初二期末( 初二期末(下)英语试题
( we heard it when were at the table . A on the internet ( A How long way it is C How long way is it ( ( A. in the night . A. Sorry, I’m afraid not C. I hope so ( B. Yes, I’m busy D. Certainly not B. by the night B on the radio
  3.I remembered the day when World War II finished . I was eight or nine at the time ., and C. by VCD B What a long way is it D What a way it is C. on the night D. at night D. by computer
)7 from Beijing to Paris .
  10. My father will come back at 10 o’clock of June
  15. )
  12. I hope you can help me with my English this evening.
  20. is it from our school to Lupu Bridge? About half an hour’s bus ride. A. How long B. How often B. about C. How far her. C. but D. with D. How much
( (
  21. Where’s Lily? We are all here A. beside
  26. I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. Oh, I am sorry I A. have B. had dinner at my friend’s house. C. was having C. I hope so D. have had D. I'm afraid so?
( (
  28.“Is Tom really very ill?” “,He's in hospital. ”? A.I don't think so B. No, he isn't? )
  32. ?? Would you please not make so much noise here? ?? we’ll be as quiet as we can . A. Sorry, we will be B. No, we won’t C. Sorry, we won’t D. Yes, we won’t
( (
  33. The weather in the south is warmer than .
A. the north B. that in the north
  42. There A. is going to rain C. is going to be rain this evening.
C. in the north
D. it in the north
B. is going to be rainy D. is going to rainy
( )
  2. A. In , ended ( ( ( )
  3. Beijing is a city in A. north China A. comes out , in A. for )
  4. In the morning, the sun B. comes out , from B. without
the end, the concert B. At , ended . B. North China
with a piece of beautiful music called “Liang C. By , started C. Northern China the east. C. came out , to C. with D. came out , of D. of nothing in it. D. In , start D. Chinese North
Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.”
  11. Please pass me a bag
( ( ( (
  13. In the past, there was A. no , and A. it, learning )
  16.He was born A. in; of )
  17.No, you A. Can; may not B. no , or B. it, to learn B. on; in I close the windows?
library C. not , and C. it is, to learn C. of; on
hospital in my hometown. D. not , or
  14. We found very interesting English. D. it was, learning D. on; of the morning October 19, 19
. I’ll close them later. B. May; needn’t B、Speak B、were working on C. Must; needn’t C、Tell C、were working D. Shall; don’t D、Say D、were working for
( ( (
  22. something about your family, will you? A、Talk A、worked on )
  30.They the maths problem when I came in. )37 Would you mind if I take this seat? . A. Yes, sit down, please C. No, of course not B. Yes, take it, please D. No, you can’t take it B. important something
  41. There’s _ A. C. ( A.
__ in today's newspaper. D. something important C. lies D. to lie . C. No. Do please D. Yes. You’d better not.
important anything anything important lie B. lying
  47. Miss Green saw a wallet on the ground when she walked past the school gate. )
  48. Are you sure you don’t mind my opening the window? A. Yes. Do please. B. Certainly not )
  49. water __ air, there can be no life on Earth. A. Without...and B. Without...or C. Without...but D. With...no
( (
( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  7. will she leave the city? A. How long A. very an old A. careful A. very bad A. room A. make; put A. asleep B. How soon B. quite a old B. carefully B. quite bad B. floor C. How often C. quite an old C. less careful C. much badly C. ground D. How fast D. an very old D. more carefuler D. rather badly D. place D. to make; put D. sleeps )
  15. Oh, it is house! )
  17. Mike is than Jack. )
  19. Wei Ying did in the high jump. )
  22. Sorry, but there is not enough in my car for your boxes. )
  36. Mary’s father made her a box all the things in. B. to make; to put C. make; to put B. sleeping
  37. Did you notice the girl in the corner of the room? C. sleep
  43. Why are you standing outside the gate? My father me wait for him here. A. asked B. told C. made D. kept
  44. Didn’t the sleeping pills work? . I slept well last night. A. Yes, they do ( A. leaves B. No, they don’t B. left C. leaving C. No, they didn’t D. to leave D. Yes, they did )
  50. The teacher is waiting for the students .
答案一: 1??5 11??15 21??25 31??35 41??45 答案一: 1??5 11??15 21??25 31??35 41??45 答案一: 1??5 11??15 21??25 31??35 41??45
6??10 16??20 26??30 36??40 46??50
6??10 16??20 26??30 36??40 46??50
6??10 BBABC 16??20 BCADA 26??30 AADAC 36??40 CBAAA 46??50 DDCBD



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