. A.No,thanks. B.I think so. C.That's all right. D.Yes,OK.
  33.I some cloths to charity because they were too small for me.
A.hung out B.took out C.put off D.gave away
  34.-How many students are there in your school? - the students in our school - over two thousand. A.The number of;is B.The number of;are C.A number of;is D.A number of;are
  35.I can't find today' newspaper.Maybe someone it away. A.takes B.will take C.has taken D.is taking
  36.-It's nine o'clock now.I must go. -It's raining outside.Don't leave it stops. A.when B.after C.while D.until
  37.We all went to the park John because he was ill in bed. A.with B.besides C.except D.beside
  38.This is Peter'book.Please . A.give it to him. B.give it him C.give him to it D.give
  39.This street isn't .There are many buses and cars. A.quite B.busy C.quiet D.long
  40.Most students in America enjoy pop music. A.listening to B.to listen to C.to hear D.hearing 六,阅读理解. (每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 阅读下列短文,做出正误判断或选出最佳答案.A 篇为判断正误,正确的选"A" ,错误的 选"B" 篇为选择题,C 篇为任务型阅读. ,B A An apple a day keeps a doctor away.Have you ever heard anyone say this?Do you think if people eat one or two apples a day they won't get sick? Last year some scientists wanted to find out if this old saying is true.They divided a college class into two groups.The first group ate 2 apples a day.The second group didn't eat apples.After six months they added up the times the young people got sick.The apple eaters turned out to be healthier than those who hadn't eaten apples.It seemed to show that an apple a day does keep people healthy. 根据短文内容,判断正(A)误(B) .
  41.An apple a day can make you strong enough to drive a strong doctor away.
  42.If people eat an apple a day without eating other food they won't get sick at all.
  43.Scientists found out that the old saying is true.
  44.The second group was not as healthy as the first group.
  45.Nowadays the old saying doesn't work any more. B John lives in a small town.He has a bookshop.He's busy to sell books all the time and his wife does
all housework.. One day,Mike,his little son,had a cold.His wife sent him to the hospital.The doctor looked over the boy and told him to be in hospital.His wife had to look after him there.He was worried about his son,but had no time to go to see him.That night he went to bed very late but he couldn't fall asleep.About an hour later,the telephone rang.He got up at once and answered the phone,"Hello,who's that?""Can't you hear who's speaking here,John?"A woman laughed and said. "Oh,mum.What's the matter with you?"said John."Nothing,dear,"said the woman."It's your birthday today.""Do you call me in the middle of night only to tell me about it?"John asked in surprise. "Yes,my dear,"said the old woman."You got me up thirty years ago and I want to get you up at this time today!"
  46.John is a . A.worker B.farmer C.shopkeeper D.food-seller
  47.John's wife sent the boy to the hispital because . A.he didn't know where it was B.he didn't like his son C.John was very busy D.his shop was far from there
  48.That night John couldn't fall asleep because . A.he was worried about his son B.he wasn't tired at all C.his bookshop troubled him D.it was very noisy in the house
  49.John hurried to answer the telephone because . A.he thought there was something wrong in his shop B.he thought his son was feeling worse C.he was afraid the telephone woke others up D.he wanted to go to bed again
  50.How old is John? A.He is
  30. B.He is
  40. C.He is
  50. D.He is
  60. C I've got some information for everyone going to Britain next month. As you know, you'll be staying with a family for two weeks. Now the most important thing is money. You should take about £30 in cash(现金) and about £200 in travelers checks(支票). Then when you arrive at the airport you'll be met by our host(主人) family. You must remember to wear a red shirt so the family will find you easily. I've told them to look out for the red shirts. You'll also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and, of course, it's very important that you take the school letter. While you are there, if you have any problems, you can call our agent(代理人). I'll give you her office phone number now: It's 580-4436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher, that's B-E-L-C-H-E-R. She's in the office from 9-5 every day. OK! That's everything. Have a good trip.
根据短文内容填写下表,每空词数不限: GOING TO BRITAIN
  51.Money-cash:£30-traveler cheques:
  54.Office phone number:
  55.Ask for: 七,综合填空(20 分) A.用方框内所给词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次. choose,late,allow,either,take pride in,be,stop,to,stay up,comfortable
  1.I can't stop sleeping in class because I to late last night.
  2.If he doesn't go,I won't .
  3.I think young people should their own lifestyle.
  4.You must talking like that.
  5.We being Chinese.
  6.What's your answer this question?
  7.As a student,you can't get to class .
  8.Parents should their children to have some spare time.
  9.He said he would feel more if he chose his own clothes.
  10.Hurry up,or you late for the meeting. B.短文填空,选择适当的单词填空,每词限用一次. happy;later;many;too;ask;leaf;different;doing;gifts;themselves
Paris for your next vacation?
  2.蒂娜过去又矮又胖. Tina not only short fat.
  3.我们不能推迟制定这个计划. We can't this plan.
  4.这个音乐使我想起巴西的舞蹈音乐. The music of Brazilian dance music.
  5.作品正在展出. The work was .
  6.他们供给我们食物. They us food.
  7.打扫你的房间你需要花很多时间. It will take you a lot of time to your room. 九,书面表达(15 分) 假如某英语俱乐部为晚会举行主持人海选活动,要求参赛选手先填写表格,再递交英文自 我介绍.下面是 Jim 填写的表格.请你根据表格内容帮他写一份 70 词左右的自我介绍. 姓名 班级 年龄 性格 擅长 经验 Jim Green 八年级五班 15 外向,有创造力 说英语(已学 5 年) 唱英文歌曲(已唱 4 年) 跳舞(已跳 6 年) 曾经两次主持学校晚会
Everyone likes gifts.Some little kids think they don't get enough gifts.Some old people think they get too (
  11) gifts.Different people like different kinds of (
  12).Some presents are never (
  13) small.A little child may give his mother a (
  14) from a tree.It is enough to make her very (
  15). Gift giving is different in (
  16) countries.In Japan,people sometimes give special gifts.But they don't open them.(
  17),they could give the same gift to someone else.Many people have enough things and don't want too many gifts (
  18).In the USA,some people (
  19) their families and friends not to buy them gifts but give money to charity.In Swenden,(
  20) something for someone is the best gift. 八,根据所给的汉语,完成英语句子.每空只填一个单词. (10 分)



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