Section B 1a Write each word in the correct column below. astronaut house apartment
宇航员 房子 火箭 公寓
computer programmer
rocket Jobs astronaut
space station
Transportation train rocket
Places to live space station house apartment
computer programmer
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Think of other words and write them in the chart. Jobs Transportation Places to live
2a Listen to Alexis and Joe. Number the pictures[1-3]. 1 3 2
2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks with the correct verbs from the box. ’ll live am
  1. I
  2. I
  3. I
  4. We
  5. I
  6. I
  7. I
  8. I live work am lived took ’ll be ’ll fly ’ll live ’ll fly took work ’ll be lived live
飞行 take的过去式 的过去式
in an apartment. near here. a computer programmer.
in a house. the train to school. an astronaut. rockets to the moon. on a space station.
月亮, 月亮,月球
2c PAIRWORK Role play the conversation between Alexis and Joe. Talk about Joe’s life now, ten years ago, and ten years from now. A: Where do you live? B: I live in an apartment.
3a Read Ming’s answer to the question “What will your life be like in ten years?” Then fill in the chart.
In ten years, I think I’ll be a reporter. I’ll live in Shanghai, because I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it. I think it’s really a beautiful city. As a reporter, I think I will meet lots of interesting people. I think I’ll live in an apartment with my best friends, because I don’t 单独地; like living alone. 单独地;孤独地
=I will
fell(fall 的过去式)落下;变为 落下; fall in love with sb / sth.喜爱、爱上某人或某物 喜爱、
I’ll have pets. I can’t have any pets now because 宠物 my mother hates them, and our apartment is too small. So in ten years, I’ll have many different pets. I might even keep a pet parrot! 鹦鹉 可能 甚至 喂养 I’ll probably go skating and swimming every day. 大概; 大概;也许 去滑冰 During the week I’ll look smart, and probably will wear a suit. At the weekends, I’ll be able to 一套衣服 能够 dress more casually. I think I’ll go to Hong Kong 穿衣 随意地 on vacation, and one day I might even visit Australia. look + 形容词 看上去怎么样
eg. She looked happy.
keep: v. 保持;维持;喂养 保持;维持;
  1. keep + sb. / sth. +形容词 形容词
这项工作让他们忙碌了一年。 这项工作让他们忙碌了一年。 使某人/某物 使某人 某物… 某物
The job kept them busy for a year.
  2. keep +形容词 形容词
The man ran up and down to keep warm.
这个人来来回回地跑着取暖。 这个人来来回回地跑着取暖。

  3. keep + sb. / sth. doing
让某人/某物继续做某事 让某人 某物继续做某事
She kept us waiting for her at the station for an hour.
她让我们在车站等了一个小时。 她让我们在车站等了一个小时。

  4. keep + doing
继续做, 继续做,坚持做 他
He kept running after her, trying to catch her.
不停地在追赶她,试图抓到她。 不停地在追赶她,试图抓到她。
Ming in ten years Job Pets Sports Places Clothes
3b On a piece of paper, write about your life in ten years. Don’t write your name on the paper. Put all the students’ papers together. Take turns reading the papers. Then guess who wrote them. A: This paper says “I’ll be an engineer in ten years.” B: I think Lin Wei wrote that. C: Yes, I wrote it.
4 PAIRWORK Answer the questions below. Then ask your partner for his or her ideas. Questions You Your partner
Which country will win the next World Cup? 世界杯 What will the weather be like tomorrow? Which movies will win award next year? What will teenagers do for fun twenty years from now?
Self Check 1 Fill in the blanks with the words given. wear work
  1. I want to
  2. My friends
  3. I need to
  4. We have to work keep look wear look fly
for myself when I’m older. a pet pig in their house. smart for my job interview.
面试; 面试;面谈
a uniform to school.

  5. One day people will fly to the moon for vacations.
2 Read the passage and circle the inventions on the right. Predicting the future can be difficult. There are many famous predictions that never came true. Before 1929, there was no sound in movies. The head of one of the biggest movie companies in the United States predicted that no one would want to see actors talk. Of course, he was wrong! In 1977, the head of the largest computer company in the United States said, “No one will want to have a computer in his or her home.” He thought that computers would never be used by most people. future n.将来;未来 将来; 将来 predict v. 预言 prediction n.预言 come true 实现;达到 comecame 实现; 预言 company (复数companies) thinkthought 公司 复数 see sb. do sth. 看到某人做某事 make, let, hear, watch) 看到某人做某事(
3 Find these words from this unit.
  1. A place to live in space: space station

  2. Something kids will use to study at home: computers
  3. These will be in every home: robots
  4. Yang Liwei is a famous Chinese astronaut .
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