册 双, to
词组与句 对 do sth 叫 干 ask agree for 请求 with 赞 of 各种,各样
a pair of ask sb
all year round all the time around the world arrive in/at 达
all kinds argue
with 与争吵
界各 at least 开会
at a meeting at first
as…as possible 尽可 as…as be be be able to 样 够 气 气愤
angry with mad at 对感 长
be good at be careful be allowed

be surprised 惊讶 be supposed to be interested in 对感兴 break the rule by the way 顺 规则 / 求
complain about come along 现,发
Come true 实现,达 come in 进来 cut in line 插队 call sb.up 电话给
do/wash the dishes drop litter 乱扔垃 do well in look after 顾
look through 浏览 let (sb) in 让进 let sb do sth 让 get along get over 克 get annoyed get bored 厌烦 get an education 教 处( ) 气 处 干
get on (well) with 与 get injured 伤
give sb sth/give sth to sb 给 give away 赠
go skating 去 go out of 从 去/来 架/争吵 惊讶 会
have a fight with 与
have a surprised party 举 have a great/good time have been to hear about/of hundreds of had better(not) do sth in a minute 会儿 过 说
in100years100 in good health in front of in the future in the front of in the playground in/out of style 时 in silence in order to In(Russian)style 具 in public places make sb do sth 国风格 公共场 干 场 /过时 来,将来 健康
make a living (doing sth)谋 make money 赚钱 make friends with 与交 more than need to do sth not…anymore not…until not at all on (mytenth) birthday on the phone 话 ( ) ( 岁) 为 干
on the one/other hand open up putout 开 灭
pick…up 捡 pass (sth) on (to sb)传递 pay for 款
part-time job 兼职工 run out of run away 尽 跑
rather than 胜 right away 刻,马 费
spend…on/(in) doing sth
seem to do sth sleep late 懒觉

see sb do/doing sth 看
/ 干
start/begin to do/doing sth 开 adj.(special)enough 够( 别
It take sb some time to do sth. 费 the same as 与 try (not) to do sth 尽 three quarters turn on/off 开/关 /关 ( )干
turn up/down 开 talk to/with 与谈话 take care of 顾
take part in 参加 takeoff 飞 takeaway
take place 发 take an interest in 对感兴 take care(not) to do thanks for (doing)谢谢( wait in line 队 干 ( ) )
want to do sth/ would like to do sth There will be fewer/less…
--What should I do? --You should do… --what were you doing when…? --I was (doing)…when… While he was (doing)…,a girl called the police. If you wear jeans to the party ,the teachers won’t let you in. --How long have you been skating? --I’ve been skating since nine o’clock /for five hours. Would you mind (not) doing sth? Could you please (not) do sth? Why don’t you /not (do sth)? How /What about sth / doing sth?



   初二英语英语(下册) 初二英语英语(下册)重点词组与句型 a pair of 一双,一对 ask for 请求 ask sb (not) to do sth 叫某人干事 agree with 赞同 all year round 一年到头,全年 all kinds of 各种,各样 all the time 一直 argue with 与争吵 around the world 在世界各地 arrive in/at 到达 at least 至少 at a meeting 在开会 at first ...


   初中英语全册重点词组与句型一本全! ! 第一册词组(共 第一册词组 共 26 个) 1.in English 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10.on the basketabll team 在篮球队 11.scoot ...


   阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 新目标七年级英语下期重点词组与句型 Unit 11 What time do you go to school? 1.time: a . 可数名词 (次数) b.不可数名词 (时间) 2.对时间提问用:a.When (何时) b.What time (几点) <只能用于几点几分> 3.go to……(去…...) get to…..(到达…..) <后接地点副词here,there,home 等词时, 省略介词to> 4.usua ...


   新目标七年级英语下期重点词组与句型 Unit 11 What time do you go to school? 1.time: a . 可数名词 (次数) b.不可数名词 (时间) 2.对时间提问用:a.When (何时) b.What time (几点) <只能用于几点几分> 3.go to……(去…...) get to…..(到达…..) <后接地点副词 here,there,home 等词时,省略介词 to> 4.usually(通常) = always ( ...


   七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 16. next 在旁边 第 1-2 单元 1. from = from 来自 17. in of 在……前面 2. a = a bit 一点(修饰不可数名词) 18. between…… 在……和……之间 3. like sth / like sth 喜欢做某事 19. left/right 向左(右)转 (前者强调习惯,后者强调一次性) 20. the left/right 在左(右)边 21. a walk= a walk 4. ...

全新版大英英语第一册 重点词组整理

   Unit One 1. 断断续续 off and on be bored by feel... dull and difficult 2. 对...感到腻味 3. 觉得于... 枯燥难懂 4. 以...而出名 5. 据说某人 have a reputation for sb. be said to be ... formal, rigid and out-of-date 6. 拘谨刻板,落后于时代 7. 随笔小品文 8. 躺在沙发上 9. 不得不面对... 10. 围坐在晚餐桌旁 11. . ...


   英语八年级上重点词组句型总结 Unit 1: How often do you exercise 【复习目标】 会使用频率副词及短语; 能描述课余时间的活动安排; 会描述基本饮食结构. 【语言目标】 ● What do you usually do on weekends I sometimes go to the beach. ● How often do you eat vegetables Every day. ● Most students do homework every day ...


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   Make ★be made to do do ★make +adj ★ be made in of【布,丝绸】 (看清楚材料的) from【木头】 (看不清原材料) Need 1.动词: (don’t)need sb/sth need to do ★need sb to sth 2.情态动词:need (not)…. 3.名词:people in need to do sth Hope +(that)从句 (I/you+can / could / will)或 一般现在时表将来 litter ...


   英语四六级常考重点词组 abide by, conform to , comply with 遵 守 (be) abundant in(be rich in) 富于,富 有 of one’s own accord(willingly)自愿地 , 主动地 in accordance with (according to) 依 照,根据 in terms of 根据 take…into account(take into consideration)把..。考虑进去 on no account( ...



   在外企工作三年的我 给大家一些英语学习得建议和忠告 附送下载资 料无数 外企工作三年 给大家一些有用得建议 附送学习资料 我的英语在大学就一直不行,勉强混过四级,只能说是碰巧读了研, 我的英语在大学就一直不行,勉强混过四级,只能说是碰巧读了研,英 语怎么考过的我自己都没想明白。 从毕业四年后基本都快把英语忘掉了。 语怎么考过的我自己都没想明白。 从毕业四年后基本都快把英语忘掉了。 三年前因为一个特殊的机遇进入外企( 企业)工作以来, 三年前因为一个特殊的机遇进入外企(美国 企业)工作以来,断 ...


   常用英语口语绝佳句型100 句 1.I’m an office worker. 我是上班族。 2.I work for the government. 我在政府机关做事。 3.I’m happy to meet you. 很高兴见到你。 4.I like your sense of humor. 我喜欢你的幽默感。 5.I’m glad to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。 6.I’ll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7.I feel like sleeping/ t ...


   Uint7 II. Basic Listening Practice 12. Script M: We offer all kinds of tours and excursions. DO you have anything particular in mind? W: Not really, we’d just like to see the local sights and have an English speaking guide. It would be good if they ...


   作文套用各式 看看说说 文具类 1) 2) 3) This is a/ This is an/ These are It’s a kind of stationery(文具) It is 颜色 (red blue gray golden colorful black and white ) 大小(small big large) 新旧(new old) 触感(hard soft) 4) It’s made of … (plastic/paper/glass/wool/metal/cloth/ ...


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