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Hello, everyone! How do you feel about your vacation? Did you have fun? The new term is coming. We are in Grade Three. We’ll face one of the most important challenges in life in one year. Are you ready? We are going to learn a new book. In this book, we have a lot of new words, phrases, sentence structures to learn. We also have many wonderful topics to talk about. Open the book and find fun in it. Let’s prepare ourselves for the entrance exam for senior high school. Ok! Follow me, please!
第一单元框架体系 课 话 功 结 题 题 能 构 How do you study for a test? Learning how to learn Talk about how to study verb + by with gerund 怎样进行备考? 学习如何学习 谈论如何学习 介词 by +动名词
How do you study for tests? Well, I study by working with my classmates. Have you ever studied with a group? Yes, I have. I’ve learned a lot that way. I don’t have a partner to practice English with. Maybe you should join an English club. flashcard, take notes, frustrating, memorize, aloud, comma, make mistakes, pronunciation, be afraid to What about…? Why don’t you…? vocabulary list, cassette, conversation, improve, forget, test, notebook, friend, English language, study, video, pop song, speak, learn, watch, work, join, listen, write, practice Personalizing Role playing
Section A
【Language goals】 】

  1. --How do you study for a test? --I study by listening to tapes. --How do you learn English? --I learn by studying with a group.
  2. ?Do you learn English by reading aloud? --Yes, I do.
  3. Improve reading and writing skills.
【Teaching procedure】 】

  1. How did you spend your summer holiday? What did you do? Did you have fun? Did you practice English? What did you do to improve your
  2. How do you go to school every day? By bike or by bus?
  3. How do you learn to speak Chinese? We learn Chinese by using it/ speaking it/writing it/ reading it/ listening to it. In this unit, we’ll learn another usage for the word “by”. 1a Talk about the picture. Step 1 在你考前学习方法前打勾。再列举出其他的方法。 by working with friends 跟朋友一起学习 by by by by listening to tapes 听磁带 making flashcards 制作抽认卡 asking the teacher for help 向老师寻求帮助 reading the textbooks 读课文
by making vocabulary lists 做单词表 Step 2 Learn some other ways of studying for a test. by studying with a group(和小组一起学习) by watching English programs on TV(看英语电视节目) by enjoying English songs(听英文歌) by taking part in English classes after school(上课外英语班) by getting an English tutor(请英语家教) by reading English magazines and newspapers(读英文杂志、报纸) by surfing the Internet(网上冲浪) by taking notes carefully (认真记笔记) by having the English class carefully (认真上课) by finishing my homework seriously (认真完成作业) 1bListening Listen. How do the students study for a test? Write letters from the pictures above. 听对话,这些学生怎样准备考试?标上字母。 Keys:
  1. a
  2. c
1c Pairwork
学生两人一组练习对话,问伙伴如何准备考试。 -- How do you study for a test? -- I study by working with a group. 2a&2bListening Step 1: Look at the picture. Where are they? They are in a classroom. They are in an English language club. They are discussing how to study English.
Step 2: Listen and check the questions you hear. first. Step below. Keys:
  1. d
  2. b
  4. c
  5. a Keys:
  4, 5
Read the questions
3: Listen again and match each questions above with an answer
Step 4: Read the tape script. 2c Pairwork
根据 2a,2b 中的信息编对话。 --Have you ever studied with a group? --Yes, I have. I’ve learned a lot that way.
Step 1: How do you learn English? How do you learn best? Three students are talking about the ways of learning English. Read the passage and find out seven ways of learning English mentioned. By using it, studying grammar, memorizing the words of pop songs, reading English magazines, watching English movies, having conversations with friends and joining the English club. Step 2: Read it again and decide whether the statements are true or false. ( )
  1. Many students thought the best way to learn English is to use it. ( )
  2. Lillian Li thought the best way to learn new words was by ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) memorizing them.
  3. Lillian Li never studied grammar.
  4. Wei Ming has learned English for seventy-two months.
  5. Wei Ming thought watching English movies and studying grammar are great ways to learn a language.
  6. Joining the English club at school was Liu Chang’s best way to
improve her English. )
  7. The students in the club could get lots of practice.
  8. Liu Chang thought having conversations with friends was helpful.
  6. T
  7. T
  8. F
  1. T
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. F Step
  3. Read and fill in the chart. (Keys) Not successful Lilian Li studying grammar OK
Ways of learning English Successful
memorizing the reading English words of pop songs magazines
1037 i Ming Liu Chang having conversations with friends Step 4: Listen and repeat. 3b Pairwork
watching movies
English studying grammar joining English club the
角色扮演。一个学生假装是 3a 中的一个人物,另一个学生采访谈论英语学习。
A: I’m doing a survey about learning English. Can I ask you some questions? B: Sure. A: Great! What’s your name? B: Wei Ming. A: And how do you learn English, Ming? B: By reading magazines. 4 Pairwork Step 1: Do you do the following things? Check the things you do. Step 2: Interview your partner about the following ways of learning English. Check the answers. Step 3: Report the result to the class.
【Language focus】 】

  1. by doing sth: 当你询问怎样做某事或告诉别人怎样做某事时,常用此形式,表 示“通过…方式、方法”或“借助某种手段”。eg. How does he make a living? He lives by writing. 他怎样谋生呢?他以写作为生。 By working hard I made great progress this term. 通过刻苦努力,我在本学期取得了巨大的进步。 另外,by 做为介词的含义有很多,我们也已经学习过一些用法,总结如下 (
  1)在…旁边、靠近 There is a power station by the river. 河边有一个电厂。 (
  2)沿着、经由 come by the highway 由公路来 (
  3)由于 by mistake 由于差错 (
  4)被、由 some articles written by Lu Xun. 一些由鲁迅写的文章 (
  5) (表示面积)a room 5m, by 4m 一间长五米宽四米的房间 (
  6)逐批 one by one 一个接一个 (
  2. …the best ways to learn English. 学习英语的最好方法
to learn English 是不定式做定语修饰 the best ways e.g. Do you have any good topics to talk about? They have a few questions to ask.
  3. It helps to write English every day. help to do 有助于 介词 to 可省略 e.g. Reading textbooks helps to speak English well. Planting trees helps to keep the earth from running away.
  4. speaking skills 说的能力;口语能力 speaking 是动名词做定语 e.g. watering can 喷壶,洒水壶 writing table 写字台 注意:动名词作定语常表示功能, writing table=the table is used for writing watering can=the can is used for watering flowers
  5. look up… in a dictionary 查字典 e.g. If you meet new words that you don’t know, you can look them up in a dictionary.
  6. ask sb. about sth. 问某人某件事情,about 后面加名词或动名词,如: I want to ask the teachers about the best ways of learning. 我想向老师询问关于最好的学法的问题。 ask sb. to do sth. 要求某人做某事,请某人做某事。如: He asked his mother to buy him a new bicycle. 他请求他母亲给他买一辆新 自行车。
  7. Many said they learnt by using English. 许多(学生)说他们通过使用英语 来学习。 Many 在这里是代词,而不是形容词,意为 Many students. Many is a large number of something. 例如:We can put away many of these plates . We don’t need this many. 我们可以把许多盘子收起来,用不着这么多。
  8. frustrate v. 使......沮丧;使......受挫 frustrating adj. 令人灰心的;令人沮丧的(修饰物,事件),如: Watching movies to learn English is frustrating because the people speak too quickly. 通过看电影来学英语是让人灰心的,因为剧中人物说话太快了。 frustrated adj. 灰心的;沮丧的(修饰人)如: I felt frustrated at that time. 那时,我觉得很沮丧。类似的还有: interesting, interested; disappointing, disappointed; exciting, excited; boring, bored.
  9. get excited 变得兴奋起来 get 是系动词,有“逐渐变得”的含义 get + adj eg. get mad 生气 get clear 变得清楚了
The long journey got the children all tired. 长途旅行使得孩子们疲惫不堪。
  10. end up doing sth 终止做某事,结束做某事, 后面加动名词短语 相当于 finish doing sth. 但要注意与 stop doing sth. 的区别 End up doing 指结束作某事,事情已经完成。如: When we practice speaking English, we often end up speaking in Chinese. stop doing sth. 指停止做某事,有可能是暂时的,不久还会继续下去。 eg. We had to stop singing because somebody knocked at the door. 另外,end up with … 以…结束 The party ended up with her singing.晚会以她的歌唱而告终。
  11. 在 3a 中,出现了大量的动名词。我们有必要了解动名词的结构及用法,动 名词即动词的 ing 形式,相当于名词,在句子中可以做主语、宾语、表语定语 等。 eg. (
  1)I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of learning... doing …为动名词短语,做从句中的主语,而 listening 做定语,修 饰 practice. (
  2)I’m enjoying learning English . (动名词短语做宾语) (
  3)Seeing is believing 眼见为实(Seeing 做主语,believing 做表语)
【Homework】 】

  1. Make a conversation about how you and your partner study for an English test.
  2. Read 3a. Retell the three students’ ways of learning English.
【Culture focus】 】
英国物理学家霍金 斯蒂芬?威廉?霍金,1942 年 1 月 8 日出生,曾先后 毕业于牛津大学和剑桥大学三一学院,并获剑桥大学 哲学博士学位。在大学学习后期,开始患“肌肉萎缩 性脊髓侧索硬化症”(运动神经元疾病),半身不遂。 他克服身患残疾的种种困难, 1965 年进入剑桥大学 于 冈维尔和凯厄斯学院任研究员。这个时期,他在研究 宇宙起源问题上,创立了宇宙之始是“无限密度的一 点”的著名理论。1969 年起任冈维尔和凯厄斯学院科 学杰出成就研究员。1972-1975 年先后在剑桥大学天文研究所、应用数学和理论 物理学部进行研究工作,1975-1977 年任重力物理学高级讲师,1977-1979 年任 教授,1979 年起任卢卡斯讲座数学教授。其间,1974 年当选为皇家学会最年轻 的会员。 1974-1975 年为美国加利福尼亚理工学院费尔柴尔德讲座功勋学者。 1978
年获世界理论物理研究的最高奖爱因斯坦奖。霍金的成名始于对黑洞的研究成 果。在爱因斯坦之后融合了 20 世纪另一个伟大理论──量子理论,他认为,宇 宙是有限的,但无法找到边际,这如同地球表面有限但无法找到边际一样;时间 也是有开始的,大约始于 150 亿到 200 亿年前。1988 年获沃尔夫物理学奖。
【Exercises】 】
I. 根据英语释义写出单词。
  1. the way in which a language or a particular word is pronounced
  5. a card with a word or picture on it, used in teaching in a loud voice all the words that someone knows, learns, or uses to make the sound of a letter, word etc. esp. in the
correct way
  6. the rules of language, eg for forming words or joining words together in sentences
  7. to cause a person to feel angry or dissatisfied because things are not happening as he/she wants
  8. at speed or in a short time
  9. feeling very happy because you are looking forward to sth. happening II. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。
  1. He doesn’t know the correct of the word. (pronounce)
  2. Don’t be afraid of your teachers questions. (ask)
  3. I think English is more difficult than written English. (speak)
  4. Don’t get if you lose the game. (frustrate)
  5. The book is quite from that one. You can find quite a few between them. (differently)
  6. the passages in your textbook helps a lot to improve your spoken English. (read)
  7. ?How do you study for a test? --By the new words. (memorize) Keys: I.
  1. pronunciation
  2. flashcard
  3. aloud
  4. vocabulary
  5. pronounce
  6. grammar
  7. frustrate



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