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Unit 17
Project timing Prepositions of time
  1. Listening Listen to the telephone conversation about the timing of a construction project. As you listen, complete the key for the project planner below. 请见附图 17-1 Listening task A: I'm phoning about the timing for the Vienna project. B: Right, we've got a starting date for that haven't we? A: Yes, we begin a pilot study on 5 November. B: Right, how long is that expected to last? A: We should finish the study in three weeks. B: Good, then what's the next stage? A: Well, we've got a meeting with the contractor scheduled for 1 December. If everything goes according to plan, we'll sign the contract then. And work can commence at the beginning of January. B: So what's the first stage? A: Well, excavation will begin in January and is due to finish by the middle of February. Now, after that we could have a problem. B: What's that? A: You remember we've sub-contracted the German firm to do the foundations. They promised to start in the middle of February. They are now saying they can't. B: Right, I'll get on to them. When are they due to finish the foundations? A: In the contract, it says by 28 February. B: I see, and then? A: Construction work should begin on 5 March. We're on a pretty tight schedule. All the work has to be done in March and April. B: OK. I see the problem. I'll phone you back in the afternoon at about three. Bye. A: Goodbye.
  2. Presentation Notice how the following prepositions are used to refer to time: 请见附图 17-2 Notice also these expressions which are used when talking about timing: is due to The project { is expected to }start on… is scheduled to
  3. Controlled practice Complete these sentences with an appropriate preposition of time.
  1. The work is due to begin the end of April. "文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
"文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
  2. We are hoping to meet the engineer the weekend.
  3. We expect to sign the contract sometime June.
  4. We arrived time to see them leave.
  5. They are scheduled to finish the middle of July.
  6. I arranged to meet him
  15.30 Tuesday.
  7. The plane took off precisely time.
  8. We are busiest spring.
  9. The contract must be finalised the end of the month, at the latest.
  10. He phoned me one o'clock night. 课文注释及讲解: * time 安排时间 e.g. I'm phoning about the timing for the Vienna project. 我打电话号码是为维也纳项目的时间安排问题. The promotion campaign is not well timed, for the product is already off season. 促销活动开展得不是时候,因为产品已经过季了. * schedule 安排时间 e.g. We've got a meeting with the contractor scheduled for 1st December. 我们与承包商定于 12 月 1 日会面[注意:schedule 后面接表示时间的词时要用介词 for] We are scheduled to meet our MD on Wednesday. 我们安排在星期三见总裁. schedule 日程安排,时间表 e.g. on a tight schedule 日程紧 have a full schedule 日程排得很满 lay out/plan/make a schedule 排出日程 * according to 按照 e.g. If everything goes according to plan, we'll sign the contract then. 如果一切按计划进行,那么届时我们将签合同. Buyers and sellers have to act according to the terms and conditions in their contract. 买方和卖方必须按合同条款履约. * commence 开始,着手 commence 比 begin 更正式 e.g. He commenced his business yesterday. 昨天,他开张营业了. Work can commence at the beginning of January. 可以 在 1 月初开始工作. * excavation 挖土,挖掘 * do the foundations 打地基 也可以说 lay the foundations * finalise 完成 e.g. The contract must be finalised by the end of the month, at the latest. 这个合同最迟必须在本月末完成. * 一个项目计划[Project plan]大致包括以下内容: 初期调研,预先调研[Preliminary study] "文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
"文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com] 协商合同[Contract negotiation] 可行性研究[Feasibility study] 培训[Training] 安装[Installation] 施工日期[Implementation date]
Unit 17 听力译文: A:我打电话是为维也纳工程的时间安排问题. B:噢,我们已经定了开始的日期,对吧? A:对,我们将在 11 月 5 日开始试验研究. B:对,那将持续多长时间? A:我们将在三周内完成研究. B:好.下一步是什么? A:我们定于 12 月 1 日与承包商会面.如果一切按计划进行,我们届时将签合同,并且可 以于 1 月初动工. B:那第一步是什么? A:嗯,将在 1 月份开始破土,定于 2 月中旬结束.然后,我们会遇到一个问题. "文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
"文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com] B:什么问题? A:您记得吗?我们曾将地基分包给一家德国公司.他们曾经答应在 2 月中旬开工.他们现 在说办不到了. B:知道了.我会和他们联系.他们应该什么时候打完地基? A:合同里规定 2 月 28 日. B:明白了,然后呢? A:建筑工程将在 3 月 5 日开始.我们的时间安排得很紧.所有的工作必须在 3 月和 4 月两 个月完成. B:好.我知道问题所在了.我下午 3 点钟左右给您回电话.再见. A:再见. Exercises-A 在必要的地方加上适当的介词完成下列句子.[注意:有的地方不用介词]
  1. I'll meet you (tomorrow/6 p.m.).
  2. We'll see you (weekend0 or (Monday).
  3. She'll talk to them (tonight).
  4. The house was built (the 18th century).
  5. The next world conference is (19
  6. He rang me (last night/midnight).
  7. We'll visit the family (Christmas).
  8. Let's meet (tomorrow/9 o'clock).
  9. Sorry, she's not available (the moment), but she'll be back (2 o'clock). Exercises-B 用 by, at, until, in, on, for 完成下列句子.
  1. Do you know when you'll be back? Will you be back Friday?
  2. Yes, I should be back two o'clock Friday afternoon.
  3. Will you be away two days?
  4. Yes, I'll be back two days' time.
  5. Are you away the weekend?
  6. Yes, I'm away next Monday?
  7. I hope to be back in the office 3 p.m.
  8. I'll be in the office another two hours. Exercises-C 请用括号里词或短语翻译下列句子.
  1. 我打电话是想问一下 EA 工程的时间安排问题.(time)
  2. 该项目的开工日期已经定了.(starting date)
  3. 我们定于 4 月 5 日开始初期调研.(pilot study)
  4. 我们和供货商的约会定于 5 月 1 日.(schedule)
  5. 如果一切按计划进行,届时我们将订货.(according to)
  6. 他们定于什么时候完工?(due to)
  7. 合同上写着 8 月 6 日之前.(by)
  8. 我们的日程很紧.(schedule, tight) "文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
"文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
Translation 我们是一家电视机制造厂.为扩大市场份额,我们厂决定安装新的生产线.最初打算和日本 的厂商签合同,但日本的几家厂商报价很高.韩国的公司报价较低,但性能达不到要求.我 们最后以较低价和法国厂商签了合同,并将某些零部件的生产分包给一家韩国公司. 新厂房 2 月 8 日破土,4 月份完成地基.建厂房用了一年时间. 由于技术发展的速度很快, 新的生产线投入使用后不久就发现已过时, 因而我们的市场份额 并未因此而扩大. Key to Exercises-A
  1. I'll meet you tomorrow at 6 p.m.
  2. We'll see you at the weekend or on Monday.
  3. She'll talk to them tonight.
  4. The house was built in the 18th century.
  5. The next would conference is in 19
  6. He rang me last night at midnight.
  7. We'll visit the family at Christmas.
  8. Let's meet tomorrow, at 9 o'clock.
  9. Sorry, she's not available at the moment, but she'll be back at 2 o'clock. Key to Exercises-B
  1. by/on
  2. at/by, on
  3. for
  4. in
  5. at
  6. until
  7. by/at
  8. for Key to Exercises-C
  1. I'm phoning about the timing for Project EA.
  2. We've got the starting date fixed for the project/
  3. We are to begin a pilot study on 5 April.
  4. We've arranged a meeting with the supplier scheduled for May 1st.
  5. If everything goes well according to plan, then we'll place an order with them.
  6. When are they due to finish the project?
  7. In the contract, it says by 6 August.
  8. Now we're on a pretty tight schedule. Key to Translation We are a TV manufacturer. Our factory decided to install a new production line in order to enlarge our market share. At first we planned to sign a contract with a Japanese company but were frustrated at their high quotation. Korean companies offered at lower prices but "文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com]
"文档中国"搜集整理 [www.wendang.com] the performance of their equipment was not up to standard. In the end, we signed our contract with a French manufacturer at a lower price and subcontracted with a Korean company for some spare parts. Excavation of the new plant started on February 8th and the foundations were done in April. It took a year to complete the plant. Because we had overlooked the fast speed of technological development, some technology became out-dated soon after the new production line had been put into use. As a result, we failed to enlarge our market share.
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