九年级英语下册 Unit4 教案
Period 10
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备课建议:本课时基本上是本单元语法和重点词汇的训练。通过一定数量的练习 来检测学生的学习水平;另外,可设计好一些练习题,在本节课中让学生相互纠 错、相互质疑。 Objectives:
  1.To ensure that students can use “because, because of and so” to talk about reasons and “hope and wish”
  2. To review vocabulary related to the theatre.
  3. To review the whole unit 四会 excitedly at the end of shout excitedly There was a lot of work to do so I was very busy. I have passed them all! I wish you were there! Teaching Procedures: I. Part A: Charity shows: Review the grammar and vocabulary items that students have learned earlier in the unit.
  1. Tell students that in Part A, they will have to use “because, because of , so, hope and wish” to complete the letter.
  2. Explain the context that Sandy is writing a letter to her friend about the Beijing Sunshine Secondary School charity show.
  3. Read out the letter and pause at the blanks for students to complete.
Part B: Tell students that Part B is a page form Kitty’s diary. She went to the theatre with her parents to see a show and now she is writing about it. II. Revision of Unit 4
  1. ① Useful expressions host, advertise, practise, introduce, donate, poor, camera, introduce, event, success, fan, loudly, seem, generous, support, local, business, duty, audience,
curtain, indoors, attention, like, instead, magic, pass, rise, break(different transforms of words) ②
  2. ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧
  3. give out, a bit, in the beginning, because of, pay attention (to), instead of Useful sentence patterns Only if you sleep less during the day. I felt very happy when the organizers chose me to be the host. It was my job to introduce each star. Slowly, everything became a little bit easier. No time to be nervous any more. I had to speak loudly because of the noise. Everything seemed to happened so fast and now it is all over. I’m nervous because I don’t know how to organize a show. Grammar
  1) because, because of

  2) conjunction so introducing results.
  3) hope and wish hope/wish to do/ hope that…/wish that clause(过去时) 备课后记; 本单元主题为慈善义演这活动,学生通过看演出、电视、新闻报道等多少有些 了解。可以通过这样一些内容导入新课学生容易接受。备课时,感到在语法教学 中, hope 这一单词的用法出错率会较高,主要表现在 hope sb to do sth 方面;
另 wish 的基本用法学生掌握可能不很到位。原因和结果状语从句是本单元的另 一重点,需提醒学生不要把 because 和 so 同时出现在句子中。



   九年级英语下册 Unit4 教案 Period 10 check out 备课建议:本课时基本上是本单元语法和重点词汇的训练。通过一定数量的练习 来检测学生的学习水平;另外,可设计好一些练习题,在本节课中让学生相互纠 错、相互质疑。 Objectives: 1.To ensure that students can use “because, because of and so” to talk about reasons and “hope and wish” 2. To review v ...


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