key vocabulary
1 live to be 200 years 2 in the future 3 make predictions 4 have robot in your home 5 five years from now 6 study at home on computer 7 use money 8 less pollution 9 what do you think life will be in 100years? 10 Will you live in the same house in a year?
Unit 1 Will people have robots?
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Afterdo you years… What 100 think it is?
What do you think life will be?
Make predictions
1 Will the schoolbag carry you to school? 2 Will a kind of special jeans help you have a rest every? 3 Will you make indoor surfing at home? 4 Willl the computer punish you if you do wrong things on it?

  5. People will have robots in their homes.
  6. People won’t use money. Everything will be free.
  7. Books will only be on computers, not on paper.
不是你背背包, 不是你背背包,而是背包背你
如果你输入不健康词汇, 如果你输入不健康词汇, 电脑就会惩罚你
医生同时也是魔术师, 医生同时也是魔术师, 他可以不用X射线检查你的骨骼 他可以不用 射线检查你的骨骼
Section A
1a Some more predictions about things. In a year… In five years…
What do you think your life will be? I will…
PAIRWORK A: Will people use money in 100 years? B: No, they won’t. Everything will be free. Will people live to be 200 years old? A: Yes, they will. Rocket /robots/books/kids
2c GROUPWORK A: I think there will be more pollution. B: Well, I don’t agree. But I think there will be fewer trees. A: I agree. Trees/pollution/cars/free time
1b Listening
predictions People will have robots in their home
People will not use money There will be only one country Kids won’t go to school
Tapescript: people will have robots in A:Do you think their homes in 100 years? B:Yes,I do. I saw a robot on TV, and it cleaned the kitchen. I don’t think people will use money A:Well, . everything will be free B:Do you think? A:Yeah,probably. there will be one country B:I think. A:Only one country in the whole world? Will there be world peace? B:I hope so.
2a Listening
things People Free time Cars Pollution trees
Less /fewer/more
more less fewer less fewer
2b Listening
  1. There will be fewer people.
√ √

  2. There will be less free time.
  3. People will use less subways less.
  4. There will be more pollution.
  5. Cities will be very big and
Grammar Focus
1 Will there be less pollution? No, there won’t. 2 There will be more pollution. 3 Will there be fewer trees? Yes, there will. 4 Kids won’t go to school. 5 Kids will study at home on computers.
用一般将来时填空。 用一般将来时填空。
  1. I (visit) my uncle will visit tomorrow.
  2. There (be) a football will be match in our school next week.
  3. He (help) you with your will help English this evening.

  4. They (play) soccer if it will play doesn’t rain.
  5. We (have) a meeting will have tomorrow.

  1. 一般将来时结构: 一般将来时结构: 肯定式: 肯定式:主语 + will + 动词原形 否定式: 否定式:主语 + won’t + 动词原形 一般疑问句: 一般疑问句:Will + 主语 + 动词原形
  2. fewer /less/ There will be trees. There will be people. There will bepollution. There will be free time.

  2. “ there be ” 句型一般将来时的表达。 句型一般将来时的表达。 肯定句:There will be +名词(短语) 肯定句: 名词(短语) 否定句: 否定句:There will not / won’t be +名 短语) 词(短语) 一般疑问句: 一般疑问句: Will there be +名词(短语)? 名词(短语)? -Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.
试做以下试题: 试做以下试题: ①I earn money than my sister. ②There are cars parked outside than yesterday. ③We have students this year than last year. ④You ought to smoke cigarettes and drink beer .
There won’t be any paper money. There will only be one country. There will be more leisure time.
  1. 你认为人们的家里会有机器人吗? 你认为人们的家里会有机器人吗? Do there will be robots you think __ people’s homes? in
  2. 人们将活到 人们将活到150岁。 岁 People __ be 150 years old. will live to __

  3. 我认为她会当医生。 我认为她会当医生。 I think she will __ a doctor. be
  4. 你住哪儿? 我住在北京。 你住哪儿? 我住在北京。 you live Where do ? I live in Beijing. 5 There will be less trees in 100 years.(100年后将会有很少的树 年后将会有很少的树) 年后将会有很少的树
True or false 1 --will you have a baby in 10years? --yes,I’ll. 2--will there be less pollutionin 100 years? --No,they won’t. 3 what do you think will life be in the future?
写作 发挥你的想象, 写一篇作文。 发挥你的想象 写一篇作文。 I think we will need robots for cleaning the house… …
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Thank you for listening!


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