stand for set up first of all finishing line several times allow to do so…that + 句 too…to + 词 be angry with sb. be mad with sb. a symbol of an overnight success as a hero compare with gold medal
listen up get out of on the edge of at the bottom of at the top of a wonder of the world have a meeting do some reviews about sth. do an interview with sb. get good grades suggest doing go through go across walk along in the east too… to… look across all kinds of look forward to doing thousands of
digital camera look through at a time see to at the beginning of at the end of rather than one day fountain pen ballpoint pen ask a favour take photos an online magazine a couple of ? several borrow…from lend…to on one’s way to be made of be made from
as far as not…any more not…any longer millions of run away for a time grow up talk about go on doing in the middle of get lost look for be pleased to do be afraid of social rules in the 21st century be well know=be famous a bit - a little in fact
pay attention to doing as well work out as…as... go upstairs / go downstairs go off
on one’s own by oneself obey the rules hurry up kind of ? a bit be different from you aren’t allowed to do learn about do physics experiments do chemistry experiments fill…with compare…with drop in above all as…as one can as…as possible
throw away instead of do harm to make a different to an ordinary magazine an online magazine be careful about / of care about take care of look after raise money save energy waste electricity stop…from doing It’s good / better / best to do the latest fashion plastic bag sort the waste worry about be worried about be made up of a number of put up
have a look at be similar to the same as… look for imagine doing sth. give / lend sb. a hand Could you give me a hand? Would you like a hand to do sth.? hand in hand out on one’s way to on one’s way back from I bet you do! write to sb. hear from at the moment=now be surprised at sth. at different times of the day in the fields on the hills be full of be filled with have a bad temper get tired go on a camel ride keep doing lie down change into change from…to in the centre of
on the left / right You bet!= Of course same as you how...get on sth is wrong with =sth goes wrong with =there is something wrong with expect to do pick sb up a minute ago=just now=a moment ago leave sth sp. get some good shots=take some good shots even though
What are you up to?=what are you doing? be up to do sth.
congratulations to sb. congratulations on sth. at the front / back in front of… be in with a chance to do =have a chance to do score a point be pleased with sth be pleased to do compared with many more/much more even though read on manage to do sth a collection of the rich culture include doing sth mind doing sth. be far from be close to enter the competition present the prizes like…best take sb. around both…and… either…or… neither…nor… both of them are either of them is neither of them is
make a mess travel to fall in love with learn from ever since leave sb on one’s own be in a mess with the help of a happy ending Havoc in Heaven the rule of… as…as sb can as…as sb like a common expression make a mess play jokes the surface of the moon translate…into…
What’s up? do weight lifting put on weight lose weight go running give up doing bump into junk food healthy food a bit ? a little keep / stay healthy /fit take exercise get sb to do get sth done do harm to be bad for know enough about pocket money ban doing sth ban sth from ... good luck to sb good luck with/in sth. improve school dinners return to ? get back to what is it like? improve meal
It’s no laughing matter make sb do. look for over there have a word with sb.=talk to sb go over to speak to sb win the heart of ever since be in trouble let sb do That’s good news. be against the rule as...as
at the end of in the end=at last spend some money on sth. behave badly refuse to do persuade sb. to do educate the children in order to do happen to sb
as if be pleased to do be pleased at sth be pleased with sth make progress places of interest up to take part in fill in check in give a warm welcome to be free do an English course learn about improve our English at the same time experience life in the USA have meals provide sb with sth provide sth for sb at the beginning of do some activities create friendship (with sb.) make friends (with sb) last a long time prefer doing to doing prefer to do rather than do take place after school / class an application form list of prices go straight to
next for look up be born No idea=I don’t know. in the right place to do sth. give prizes to space=room get along with plan...for a crowd of people in the street get on well with in the centre of at that time find jobs have a better life not...any more be close to on the edge of add to … thanks to the population of China 20 percent come up a special prize in the centre of in the distance somewhere to live a private car protect…from doing sth sb pay… for sb spend… on sth. sb spend… in doing… sth cost (money)… It takes sb. st. to do

  8. Welcome back How was your holiday? Not bad. be full of have to do Bad luck. stay with fly back

  9. because of
  10. take the boat to
  11. have quite a good time
  12. go sightseeing
  13. take a tour to
  14. go for a long walk
  15. had better do sth
  16. at the end of
  17. have got
  18. plenty of
  19. fun things
  20. have a great time
  21. dream about doing sth
  22. in front of
  23. set off
  24. come from
  25. little brother
  26. watch…carefully
  27. be unable to do
  28. push sb away
  29. with tears in one’s eyes
  30. as soon as
  31. jump onto
  32. push past
  33. smoke a cigarette
  34. look out of sth
  35. with a nervous smile
  36. watch with interest
  37. in a stronger voice
  38. wear glasses
  39. in a loud voice
  40. feel brave
  41. get off
  42. have one’s seat
  43. be far away
  44. 7 hours away from
  45. even if=even though
  46. hold sb. in one’s arms

  7. Here you are.
  8. have a look
  9. as…as…
  10. in a class
  11. a hall for
  12. even better
  13. get top grades
  14. be better than … at sth
  15. do better than …in sth
  16. 20 minutes by bike away from home
  17. go to primary school
  18. spend st. in sp.
  19. make a speech
  20. have a break
  21. stand for
  22. the dangers of
  23. as well as
  24. instead of
  25. take exams=have exams
  26. in my final year
  27. once a term
  28. a parents’ meeting
  29. tidy up
  30. after-school activities
  31. do athletics
  32. such as
  33. how do …go?
  34. expect to do
  35. do well in
  36. in the end
  37. neither of
  38. either…or
  39. neither…nor
  40. ask for advice
  41. none of
  42. put away

  6. Guess what? It’s adj. for sb. to do sth. It’s adj. of sb. to do sth do something interesting take sb. to sp What’s it like?



   Unit 1 重点词组: 1.by making flashcards 通过做单词抽认卡 2. ask…for help 向某人求助 3.read aloud 朗读 4.that way (=in that way) 通过那种方式 5.improve my speaking skills 提高我的会话技巧 6.for example (=for instance)例如 7.have fun 玩得高兴 8.have conversations with friends 与朋友对话 9.get e ...


   Make ★be made to do do ★make +adj ★ be made in of【布,丝绸】 (看清楚材料的) from【木头】 (看不清原材料) Need 1.动词: (don’t)need sb/sth need to do ★need sb to sth 2.情态动词:need (not)…. 3.名词:people in need to do sth Hope +(that)从句 (I/you+can / could / will)或 一般现在时表将来 litter ...


   Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 根本不 2 end up 结束 3 make mistakes in sth 在某方面出错 4 later on 随后 5 be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth/sb 害怕…… 害怕…… 6 laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 7 take notes=write down the notes 做笔记 9 ...


   人教版初三英语重点短语(unit1-18) 人教版初三英语重点短语 Unit 1 1.have got/has got 有 . / 2.at the moment=now 此刻,现在 此刻, . 3.borrow…from… 从……借…… 借人 ……借……(借人 借人) . … … 4.lend…to… 把……借给…… 借出 ……借给……(借出 借给…… 借出) . … … 5.used to 过去常常 . 6.leave…for… 离开……去…… ……去 . … … 离开…… 7.be w ...


   新目标英语初三英语总复习资料精品讲义 4 2009-04-06 20:47 C:一般将来时h妆硎窘?捶⑸亩?骰虼嬖诘淖刺 结构: 助动词 shall/will + 动词原形(当主语第一人称时,一般用 shall,当 主语为第三人称时,用 will,但主语为第一人称时,也用 will 肯定式:主语 +shall/will+动词原形+其他 否定式:主语+shall/will+not+动词原形+其他. 疑问式:Shall/Will+主语+动词原形+其他 简略回答:(肯)Yes,主语 +shall/ ...


   英语词典 词典类别 词典功能 英文名称 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Longman Dictionary Of Contemporary English 中文名称 牛津高阶英语词典 朗文当代英语词典 剑桥高级英语词典 麦克米伦英语词典 柯林斯Cobuild高阶英语词典 韦氏高阶英语词典;针对母语为非英语者 韦氏”高校词典,俗称韦大宝;针对母语为英语者 美国传统大学词典 蓝登 新世界大学,跟MW11没差;针对母语为英语者 柯林斯的大学级词典 牛津简 ...


   No matter whether he had been invited or not, he was there to celebrate Wu You's birthday. 无论 他是否被邀请参加,他去了就是为了庆贺吴莜的生日。 对于 whether... or not 前是否能用 no matter, 部分学生感到疑惑。 他们说, 见过 no matter who, no matter what, no matter how, no matter where, no matter ...


   BATHROOM towel toilet bathtub shower sink 浴室毛巾 抽水马桶 浴缸 淋浴 水池 您的位置:中国英语门户网 >> 文章 >> 少儿 >> 对话 >> 正文 [Flash] Clothing Store [00:02.80]passport [00:04.11] 护照 [00:05.43]exit [00:06.73] 出去,离去 [00:08.02]visa [00:09.30] 签证 [00:10.58 ...


   1. I very like it I like it very much. 2. 这个价格对我挺合适的。 The price is very suitable for me. The price is right. Note:suitable(合适的、相配的)最常见的用法是以否定 的形式出现在告示或通知上,如:下列节目儿童不宜。The following programme is not suitable for children 在这组句子中 用后面的说法会更合适。 3. 你是做什么工作 ...


   九年级英语单词表 Unit 1 learner ['l\:nY] 学习者 take notes 做笔记、做记录 team [ti:m] 学期 impress [im’pres] 使感动 、使印象深刻 trouble [‘tr?bYl] 困难、苦恼、忧虑 fast [f?:st] [f?t] 快地、迅速地 look up<>查阅 soft [sTft] 柔软 impress [im'pres] 印象 1 make up<> 组成 4 flashcard[‘fl?k?: ...


牛津小学英语5B Unit 8 At the weekends教学设计

   牛津小学英语5B Unit 8 At the weekends 教学设计 牛津小学英语 A Read and say 第一课时 教材简析:这个单元的核心内容是“周末活动”。A 部分属于语篇教学,通过 Mike, Wang Bing, Helen 等 人谈论各自的周末活动来展开。对话中出现了很多关于活动的词组,如 go swimming, go to the cinema, do housework 等,涉及的句型有:How do you spend your weekends? How do ...


   一、写作部分 写作部分 命题趋势简 (一)命题趋势简介 1、论说文是主要文体,采用三点提纲式。 2、三段式作文的两种类型:①正反论点+结论;②现象解释型:阐述现象+分析原因+ 影响及解决办法。 (二)主要考点 1、语言:语法、词汇。 2、论述是否切题:举例和论证的时候,要抓住某段的中心,而不仅仅是与这篇文章有 关的话题。 3、思路和语言必须连贯。 (三)备考方法 1、关注当前热点,包括校园热点和社会热点。 2、常背一些可以加分的句型,包括强调句型、转折句型和确信句型等。 3、运用亮点词汇,特 ...


   官方总站: 圣才学习网 www.100xuexi.com 中华英语学习网 www.100yingyu.com 官方总站: Part I Writing (30 minutes) ) 注意:此部分试题在答题卡 1 上。 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the topic of Due Attention : Should Be Given To Spelling. Y ...


   年高考英语语法专题知识练习情态动词和虚拟语气 2009 年高考英语语法专题知识练习--情态动词和虚拟语气 精练一 1、I often see lights in that empty house.Do you think I A、should B、may C、will we clean it? D、can report it to the police? 2、The room is so dirty. Of course. A、Will B、Shall C、Would D、Do have t ...

高一英语人教新课标必修1unit 4课件

   Tangshan, Hebei July 28th, 1976 Fast Reading Task 1 General idea of the passage It’s about something that happened before ,during and after the earthquake . Para.1 Strange things were happening in the countryside in northeast Hebei Para.2 Everythin ...