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知识改变命运 教育成就未来
听力部分( 听力部分(20 分) Ⅰ.选出你所听到的单词(听两遍共 5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.town )
  2. A.bring )
  3. A.doctor )
  4. A. Mabel )
  5. A. taller B.how B.bright B. Dick B. stronger C.whole C.build C. Alice C. younger D.snow D.building D.diary D. Mary D. older
B.daughter C.colder
Ⅱ.根据所听句子,选出一个意思与其相同或相近的答案(听两遍共 5 分) ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. She is a middle school student. C. She teaches English herself. )
  2. .A.Yes , I can see five. C. I can see the ninth . )
  3. A. I’m going to have a rest. C. I’m going to work . )
  4. A. How can I get to the West Street ? B. Which is the way to the East Street ? C. How long does it take to get to the West Street ? D. How often does a No.3 bus come in the day ? ( )
  5. A. She didn’t like anything to drink . B. She didn’t feel well because she liked eating . C. She didn’t want to eat anything . D. She liked eating . B. She is a worker. D. I can see only one . B. No, I can see only one. D. I can see five. B. I’m going to eat something. D. I’m going to bed.
Ⅲ. 根据你所听到的对话内容,选择正确答案(听两遍共 5 分) ( ( ( )
  1. Mike goes to see the doctor . B. in the afternoon C. in the evening D. at night )
  2. Mike has got . B. a bad cold B. something wrong C. a headache D. a bad cough )
  3. There’s with Mike . C. anything wrong D. nothing much wrong
知识改变命运 教育成就未来 清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
A. in the morning A. a fever A. wrong
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知识改变命运 教育成就未来
  4. The doctor told him take the medicine a day and drink B. two times … more D. once … much B. smoking C. to smoke D. not to smoke
water . A. three times …more C. three times … more ( )
  5. It’s bad for Mike . A. smoked
Ⅳ.听录音,填入所缺的词。 (听两遍共 5 分) Jack went for a w one Saturday evening in the m of England . He was w some friends . They went p a busy room called TG. “What does TG m ?” he asked . “Most people f very pleased when the weekend c,some people enjoy g to the room . Do you have the s thing in China ? ” asked one of them . “Most people in China are hardworking , but in our country we a have a lot of such rooms . ” 笔试部分( 笔试部分(80 分) 一、选择题(每题 1 分,总共 20 分) ( ( ( ( )
  1. Why not to the cinema with us? B. going B. it on B. could,on and C. go . D. in it D. few C. it in C. must,above the music. B. to cry, listened to D. to cry, listen to the car down the road? D. make, to move D. lose D. enough in a big city. C. get losing C. very much to work.
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
A. to go A. on it A. could,by
D. goes
  2. The TV set is broken, please don’t turn
  3.She go to schoola bike when she was seven years old. )
  4. The baby stopped A. crying, listened to C. crying, to listen to
( ( ( (
  5. Can you
A. stop, to move B. stop, from moving C. stop, moved )
  6. It is easy for a stranger to A. get lose )
  7. Eating A. too many B. get lost B. too much
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
is not good for your health.
  8. I stayed at home all day
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知识改变命运 教育成就未来
A. instead to go ( ( A. not rain
B. instead going B. isn’t rain to eat.
C. instead go tomorrow. C. rains
D. instead of going D. doesn’t rain
  9. We are going out for a picnic if it )
  10. I want to give him A. something English C. English something
B. some English thing D. anything English . B. enough good C. enough well D. well enough
( (
  11. He writes A. good enough
  12. ?I’m very glad Beijing can be the host (东道主) for the 2008 Olympic ? A. So am I . . B. So I am B.22 too busy these days. C.I’m afraid not You may take C. neither . C. happy, of
C. cooking
Games. C. So do I . D.24 C.21 D. So I do
( (
  13. What number comes next? 1,2,4,7,11,16? A.18, --I’m A.I hope not )
  14. Can you help me with my lessons tonight? B. I think so
D I’m afraid so of them and leave one D. every her? D. happily, of
D. cooks
( )
  15. These two books are good. for me. A. both (
B. either B. happily, with
B. cooked
  16. Lily doesn’t look A. happy, with
A.cook )
  17. Either his father or his mother
What’s the matter
dinner on weekdays.
  18.My mother asked me A. how can I get to the park? C. how could I get to the park
. B. how I can get to the park D. how I could get to the park time left. C. a little C. was enjoying D. a few D.is enjoying
( (
  19. No hurry. A. little A.enjoy
There’s B. few B.enjoys
  20.Everybody, young or old ,visiting the Great Wall.
  0.5 分,共 5 分)
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com 知识改变命运 教育成就未来
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来

  1.?Do you enjoy --Of course we do.
( you) ?

  2.It’s difficult for us to swim (cross) the river in five minutes.
  3.The hard work made them(feel) tired.
  4.It is hard for me to learn English well,but I think I must go on (study) it.
  5.This piece of music is so difficult( play)
  6.I am tired now. I was (wake) all night long yesterday.
  7.If you want to keep yourself(health),you have to take more exercise.
  8.The teacher told the boy (not play) in the street..It’s too dangerous.
  9.Last night Tom did his homework(listen) to the radio.
  10.My head (hurt) badly yesterday, and I didn’t go to school. 三、句型转换( 每空
  0.5 分,总共 9 分)
  1. I listened carefully, but I didn’t hear anything.(变为同义句) I listened carefully but I You may stay at home . go out. afternoon. ?
  2. You may stay at home or you may go out.。 (同上)
  3. They kept working all the afternoon.(同上) They kept working
  4.The boy never finishes his work alone.( 变为反意疑问句) The boy never finishes his work alone,
  5.The children can’t carry the box. It is so heavy.( 合并成简单句) The box is heavy for the children .
  6.Kate had to have a rest every one hour on her way to the zoo.(对划线部分提问) did Kate have to have a rest on her way to the zoo?
  7.They are listening to the music silently.( 改为感叹句) they are listening to the music !
  8.Both Tom and Kate wants to go swimming.(改成完全否定句) TomKate to go swimming.
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com 知识改变命运 教育成就未来
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
四、改错题(把错误选项填在括号里,在横线上填入正确答案,每题 1 分,共 5 分)
  1.Where did Wei Fang had her lunch yesterday?( A A A A A B B C D B B B C ). ). ) ) C and then walked home.( C C D anything.( D
  2.He enjoys to listen to the radio very much. (
  3.He played piano after school ).

  4.Something is wrong with my ears.I can’t listen

  5.My kite is broken .Could you take yours here tomorrow?( 五、完成下列句子。(每空 o.5 分,总共 11 分)
The girl is very poor,and she can’t the computer.
  2.他坐在那儿,陶醉在优美的音乐中。 He sat there and the .
  3.汤姆太小了,你不能把他单独留下。 Tom is too young .You can’t .
  4.迟早你们会解决这个问题的。 you’ll .
  5.她看着她的妈妈,并且哭的越来越厉害。He looked at his mother and . 六、完型填空(每题 1 分,总共 10 分) Long, long ago there was a poor man. He had an orange tree in his garden. On the tree there were many fine oranges. One day he bigger than the others. It was as big as a football. big orange. The poor man gave the man a lot of money 3 5 it. 6 , “It’s 7 an orange. I’ll take the
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
1 2
one of his oranges was much could ever (曾经)see such a 4
the orange to the king. The king was very happy
When a rich man heard of it, he said to
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清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
gold cup(金杯) to the king. He must give me The next day when the king beautiful cup! I’ll show you ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. looked )
  2.A. Nobody )
  3.A. took )
  4.A. that )
  5.A. on )
  6.A. the man )
  7.A. only )
  8.A. many )
  9.A. got )
  10.A. a nice thing 10 9
the gold cup, he said to the rich man, “What a C. watched C. Any C. had C. and C. to C. himself C. big C. most C. touched D. found D. Some D. carryed D. but D. in D. you D. good D. more D. closed
. Please take this great orange.”
B. liked B. Nothing B. brought B. so B. for B. myself B. very B. lot B. liked B. some bread
C. some money D. some book
七、阅读理解(每题 1 分,总共 15 分) (A) A small boy and his father were having a walk in the country when it began to rain. They did not have raincoats or umbrellas with them and there was not any place to hide(躲藏) from the rain, so they had to walk home. Soon they were all wet. On their way home, the boy asked his father, “Dad, why does it rain? It isn’t very nice, is it?” “No, it isn’t very nice , but it’s useful ,” answered the father, “It rains to make the flowers and vegetables grow for us, and to make the grass grow for the sheep.” The boy thought about this for a moment, then he said, “Then why does it rain on the road too, father?” ( ( )
  1. The man and A. his son were taking a walk in the country. B. his daughter C. his father . B. liked walking in the rain D. Both A and C D. his friend
  2. They were soon all wet because they A. had no raincoats or umbrellas with them C. could not find a place to hide from the rain
  3. It seemed that the boy A. did not like the rain C. was happy with the rain
. B. did not like his father D. felt too tired to walk home
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
  4. The father tried to tell the boy A. how flowers and vegetables grew C. what the use of the rain was
. B. why the rain was not nice D. where it usually rained
( that
  5. The boy said, “Then why does it rain on the road too, father?” It seemed . A. there was no rain on the road then B. he did not agree with his father C. he agreed with his father D. he still did not understand why it did not rain
on the road (B) TELEPHONE MESSAGE TO: Deborah Lai ( English teacher) Mr /Mrs /Ms: Wong ( √ ) Telephone ( ) Wrote a note TO say: His daughter Angela will not be back to school until Thursday because she is sick.He would like to speak to you about the lessons she is missing .His phone number is 58593
  37. Please : ( √
) Telephone Lee
) Write a note (
) Make a time to see Time:9:05am
Message taken by : Mrs
Date :Monday 12 August
  7. A.
  8. Angela will be back to school on . A. 15th August return his call telephone his daughter The teacher for English is . A. Mrs Lee A.Mrs Wong . A. teacher in a school B. man who takes message B. Deborah Lai C. Angela Wong B. 12th August C. Monday
D. Wednesday C. visit him D.
Mr Wong would like the teacher to . B. write him a call
D. Mr Wong

  9. Who takes this message ? B.Ms Wong C,Mrs Lee D. Deborah Lai
  10. From this information (信息) it is possible (可能) to tell that Mr Wong is a
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知识改变命运 教育成就未来
清?? http://www.qhyedu.com
知识改变命运 教育成就未来
C. father who is concerned about (关心) his daughter’s progress (进步) D. hard working business man (C) It was one of the thickest fogs(雾) in years. I couldn’t nearly see my hands in front of my face. Cars and buses ran very slowly with their lights on, and their horns(喇叭) made a terrible noise. When evening fell, it got even worse. All traffic came to a stop. Since(由于) I had a very important meeting on the other side of the town, I decided(决 定) to walk. Minutes later I couldn’t find my way. Then I heard a young woman’s voice coming out of the fog, “Can I help you?” I couldn’t see her, but I was very glad to hear her. I said to her where I wanted to go, and she knew very well how to get there. As I went after her through the dark streets, I wanted to know how she found her way so easily. “I know this part of the town quite well,” she answered. “but in such a fog it is difficult to see anything,” I said. “With the fog or without the fog, it is the same to me. You see, I’m blind.” ( ( )
  11. In front of your face in the thick fog you can see A. anything A. came to the stops C. ran ve



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