2009?2010 学年度第二学期期末测试
初二英语笔试部分专练 英语笔试部分专练
IV.用所给词的适当形式填空.(5 分)
  1.I often go (skate) with my friends on Sundays.
  2.She (start) to play tennis three and a half years ago.
  3.If anyone call me, please let me (know).
  4.Shall we (go) to the zoo?
  5.What about(buy) her a pen? V.选择填空. ( 20 分) ( )
  1.When do you know Tom will come back? He will come back a day. A in B. at C. after ( )
  2.There is going to a talk show Sunday evening. A. be; in B. have; on C. be; on ( )
  3.She was ill last week, but she is to go to school today. A. enough well B. good enough C. well enough ( )
  4. will you be back? A: How soon B. How long C. How after ( )
  5.The boy was walking down the school an accident happened. A. when B. while C. after ( )
  6.Can you tell me ? A. where are they. B. where they are C. where they were now ( )
  7.If it tomorrow. I at home. A. will rain; will stay B. rain; stay C. rains; will stay ( )
  8.How long have you been playing basketball? . A. Sometimes B. In two days. C. For two hours ( )
  9.Would you mind the door? A. open B. to open C. opening ( )
  10.My friend Lily has ever seen this movie. have I . A. So B. Either C. No ( )
  11.I'd like to talk to Tom the phone. Do you have his number? A. in B. on C. of ( )
  12.Mrs White in this school since she came here. A. teaches B. has taught C. taught ( )
  13. go to the park with us? A. Why don't you B. Why not you C. Why you don't ( )
  14.Have you been to Nanjing? No,. A. ever; ever B. ever; never C. never; ever ( )15Is that Jack speaking? Sorry, he isn't in right now. He the park with his mother.
A. have been to B. has gone to C. has been to )
  16.There aren't any students in the classroom,? A. are they B. aren't there C. are there ( )
  17. skaters are still skating. A. Several B. Much C.A lot ( )
  18.It's Tom's birthday next Sunday. What should I get him? A. That's a good idea. B. What about a bicycle C. Great ( )
  19.She has been playing the violin 19
  96. A. since B. for C. in ( )
  20.Xiaopang is boy. A. a 10-years-old B. a 10-year-old C.10 years old VI.补全对话.(10 分) 在空白处填入合适的单词,使对话完整. A: (
  1) B: I collect kites. A: (
  2) B: I've been collecting kites since two years ago. A: (
  3) B: Because I like flying kites. A: (
  4) B: For about two years. A: (
  5) B: On the playground. A: How long have you been collecting kites? B: Why do you collect them? C: Where do you fly them? D: What do you collect? E: How long have you been doing that? ( VII.按要求完成句子.(10 分)
  1.I have been to the space museum. (对划线的部分提问) __ you been?
  2. Have you ever been to the USA? (作否定回答) No, .
  3.He has seen the movie twice a month.(对划线的部分提问) has he seen the movie?
  4.We often go to work by taxi.(同义句改写) We a to work.
  5.She said, "I am coming this morning."(改为同义句) She said coming that morning. VIII.完形填空. (10 分) 阅读短文,然后从各题所给的答案中选择最佳的,把序号填在括号中. Fire can help people in many ways. But it can also be very harmful(有害的).
Fire can keep your house 1 , give light and cook food. But fire can burn things 2 . Big fire can burn trees, houses, animals and people. Nobody knows how people began go use fire. But there are 3 interesting a man. The man old stories about how a man or woman started a fire. One is 4 5 a very long time ago. He went to the sun and 6 fire down. Today people know how to make fire with matches(火柴). Children sometimes 7 to play with them, but matches can be very dangerous. One match can burn a piece of paper. And 8 it could burn a house. A small fire can turn a big fire very quickly. So you 9 be careful with matches. Be careful with fire, and it will 10 you. But if you aren't careful with fire, and it may hurt you. ( )
  1.A.warm B. is C. be ( )
  2.A.also B. too C. either ( )
  3.A.many B. much C. no ( )
  4.A. over B. about C. in ( )
  5.A. worked B. studied C. lived ( )
  6.A.bring B. take C. took ( )
  7.A.don't like B. like C. become ( )
  8.A.after B. then C. late ( )
  9.A.can B. will C. then ( )
  10.A. help B. do C. hope IXI. 阅读理解. A) 根据短文内容判断正误.正确的用(T),错误的用(F).(10 分) An old woman got blind. She promised (答应)a doctor a lot of money if he could make her see again. "If you fail(失败),you will get nothing." The doctor agreed. The doctor soon found out what was wrong with her, but he decided not to cure (治愈)her right away. Instead ,each time he visited, he secretly(悄悄地) took one of her things. When he had taken everything he wanted, he cured her blindness and set her a large bill.(账单). Now when the old woman could see again she found that all her things had gone and she refused (拒绝) to pay the bill. So the doctor took her before a judge(法官). "But I say I am not cured, because I can't see any of the things in my house." the old woman said to the judge. The old woman won the case(诉讼案) and the doctor went away unhappily without getting his pay. ( ( )
  1.There was something wrong with the old woman's . A. ears B. eyes C. nose )
  2.The doctor. A. took quite some time to cure the woman B. refused to cure the old woman C. couldn't cure the woman )
  3.From the stories we may conclude(推断出) that the old woman lived
( .
A. with a doctor B. with her husband C. alone )
  4. At last . A. the old woman forgot her promise B. the doctor didn't get his pay. C. the old woman and the doctor were all happy ( )
  5.What do you think of the old woman? A. She was clever. B. She was foolish.. C. She was kind. B)根据图表选择正确的答案.(10 分) From: Lisa 11350@1
  63.edu To : Jenny Smith@yahoo.com Subject: Party Hi, Jenny : My sister Ann and I are going to have a party this Friday at my home. Some friends will be there. My best friend Tom will come too. I want you to meet him. Do you want to come? We'll play games and talk. Then we'll have dinner. Everyone will bring food or drinks. It begins at 4:00 pm. and ends at 8 or 9 pm.. We'll have a great time! Can you come? I hope so! Let me know soon. Call me or send me an e-mail. ( )
  1.Who sent this e-mail? A. Jenny B. Lisa C. Ann ( )
  2.The party begin at. A.4:00 pm. B. 4:00 am. C. 6:00 pm. ( )
  3.Tom is best friend. A. Jenny's B. Ann's C. Lisa's ( )
  4. Which is true about the party? A. It's on Saturday B. All of Jenny's friends will come. C. It's will last 4 or 5 hours. ( )
  5.What will Jenny do first? A. Buy food for the party. B. Call Tom. C. Send an e-mail to Lisa. ( C)判断正(T)误(F) (10 分) Mr. King lives with six hundred wild (野生的) animals on an island. After he left school, he has traveled all over the world collecting animals for his own zoo. He hopes to collect two examples of every kind of animal on his island. But he is afraid that people will find him someday. He wrote several books about his travel and his animals. He collected money from the books and helped to pay all the food for the animals. One day, when Mr. King was looking for drinking water, he found oil (石油). He needed money for his travel and his zoo, and a little oil would buy enough water for what he needed all his life. But he knew that if he told anybody else about it, it would be the end of his zoo and his life's work. So he decided not to tell anyone about the oil, because oil and couldn't mix(混合). ( )
  1.Mr.King travelled all over the world for his animals. ( )
  2.Mr.King is afraid that people will find him and animals.
( )
  3.Mr.King wrote books in order to(为了) to buy the food for his animals. ( )
  4.He needed money for his travel and his zoo. ( )
  5.At last, Mr King told somebody about the oil. X.写作. (15 分) 暑假要到了,请你以了 "My plan"为题,说说你假期的打算或计划.70 词左 右.



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