A 卷 一、 单项选择:
  1.Would you mind turning down the music? . A. Yes, I would B. No, of course C. No, not at all
  2. Would you mind here? A. smoke B. smoking C. not smoking
  3. Would you mind getting up? . A. It won’t be long B. I won’t be long C. It doesn’t take long
  4. I will do it . A. after a minute B. in a minute C. right way
  5. Could you please ? A. do the dishes B. doing the dishes C. to do the dishes
  6. I can’t hear the piano piece. Would you mind ? A. turn down the TV B. turn up the TV C. turning the TV up
  7. Why not help when you were in trouble? A. you ask for B. ask for C. asking for
  8. She would like a violin lesson. 129
  99.com A. have B. to have C. having
  9. I can’t find my eraser. We’ll come help you. A. to B. and C. for
  10. You’d better football in the street. A. play B. not play C. not to play
  11. The electricity was cut, as the lights suddenly . A. went on B. went over C. went out
  12. to our school! A. You do welcome B. Welcome C. Welcome you
  13. I am sorry, but you are on the . A. different line B. wrong line C. right line
  14. We play the dialogue . A. in turn B. take turns C. by turn
  15. I’m going to be late. A. a little of B. a little C. a bits
  16. I want lucky. A. to B. to be C. be
  17. Be polite others! A. to B. at C. about
  18. Mom comes in while Dad newspaper in the living room. A. is read B. is reading C. reads
  19. What’s wrong with you? You well.
A. look B. don’t look C. look not
  20. I don’t like this JeansWest coat! Just think of its ! A. style B. sound C. effect 二:完形填空 In 1955, Ray Kroc
  1. a small restaurant in California. It
  2. next to the road, so customers could drive up to the restaurant and drive away
  3. .It was owned by the McDonald brothers, Dick and “Mac” . The McDonald brothers had developed a new idea: “drive-in” restaurant, where people can order food
  4. their cars. The restaurant also
  5. on the number of choices on the menu, so the cooks could make the food very
  6. .The restaurant specialized in
  7. hamburgers, French fries, and chocolate shakes. Ray Kroc recognized the potential of the McDonald brothers’ restaurant, and he bought the rights to their idea. Mr. Kroc wanted to
  8. his own restaurant, and he wanted to use the brothers’ family
  9. . The brothers agreed, and the McDonald’s restaurant chain
  10. .
  1. A. opened B. visited C. saw D. had
  2. A. builds B. built C. was built D. building
  3. A. easily B. slowly C. often D. difficult
  4. A. out B. from C. in D. inside
  5. A. added B. cut C. added up D. cut down
  6. A. slowly B. easily C. quickly D. satisfiedly
  7. A. make B. making C. to make D. made
  8. A. have B. own C. open D.run
  9. A.house B.money C.right D.name
  10. A. was born B. came into being C.appeared D. opened 三.阅读理解: 129
  99.com A. More than a doll From fashion selection to vintage collection, she’s everything! From urban teen to fantasy queen, she’s every girl! From surf and sand to fairyland, she’s everywhere! With more than $
  3.6 billion at retail, Barbie is the No.1 girl’s brand worldwide. For every girl, from every world. True or False: ( )
  1.It’s an advertisement for a doll named Barbie. ( )
  2.”Vintage” means almost the opposite to “fashion”. ( )
  3.Every Barbie is $
  3.6 billion. ( )
  4.Barbie changed her clothes and hairstyle in different situations. ( )
  5.In fact, some girls don’t have the money to buy the doll, though it is so popular. B. Linda was not satisfied. She had bought a sweater from a chain store and when she had washed it, the color had run and the sweater itself had shrunk, even though she had followed the washing instructions exactly. When she took it back, the salesgirl looked at it suspiciously(怀疑的).”You must
have washed it in boiling water,” she said. Linda told her she had used lukewarm water, just as the label said she should. Since the salesgirl still refused to exchange the sweater ,Linda insisted on seeing the manager. The manager was not helpful, either. He did not want to admit that the sweater was not really washable. Suddenly Linda noticed the shop’s poster on the wall. It said, ”We give our customers satisfaction.” Linda pointed to it and asked if it really meant it said. The manager looked embarrassed (为难的) .Then he appeared to notice something. The sweater had a flaw(瑕疵).One of the threads had a different colour from the others. Then he said they would exchange the sweater after all. But he emphasized this was only because of the flaw. Linda stared but could not see the flaw. However, she smiled and said nothing. She had got what she wanted.
  1. The sweater shrank and its colour ran because . A. Linda had washed it in a wrong way B. its quality isn’t good C. the salesgirl told Linda the wrong way D. the manager cheated Linda
  2. The salesgirl wouldn’t exchange the sweater for Linda because . A. Linda was not polite B. the manager didn’t permit that C. it was Linda’s fault D. she didn’t trust Linda
  3. At first the manager wouldn’t help Linda though . A. he knew the truth of the sweater B. he knew there was a flaw C. he watched the buying D. he cheated every customer
  4. At last Linda got a new sweater because . A. the manager admitted he was wrong and said sorry B. the salesgirl gave her a new one C. there was a flaw in the sweater D. Linda argued with them
  5. The poster in the store . A. helped Linda B. made the manager angry C. didn’t work D. was written by the manager 四.阅读填词 Learner driver Jeff Metcalfe saved the life of his instructor by driving him to hospital after only ninety minutes’ driving experience. When instructor Richard Brownhill had a h_1 attack in the passenger seat , Jeff had to d_2 through five miles of city center t_
  3. “There w__4__ a lot of traffic, so I didn’t have to drive f_5,”Jeff s__6__ yesterday. “I just had to keep c__7__ and try to remember my f__8__ lesson.” Doctors are now t__9__ Richard to find a m_10 relaxing job. But first he’s going
to finish Jeff’s lessons free.
  10.m B卷 一.单项选择: ( happens on
  1. She gets when people cut in line, the phenomenon 现象) Christmas. A. annoyed, annoyed B. annoying, annoying C. annoyed, annoying D. annoying, annoyed
  2. Would you mind not wearing the old hat. It looks terrible! OK, I’ll put . A. on another pair B. another one on C. on others D. on another
  3. Would you mind ? A. if I open the window B. my open the window C. my opening the window D. that I open the window
  4. He used to be greedy ,but now he gets more and more . A. greedy B. ingreedy C. generous D. genious
  5. The diamond is . A. of valuable B. valueless C. invaluable D. value
  6. I’m sorry you have to be for what you did just now. A. paid B. fined C. taken D. spent
  7. seems a good-for-all solution to delay mid-term exam. A. That B. It C. This D. What
  8. They thought the dogs the neighbourhood . A. harmed B. were harmed C. were harming D. harming
  9. The popular book out. A. sold B. sells C. was sold D. was sell
  10. The citizens complained the police the noise from the neighbourhood. A. to ,about B. about, to C. to, for D. of , to 二.完形填空: A man and his wife had a small bar near a station. The bar often
  1. open until after 12 o’clock at night, because people came to drink there
  2. they were waiting for
  3. . At two o’clock one morning ,one man was still sitting
  4. a table in the small bar. He was
  5. . The barman’s wife
  6. to sleep. she
  7. into the bar several times, and each time the man was still there. Then at last she went to her husband and said to him,“You’ve
  8. that man six times now, George, but he isn’t drinking
  9. . Why
  10. you sent him away? It’s
  11. late!” “Oh, no, I don’t want to send him away, ”answered her husband with a
  12. .“You see, whenever I wake him up, he asks for his
  13. , and when I
  14. it to him he pays it. Then he goes to
  15. again. ”

  1. A. was B. stayed C. keeps D. were
  2. A. when B. as C. while D. during
  3. A. train B. people C. friends D. trains
  4. A. on B. at C. around D. near
  5. A. drinking B. awake C. asleep D. talking
  6. A. was B. would C. wanted D. had
  7. A. looked B. went C. searched D. steped
  8. A. woken B. waked C. gave D. beat
  9. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything
  10.A. didn’t B. haven’t C. don’t D. weren’t
  11.A. so B. very C. too D. quite
  12.A. glass B. paper C. dish D. smile
  13. A. drink B. water C. dinner D. bill
  14. A. took B. take C. bring D. brought
  15. A. drink B. sleep C. come D. wake 三.阅读理解: A An expensive car speeding down the main street of a small town was soon over-taken by a young motorcycle policeman. As he started to take out the ticket, the woman in the car said proudly.“Before you go any further , young man, I think you should know that the mayor of this city is a good friend of mine.” The officer did not say a word, but kept writing. “I am also a friend of Chief of Police Barnes,”continued the woman, getting angrier each moment. Still he kept on writing. “Young man,”she said,“I know Judge Lawson and State Senator Patton.” Handing the ticket to the woman, the officer asked pleasantly.“Tell me, do you know Bill Bronson?” “No. Why?”she replied. “Well, this is the man you should have known,”he said, going back to his motorcycle,“I am Bill Bronson.”
  1. The policeman stopped the car because . A. it was an expensive car B. the driver was a proud lady C. the driver was driving too fast D. the driver was going to attack him
  2. The woman was getting angrier each moment because . A. the policeman didn’t know her friends B. the policeman kept writing the ticket for her C. the policeman refused to accept her offer of money D. she didn’t know the policeman’s name
  3. The woman driving the expensive car. A. failed to stop the policeman writing the ticket B. warned the policeman not to move a step further
C. D.
  4. A. B. C. D.
  5. A. B. C. D.
was surprised that the policeman did not know the mayor told the policeman to stay where he was The policeman was . an honest and fair fellow a foolish and proud fellow a silly and rude fellow a kind-hearted fellow The policeman . had no sense of humour had a sense of humour had no sense of duty was playing a joke on the woman B Danny was just tired about the way things were going . His mum came to school and talked on and on about Rick Jackson. It seemed that she would never stop talking.“Somebody’s got to stop that boy!”she was shouting.“Rick’s troubling everybody in the neighborhood. And he loves to pick on little boys like Danny.” Mrs Green ,Danny’s teacher ,was concerned a lot.“I didn’t know that Danny was being picked on,”she said.“He’s never said anything about this to me!”Mrs Green looked at Danny.“How long had this been going on?”she asked. Danny could only shake his head and look at the floor. He knew is he said a word about this ,he would have trouble at school. Danny hadn’t said anything about the problem because he wanted to do things with the boys in the neighborhood. After all ,most of them were nice to him. He hated to leave the gang just because of Rick. Maybe the time had come to find new friends. He felt it hard to make up his mind.
  1. We learn from the reading that. A. Danny was not a good student B. Danny’s mother talked too much about the school. C. Danny’s teacher knew something about Danny’s problem before D. Danny wanted to get away from Rick
  2. When Danny’s mother came for Mrs Green ,the matter was now to Mrs Green. A. serious B. common C. untrue D. similar
  3. Danny now . A. was tired of the school and his friends B. had no friends at all C. was not sure what he would do with the problem D. made some new friends in the neighborhood
  4. Danny didn’t say anything about the matter to Mrs Green because . A. she had known it B. the other boys would tell her C. he didn’t want to be in trouble D. his mother didn’t want him to say it

  5. The word “gang”in the reading means A. a place for boys to play games B. a group of young people C. a school bus for children to and from school D. the teacher’s office 四.阅读填词: A child of four is studying at college because he is too intelligent for school. Nicholas McMahon has computer lessons at the West London Institute. Nicholas
  1.s well before he was one. At eighteen
  2.m he took telephone messages for his
  3.p .At two he began to learn
  4.F.The strange thing about Nicholas is that he taught
  5.h to read before he could speak. “We knew
  6.i that he could read. When he could speak, he corrected my
  7.s”,said his father. His teachers did not have time to prepare
  8.s lessons for Nicholas. The McMahons had no idea what to do
  9..w him. Then the West London Institute
  10.o to help.
  6. i
  10.o 答案:129
  99.com A卷 一. 1?5 c c b b a 6?10 c b b b b 11?15 c b b a b 16?20 b a b b a



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