Module 11 Population 辅导
要点搜索 ...20 percent of... 【精析】 percent of... “百分之……的……”。 注: 百分数的动词单复数主要由其所代替的名词决定。 如果代替的是不可数名词或可数名词 单数,谓语动词用单数;如果代替的是复数名词,则谓语动词也用复数形式。 【练习】 选择
  1. 20 percent of the students in this school (is/ are) from the country.
  2. 50 percent of the water (is/ are) polluted in the town.
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...coming up... 【精析】 come up“走过来, 走近”。如:
  1. She came up and said, “Glad to meet you.”
  2. The 2008 Olympics is coming up to us. 【练习】 翻译
  3. The winter holiday is (到来) . ...over the last 50 years... 【精析】 over“在……时间内,在(一件事或一段时期过程中)”,相当于 during。 【练习】 选择
  4. What have you done your hol iday? A. at B. over C. on ...closed down... 【精析】 close down“停业 ,倒闭 ”。 【练习】 翻译
  5. His father’s factory _ (倒闭) two years ago. .. .add to... 【精析】 add to... “增加;增添” 。如:Her son’s death added to the old lady’s sadness. 这位 老妇人因儿子之死而更加悲伤。 注:add... to “把……加到……上”。如:Would you please add a few notes to the article? 请您 给这篇文章加几条注释好吗? 【练习】 翻译
  6. The music (增加) our enjoyment.
  7. If you (5 加
  3), you can get
  8. She (往茶里加了一些糖). ...police 【精析】 police “警察”, 是个集合名词。 【练习】 选择
  9. 警察正在四处寻找这个小偷。 The police (is/ are)looking for the thief everywhere.
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词语学习 popul ation population 是个集合名词,意思是“人口 ;人数”,在日常使用时,必须注意以下几种用 法: (
  1)population 在句中作主语时,谓语动词多用单数形式。如: The population of Germany is about 81,000,0
  00. 德国大约有八千一百万人口。 (
  2)表示某国、某城市有多少人口时,可用 have a population of...结构。如: The city has a population of 50,0
  00. 那座城市有五万人。 (
  3) 对人口进行提问,应用 What / How large。 (
  4) 不用 many/few/much/little 修饰 population,而用 large, big 或 small 修饰。 【练习】选择
  1. is the population of Guangdong Province? A. How many B. Which C. How much D. What
  2. The population of Tianjin is than that of Shanghai. A. larger B. less C. smaller D. fewer 【练习】 填空
  3. The population of China large. 【练习】 同义句转换
  4. There are about 300,000 people in the city. The city about 300,0
  5. How many people are there in Europe? of Europe?
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  1. are
  2. is
  3. coming up
  4. B
  5. closed down
  6. adds to
  7. add 5 to 3
  8. added some sugar to the tea
  9. are
词语学习: 1-2 DC
  3. is

  4. has a population of

  5. What is the population
重要短语 along with look up come up thanks to in the distance close to close down protect... from add to
连同……一起 查寻 走近 由于;幸亏 在远处 离……近 关闭 保护……不受/免遭…… 增加
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重要句型 我们是在适当的地方…
  1. We’r e in the right place to...
  2. The population of China is... 中国的人口是……
  3. A nd of course t hey needed somewhere to live. 当然他们需要住的地方。
  4. There nee d to be... 需要有……
  5. It’s difficult to run a big city and to protect people from cr ime. 管理一个大城市并保护人们远离犯罪是很难的。
  6. With more and more people, less and less water is available . 随着人口的增多,可利用的水越来越少。
五,Module11 要点讲练 重要短语
  1. along with 与……一起
  2. thanks to 由于,多亏
  3. add to 向……增加 Eg: Her son’s death added to the old lady’s sadness. 这位老妇人因儿子之 死而更加悲伤
  4. look up 查找,查阅
  5. come toward sb. 朝某人走过去
  6. come up 发生,出现,举行,进行,走过来,走近 Eg.
  1. She came up and said, “Glad to meet you.”
  2. The 2008 Olympics is coming up to us.
  7. present the prizes 颁奖
  8. be close to *近……, 离……近
  9. have a better life 过更好的生活
  10. close down 关闭
  11. protect…from… 保护……不受……侵害
  12. be free from 不受……影响,没有……的
  13. a great number of 大量的,许多的
  14. because of 由于,因为
  15. at the end of the school term 在学期末
  16. work hard to do sth. 努力去做某事
  17. at the same time 在同一时间
  18. move to +地方 搬迁到某地
  19. more and more people 越来越多人 less and less water 越来越小水 more and more difficult 越来越困难 重要句型
  1. We’r e in the right place to... 我们是在适当的地方…
  2. The population of China is... 中国的人口是……
  3. A nd of course t hey needed somewhere to live. 当然他们需要住的地方。
  4. There nee d to be... 需要有……
  5. It’s difficult to run a big city and to protect people from cr ime. 管理一个大城市并保护人们远离犯罪是很难的。

  6. With more and more people, less and less water is available . 随着人口的增多,可利用的水越来越少。 Unit1 1, Population 的用法: Population 是一个集合名词, 用法如下: ①population 常与定冠词 the 连用, 做主语用时,谓语动词常用第三人称单数形式。②当主语是表示“人口的百分之 几、几分之几”时,谓语动词用复数形式。③询问具体人口时用 what…? 【例题】(黄冈中考) is the population of your city? About two million. A. How C. How many D. How much B. What 【知识拓展】①询问某国、某地有多少人口时,用“How large…?” ②表示“人口多少”用 large 或 small. ③“有多少人口”常表示为 have a population of … 2, Percent 的用法 Percent 用做名词, 与基数词连用, “百分之几” 指 。 “基数词+percent+of+sth” 做主语时,后面谓语动词的单复数和 of 后面跟的名词单复数保持一致。 【例题】Ten percent of pupils absent today. B. is C. has D. have A. are 【方法点拨】百分数做主语,其谓语动词单复数主要由其所代替的名词决定。如 果代替的是不可数名词或可数名词单数,谓语动词用单数;如果代替的是可数名 词的复数,则谓语动词也用复数形式。 3, thanks to 的用法: Thanks to 意为“由于;多亏” ,thanks 是名词,其后的 s 不能省略。Thanks to 相当于 with one’s help 或 with the help of sb.一般放于句首,后面接 名词或名词短语,thanks to sth/sb 表示“多亏了某人或某事” 。 【例题】the government’s efforts, our life is becoming better and better. A. Instead of B. In memory of C. According to D. Thanks to 【知识拓展】thanks sb for doing sth 表示“多谢某人做某事” ;thanks to sb for (doing)sth 表示“多亏某人(做)某事” 。 4, I don’t believe…的用法 I don’t believe…“我相信……不”为否定前移的用法,即形式上否定主句, 而意义上是否定后面的宾语从句。此句型中,主句的主语通常为第一人称 I 或 we. [例]I don’t believe they will come. 我不相信他们会来。 【例题】我坚信你的答案是不对的。 I your answer is right. 【举一反三】有类似用法的动词还有 think, expect, imagine, suppose 等。 练一练 1-
  1.The population of China larger than that of any other country in the world. A. is B. are C.has D. have 1-
  2. About 80% of the population of China farmers.
A. is B. are C. has D. have 2-
  1. of the students in my class girls. A. 60 percents; are B. 60 percent; are C. The 60 percent; is D. The 60 percents; is 用所给单词的正确形式填空 2-
  2. More than 70 percent of the earth’s surface (be) covered with water. 3-1 the Great Green Wall, the land produces more crops. A. Thanks for B. Thanks to C.Thank to D. Thank for 根据汉语意思完成句子 3-
  2. 多亏了你的帮助,我通过了这次英语考试。 your help, I passed the English exam this time. 按要求改写句子 4-1 She doesn’t do well in Chinese, I think. (改为同义句) I think she well in Chinese. 4-2 I believe you are right. (改为否定句) . 复习 Module11 单词 5 分钟 巩固应用 一,根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词
  1. Which country is (大) in population, the U.S. or Canada?
  2. Chongqing is a large city with a p of nearly thirty-one million.
  3. They have i the price of petrol(汽油) again. I’m afraid I can’t afford to keep a car..
  4. The doctor told me not to (吸烟).
  5. It’s only ten (分钟的) walk from my home to the school.
  6. The factory’s products increased by 5 p last year.
  7. She pushed her a way through the c.
  8. I have made an (约定) with my lawyer. 二,单项选择
  1. I expect something to soon. A. come up B. come in C. come on D. come out
  2. is the population of your hometown? The population of our town nearly twice as large as that of yours. A. How large; is B. How many; are C. How large; are D. How many; is
  3. the teacher’s help, we all passed the final exams. A. Thanks for B. Thanks to C. Because D. According
  4. You’d better not every new word in your dictionary while reading a newspaper. A. look at B. look for C. look after D. look up
  5. students sit in their classroom all day. A. Too much B. Too many C. Much too D. Much Unit 2

  1. close 做形容词的用法: Close 做形容词,意为“ (空间,时间上)接近,靠近;关系亲密的” 。常用 于短语 be close to …,意为“接近……” 。 Eg: It is close to twelve. 就要到 12 点了 [例]选出与画线部分意思相同或相近的选项。 Where do you often exercise? I often exercise in a park. It’s close to my house. B. near C. behind D. in front of A. next to 【知识拓展】 ①close 可做动词,意为“关闭” ,其反义词为 open“打开” 。② 做副词,意为“靠近;接近” 。例:He stood close against the wall. 他紧靠 着墙站着。
  2. the same…as…的用法 “the same+名词/代词+as…”意为“与……相同的……”其中 as 是介词,意为 “像;如同” ,后接比较对象。反义短语为 be different from“与……是不同 的” [例] Tom made same mistake me. A. the; with B. /; as C. the; as D. the; like 练一练: 1-1 The bank is the cinema. A. close B. closed C. closing D. close to 1-2 The world is becoming smaller and smaller because the internet brings us . A. the close B. closer C. the closer D. close 2-1 The two brothers look the same each other. A. as B. like C. in D. to 2-2 Most of my classmates don’t like to talk with their parents, but I am them, I love to talk with my parents. A. the same as B. different from C. interested in D. angry with 单元练习 ( )
  1. Beijing has got population of more than
  13.8 million. A. the B. a C. an D. / ( )
  2. In hot summer, we should pay attention to protecting ourselves strong sunlight. A. from B. for C. with D. to ( )
  3. The traffic stopped me from going to school on time yesterday. I was late! A. heavy B. crowded C. fast D. quick ( )
  4. Mrs. White isn’t feeling well these days. She has made with the doctor at three this afternoon. A. a movement B. an interview C. an appointment D. a decision ( )
  5. Tim’s help, I found my pet dog in the end. I should say thanks to him. A. Along with B. Without C. Thanks to D. Because
( (
  6. The police going to search every corner of the city for the thief. A. is B. will C. was D. are )
  7. I don’t like those big cities which have got people and traffic. A. too much; too many B. many too; too much C. too many; too much D. too many; much too )
  8. Only two of the students worked the maths problem out correctly. all did it wrong. A. Other B. Others C. The other D. The others )
  9. ? David, your mother’s birthday is . Let’s think about how to celebrate it. ?OK, Dad. A. coming up B. picking up C. closing down D. looking up )
  10.? Because of the petrol(汽油) price, fewer and fewer people will choose to own a car, I think. ? I have the same idea as you. A. increased B. increasing C. improved D. improving
答案: 三.1-10 CBDBC BBDBA 练一练 ABB is B 3-2 Thanks to thanks to “多亏,由于” 4-2 I don’t believe you are right 巩固应用 larger population increased smoke minutes’ appointment A A B D B 练一练 D BA B 单元练习:一 1-5 BAACC 6-10 DCDAB
don’t percent
;does crowd
B 答案是对的。listen for 指有目的地听,


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