1.Have you brought with you?We won’t have time to come back. Don’t worry.All the things we need are here, in this big bag. A. something B.anything C.nothing D.everything
  2.The teacher told the students any food into the computer room. A.not to bring B.not bring C.don’t bring D.bring not
  3.We don’t have much homework this weekend. Shall we go out together? OK. What about a movie? A.to see B. seeing C. see D. sees

  4.You look very tired this morning.What did you do yesterday afternoon? I did Christmas shopping. A.A lot of B. a few of C. a number of D. a piece of

  5.What can I do for you? . A. Yes,you can give a skirt to me C. No,I can do it myself B. I’d like a skirt
D. I can do what I want

  6.Would you mind looking after my dog while I’m on holiday? . A. Of course not B. Yes. I’d be happy to
C. Not at all. I’ve no timeD. Yes,please
  7.Which would you like to drink, coffee or orange juice? . Please give me a cup of tea. A. Neither B. Both C. All D. None

  8.We love to go to the country in spring as the flowers smell so . A. well B. nice C. wonderfully D. nicely

  9.The letter from my uncle was short.There wasn’t news. A. many B. a few C. much D.few

  10.When did your uncle arrive China? He got to Guangzhou the morning of the 16th of April. A. at;in B.in; in C. to; on D. in; on

  11.The food my country is quite different that here.
A. in; like
B. to ; from
C. from; to
D. in; from

  12.. way it is from Guangzhou to Paris! A.How long B. What a long C. How a long D. What long

  13. I take some photos in the hall? No, you . A. Can; needn’t B. Must; mustn’t C. Could; won’t D. May; mustn’t

  14.If you to the 2010 Shanghai Expo next month, I will go with you. A. go B. has gone C. will go D. are going

  15.David, look at the man in white over there. Can you tell me ? He is a doctor. A.who is he B. who he is C. what is he D. what he is

  16.It is reported that the train accident in America killed people. No Chinese was them. A. two hundred; among C. two hundred; between B. two hundreds; among D. two hundreds; between

  17.Do you want to know in the future? A special mirror invented by the French scientists can help you. A. what you will look like C. how do you look like B. what will you look like D. how you look like

  18.Everyone I come from Sichuan. Actually, I came from Shangdong. A. find B. think C. finds D. thinks

  19.During the war, this big house a hospital. Now it is a store house. A. was used for B. was used with C. used to D. used as

  20. was not the only person on the spot.There were five other students him He who saw the accident. A. except B. except for C. beside D. besides

  21.No matter what the weather , she’s never late for work. A. like B. likes C. is like D. look like

  22. How soon will you finish the work? It’ll me at least two days, I think.
A. take
B. pay
C. cost
D. spend

  23.I haven’t got any news from Melissa. Have you her? Neither have I. A. sent for B. heard from C. thought of D. rung up

  24.You look tired now. You stay at home and have a rest. A. had to B. had better C. would like to D. would rather

  25.I’ll never ask him for help. A. also B. too C. either D. neither

  26.Who is the man over there? Is it Mr.Li? No, it be him. Mr. Li is much taller. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D.needn’t

  27. of them has an English dictionary. A. Every B. All C. Both D. Each

  28.We spend too much time in watching TV. A. told don’t B. told not to C. were told not to D. were told to not

  29.He said he never seen an exciting football match before. A. has; so B. has; such C. had; so D. had; such

  30.How long can I the CD player? You have to return it in two days. A. borrow B. keep C. take D. lend

  31.This city looks so beautiful now. Right. But it very small and dirty five years ago. A. is B. used to be C. has been D. had been

  32. bad news it is! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

  33.She’s just come back from our school, she? A. doesn’t B. isn’t C. wasn’t D. hasn’t

  34.The apples look . I’ll take two kilos of them. A. good B. well C. bad D. terrible

  35.Let’s go and play football , ?
That’s wonderful. A. will you B. do you C. won’t we D. shall we

  36.Can you guess who will be the first to cross the finish line? Sandy. Jane didn’t run so fast she did last time. A. than B. so C. that D. as

  37.Could you tell me when ? At 10:25, in ten minutes. A. the bus will leave B. the bus has left B. will the bus leave D. the bus had left

  38.Is there wrong with me, doctor? I’m afraid so. Your heart is beating a bit too slow. A.something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

  39.Over the river there is bridge. A. a 110-meter-long C. an 110-meter-long B. a 110-meters-long D. an 110-meters-long

  40.The elephant is useful animal to human beings. A. a B. an C. the D. /

  41. fine weather it is! A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

  42.I think it’s useful advice, so I will always remember it. A. a B. an C. the D. /



   1.Have you brought with you?We won’t have time to come back. Don’t worry.All the things we need are here, in this big bag. A. something B.anything C.nothing D.everything 2.The teacher told the students any food into the computer room. A.not to brin ...

初二英语下学期期末复习题 答案

   在做单项选择题时,同学们除应具有较扎实的语言基础知识和善于思考外, 在做单项选择题时,同学们除应具有较扎实的语言基础知识和善于思考外,掌握一些解题 方法是很有必要的. 方法是很有必要的. 1. 直接法-即直接利用相关语法知识,通过题干中的已供信息,捕捉到解题线索,从而得出 即直接利用相关语法知识, 即直接利用相关语法知识 通过题干中的已供信息,捕捉到解题线索, 正确答案的解题方法, 正确答案的解题方法,例: Will you come to the net bars with me? Sor ...


   初二英语下学期竞赛试卷 一、 词汇。 (一) 词语释义,找出与划线部分意思或相近的选项,把答案前的字母编号填在 前边的括号里。 (20 分) ( )1. We have lots of bottles of milk in our store. A. much B. a little C. many ( )2. We are going to visit Uncle Wang this Sunday . A. see B. look C. watch ( )3. You’d better c ...


   2007 年最新初二英语下学期期末考试题 Ⅰ.词汇 A)根据首字母提示完成句子。 1. S or later you’ll find your bike somewhere. 2. N of my parents can speak English. 3. You can borrow books from the school l. 4. Everyone makes m in his life. 3. She said she e living in the country. 3.enj ...


   初二英语下学期中段测试题 一、 语言(找出与所给音标读音相同的单词) 分) (5 A ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.[ :] cost ) 2.[ ) 3.[ ) 4.[ :] ] tie sand B among die travller neither found C forest field stamp thousand mountain D cotton lie workplace thirsty mouth ] earth ) 5.[ :] group 二、 (一) ( ( ( ( ...


   八年级( 八年级(下)英语期末测试 听力部分( 听力部分(25%) ) 一,听对话,选择正确的图画,对话念一次:5% 听对话,选择正确的图画,对话念一次: ( )1.What will the weather be like? ( What date was it yesterday? ) 2. ( )3. What are they talking about? A B C ( )4. What will Mike be in 10 years? A B C ( )5. Where wer ...


   初二下学期期末考试试题 一、听句子,选择适当的答语。(5 分) ( )1. A. I hope you can. B. I’m afraid I can’t. C. I’m sorry I’m late. ( )2. A. It’s good for your eyes. B. That’s all right. C. What a good idea! ( )3. A. Thank you. Just a little, please. B. Here you are. C. Don’t ...


   http://www.wyedu.com 初二英语下学期期终考试试卷 听力部分(20 分) 根据所提问题, 选择正确答案。(5%) ( ) 1. A. I’m much better, thank you. B. I hurt my left leg yesterday. C. I went to see the doctor yesterday. D. I’m fine, thank you. And you? ( ) 2. A. I like it very much. B. No. T ...


   京翰教育 http://www.zgjhjy.com 初一英语下学期句子改错练习题 句子改错: 1. Look, is that watch? 2. Let’s calling June this afternoon. 3. How are you know my name? 4. What are these? A set keys. 5. The soccer is next the chair. 6. Are those keys on bed? 7. Where are your b ...


   六年级英语第二学期练习题 (答题时间 60 分钟,满分 100 分) 学校:内容 得分 听力部分(满分 50 分) 一.Listen and choose(听录音,选出跟录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填 在题前的括号里) (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( 6. ( 7. ( ) A.taller ) A.matter ) A.nose ) A.read ) A.bored ) A.has ) A.154cm tall B.155cm tal ...



   1. 尽管她反复暗示想单独待一会儿,他仍执意要陪她。 He imposed his company upon her in spite of her repeated hints of hoping to be left alone. 2. 他的朋友从来拿不准他什么时候会怎么做,因为他总是做些出人意料的事 His friends can never count upon how he is going to act under given conditions, as he is alway ...


   提高英语听力的技巧与方法探讨 徐焱伟 (湘潭职业技术学院应用外语系, 湖南湘潭411102) 摘 要: 英语听力是英语学习的前提, 由此可见英语听力在整个英语学习过程中的地位和重要性。但对于大多 数学习者来说, 听力可以说是他们在学习英语过程中不可跨越的障碍, 而跨越障碍的捷径则是正确的学习方法。试 从语音语调、短暂记忆和听力习惯等方面浅谈如何提高英语听力的学习方法。 关键词: 语音语调; 短暂记忆; 听力习惯; 学习方法 中图分类号: G642    文献标识码: A    文章编号: 16 ...


   英语水平考试 试卷类型:24 试卷类型: 答卷注意事项 1,请各位考生拿到试卷以后首先检查试卷类型(在本页右上角)是否和自己的 准考证号末两位一致,如不一致请立即要求监考教师更换,否则将影响成绩. 2,本次考试包括试卷一和试卷二,考试时间为 9:00-11:00.试卷一为客观选择 题,在标准答题卡上用 2B 铅笔将所选答案划出.试卷二为翻译题,将译文写 在答题纸上,填上单位,姓名,准考证号,考场号,考点,以备核对总分. 3,试卷一为标准化考试,所有答案必须在标准化答题卡上划出,若答在试卷上 ...


   高中英语选修 6 单词表 Unit1 Unit1 △逼真的; 现实 的 深奥的;摘要 雕塑 △雕刻家 美术陈列室; 画 廊 信任;信心;信 念 忠实地 △所以;因而 目标;瞄准;努 力 常规的; 传统的 有代表性的 明显的; 明白的 △复兴;复活 △文艺复兴 采用;采纳;收 养 △人道主义的 拥有;具有;支 配 所有;财产 卓越的; 杰出的 △透视图; 观点 技术;方法;技 能 巧合;相合 巧合地 △杰作;名著 △印象主义 大量 阴影;影子 荒谬的; 可笑的 争论的; 争议的 努力;企图 另 ...

1997 年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语试题及参考答案

   1997 年全国硕士研究生入学考试英语试题及参考答案 PartStructure V ocabulary I and Sections A Directions:Beneath ofhe each t following sentences, here four hoices t are c markedA),B),C)andD). hoose one best ompletes sentence. ark C the that c the M your nswer n a o theANS ...