8A Unit 4 Wild animals 重要句型 句型: 重要句型
  1. If I die, no one will look after you.
  2. She looked like a white mouse.
  3. She grew into a healthy young giant panda and weighed 35 kilograms.
  4. At the very beginning, she drank her mother’s milk for up to 14 hours a day.
  5. Sadly, it is difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild.
  6. Giant pandas are in danger now. (endangered 和 dangerous)
  7. We can take the following actions to protect giant pandas.
  8. Giant pandas will survive if we protect them.
  9. If hunters catch a giant panda, they will kill it for its fur.
  10. If no one buys furs, then people won’t kill wild animals any more.
  11. Baby giant pandas spend a lot of time drinking their mum’s milk.
  12. The number is getting smaller and smaller.
  13. What action can the club take?
  14. The wild animals cannot find enough food because of the heavy snow.
  15. If we don’t protect giant pandas, they will die. 语法:状语从句,主将从现;because 与 because of 语法 词组: grow into; look like; at four months old; in the future; at the very beginning(学过 at the 词组 beginning); in danger; take the following actions; encourage…to…; cut down ;walk through; get enough information for my report ;live alone; loss of living areas; have very good eyesight, hearing and smell; look lovely on me; work as a team; lose their lives;make a lot of money; have suitable homes ;at a time; look like little mice; keep taking the land; have nowhere to live; move around in the daytime 8A Unit 5 Birdwatchers 重要句型 句型: 重要句型
  1. It is one of the world’s most important wetlands.
  2. The area provides food and shelter for wildlife.
  3. Many birds live comfortably in the nature reserve. (副词 comfortably)
  4. This means there will be less and less space for wildlife.
  5. More and more birds are in danger because they do not have enough living space.
  6. We hope this information will help them understand and make them actively take action to protect wildlife.
  7. We talked loudly until Mr. Wu told us to be quiet.
  8. Our plane leaves at ten o’clock tonight.
  9. The reserve has an area of more than 210,000 hectares.
  10. Would you like to go bird watching with us at the park?
  11. Are you free on that day?
  12. I would like to become a member of the club because I like birds and nature very much.
  13. I am very interested in playing volleyball with my friends.
  14. I think it is important for me to do something to protect birds.
  15. I will be very happy if I can become a member of your club. 语法:五种句子结构;现在时表达将来(非上单元的主将从现) ; 语法 方式副词 quietly\gently\easily\well 词组:fly to northern countries; like…best ;all year round; protect these endangered birds; an 词组 important living area; make more space for farms; understand the importance of the wetlands; take action to protect wildlife; walk a long way; leave litter; speak softly; shine brightly; greet us politely; frighten the birds; listen carefully; talk loudly ;be interested in playing volleyball; call me on…; e-mail me at…; become a member of 8A Unit 6 Natural disasters 重要句型 句型:
  1. I was sleeping when it started to rain.
  2. The earthquake in Taiwan killed thousands 重要句型 of people.
  3. I was doing some shopping when it started.
  4. People were running wildly while pieces of glass and bricks were falling down.
  5. I did not even know where I was.
  6. I told myself to calm down since I was still alive.
  7. Timmy was trying to find his way out when he suddenly heard some noise above him.
  8. He was discussing something with her on the other side of the road when my car broke down.
  9. The snowstorm started in the afternoon and got worse later.
  10. A man named Li Yong called 110 with / using his mobile phone.
  11. The police arrived and sent them to hospital.
  12. Her school caught fire because lightning hit it. 语法:过去进行时 语法 词组:half an hour later; lose the game; kill thousands of people; a car accident; wash the village 词组 away; fall from a tree; start to rain ; a big noise like thunder; look at each other in fear; run in all
directions; run wildly; calm down; stay alive; in a great hurry; hear shouts from excited people; scream for help;drop a little; search the Internet; discuss… with…; plan a trip to…; on the side of the road; as usual; break down ;time of arrival; crash into; catch fire; get worse ; look out of the window; forget to bring my keys; continue to fall around us ; weather report; snowstorm warning; fall over; the terrible situation; social workers; give out food 一、单项选择
  1. Would you like to go skating with me this afternoon, Daniel? I’d love to, I’m too busy today. A. and B. so C. but D. or
  2. The Chinese Team won 199 golden medals in Guangzhou Asian Games. good information you gave me! A. How B. What a C. What an D. What
  3. I’m going to school now, Mum. Bye. Just a minute. It’s cold outside. your coat, please. A. Put on B. Take off C. Put up D. Take down
  4. I find it difficult there on time on foot. take a taxi? A. to get, Why don’t B. getting, Why don’t C. to get, Why not D. got, Why not
  5. She doesn’t speak her friends. I agree with you. But her written work is wonderful. A. as often as B. as well as C. as good as D. as many as
  6. Would you please your shoes on the floor? Sorry. I won’t do it any more. A. not drop B. not to drop C. not dropping D. no dropping
  7. I will share the bedroom him if he . It’s very nice of you to do so. A. to, like B. and, like C. with, will like D. with, likes
  8. Do you know what’s the mascot (吉祥物) of the Shanghai Expo? .
  9. It Yang Liwei about 21 hours around the earth 14 times in the spaceship. How great he is! A. spent, moving B. took, traveling C. took, to move D. spent, to travel
  10. I’m sorry to trouble you. Could I use your phone, please? . Here you are. A. Yes, you could B. Yes, you can C. No, you can’t D. Sorry, you can’t
  11. What do you call these animals? We call them kangaroos. The structure of the sentence is . A. S+V B. S+V+IO+DO C. S+V+DO+OC D. S+V+DO
  12. Why are you driving so slowly, Dad? It’s so and I can’t see clearly. A. foggy B. sunny C. frosty D. cloudy
  13. Why do you want to go to the wetland? the different kinds of birds living there. A. Keeping B. To study C. To keep D. Study
  14. is it from your home to school?
It’s nearly ten minutes’ walk. A. How many minutes B. How often C. How far D. How soon
  15. My brother fell down from his bike and hurt his leg. A. That’s too bad. B. He’s too careless. C. He should be careful. D. I’m sorry to hear that.
  16. David is taller than in his class. A. any student B. the students C. any students D. the other students
  17. When autumn comes, the weather gets and . A. hot, hot B. cool, cool C. colder, colder D. cooler, cooler
  18.food you eat, you’ll get. A. much, fat B. more, fatter C. less, fatter D. The more, the fatter
  19. He is of the two boys. A. the thinner B. thinner C. thin D. the thinnest
  20. She has shorter hair than . A. Tina B. Tina’s C. Tina is D. Tina’s is
  21.They are than you think. A much more friendlier B. more much friendlier C. much more friendly D. more much friendly
  22.The Yellow River is the second river in China. A longer B. longest C. the longer D. long 二、词汇运用 根据句子意思,用括号中所给汉语提示或英语单词的适当形式填空。(每空一词)
  1. You must keep it as a . It’s only between you and me (秘密).
  2. They taught how to chat online when they were 8 years old (他们自己).
  3. Kitty likes reading books her sister likes watching TV (然而).
  4. The government always enough food and clothes for the people in poor areas (提供).
  5. The of such a good friend made us all sad the whole day (丧失).
  6. He was badly ill yesterday, and he is even today ( bad ).
  7. As we all know, swallows fly to countries in summer (north).
  8. He is a boy. He often tells lies and no one likes being friends with him (honest).
  9. We always have a great time with each other during lunchtime (chat).
  10. What a cold day it was yesterday! No one went out for a walk (terrible). 句型转换。 三、句型转换。
  1. Jack isn’t as short as Mike.(同义句) Jack is Mike. Mike is Mike.
  2. I think diving is more exciting than swimming. (同义句) I think swimming is than diving.
  3. Tom is the cleverest student in his class.(同义句) Tom is than student in his class. Tom is than students in his class.
  4. My best friend Betty is slim. I am slim too.(合为一句话) My best friend Betty is .
  5. Sandy is
  12. Peter is
  10. (合并成一句话) Sandy is two .
  6. My book is more interesting than any other book. (合并成一句话) My book is .



   句子结构 简单 并列 and, but, or, so 复合 状语从句(when,if),宾语从句,定语从句(that, who, where) 谓语动词 1. 行为动词 1) vt. 必须跟宾语,语法意义才完整 有主被动语态,但在下列特殊句型中vt. 后不能跟宾语 have… to do 有……要干 give… to do 给……干 It’s + adj. + to do 2) vi. 不能直接跟宾语,只有主动语态,若要及物必须跟上相应prep. ...


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   初三英语作文 写作被认为是必修的重要课题之一。它既是英语学习短期目 标??考试所要求的内容之一; 又是英语学习的长期目标??交 流所必需的能力之一。毋庸置疑,英语写作是集基础知识,基本 能力和课外信息于一身的综合体现,同时,又要兼顾到写作者高 超的写作技巧。因而,没有扎实的英语语法知识;没有长期不懈 的训练;没有科学的方法指导;没有广博的课本以外的知识和信 息,写好一篇优秀的英语作文是非常困难的。 要知道, 英语写作对于培养一个人的英语思维方式是至关重 要的。在没有任何外界压力的情况下,学习 ...


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   1.aloud adv.出声地(使别人能听得到) Reading aloud is a good way in leaning English. 朗读是学英语的一个好方法。 ▲loud adj. 大声的,声音洪亮的,loud?louder?loudest He talked in a loud voice so that everyone could hear him. 他说话声音很大以便于每个人都能听得到他。 ▲adv. loud?louder?loudest Don’t talk so ...


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