9 月小结 一、词组句子 1You should take the zebra crossing. 3Jack is packing books. 5There is a lot of open space for sports. 7I can have my own bedroom. 9Last year we move to the suburbs. 11Some people go sightseeing. 13My family used to live in town. 15It is farther from my school than my old flat. 17I’d like a flat in a high-rise. 19I think public transport is more important. 21He write his name on a piece of paper. 23There is also a swimming pool in it. 25It’s about ten minute’s walk to school. 27Aunt Yu almost lost her way. 29The cars are more beautiful. 二、语法收获
  1、I have a book to read.(先核心,后修辞 1 介词短语 2 从句 3 动词短语(处理) 。
  2、Which flat do you like best?(副词最高级可以省略 the)
  3、On the afternoon on that day(带有修辞,前后只能用 ON)
  4、I happy to see you.(形容词后跟动词加 to)
  5、This book is easier than the other ( )s/any other ( )不 s(than 后的两种形式)
  6、There is a lot of work for everyone.(work 为不可数名词,a lot of 可修饰名词)
  7、There is also a swimming pool.(There be 句型为倒装句,谓语动词和最近的主语保持一致)
  8、You must come .(句中的 must 不是必须而是表示好的建议才用的)
  9、Not only he but also his friend are friendly.(看后不看前是 Not only…but also 的用法) 10She looks forward to being a nurse. (Look forward to 后加动词 ing) 11She is used to getting up early. (used to doing sth.是固定搭配意思是习惯于) 12It takes us two hour to go there by bus. (take sb. to do something 是固定搭配) 13I stop playing computer. (别玩电脑 stop 后加动词 ing 是 stop 用法之一) 2The Whites are happy to move into a new house 4In front of the buildings, there is a green area. 6Tom like country life. 8I live in the centre of town. 10Sometimes we watch firworks displays. 12I’m looking forward to moving into the new flat. 14Life there is much easier. 16We can have a better view. 18They are talking about our new flat. 20It is the largest house in their housing estate. 22They are going to move this weekend. 24I’ll certainly come. 26We’ll have a house-warming party. 28There used to be a small shop beside our house. 30She only saw a shopping mall.
14 I stop to play computer. (没去玩电脑,stop to do 是 stop 用法的另一种) 15I play football every week.(play 后跟球类不加 the) 16I play the piano every week.(play 后跟乐器加 the) 17 I like eating bread. (后接动名词(v. -ing),表示“喜欢做某事”,着重于习惯、爱好。) 18What does she look like? (这里表示像的意思不是介词是动词) 19I join them in playing basketball. (join…in dong=play…with…,两个意思一样) 20We watch a firworks display. (a firworks display 为专有名词) 三、错误纠正
  1、There is a wooden box on the ground.(木制的盒子所以 wood 变 wooden)
  2、My uncle is a university teacher.(university 的 u 不发元音所以前加 a 不是 an)
  3、My father spent an hour and a half going to work.(spend ……doing….)
  4、She needs to work harder doesn’t she? (need 这里不做情态动词所以用 does)
  5、She need work harder didn’t she? (这里是已经努力过,need 这里不做情态动词所以用 did)

  6、I am very pleased.(这里讲我是很高兴的,所以用 pleased)
  7、You have fewer English story book than I.(因为有 than 所以因用 few 的比较级)
  8、She used to be late for school.(used to do 是固定搭配)
  9、I eat my diet at lunch time. ( at lunch tim 是固定搭配)
  10、She was born in 19
  89。指在哪一年则用介词 in,若具体到某一天,则需用介词 on。
  11、She looks forward to seeing her. (Look forward to 后加动词 ing)
  12、Which flat do you like best?(副词最高级可以省略 the)
  13、This is a pen. That is a pencil。 (放在一起的两样东西,先说 this, 后说 that。 )
  14、She is used to going to school by bus(used to doing sth.是固定搭配意思是习惯于)
  15、It takes us 15 minutes to go there by bus. (take sb. to do something 是固定搭配)
  16、I happy to see you.(形容词后跟动词加 to)
  17、This is a flower。 (距离说话人近的人或物用 this),
  18、That is a tree. (距离说话人远的人或物用 that。 )
  19、I like the baby very much. (后接名词或代词,表示喜欢某人或某物)
  20、I like reading, but I like to watch TV this evening. (后接动词不定式(to do ),表示“偶尔地 喜欢做某事”,着重于某次具体的行为。 )



   9 月小结 一、词组句子 1You should take the zebra crossing. 3Jack is packing books. 5There is a lot of open space for sports. 7I can have my own bedroom. 9Last year we move to the suburbs. 11Some people go sightseeing. 13My family used to live in town. 15It ...


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