五、文段表达。 文段表达。
  52) The number of private cars in Beijing is larger and larger in the latest years in Beijing. Although it is very convenient to own a car, it has brought a lot of trouble to us. For example, there is so much traffic that the air is getting worse and worse. Everyone knows that it is our duty to protect the environment. In my opinion, we should plant flowers and trees as many as possible in the parks so that we can stop the increasing cars from polluting the air. It is a good idea to go to work by bus or by bike instead of by car. In this way, the air pollution will be less and less and our city will become one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  2. (WBP
  55)Dear Sir, I am glad to tell you something about the environment of our city, Beijing. As a middle school student of Beijing, it is our duty to protect the environment of our city. Beijing is the capital of China. Everyone tries to keep the city clean and tidy. The air is much cleaner than before because some people go to work by bike. More and more people use cloth bags instead of plastic ones. In my opinion, we should plant as many trees as possible so that the city looks more and more beautiful. People shouldn’t throw away rubbish here and there any more.
If we try our best to make our contributions to the environment, I’m sure Beijing will be one of the most beautiful cities in China. Yours, WangHai
  3. (WBP
  60) Dear Sir, I want to join the summer camp. My name is MEIMEI, a middle school student from Beijing. I have some hobbies that not only have brought me success but also have made me grow as a person. I’m so good at English that I dream of having a chance to learn about American culture and experience life in America. If I am allowed to join the summer camp, I hope to improve my spoken English. I’m looking forward to your letter. Yours, Meimei
  4. (WBP
  30) We know that much water has been polluted. Some factories are pouring waste water into rivers and lakes. The water becomes dirty and lots of fish have died. Many people often waste water. For
example, they often forget to turn off the taps. If we don’t have enough water, land will be dry and crops will die. We can’t live without water. So we should try our best and encourage everyone to protect water resources. We must save water and stop polluting it. If we do that, things will be much better.
  5. (WBP
  47) We know that some of our students do not like eating lunch at school because the food isn’t delicious. So they often go out of school to buy something they like to eat. But I’m afraid it’s bad for their health. Because some of food that they buy isn’t healthy enough . In my opinion , on the one hand , we shouldn’t go out to buy some junk food, it really does harm to our health. On the other hand, school should make the food more delicious, and also they should offer our students a larger choice of food as well. (104 words)
  6. (WBP
  50) How to keep healthy Health is very important for us all. We have
many ways to keep healthy. We should have a balanced diet. It’s good to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and we should also eat some meat and fish. Don't eat too much food in sugar or fat. Besides, taking some exercise regularly instead of studying in the classroom all the time. Because exercise can make us healthy and strong. We can go swimming, playing basketball, running and so on. What's more, having enough sleep is also very important. Don’t stay up too late, or don’t spend too much time on computer games. Learning to relax is also helpful. When you feel tired sometimes, listen to music or have a talk with your friends or parents. In a word, there are kinds of ways to keep healthy. I’m sure if you follow my advice, you will have a strong body to do with your study.



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