初二英语下 Unit2 测试及答案
Part One. 听力、语音和词汇:(30 分) A. 听力。(20 分) I. 听录音,在下列句子的空白处填入你所听到的单词。(5 分)
  1. You shouldn't be so about computer games.
  2. Dennis shouldn't with Mr. Green.
  3. You should often e-mails to your parents.
  4. Nicole shouldn't her CDs too loud.
  5. Your clothes are out of . You could buy some new clothes. II. 看图,听录音,并选出给下列五个人所提的建议。(5 分)

  10. III. 听录音,根据对话内容,回答下列问题。(10 分)
  11. What did the boy do yesterday in math teacher's class?
  12. What shouldn't the boy do in class?
  13. What did the boy do the day before yesterday in history teacher's class?
  14. Why did he sleep in history teacher's class?
  15. What should the boy do in class?
B. 语音和词汇。(10 分) I. 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中找出与其所给单词划线部分读音相同的选项。 (5 分)
  16. send A. less B. make C. enough D. athlete
  17. loud A. could B. sound C. cousin D. young
  18. adult A. put B. usually C. busy D. upset
  19. wrong A. today B. cold C. worry D. robot
  20. bake A. wash B. snack C. able D. human II. 根据句意及首字母提示,写出下列单词的适当形式。(5 分)
  21. Speak l , I can't hear you.
  22. All the students went to the Great Wall e Li Lei yesterday.
  23. This coat is in s . I like it very much.
  24. This work is too difficult. It doesn't f me.
  25. The school things i pens, pencils, erasers and books.
Part Two. 同步语法: (20 分) A. 连词成句 (注意标点符号及字母的大、小写)。(10 分)
  26. job, could, get, part-time, you, a
  27. the, shouldn't, clothes, friends, wear, same
  28. do, evening, we, what, tomorrow, should
  29. get, his, to, he, come, tutor, could, home, to, a
  30. write, a, could, him, letter, they
B. 从下列方框中选择适当的句子,完成下列对话。每个句子只用一次。 (10 分) A. That's a good idea. B. I'm sorry he is not in. C. She should work hard. D. I don't have enough money. E. Sure, help yourself.
  31. ?Could I have a cup of tea, please? ?
  32. ?What should she do? ?
  33. ?I think you should go to the beach. ?
  34. ?Could I speak to Jim, please? ?
  35. ?You should buy a computer for your son. ? Part Three. 课本要点: (20 分) A. 单项选择。(10 分)
  36. His mother wants him at home every day. A. to stay B. stay C. staying D. stays
  37. After you get to Beijing, please . A. call up me B. call me up C. call up I D. call I up
  38. They don't like Tom. He often argues others. A. on B. from C. with D. to
  39. ?I'm sorry I broke the window. ?I'm afraid you have to it.
A. look for B. get back C. cut up D. pay for
  40. Peter is ten years old. He is to go to school. A. old enough B. enough old C. young enough D. enough young
  41. ?Does everyone in our class like swimming? ?Yes, they do. A. other B. another C. else D. others
  42. They can't sing. We can't sing, . A. too B. also C. neither D. either
  43. Mrs Smith eats meat, so she is fat now. A. too much; too much B. much too; too much C. too much; much too D. much too; much too
  44. She finds hard to finish the work in two days. A. it B. that C. this D. its
  45. ?What sport do you like best? ?. A. French B. Football C. Hamburgers D. Comedy B.根据上句完成下句,且使上下两句意思相符,每空一词。(10 分)
  46. What's wrong with Jim? What's with Jim?
  47. He had a good rest after he had lunch. He a good rest he had lunch.
  48. Please tell us what we should do next time. Please tell us next time.
  49. Lin Tao didn't pass the math exam last week. Lin Tao the math exam last week.

  50. You must speak English as much as you can. You must speak English . Part Four. 综合能力训练: (30 分) A. 阅读理解。(10 分) Most people in America live in small groups. More than a quarter of homes in America have only one person in them. Some of these are old people, but some are people of twenty or thirty years old who would like to live alone. 35% of homes have two people in them; another 17% have three people. 15% have four people in them, and the others have five or more. Many families in America are small. It is unusual for parents to have more than two children. When children are about eighteen or nineteen years old some they leave home, and they often go to different cities. Sometimes they can visit their parents only two or three times a year. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。
  51. How do most people in America live?
  52. How many homes in America have one person living in them?
  53. Do all the old people in America live alone?
  54. How old do children in America usually go away from their parents' home?
  55. How often do the children visit their parents? B. 书面表达。(20 分) 根据汉语提示及要求,用英语写一篇文章。 提示:
  1. 周末对学生们来说仍是工作日。
  2. 大家感到很累,但学习任务很重。
  3. 因为想要比别人学得好,就得努力地学习。
  1. 条理清楚, 意思连贯, 语句通顺, 书写规范;
  2. 不少于 50 词。 第 2 单元同步验收练习参考答案 Part One. A. 录音原文及参考答案:(划线部分为参考答案) I.
  1. You shouldn't be so crazy about computer games.
  2. Dennis shouldn't argue with Mr Green.
  3. You should often send e-mails to your parents.
  4. Nicole shouldn't play her CDs too loud.
  5. Your clothes are out of style. You could buy some new clothes. II.
  6. A student doesn't work very hard.
  7. A friend smokes a lot every day.
  8. A boy is very thin and unhealthy.
  9. Your friend's bicycle often runs poorly.
  10. Your brother is very unhappy about his job. Key: 6?10 CBDEA III. W: Don't you have any good news? M: No. Yesterday I had to stay after school, because I was talking during my math teacher's class. W: You shouldn't talk in class. You should keep quiet. M: Sometimes I do. The day before yesterday I was very quiet during my history teacher's class and I still had to stay after class. W: I don't understand why. M: Because I slept during his class. I thought the lesson wasn't interesting. W: I think you should listen to the teacher. Key:
  11. He was talking.
  12. He shouldn't talk in class.
  13. He slept during the class.
  14. Because he thought the lesson wasn't interesting.
  15. He should keep quiet and listen to the teacher. B. I. 16?20 ABDDC
  21. louder/loudly
  22. except
  23. style
  24. fit
  25. include Part Two. A.
  26. You could get a part-time job.
  27. Friends shouldn't wear the same clothes.
  28. What should we do tomorrow evening?
  29. Could he get a tutor to come to his home?
  30. They could write him a letter. B. 31?35 ECABD Part Three. A.
  36. A。 want sb. to do sth. 意为“想让某人做某事”。 B
  38. C
  39. D
  40. A。
  37. enough 用作副词时,意为“足够地;充分地”,用以修饰形容词、副词和动词,此 时应注意 enough 必须放在这些词的后面, 不能放在前面。 C。
  41. else 意为“别的; 其他的”,通常紧跟在 what, who, everyone 等疑问词和不定代词的后面。
  42. D。 either 表示“也”时,常用于否定句句末。
  43. C。too much 主要用来修饰不可数名 词,much too 主要用来修饰形容词或副词。
  44. A。英语中当动词不定式作宾语, 且其后还有宾语补足语时, 常把动词不定式放在句末, 在宾语位置上用 it 作形式 宾语。
  45. B B. the matter
  47. didn't have, until
  48. what to do
  49. failed in
  50. as much as
  46. possible Part Four. A.
  51. They live in small groups.
  52. More than a quarter of homes in America have only one person living in them.
  53. No. Some of the old people live alone.
  54. Some children in America usually go away from their parents' home when they are about eighteen or nineteen years old.
  55. They sometimes visit their parents two or three times a year. B. 书面表达参考范文: Weekends mean nothing to the students now. I think it is just like the weekdays. Everyone knows that this is the hardest time for students. Our bags are full of books and test papers. We always feel tired. And the only thing we want to do is to go to bed
and fall asleep. But we can't. Because we are students, we have to study many subjects. If we want to be better than others, we must work harder and harder.


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