初三上错题大本营 初三上错题大本营
  1. Msrsh has been feeling _differently_(different)from us.
  2. -How long has the weather been like this?-_B。 A. Until last night B. Ever since last night C. Two days ago D. Two days later
  3. He pretends __don’t knoe[not know]the fact.
  4. Do you have anythingwhen you were young? a.be afraid of b be terrified of c to be afraid of d to terrified
  5. --I don’t know what to do --A.Hope is always around you A never give up B.do’t be relaxed C.never put down Ddon’t be serious
  6. don’t know what to say.(改为同义句 改为同义句) I don’t know say. 改为同义句
  15. She couldn’t her words by the students. A.get;understanding Bget;understood C.make;to understand D.make;understand
  16. The world has a big headache and it by money. A.cause B.causes C.is caused D.are caused
  18. ?Have you found your lost mobile phone? ?No,I haven’t found ,but I bought this morning. A.one;that B.that;one C.it;one D.one;it
  19. .“Would you like some coffee?”“yes,and please get me some milk,too.I prefer coffee milk.”
  20. Taking exercise in the open air is good to keep yourself from disease. A.more;getting B.less;getting C.less;got D.many;got
  21. 据说这房子有一百多年的历史了。 that the house is more than a hundred years old.
  22. She sing this song all the time,so she must like it very much. A.is heard to B.is heard C.was heard to D.was heard
  23. Alan went to play football with his friends at once after he finished his homework. he finished his homework,Alan went to play football with his friends.
  24. 斯蒂文确实变化很大 Steven sure .
  25. He is the of his parents.They his success. A:proud;take pride in B:pride ;are proud of C:pride;take pride in D:proud;are proud of
  30. . Our teacher told us attention our voice down in western restaurant is very important. A. to pay,to keeping B paying,to keep C to pay, to keep D paying, to keeping
  31. 你觉得那个奇怪的生物正在做什么?它可能正在试图从那个 UFO 里面逃跑。 (think, try)
  32. .Yellow can a warm, sunny day. A let you to remember B remind you of C remind you think of D remind you of thinking
  33. This is the place can make us relax. A where B which C what D/
  34. We the sports meeting unless it tomorrow. A will hold, won’t rain B won’t hold, doesn’t rain C will hole, rains D won’t hold, rains
  35. . he my brother like going to the movies. A Not only, but also B Neither, nor C Either, or D Both, and
  36. The meeting in half an hour, but we haven’t got everything ready.
A was held B will be held C were invited D are invited
  40..I if Li Ling me. A. would have overslept;didn’t call B. would overslept; hadn’t called C. overslept; hadn’t called D. would overslept; didn’t call
  41. .-Whose note is this? -It Jane’s. It has her name on it. A. must be B. might belong to C. may be D. could be
  42. This CD Heart Strings is very good . A. is called B. which is calling C. called D. that called 45-Do you kwon the result of the competition -No. It . A. hasn’t announced B. hasn’t been announced C. didn’t announce D. wasn’t announced 46 Don’t trouble until trouble you. A. troubles; trouble B. trouble ; troubles C. trouble; trouble D. troubles; trouble
  3.Without mobile phones ,our life(will/would) be quite different.
  3.( )Do you know where your father is?I think heon the computer. A.must chat B.must be chatting C.could chat D.could be chatting
  3.( )Since June 1st last year ,all the supermarket havefree plastic bags. A.to stop to provide B.to stop providing C.stopped to provide D.stopped providing
  1.Not only Jim but also Mr Wang (feel)very happy.
  2.Jim (tell) to be on time for the meeting.
  2、When did your brother the Party? A、attend B、join C、join in D、take part in
  4. Those girls have beautiful . A.sounds B.noise C.boices D.voice
  5. She had trouble model planes. A.making B.to make C.make D.made
  6. Zhang Lin used to in the sun, but now he is used to ai night. A.tead;tead B.reading;read C.read;reading D.reading;reading
  11.?I think Yao Ming is the best basketball player in China. So . A.is she B.is he C.he is D.she does
  13.To make our city more beautiful ,rubbish into the river. A.needn’t be thrown B.mustn’t be thrown C.can’t throw D.may not throw
  19.The shoes don’t fit me would you please show me ? A.the other one B.the others C.another pair D.another one
  26.-We can use QQ to talk with each other online.-Really? Could you please show me it? A. what to do B. how to do C. when to do D. why to do
  27.Not only his parents but also his grandfather to a lot of places of interest in our country since they came here. A. has gone B. has been C. have gone D. have been
  44.Cotton nice and soft。 A、is felt B、is feeling C、feel D、feels
  45、He asked me during the summer holidays. A. where I had been B. where I had gone C. where had I been D. where had I gone
  49. By the time my parents reached home yesterday, I the dinner already. A had cooked B. cooked C. have cooked D. was cooked
  51. She said her family themselves the army during the war. A. has hidden, from B. had hidden, from C. has hidden, with D. had hidden, with
  1. --Will you go shopping tonight ? --If you go,_. A.so do I B.so will I C.so I will D.neither will I

  2. English is widely _in the modern world. A.Use B.Using C.To use D.Used
  3. Wangfang was ill and her teacher have her _. A. 3-days off B.3 days off C.3 day’s off D.Today’s holiday
  4.He prefers _ at home rather than _ to the park. A.to stay go B.to stay going C. stay to go D.stay going
  2.I have found some pictures of the most interesting places _ you can visit during the winter holidays. A. where B.which C.what D. that
  4.The house _ they are living is new. A. that B. which C.where D.who
  4.她又说看英文电影根本没有益处。 She watching English movies wasn’t helpful .
  14.If you (be) older we (may ask ) you to do it.
  16.He didn’t know what he should do at that time.(改为简单句) He didn’t know do at that time.
  36.I w up at 6:30 in the morning.
  38.I don’t know what to say.(同义句) I don’t know say.
  40.It is n to learn English well in the 21st century.
  41.She looks s wearing that old sweater.
  42.I need to repair my new computer.(同义句) My new computer .
  5.They are all willing to work for the 14th National Games freely.(同义句) They all want to work __ for the 13th National Games.
  51.After watching the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony we could hardly go to
  53.The boy (who, whose ) father is a doctor studies very hard.
  54.Will it be c for you to start work tomorrow ?
  55.He is the (主要的) actor in the film.
  2. If you don’t know how to p the new word, please look it up in a dictionary. to eat candies all the time, did he?
  1. The boy A. used B.didn’t used C. didn’t use D. wasn’t use
  2. This pair of jeans looks good you. to go out this evening.
  3. ?Would you like to go to the movies with me? -Sorry, I A. won’t be allowed B. am allowed C. don’t allowed D. will know
  4. On Fridays, we v at the local hospital.
  4. We stopped carefully, but heard nothing. A. hearing B. to listen C. listening D. to hear
  5. 戒烟
  4. He is looking forward to (采访) Obama.
  5. I live in a building with lots of people .They are my n
  2. The town in I was born used to be a beautiful place.
  3. “Would you like some coffee?” “Yes, and please get me some milk, too.I prefer coffee milk. A. to B.with C. than D. of
  5.Tom loves this concert .(用 do 加强语气) Tom this concert.
  1. 我希望将来完成自己想做的事。 I hole what I like to do in the future.
  4. Today, to hold the Olympics Games (consider) as a rich prize for a country.
  2. The delicious smell make me feel much (hungry).

  3. His left leg hurt. He (able) to walk.
  3. --How clean the window is! -- Yes, it just now. A. has been cleaned B. will be cleaned C. is cleaned D. was cleaned (意识到) I was wrong.
  3. After I heard what she said, I
  4. Mike, how long have you your wife? A. got married to B. married C. been married with D. been married to
  5. There’s much noise outside. What ? ( )
  3. I don’t know this word. I want to in your dictionary. A. look up it B. look it up C. find it D. find it out 一、单项选择题。 ( )
  1. ?May I watch TV for a while? ?No, you . You have to finish your homework first. A. shouldn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t ( )
  2. ?Is there in today’s newspaper? ?Yes, our national table tennis team won all the seven gold medals. A. something new B. anything new C. somebody special D. anybody special ( )
  3. The old should kindly. A. treat B. offered C. be treated D. offering 一、根据首字母提示完成单词。
  2. Don’t c with each other in class
  1. Lucy e a letter from the bank this morning but it didn’t come.
  2. You can take w you want.
  1. Many people died of h in the old days.
  2. That university was e in 19
  2. When were e slippers invented?
  1. He r a post card from his students yesterday and he was so happy.
  2. Don’t you know the four famous inventions in a China? I had a big fight with him, then our friendship boff. Would you please keep your eyes s when you see something terrible? They have some s prepared gifts for you. There is a group of teenagers dthe math project. Though they are twins, and have much in common, but they think quite d Shanghai is much colder these days, so you’d better p warm clothes. It’s helpful to change our d into something in common. My teacher is i that I have made so much progress. Mother and father are both very eafter a day’s work.. ( )
  1. At the end of last month I to the United Sates. A. have made it B. have made C. made it D. had made 我们几乎没有时间关注校外正在发生的事。 Has the football match begun? . A. Yes, it has begun for five minutes
B. Yes, it’s been on for five minutes C. No, you’re late for it There are fifty students in our class; of them are boys and the rest girls. A. two-thirds, is B. two-third, are C. two-thirds, are D. second-thirds, is 他宁愿生我的气也不愿告诉我真相。 很多孩子假装不在意从食堂飘出的香味。 他总是试图让所有人都相信他说的。 有了它的帮助,将这对话翻译成英语就很方便了。 He would rather make me annoyed with him than tell me the truth. Many kids pretended not to care about the smell from the dinning hall. He always attempt to make everyone believe what he says. It’s so convenient to translate the conversation into English with the help of it. (D) He takes after his grandpa. Both of them are brave and confident. A. looks like B. looks after C.likes D. is like (C )That is that most of the students it. A. so a popular movie, have seen B. so a popular movie, saw C. such a popular movie, have seen



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