九年级英语题 Ⅰ、选择题 ( )
  1. There are three assistants in that shop. A. women, shoe ( B. woman, shoe C. woman, shoes D. women, shoes
  2. The computer on the desk is . A. twins B. the twin’s C. the twins D. the twins’
  3. room is big and bright. They like it very much. A. Tom and Sam B. Tom’s and Sam C. Tom and Sam’s D. Tom’s and Sam’s
  4. - Is this your bike? A. yours
-Yes, It’s It’s a birthday present from my uncle C. his D. mine
B. hers
  5. the words of songs also me a little. A. Memorizing; help B. To memorize; helps C. Memorizing; to help D. To memorize; help
  6. Lucy likes to study English by English - language TV. A. seeing B. looking C. watching D. watch
  7. Some girls of our class enjoy English music. A. listen to B. hearing C. hear to D. hastening to
  8. My uncle used to to school by bike, but now I am used to to school. A. go; walk B. going; walking C. going; walk D. go; walking
  9. Mr. White couldn’t afford his child’s education. A. to pay B. to pay for C. paying for D. to paying
  10. I have a girl. I must look after her every day. A. six years old B. six- year- old C. six- years- old D. six- year- olds
Ⅱ、完型填空 Many people like to watch TV 1 TV brings the outside world 4 3 TV is 2 of the most important activities of the day.
to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than
because of TV. Perhaps they are right. What’s going on in other countries? How 5 people live in places for, far away? 6 there
a good sports game somewhere? What’s life like in the deepest part of the sea? If you want to 7 these and other kinds of questions, just turn on your TV. Turn it on and watch. You can see a lot and you can learn a lot, of course people can also learn through reading or learning
the radio. But with TV they can learn better and more easily, why? Because they can hear and
watch, too. TV helps to open our eyes. TV also helps to open our minds. TV often gives 9 new ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing things. TV is a wonderful thing. How can we make better use (更好的利用) 10 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. Watches )
  2.A. any )
  3.A. closed )
  4.A. before )
  5.A. does )
  6.A. Were )
  7.A. look )
  8.A. in B. Watching B. some B. closes B. ago B. did B. Was B. get B. on C. Watch C. one C. closer C. earlier C. can C. Is C. find C. to it?
D. To watch D. a D. close D. early D. do D. Am D. see D. at
( (
  9.A. our )
  10.A. for Ⅲ、阅读理解
B. we B. of
C. us C. at
D. ours D. in
(A) Should calligraphy (书法) be taught at school? Although we are in an information age, most things can be found or done on computer. Still we should go back to handwriting by using a.Brush and ink. Some people think students should study calligraphy at school. Calligraphy is part of our old culture. It dates back to early times. Traditional calligraphy (书法) is well worth learning. Chinese need to carry on with it. What’s more, calligraphy is fine art, more than writing. Written Chinese is well known for its beauty, For example, every stroke (笔画), of a character shows richness, feeling, energy and so on. Even foreigners enjoy looking at it for its beauty. If you are good at it, it is certainly a way of selfcultiva ?tion(自我淘冶). It often helps build up one’s personality. Are you going to learn it soon? 根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的写“T” ,错误的写“F” 。 ( ( )
  1. Our time is called an information age. )
  2. Calligraphy is part of Chinese culture.
( ( (
  3. There is nothing in Chinese writing. )
  4. Only foreigners enjoy the beauty of calligraphy. )
  5. The writer thinks that calligraphy should be taught at school. (B) Here is a weather table. After you read it, please answer the following questions. City Beijing Changchun Shanghai Guangzhou Haikou Wuhan Lanzhou Kunming Max 3 -12 19 29 26 17 11 18 Min -5 -20 9 19 22 8 -2 7 Weather clear snowy raing cloudy yaing cloudy ckear clear
  6. How many kinds of weather ore there in this weather report? A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Eight
  7. In which city is it the hottest that day? A. Changchun B. Cuangzhou C. Haikou D. Kunming
  8. In which city is it the coldest that day? A. Beijing B. Shanghai C. Lanzhou D. Changchun
  9. What’s the meaning of “Max”? A. The highest temperature at night C. The highest temperature B. The temperature at night D. The smallest number
  10. What does “clear” mean? A. Sunny without any clouds B. Sunny with clouds C. Not rainy Ⅳ、写作 A:句型转换
  1. Lily used to walk to school every day. (同义句改写) Lily used to go to school .
  2. My sister often gets to class late. Lucy often gets to class late, too.(同义句改写) Tom. D. Not snowy
My sister often gets to class late.

  3. Parents should allow teen agars to study in groups during the evening. (改为被动语态) Teenagers should to study in groups during the evening by parents.
  4. This dictionary must belong to Lucy.(同义句改写) This dictionary must .

  5. I’d like to play soccer . I’d not like to play chess. (合并为一个句子) I’d like to play soccer play chess. B、根据汉语完成句子
  1、考试之前你不应熬夜到 11 点。 You shouldn’t until 11:00 pm before a test.
  2、我现在是校篮球队的。 I the school basketball team now.
  3、台湾属于中国。 Taiwan China.

  4、昨天晚上,我梦见自己在汪洋般的试卷中游泳。 Last night. I dreamed that I was swimming in
  5、这个书包不可能是他的,因为今天他生病在家。 This bag be his because he at home. of paper.



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