初三英语常用单词和短语练习 初三英语常用单词和短语练习 常用单词

  1. -- Chris, your room is messy. Your books are everywhere. -- Sorry, I’ll them right now. A. put, down B. put, away C. put, up D. put ,on
  2. The boy is hungry. Please give him . A. some piece of bread C. some pieces of breads
  3. We get pork pigs. A. from A.bury, Earth C.bury ground A.sleep B.sleepy B. for C. in B.buried,Earth D.buried ,ground C.asleep D.to sleep D. at
  4. Maybe dinosaurs their eggs in the .. B. some piece of breads D. some pieces of bread

  5. Ken fell while he was listening to music.
  6. Jim’s mother was not herself today. She some medicine and then to bed. A.took, went B.taked ,go C.takes , goes D.taking, going
  7.What’s your mother? She a doctor in the Xixiang People’s Hospital. A.work as A.how to do with C.what to do with A.stop having A.swim, doing A.to write A.go,,not to A.play A.go where B.to stop have B.to swim,to do B.writing B.go, don’t B.playing B.work on C.works as B.what to dear with D.How dear with C.stop to have D.to stop to have D.worked for
  8.Koko was very naughty. His father didn’t know him.

  9.You look so tired. Why not a rest?
  10.. Mary went after she finished her work. C.to swim ,doing D.swimming ,to do D.written
  11.Please don’t forget to me, will you? C.write
  12.You’d better and tell the children make so much noise. C.to go,not to D.to go ,don’t C.played D.to play
  13.Most of the children enjoy computer games.
  14.Have up decided for your holiday? B.where to go C.to go where D.where go

  15.Fridge is used for vegetable and food cool. A.kept A.listening B.keeping B.listen C.to keep C.listens D.keeps D.to listen
  16.When class began, we stopped to the teacher carefully.
  17.Do you often hear John in his room? Listen! Now we can hear him in his room. A.sing,to sing C.sing, singing B.singing,singing D.to sing, singing

  18.The students of Class One will spend their winter holiday in Beijing, but the students of Class Two haven’t decided . A.what to buy C.where to go A.looking at A.try it on A.go A.agree on A.covers with C.is covered with A.have been taken place C.took place and English-English dictionary. A.look at A.playing games C.to play games A.don’t play A.let him go B.not to play B.look up C.look for B.play games D.plays games C.not playing D.mustn’t play. D.look after
  26.The children enjoyed very much. B.looking up B.try on it B.come B.agree with B.how to go D.which to choose c.looking for C.put it on C.take C.agree to D.looking over D.try it out D.keep D.agree

  19.The teachers are busy the examination papers.
  20.I like the red coat . Can I ?
  21.Everyone should away from the grass.
  22.Did your parents your plan for the holidays?
  23.When opened the window he found the trees and the fields snow. B.be covered by D.are covered with B.have taken place D.takes place

  24.Great changes in Shenzhen since 19

  25.The teacher asked the students to the new words in
27The policeman told the boys in the street.
  28.The boy asked his mother and play basketball. B.to let him go
C.let him to go A.sing A.goes B.sings B.will go
D.to let him to go C.to sing C.has gone D.sang D.has been

  29.Lily is often heard in her bedroom.
  30.Where is Alice? She to the library.

  31.How nice you’ve come. We’ve waited for you about two hours. Where . Jim? A. are you B.have you been C.are you doing D.have you gone
  32.May I bike you? Of course. But you can’t others. A.borrow, to /lend ,to C.borrow ,from /lent to A.look around A.died A.turn off A.with bike A.will rain B.look for B.dead B.turn down B.on bike B.is raining B.lend, to /borrow form D.borrow,from /lend ,to C.look up for three years. C.death C.turn up C.by bike C.has rained D.been dead D.turn on D.by their bieks D.is going raining D.look after

  33.My mother is ill,I have to her at home.
  34.Her grandma has

  35.There is a football match on TV. Please __ the TV at once. Lets watch it together.
  36.The workers go to work every day.
  37.Don’t go out . It heavily outside.
  38.My teachers often help me my English. their help, I have caught up my classmates. A.with, Under, with C.with, With, with A.waiting A.speak A.wear A.is full with A.at, in B.wait B.talk B.have on B.is filled of B.to, with B.on, With, to D.with, Under, to C.to wait C.tell C.dress D.to be waited D.say D.try on

  39.We are sorry to keep you so long.
  40.Let’s go and hello to him.
  41.The little girl can herself,although she is very young.
  42.The little boy’s head new and strange ideas. C.is filled with D.is fill with C.at, for D.on, with
  43.Don’t laugh your classmates when they are trouble.

  44.It was quite late but Mr While was still went on . A.work A.do B.to work B.did C.working C.to do C.Put, take D.worked D.doing D.Carry, give
  45.Peter didn’t go to bed until he finished his homework.
  46. away the dirty shirt and me a clean one. A.Take , bring B.Bring, take A.dancing , with B.to dance ,on A.uses for keeping C.is used for keeping A.to call for A.spent, to build A.take good care of C.were taken good care A.to turn off B.turn down B.call to
  47.They like and they are good it. C.to dancing,at D.dancing, at B.is used to keeping] D.uses to leep C.calling with D.calling for D.takes , building
  48.A refrigherator vegetables and food cool.

  49.They suddenly heard heard someone help in the forest.
  50.It the workers about two years the new hospital. B.took, to build C.used, to be built
  51.The children in the hospital . B.took good care of D.were taken good care of C.turning on D.turn off

  52.The teacher asked the students not to forget the lights when you leave the classroom.
  53.Would you mind here? . A.my sit / Yes,not at all B.my sitting/ No, of course not C.me sitting /Yes, of course not D.me to sit/ No, not at all
  54.We need trees because they CO2, abd let out O
  2. A.take off A.took away B.take in B.took down C.take out C.took off D.take away D.took on
  55.The man his coat as soon as he walked into the warm room.
  56.Hi, Lin Tao. I didn’t see you at the meeting. Oh, I ready for the field trip. A.am getting B.was getting C.have got D.will get
  57.What your father doing at eight yesterday evening? Let me see… Oh, he was a newspaper. A. was ,reading A. fish and 答案.: B.were, watching C.was, looking B. fishing and C. fishing or D.were, seeing D. fish or
  58. I don’t like shopping .
1-5 BDADC 21-25 DADBB 41-45 CCACD
6-10 26-30
11-15 31-35
16-20 DCBDA 36-40 CBCAD 56-58 BAC
翻身实验学校 张晓霞
46-50 ADCDB
51-55 DABBC



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