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初二英语知识点总结: (一) 一般将来时 一般将来时表示将来某个时间要发生的动作或者存在的状态。 通常与表示将来的时间状 语连用, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next year, next month, next week, in 100 years 等。 如 be going to do (动词原形)结构:表示打算、准备做的事情或者肯定要发生的事情。 如:It is going to rain. will do 结构表示将来的用法:
  1. 表示预见 Do you think it will rain? You will feel better after a good rest.
  2. 表示意图 I will borrow a book from our school library tomorrow. What will she do tomorrow? 基本构成如下: 一般疑问句构成: (
  1)will+主语+do…? Will Sarah come to visit me next Sunday? (
  2)there be 结构的一般疑问句:Will there + be …? Will there be fewer trees? Yes, there will. / No, there won’t 否定句构成:will + not (won’t)+do Sarah won’t come to visit me next Sunday. 特殊疑问句构成: 特殊疑问词+will+主语+…?What will Sarah do next Sunday? 根据例句,用 will 改写下列各句 例:I don’t feel well today. (be better tomorrow) I’ll be better tomorrow.
  1. Gina has six classes today. (have a lot of homework tonight)
  2. I’m tired now. (sleep later)
  3. My parents need a new car. (buy one soon)
  4. We can’t leave right now. (leave a little later)
  5. The weather is awful today. (be better tomorrow) 答案:
  1. She’ll have a lot of homework tonight.
  2. I’ll sleep later.
  3. They’ll buy one soon.
  4. We’ll leave a little later.
  5. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.
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(二)should 的用法: should 用来提出建议和忠告,后边加动词原形,否定句直接在 should 后边加 not. 例如:I think you should eat less junk food. 我认为你应该少吃垃圾食品。 She drives a lot and she seldom walks. So I think she should walk a lot. 她经常开车,很少走路。所以我认为她应该多走路。 Students shouldn’t spend too much time playing computer games. 学生们不应当花太多的时间玩计算机游戏。 学习向别人提建议的几种句式: (
  1)I think you should… (
  2)Well, you could… (
  3)Maybe you should … (
  4)Why don’t you…? (
  5)What about doing sth.? (
  6)You’d better do sth. 用 should 或 shouldn’t 填空
  1. I can’t sleep the night before exams. You take a warm shower before you go to bed.
  2. Good friends argue each other.
  3. There is little milk in the glass. We buy some.
  4. They didn’t invite you? Maybe you be friendlier.
  5. I am a little bit overweight. So I think I do exercises every day. 答案:
  1. should
  2. shouldn’t
  3. should
  4. should
  5. should (三) 过去进行时 过去进行时表示过去某一点时间正在进行的动作或者过去某一段时间内一直进行的动 作。
  1. 构成 was /were + doing,例如: I was watching TV at 9 o’clock last night. at 9 o’clock last night 是时间点 They were playing football all afternoon. all afternoon 是时间段
  2. 过去进行时的标志词 at 8 o’clock last night, this time yesterday 等。例如: I was having lunch at home this time yesterday. 昨天的这个时候我正在吃午饭。 At that time she was writing a book. 那阵子她在写一本书。(表示她在那段时间里一直在做那件事情。)
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  1. This time yesterday I (read)books.
  2. At 9 o’clock last Sunday they (have)a party.
  3. When I (come)into the classroom, she (read)a storybook.
  4. She (play)computer games while her mother (cook)yesterday afternoon.
  5. I (have)a shower when you (call)me yesterday. 答案:
  1. was reading
  2. were having
  3. came; was reading
  4. was playing; was cooking (四) 间接引语 形成步骤: (
  1)不要逗号,冒号,引号 (
  2)要考虑到人称的变化(人称的变化与汉语是一致的) (
  3)要考虑时态的变化 (
  1. 直接引语变成间接引语时,几个主要时态的变化规律 直接引语 一般现在时 一般将来时 现在进行时
  2. 直接引语变成间接引语时,一些词汇的变化规律 直接引语
  1. am / is
  2. are
  3. have / has
  4. will
  5. can
  6. may 用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空。
  1. She said I (be)hard-working.
  2. Peter told me he (be)bored yesterday.
  3. She said she (go)swimming last Sunday.
  4. Bobby said he (may)call me later.
  5. Antonio told me he (read)a book then. 答案:
  1. was
  2. was
  3. went
  4. might 请转述他人说的话:
  1. I go to the beach every Saturday. (Tom)
  2. I can speak three languages. (Lucy) 间接引语
  1. was
  2. were
  3. had
  4. would
  5. could
  6. might 间接引语 一般过去时 过去将来时 过去进行时
  5. was having; called

  5. was reading
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  3. I will call you tomorrow. (Mike)
  4. I’m having a surprise party for Lana. (she) (五) if 引导的条件状语从句 结构:if+一般现在时,主语+将来时 含义:如果……,将要…… 例如:If you ask him, he will help you. 如果你请求他,他会帮助你。 If need be, we’ll work all night. 如果需要,我们就干个通宵。 根据中文提示,完成句子。
  1. 如果你参加聚会,你将会过得很开心。 If you the party, you .
  2. 如果明天下雨,我们将不去野餐。 If it tomorrow, we .
  3. 如果你经常听英文歌,你将会喜欢英语的。 If you often , you . 答案:
  1. If you go to the party, you will have a good time
  2. If it rains tomorrow, we won’t go to the picnic
  3. If you often listen to English songs, you’ll like English 二. 完形填空特点及解题思路 (一)题型分类与特点 (A) he had only learnt the phrase (短语)“have a Jack wanted to ask for two days off, 1 3 ? ” day off”. He 2 , then he had an idea. “Grandmother is ill. May I have a day off, he asked the teacher. “Of course, you can. ”replied (答复)the teacher at once. After a while, the boy came to 4 at the teacher’s door. “May I have a day off 5 ? ”The teacher was very surprised, “Didn’t you 6 it just now? ” “Yes, sir. But I can’t be here 7 , either. ” The teacher understood him and could not help 8 . Then he said with a smile, “Why didn’t you say ‘May I have two days off? ’ The boy answered quickly 9 ” a loud voice. “But you only 10 us‘have a day off! ’” ( )
  1. A. but B. and C. or D. for ( )
  2. A. thought hardly B. thought hard and hard C. hard thought D. thought and thought ( )
  3. A. Miss B. sir ( )
  4. A. strike B. best
C. teacher C. hit
D. Mr D. knock
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( ( (

  5. A. also B. again )
  6. A. speak B. tell )
  7. A. tomorrow
C. too C. say
D. once D. do
B. the day after tomorrow C. yesterday D. the day before yesterday ( )
  8. A. laugh B. to laugh ( )
  9. A. with B. on ( )
  10. A. teach B. taught
C. laughed C. in C. are teaching
D. laughing D. by D. were teaching
(B) 请根据内容从所给的 15 个单词中选出最恰当的 10 个填入空白处, 使短文完整, 有些词 要根据需要作适当的词形变化。 than, so, tell, us, them, report, beause, love, composition, understand, to, that, much, for, what A generation gap (代沟) become a serious problem. I read a has (
  1) about it in the newspaper. Some children have killed (
  2) after quarrels (争吵) with parents. I think this is (
  3)they don’t have a good talk with each other. Parents now spend (
  4)time in the office. (
  5)they don’t have much time to stay with their children. As time passes, they both feel
  6) ( they don’t have the same topics 话题) talk about. I want to ( to (
  7)parents to be more with your children, get to know them and understand them. And for children, show your feeling (
  8) your parents. They are the people who (
  9) you. So tell them your thoughts (想法) In this way, you can have a better
  10) each other. . ( of 完形填空选择题的一般解题思路是:
  1. 跳过空格、通读全文、把握大意。先跳过空格,通读试题所给的要完形填空的短文, 获得整体印象,做到弄清文脉、抓住主旨,较好地把握短文大意。要在阅读理解短文意思的 基础上才开始判定选择,切忌仓促下笔。
  2. 结合选项、综合考虑、初定答案。在理解全文意思的基础上,再结合所给备选项细读 全文,联系上、下文内容,注意从上、下文的语法结构和词语搭配及从选择项中寻找解题的 提示,以词、句的意义为先,再从分析句子结构入手,根据短文意思、语法规则、词语固定 搭配等进行综合考虑,对备选项逐一进行分析、比较和筛选,排除干扰项、初步选定答案。
  3. 瞻前顾后、先易后难、各个击破。动笔时要瞻前顾后、通篇考虑、先易后难。对比较 明显直接的、自己最有把握的答案先做,一下子不能确定答案的,先跳过这一空格,继续往 下做,最后回过头来再集中精力解决难点。这时可结合已确定答案的选项再读一遍短文,随 着对短文理解的深入,可以降低试题的难度,提高选择的正确率。
  4. 复读全文、逐空验证、弥补疏漏。完成各道题选择后,把所选的答案代入原文,再把 全文通读一篇,逐空认真复查。看所选定的答案是否使短文意思前后连贯、顺理成章,语法 结构是否正确, 是否符合习惯表达法。 如发现错误答案或有疑问的, 应再次推敲、 反复斟酌、 做出修正。 完形填空试题的一般解题思路是:
  1. 跳过空格、通读短文、了解大意。解题时先跳过空格,通读完形填空的短文,了解全
全国最大家教 家教平台 找家教,到阳光 阳光家教网 全国最大家教平台 家教,
篇的内容和要旨。要重视首句,善于以首句的时态、语气为立足点,理清文脉,推测全文主 题及大意。
  2. 复读短文、确定语义、判断词形。把握短文大意后再认真复读短文,利用上下文的语 境,结合所学过的知识,先确定空格处所需词语的意义,再根据空格在句子中的位置,判断 其在句中充当的成分,从而确定所填词的词性,再依据词语搭配和语法规则,判断所填的词 的正确形式。
  3. 三读短文、上下参照、验证答案。在短文的每一空白处填上一个词后,将完成的短文 再细读一遍,上下参照,连贯思考。把所填的答案放入短文中进行检验,可从上、下文内容 是否协调一致、顺理成章,语法结构是否正确无误等进行综合验证,凡有疑问必须重新推敲 考虑。 (三)课文阅读指导
【模拟试题】(答题时间:80 分钟) 模拟试题】
一. 选择填空。 ( )
  1. Beijing won the chances the 2008 Olympics. ( A. to host B. host C. hosting D. hosted )
  2. Tiger Woods can make billions dollars a year.
A. for B. with C. of D. on ( )
  3. -You looked so beautiful at the party. -. A. No, I don’t think so B. Of course C. Thank you very much D. No, I’m not beautiful ( )
  4. The text is very easy for you. There are new words in it. ( A. a few B. a little C. few D. little )
  5. In the bookshop, a reader asked the shopkeeper “Who Moved My cheese”
was an interesting book. A. that B. what C. how D. if ( )
  6. -In our English study reading is more interesting than speaking, I think. -I don’t agree. Speaking is reading. A. as important as B. so important as C. the more important D. the most important ( )
  7. If he harder, he’ll catch up with us. ( A. work B. works C. worked D. will work ) The manager that the business would be worse after the stock (股票)
  8. went
down. A. talked B. told C. said D. spoke ( )
  9. We should keep in the reading-room. A. quiet B. quietly C. quite D. quickly ( )
  10. -I think everything goes on well.
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-. A. So I do B. I do so C. So do I D. So is I ( )
  11. If you want to watch TV, you may turn . A. down B. it on C. on it D. it off ( )
  12. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I



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