初三上学期英语单项选择 (
  2) ( )
  1. I think too hard to understand the voices. A. this B. that C. it ( )
  2. Sorry. I don’t have a partner to practice English . A. with B. in C. / ( )
  3.All of us should leave the classroom the lights . A. in, on B. of, off C. with, off ( )
  4.Dan has lived in London for five years, so he the life here. A. used to B. has got used to C. got use to ( )
  5.--Why did you move to New York? seemed like a good idea at that time. A. That B. It C. This ( )
  6.Carl likes playing games on the Internet. . A. Neither does John B. So does John C. So John does ( )
  7. Miss Yang is a good teacher. She’s always about her teaching. A. careful B. serious C. pleased ( )
  8. Tom is doing his homework, so you need TV. A. stop watching B. to stop watching C. to stop to watch ( )
  9.I’m to go on working. I want to go to bed early. A. too tired B. tired early C. enough tired ( )
  10.He is kind man and easy . A. to get along B. getting along with C. to get along with ( )
  11.In bed last night, I suddenly a way to work out A. came up B. came along C. came up with ( )
  12.Today my father still rides the bicycle 10 years ago. A. buys B. buying C. bought ( )
  13.The red skirt is hers and the blue one me. A. is belonged to B. is belonging to
C. belongs to ( )
  14.Xiao Long is the only one was born in 1990 in our class. A. that B. who C. whom ( )
  15. Neither of my parents is at home. They went shopping this morning. A. all B. each C. both ( )
  16.There are a lot of clouds in the sky. It’s going to rain, I think. , The north wind is beginning to blow. A. So is it B. So it was C. I don’t think so ( )
  17.The music that great lyrics is nice. A. is B. has C. with ( )
  18.I prefer to . A. swim, skate B. to swim, skate C. swimming, skating ( )
  19. There are two over there. Can you see them? A. fishman B. fishermen C.fishmen ( )
  20. Zhang Ziyi is known everyone a good actress. A. to, as B. for, to C. as, for ( )
  21. I suggest that he a good rest. A. have B. has C. will have ( )
  22. Whatever he says us . A. make, happy B. makes, happy C. makes, to be happy ( )
  23. I’d like to go. A. to somewhere educational B. educational somewhere C. somewhere educational ( )
  24. I hope France some day. I hope you with me. A. to go to, can go B. to go, to go C. going to, go ( )
  25. If you know the answer , please hands up! A. of the problem B. to the question C. for the difficulty ( )
  26.He is supposed to be translator. A. quite a good B. a quite good C. a good very ( )
  27. Can you provide us some information the churches?
A. with, about B. about, with C. with, with ( )
  28. the survey, many teenagers be volunteers at the 2008 Olympics. A. According to, are willing to B Accord to, are will C. According , will to ( )
  29. We have many fantastic sights the Stone Forest so far. A. traveled around, besides B. traveled, except C. traveled to, including ( )
  30.I like places the weather is always warm. A. which B. where C. that ( )
  31.Can you see the building many famous people live. A. in which B. which C. in where ( )
  32. You don’t need her. She won’t come soon. A. wait for B. waiting to C. to wait for ( )
  33. Now I spend time what I love to do. A. to do B. in doing C. in do ( )
  34.Amy the window already, so the room looks much bright. A. cleans B. has cleaned C. is cleaning ( )
  35.Not only you, but also he English. A. liking B. likes C. like ( )
  36.I’m similar my parents. A. with B. to C. on ( )
  37. Tom’s bike is broken. It needs . A. repaired B. repairing C. to repair ( )
  38.Tom, do you really enjoy surfing the Internet? Yes. It’s . A. such a great fun B. such great fun C. so a great fun ( )
  39.Did you watch yesterday’s sports news? Sorry. I wasbusy to the radio. A. so, to listen B. too, to listen C. much, listening ( ).
  40.?Do you mind my taking this seat? . Nobody will seat here. A. Better not B. Yes, please
C. No, of course not ( )
  41.is said that visitors visit the Great Wall every day. A. That, thousands of B. It, thousands of C. This, three thousand ( )
  42. The Great Wall is one of the wonder. It’s famous the world. A. in B. as C. for ( )
  43. Uncle Wang, will you please help me to mend my computer? Sorry. I Shanghai on business. A. leave to B. am leaving for C. left for ( )
  44.Please look over your paper carefully there are no mistakes. Thanks, I will. A. find out B. to think of C. to make sure ( )
  45. All of us proud of the great changes in our hometown. We’re sure the future of our hometown will be. A. is, better B. are, better C. are ,best ( )
  46. What a horse used in the past? A. is, for B. was, to C. was, for ( )
  47. He took my English-Chinese dictionary . A. for mistake B. by mistake C. by accident ( )
  48. The man is made some extra hours. A. to work B. working C. work ( )
  49.This is my new pen. It me 200 yuan. A. cost B. took C. spent ( )
  50. I don’t like eating chocolate because the taste is too for me. A. terrible B. sour C. sweet ( )
  51. English is useful language, it? A. a, isn’t B. an, isn’t C. an, is ( )
  52.I’m not better English so I can’t understand English. A. at, spoken B. in, spoken C. at, speaking.



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新课标英语 说课稿

   一.说教材 津小学英语 3B Unit11 第二课时的教学内容。本单元集中出现了八种运动项目的单词, 日常交际用语主要也是围绕“运动项目”来编排的。 在不同的季节里, 人们会选择不同的运 动项目,比如:夏天去游泳,冬天去滑雪或溜冰。至于 go+V-ing 和 like+V-ing 只要求学生 听懂意思,会运用就可以了。教材强调学生在学习过程中的感悟、体验、实践、参与以及思 维能力的发展, 在良好的语言环境中, 融学习情感、 学习能力的形成与语言学习的全过程中, 突出兴趣培养,重视学科内容的有 ...


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