单选题 15
  1.?Do you think a dog is a good pet for child? ?I don’t think so. A the Ba C an D 不填
  2. ?It’s my mother’s birthday soon. What should I get ? ? What about some flowers? A herself B hers C her D she
  3. ?Are your parents teachers, too? ?No, they are doctors. of them are hardworking. A Both B All C One D Either
  4. ?Would you like to go to the museum with me? ? I’d like to, you don’t want to go alone. A before B after C until D if
  5. The more Sam learns about Chinese history, the he enjoys living in China. A more B better C happier D nicer
  6. ? The No. 15 bus stops here, it? ?Yes, I think so. A does B doesn’t C isn’t D has
  7. ?Let’s have the party today. ? If we do, half the class come. A don’t B haven’t C didn’t D won’t
  8. ?What I say to the teacher, if I’m late for class? ?“I’m sorry.” A can’t B would C should D shouldn’t
  9. ? Jack, can I follow you? I don’t know the way to the sports club. ?Sure. A But B So C And D Because
  10. ? Would you closing the door? It’s cold outside. ? No, not at all. I’ll do it right away. A please B mind C like D enjoy
  11. ? I think science is the most boring ??Really? I love science. A subject B game C season D present
  12. ? I’m seeing Sue this afternoon. Do you want me to any messages? ? Thank you very much. A hear of B look through C pass on D turn down
  13. ?How long have you been studying at this school? ? I have been studying here. A since I was thirteen years old B when I was thirteen C at the age of thirteen D after I was thirteen
  14. ? Bob, it’s going to rain. take a raincoat with you? ? All right, Mom. A Why not B What about C How about D You’d better
  15. ? Would you like some more chicken? ?. I’m full. A That’ll be fine. B That’s OK C No, thanks. D That’s true 四、动词填空: 15%
  1. What your brother often (have) for breakfast? He usually has bread and milk but sometimes he has noodles.
  2. My father (be) born on June 19th, 19
  3. Look! A boy (cry) over there. Let’s go and see what is wrong with him.
  4. (not play) football on the road. It’s very dangerous.
  5. Can I (have) a look at those new books?
  6. Be careful. There is a wine b on the table. You might break it.

  7. The number after twenty-nine is t.
  8. Have you e been to the Great Wall?
  9. It’s dangerous to d a car after you get drunk.
  10. Your parents are your f and mother.
  11. If a dream comes t, it actually happens.
  12. W is the coldest season of the year.
  13. When snow f, it comes down from the sky.
  14. It’s best to water plants either e in the morning or late at night.
  15. We don’t go to the c much for movies because we have a video. 阅读理解 30 A When I was seven years old my mom was diagnosed(诊断) with cancer. The doctors told us my mom might be saved with surgery(手术). But it could also kill her. She chose to have it. The day before the surgery I was off school, and my mom planned the best day of my life, everything I loved at seven and everything that would put a smile on my face. The day began with her waking me up saying, “Kate, I have a surprise for you. Come and see.” The surprise was a doll I had wanted for the longest time. Throughout the day, she told me everything that she thought I would need to know to grow up and be a good person; she told me to be the best I could be and that I would always make her proud. We had a picnic in the park, and it was so cold that we moved to the car. The day was filled with laughter. For the first time in a long time I could see she was really happy. I would never forget her smile, or the way her eyes shone as if we were the same age. It was the best day of my life, and I will never forget the conversations we shared. My mother managed to live through the surgery. Now when I look back, I realize that the best day of my life could be her last and this could be the last day I would remember with her, the last one we shared. I also understand how unselfish a mother is.
  1. Who made the decision to have the surgery in the story? A. The doctors. B. The patient. C. The writer. D. The patient’s family.
  2. What did the writer’s mother do the day before the surgery? A. She stayed at home to have a good rest. B. She went to the doctor’s for advice. C. She turned to her family for comfort. D. She stayed all day with her child.
  3. Why was the writer’s mother happy that day? A. Because she left her child a special memory. B. Because she realized her child had grown up. C. Because she was proud of what her child had done. D. Because she expected the surgery to be successful.
  4. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph suggests that . A. her mother was ill again B. the surgery was unsuccessful C. her mother was getting better D. the surgery was simple
  5. Which of the following words best describes the writer’s mother? A. Hardworking. B. Famous. C. Rich. D. Great. B Germs(细菌) are everywhere. You can’t see them, but they are on your desk, on your
computer, and even in the air! Like people, germs move around the world. They fly with us on planes. When food, clothes, and other things travel around the world, germs travel, too. Some germs are safe, but some are dangerous. Germs cause illnesses like colds and the flu. Warmer Weather Brings Germs The world’s weather is changing. Cooler countries are getting warmer, so insects from hot countries can move there. Some of these insects, like mosquitoes, carry dangerous germs. These germs cause headaches, fever, and can even kill people. Under Your Skin Your skin protects you from germs. It stops some germs, but not all. They can enter your body when you eat, or when you have a cut. Germs are on your hands, too. They enter your body when you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Fighting Germs Your immune system(免疫系统) protects you, too. When germs get inside your body, your immune system finds and kills them. Special cells(细胞) move around your body and fight germs. They help you stay healthy. Other cells make antibodies. Antibodies help your body find and stop germs. What can you do to fight germs? You should wash your hands with soap and water. Soap kills many germs, and water washes them away.
  6. According to the text, insects . A. kill germs B. carry germs C. protect germs D. love germs
  7. The underlined word “there” refers to . A. cooler countries B. hot countries C. everywhere D. the world
  8. Which of the following is right according to the text? A. All germs are dangerous. B. There are more germs in cold places. C. Soap can kill all germs. D. Germs can get into your body.
  9. What do antibodies do? A. They kill germs and wash them away. B. They find and develop germs. C. They help protect us from germs. D. They carry dangerous germs.
  10. Which can be the best title for this text? A. Germs Are Everywhere B. Weather Is Changing C. Skin Stops Germs D. Germs Are Developed 第二节: 五位母亲 Betty, Sara, Gina, Mary 和 Alice 打算为各自的孩子选择一所合 适的学校。请仔细阅读第 11-15 题中的个人情况说明,从 A 到 F 的六个选项中, 选出符合各人要求的最佳选项,其中一项为多余选项。
  11. Betty has a six-year-old daughter. She wants her to be a musician when she grows up, so she is looking for a famous music school for her.
  12. Sara’s son is 10 years old. He is interested in water sports. He said that he hoped to be a sailor in the future.
  13. Alice learned to dance when she was young. Now she is a successful dancer. She wants her little daughter to follow her steps.
  14. Mary is always worried about her daughter, who is poor at math and English at school, so she is looking for a training centre to help her daughter.
  15. Gina has a son who is a football fan. He knows about almost all the well-known football players. He wishes to be a football star. A Equability Making water safe and fun. Swimming lessons are for all ages from birth. Small
groups are in warm pools in Reigate on Monday & Friday afternoons. Call 07914 688 826 B Manor House A small and friendly school for girls 2?16 offers a modern and caring environment. Bring your daughter and come and see why our girls are so happy and do so well. Call 01372 45768 C Little Kickers Why do we get a kick out of every class? It’s fun. The children have fun learning new skills. So if you want your kid to be a football star or just to be happier, why not come and have a ball with us? Call 01753 83109 D Monkey Music Since 1993 thousands of children across the UK have grown up with Monkey Music. Our wonderful teaching program introduces music to young children in a way they can easily understand and enjoy. Call 0193 82866 E Kip McGrath Do you want your child to succeed at school? We have very good Math and English teachers. We are for children aged 6?
  16. Call 01483 303233 F Farnham Dance New ballet(芭蕾) classes at the St. John’s Centre, 19 Tilford Rd, Farnham GU9 8DJ. Tuesday afternoons, 10 week terms Call 01252 727347 七、词语填空(共 10 小题,计 20 分) 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文通顺、正确、连贯(每个单词限用一 次) 。 however before name well worst notice also twice and give
Naming the Baby Parents always think their babies are very special. They want others to 1 their children. For this reason, they sometimes give their children unusual 2 . They may choose names such as Chelma, Ukiah, Brianna, or Elvira. There are some advantages to this practice. A child who is 3 an uncommon name may feel special from childhood. 4 , sometimes we remember people with unusual names 5 than we remember people with ordinary names. 6 , unusual names can cause problems. They can be hard for teachers and friends to pronounce. They can also be hard to spell, 7 computers may automatically(自动地) change them. For example, Jule may become July. Some people may have a bad impression on an unusual name 8 they even meet the person. 9 of all, other children sometimes don’t like kids with uncommon names. The message for parents is, “Think 10 before you give your child an unusual name.”
八、书面表达: 20% 假如你是“东北虎保护协会”会员, 请你以东北虎的名义写一封给人类的公开 信,呼吁人类保护东北虎。信的内容包括;
  1. 你们大量砍伐森林,我们的食物减少,居住地缩小;
  2. 你们大量捕杀我们,用虎骨制药、虎皮制衣;
  3. 希望你们扩大老虎保护区,保护我们;
  4. 让老虎和人类和平共处。 注意:
  1. 短文必须包含以上内容;
  2. 短文以第一人称写;
  3. 词数 60 左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数。 Dear Man, I’m a tiger in the northeast of China. I’d like to have a talk with you. We lived in the forest happily for thousands of years, and then you came! And now we are in danger. . Yours A Worried Tiger
答案 单选题 BCADA 单词拼写
does have was is crying Don’t play Have bottle thirty
drive ever father true Winter falls early cinema

  46. B
  47. D
  48. A
  49. C
  50. D
  51. B
  52. A
  53. D
  54. C
  55. A
  56. D
  57. A
  58. F
  59. E
  60. C 选词填空
  61. notice
  62. names
  63. given
  68. before
  69. Worst
  70. twice

  64. Also
  65. better
  66. However
  67. and



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