Topic 1

  1.learn from learn about learn to do sth.
  2.in detail
  3. in order to
  4.give support to --
  5.seeoneself see sb. do sth. see sb.doing sth. (hear find )
  6.keep in touch with --
  7.different\many \all sorts (kinds ) of
  8.make progress in doing sth.
  9.make preparations for
  10.draw up
  11.thanks to thank you for v-ing\sth
  12.develop v. development n. developing \developed adj.
  13.rapid adj. rapidly adv.
Topic 2 :

  14.get lost
  15.take place happen
  16.because of because
  17.be strict with
  18.carry out
  19.be short of
  20.take measures to do sth.
  21.be known as be famous for
  22.work well in doing sth. be good at do well in doing sth.
  23.a couple of
  24.keep (catch ) up with
  25.seem to do sth. It seems that 从句
  26.What’s the population of --
  27.What’s more What’s worse
  28.人 spend 时间、金钱 doing sth.\on sth. 人 pay for 物 cost sb.to do sth. It takes sb. 时间 to do sth.
  29.control v. controlled controlling
  30.increase\decrease to increase\decrease by
  31.improve v. improvement n.

  32.in need (of)
  33.provide sb. with sth. provide sth. for sb.
  34.used to do sth. be\get used to do sth.\for sth.\as sth. be \get used to doing sth\sth.
  35.be successful in doing sth. success n. succeed v.
  36. take drugs
  37.aim to do sth.
  38. in the past thirteen years in one’s thirties
  39.at home and abroad
  40.数字\several hundred \thousand \million\billion (few .a few .many )hundreds\thousands \millions\billions of
  41.decide to do sth. decide on sth.
  42.So +助动词/be /情态动词+主语 So +主语 + 助动词/be /情态动词
Topic1 :

  1.chemical factory
  2.do harm to\be harmful to
  3.manage to do sth.
  4.join \take part in
  5.no better than
  6.in many ways\areas
  7.in public
  8.pourinto --
  9.pollute v. polluted adj. pollution n.
  10.borrow →keep buy→have join → be in die→be dead leave → be away from become→be arrive\come \go → be

  11.as a result
  14.cut down
  16.prevent\stop from v-ing
  17.cut off
  19.greenhouse effect
  22.as we know
  24.important adj.
  12.in the beginning
  15.change sth. into sth.
  13.in danger

  18.pay attention to v-ing sth. look forward to v-ing sth.
  20.refer to
  21.take up
  23.come to realize the importance of n.

  25.not only but alsoeither or neithernorthere be
  26.so that 从句 so 形、副 that 从句
  27.be supposed to do sth. should do sth.
  28.be busy doing sth.
  29.ought to do sth. have to do sth.
  30.turn on\off\up\down
  31.instead instead of sth.\v-ing sth.
  33.both sides of \either side of the road
  32.make sure be sure of \that 从句
  34.Easier said than done.
  35.Actions speak louder than words.
  37.produce v. production n. producer n.
  40.give up v-ing sth.

  1.practice\finish v-ing sth.
  2.throughout the\in the whole\ all over the world
  3.from now on
  4.on business
  5.be similar to
  6.translate into--
  7.in general Generally speaking,
  8.once in a while
  9.take the leading position leader
  10.as well as
  11.can’t wait to do sth.
  12.It’s +adj.+that 从句\to do sth.
  13.人 think\find it adj.to do sth.\that 从句
  14.have some problems \(no) trouble v-ing sth
  15. be regarded as

  16.see sb off
  19.as for--
  17.ask for a ride
  20.come true
  18.leave for
  21.little by little

  22.in a word
  23.make oneself understood
  24.need do sth.\need to do sth. dare do sth. \dare to do sth.
  25.difficult adj. difficulty n.
  26.at times =sometimes
  28.make mistakes
  27.feel like sth.\doing sth.
  29.take a deep breath
  30.advise to do sth.
  31.last but not least
  32.keep on \go on \continue doing sth.
  33.look up
  34.I don’t know 疑问 who\what\which\when\how\where to do sth.
  35. have \miss a good chance to do sth.
  36.encourage sb. to do sth.
  37.depend on
  38. come about
  39.be forced to do sth.
  40.different adj. difference n.
  41. remember to do sth.\doing sth. (forget)
  42.except besides
  43.be weak in
.land on
  2.can’t help doing sth.
  3.fall\be asleep
  4.take turns to do sth. It’s one’s turn to do sth.
  5. be proud of the pride of
  6.no doubt
  7.for instance \example such as\like
  8.come into being
  9.click on
  10.in good health\keep healthy\keep fit
  11.make(keep) sb\sth adj. make(keep) sb\sth do sth.

  12.be allowed to do sth.
  14.for certain
  16.be surprised at
  18.be meant to be
  20.as long as
  22.invent v. inventor n.
  13.be made of \from
  15.all the time all the same
  17.no longer \not any longer\not any more
  19.make a great contribution to
  21.It is said\reported that 从句 invention n.

  23.be worth sth. \v-ing sth.
  24.at a distance of
  25.base on
  26.would rather do sth. than do sth.
  27.at a high speed
  28.advise\except to do sth.
  30.too much much too
  31.think for oneself
  32.prefer A to B prefer to do sth. prefer v-ing sth. to v-ing sth



   初三上英语短语 as soon as 一...就... as…as… 和...一样 as…as possible 尽可能... ask sb. for sth. 向某人要... ask/tell sb. (how) to do sth. 请/让某人(如何)做某事 ask/tell sb. not to do sth. 请/让某人不要做某事 be afraid of doing sth./ that… 害怕做某事 8. be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事 9. be famous ...


   Unit 1 on weekends 在周末 go to the movies 去看电影 watch TV 看电视 surf the Internet 上网冲浪 twice a week 一周两次 once a month 一月一次 three times a day 一天三次 be good for 对……有好处 junk food 垃圾食品 how often 多久一次 look after 照看 eating habit 饮食习惯 as for 就…而言 stay / keep hea ...


   用于文章承转句 1. 那就是(说)…;亦即… That is to say, …= That is, …= Namely, … 例:我们生活需有规律。也就是说,早睡早起戒除烟酒。 We need to live a regular life. That is, we can keep good hours and refrain from smoking and drinking in the daily activities. 2. (A) 基于这个理由… For this reason … ...


   A Acceleration depreciation 加速折旧 Acceleration Clause 加速条款,提前偿付条款 Acceptor 承兑人;受票人; 接受人 Acceptance 承兑,承兑汇票 Acceptance Commission 承兑费用 Acceptance Credit承兑信用证,承兑信用 Acceptance Market承兑票据市场 Acceptance bank承兑银行 Accommodation paper 融通票据;担保借据 Accounts payab ...


   side by side 并排, 并肩 learn ... by heart 用心学习 combine ... with ... 与...结合 in that circumstances 如果是那样的话 replace ... with ... 用...代替... keep a record of 记录 comments on ... 关于...的意见 at least 至少来源: speak about 谈及 expect of/from... 从...当中期待 in return 作为回 ...


   14天突破4级!!!考完再看会哭的… - Qzone日志 Page 1 of 7 日志 已经是第一篇 . 下一篇:最凄美的诗句集锦.. | 返回日志列表 [ 转]1天突破4 4 级!!!考完再看会哭的… l l l 分享 转载 复制地址 转载自 李龙星 21年1月1日 1:9阅读()评论()分类:天下杂侃 00 2 4 95 1 0 l l 举报 字体:小% 无须复习,只要十天英语四级就能过!!!方法让你喷血!! 怕以后找不到!! ! 1 、听力,有三种题型,daou( ilge十个对话) ...


   很全的英语短语,可以防止你英文退化 分享 复制地址 日志地址: 请用Ctrl+C复制后贴给好友。 转载自 孙萍 2010年11月16日 18:15 阅读(0) 评论(0) 分类:Horizon 权限: 公开 字体:中% 小 中 大 更多% 设置置顶 权限设置 推荐日志 转为私密日志 删除 编辑 1. a big headache令人头痛的事情 2. a fraction of 一部分 3. a matter of concern 焦点 4. a series of 一系列,一连串abov ...


   常用英语短语 PART1 I see. 我明白了。 I quit! 我不干了! Let go! 放手! Me too. 我也是。 My god! 天哪! No way! 不行! Come on. 来吧(赶快) Hold on. 等一等。 I agree。 我同意。 Not bad. 还不错。 Not yet. 还没。 See you. 再见。 Shut up! 闭嘴! So long. 再见。 Why not? 好呀! (为什么不呢?) Allow me. 让我来。 Be quiet! 安静 ...


   1. How are you doing?(你好吗?) . (你好吗?) 2. I''m doing great.(我过得很好.) . (我过得很好.) 3. What''s up?(出什么事了 你在忙些什么 怎么了?) 你在忙些什么/怎么了 . (出什么事了/你在忙些什么 怎么了?) 4. Nothing special.(没什么特别的.) . (没什么特别的.) 5. Hi. Long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了.) 好久不见了.) . ( 6. So far so goo ...


   英语短语必备 a bolt from the blue 这条短语在所有讲英语的国家中使用得都很广泛.而它的含义也正如其字面意义一样,不难理 解.bolt 一词指的是霹雳,而 blue 则指碧蓝的天空,英语词典一般将其解释为:some thing sudden and unexpected,也就是“突如其来、始料不及”的意思. 在日常口语会话中,人们也常用 out of 来代替介词 from. 如:we had been sure she was in chicago, so her sudd ...


外研社高一英语第一册Module One单元同步检测(含答案)

   Book I Module One My First Day at Senior High 一、知识归纳 1.重点词组 1) look forward to 7) at the start of 2) by oneself 8) divide...into 3) in other words 9) be similar to 4) nothing like 10) take part in 5) make progress 11)the attitude to 6) in a fun way ...


   关键的英语常用词汇 你曾经因为一字之差而闹笑话吗?有哪些字是你刻骨铭心的惨痛经验?你觉得有哪些关键字汇让你顿 足捶胸,或茅塞顿开? 当考路考的考官说 pull over 时,你是否会不知所措?有人邀请你叁加 Potluck Party 时,你会不会 空手赴宴?速食店里,店员问「for here or to go?」你是否会丈二金刚摸不着头脑,莫名其妙?Give me a ring! 可不是用来求婚的。 Dr op me a line. 更非要你排队站好。老美说「Hi! What\’s up! ...


   河北学习网 www.0311edu.com 免费提供 Word 版教学资源 学年度第一学期 第一学期第一次月 藁城市一中 2010?2011 学年度第一学期第一次月 考 高一英语试题 第Ⅰ卷(满 39 分) 第一部分 英语知识运用(共三节, 满分 36 分) 第一节 语音知识(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 从每小题的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,找出所给单词的正确读音。 1. rely A. 2. B. C. D. loss A. B. C. D. 3. settle A. ...

四年级英语下册第一单元part A

   1 ◆试题内容: There aon the shelf A. are book B. is book C. are books D . is books ◆试题分析:以为 a 是指单数,所以要用 is,而 book 又是可数名词,所以要用 book,故选 B ◆试题答案:B 2 ◆试题内容:.Where is the Bridge? A. Beside the river. B. Under theriver. C. On the river D .over the river ◆试题分析 ...


   在美国出生的,我说英语,而不是中国的语言,我的祖先。当我三岁。我父母闪卡在我脸上中国36他们,但我pused 37岁,我妈妈相信我将学习38我已经准备好了,但39没有来。 在中国新年除夕那天,我的叔叔对我中文,但我所能做的,就是40,混乱,抓头”;还不会讲汉语吗?”他41我说:"你甚至不能买一条鱼在唐人街。” “嘿,这是美国,不是中国人。我去拿些42有或没有中文。”我回答道,并且转过身来对我妈妈为43。 “记住要新鲜的鱼,鑫西安玉,”她说,交出一张20元的钞票的话,44岁的srree ...