Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 根本不 2 end up 4 later on 结束 在某方面出错 随后 3 make mistakes in sth
5 be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth/sb 害怕…… 6 laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 7 take notes=write down the notes 做笔记 8 make up 组成 9 deal with=do with 处理 10 be angry with 11 go by 13 break off 对……感到生气 (时间)过去、消逝 突然终止
12 try one’s best to do sth 尽力做谋事 14 make/use flashcards 制作使用抽认卡 15 make a vocabulary list 制作词汇表 16 read/speak aloud=read loudly 大声说 play the CD too loud 把 CD 放开大声 sweep the floor clean 把地板扫干净 17 practice the pronunciation 练习发音 18 get the pronunciation right =pronounce right 发音准确 19 specific advice/suggestions 详细而精确的建议 20 memorize/recite the words/tex 背书 21 read the textbook 读课本 22 English grammars 英语语法 23 feel differently 觉得不同 24 frustrate sb = make sb frustrated 使某人沮丧 find sth frustrating 发现某事沮丧 25 speak quickly/fast 26 get/be excited 激动 一场刺激的比赛 英语口语 an exciting match/game 27 spoken/oral English 28 full comma 句号 29 regard sth as a challenge 把某事视为挑战 说得很快
30 impress sb 感动某人 be impressed 被感动 be impressed deeply by sb 被某人深深感动 31 have trouble/difficulty(in)doing sth 做某事有困难 32 look up the words in a dictionary 用字典查阅单词 33 feel/touch soft 感觉/触摸柔软 34 study for a text 为一次数学小测验学习 36 work with sb 与某人一起工作 35 listen to tapes 听磁带 listen to the teacher carefully 36 ask sb for help 寻求帮助 He is asking for help. 他正在求救 ask sb to do sth 叫某人做某事 tell sb about sth 告诉某人某事 37 improve my listening/speaking skills 提高听力/口语技巧 38 enlarge the vocabulary 扩大词汇量 39 watch English news 看英语新闻 40 understand the voices 听懂(说的内容) 41 learn a lot/much 学了很多 42 join an English club 参加英语俱乐部 43 keep a diary in English 用英语写日记 44 review notes 复习笔记 45 write original sentences 写新颖的句子 46 practice conversations with sb 与某人练习对话 47 do well/OK 做得好 48 get mad at sb 生某人的气 49 the best way to learn English 学英语的最好方法 50 be fair/unfair 公平、不公平 51 on duty 值日 It’s one’s duty to do st 某人的职责做某事 52 be lost/missing 丢失 53 young adults 青少年 54 see a psychologist 看一个心理医生 55 get a lot of practices 得到许多练习 56 end up doing sth 最后做某事 57 become unhappy 变得不高兴 58 behave with sb 与某人相处的方式 认真听课
59 stay angry 持续生气 60 change problems/troubles/difficulty into challenge 把困难变成挑战 61 solve the problem 解决问题 62 realize sth =sth come true 实现某事 63 make a complete sentence 造一个完整的句子 64 complete/finish doing sth 结束做某事 65 the secret of sth …的秘密 The secret of becoming a good language learner is practicing . 66 an important part of sth. 最重要的一部分 67 developing country 发展中国家 developed country 发达国家 68 with the help of sb 在某人帮助下 help sb (to) do sth = help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 69 compare A to B 把 A 与 B 进行对比 70 physical problems 生理缺陷 71 find a pen pal 找一个笔友 72 in a positive way 用积极的方法 75 last for a long time 持续很长时间 73 first of all 首先 74 to begin with 以…开始 75 make sb laugh 使某人笑 6 help a lot/a little 帮助很多、一点 77 have disagreement 意见不合 78 decide not to do 决定不做某事 79 talk to each other 互相谈话 80 too much + n. 太多… 82 regard sth as a challenge much too + adj. 把……视为挑战 81 be strict with sb 对某人严厉
Unit2 I used to be afraid of dark . 1 used to 过去常常 2 be interested in =take an interest in 对…感兴趣 3 be afraid of=be terrified of 害怕 4 go to sleep with the light 开着灯睡觉
5 eat candy [U] 吃糖 6 chew gum [U] 嚼口香糖 7 chat with sb=have a chat with sb 与…聊天 8 Fuzhou Daily Newspaper 福州日报 9 daily life 每天的生活 10 die(u)-dead(adj)-death(n) 死 He died in 19
  90. He has been dead for 3 years. He is dying. 11 afford sth/to do sth 负担得起 12 cause a lot of trouble (for sb.)引起很多麻烦 13 get into trouble with the police 陷入警察手里 14 be patient with sb 对…有耐心 15 finally=in the end=at last 16 make a decision on sth/doing sth 最后 决定做某事 他将死./临终
=make up one’s mind to do sth=decide to do sth 17 head teacher 班主任 head master 校长 head group leader 组长 monitor 班长 18 It’s necessary to do sth 必须做某事 19 to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊 be surprised at sth 吃惊于… 20 even though=even if (+让步状语从句) 21 no longer=not...any longer 不再(延续性) no more=not…any more 不再(短暂性) 为…而自豪 注意语法 22 take pride in=feel/be proud of 23 pay attention to sth/the grammar 24 give up 放弃 25 a couple of days 两天 26 look different 看起来不同 look the same 看起来一样 27 waste water 浪费水 waste one’s time 浪费时间 28 wear glasses/contact lenses 戴眼镜/隐型眼镜 29 have a good memory 记性很好 30 have long/straight/curly hair 留着…发型 31 on the swim team 在游泳队 32 People sure change.人是会变的 33 for a long time 很长一段时间 34 make sb stressed out 使某人筋疲力尽 即使
35 have/like/hate gym class 有/喜欢/讨厌体育课 36 paint/draw pictures 画画 37 be/live alone 独处/单独居住 feel lonely 觉得孤独 38 walk to school=get to school on foot 走路去学校 take a bus=go by bus=go on a bus ride a bike=go by bike=riding 乘车 骑车
39 worry about sth/sb=be worried about sth/sb. 担心 40 study all the time=study all along 一直学习 41 an six-year-old brother 一个 8 岁的弟弟 42 spend time (in) doing sth 花时间做某事 43 take sb to a concert 带某人去音乐会 44 hardly ever 几乎不 45 change a lot 改变了许多 46 in the last few years 近几年 47 can’t stop doing 忍不住做某事 48 problem child 问题小孩 49 give sb sth 给某人某物 50 look after=take care of=care for 照顾 51 as…as 与…一样 送某人去某地 as well as… 与…一样好,也 as well as she could 尽她全力 52 send sb to+地点 53 It’s+ adj +to do sth 54 make sb do sth 使某人做某事 55 lose weight 减肥 吵闹 56 make a diet 节食 57 make terrible noise 58 a top student 尖子生 59 take a deep breath 深呼吸 60 shout at the top of one’s voice 高声喊 61 be used to doing 习惯于做某事 62 be used to do 被使用于 Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes . 1 choose one’s own sth. 选择某人自己东西 have one’s own sth 有某人自己的某物
2 should do sth.
应该做 允许某人做某事
shouldn’t do sth.不应该做 3 allow sb. to do sth. be allowed to do sth.被允许做某事 should be allowed to do sth. 应该被允许做 sth. 4 get one’s driver’s license 6 a fifteen-year-old student fifteen-year-olds the+adj./old/young have/get sth.done 使….被做 have/get one’s hair cut = cut one’s hair 剪某人头发 have/get the shoes repaired = repair the shoe 补鞋 8 go to the mall with sb. 和某人去购物/商业街 9 be sure (of/ about sth.) 确信某事 be sure that+从句 确信 make sure 确认 10 too wild= not serious enough 太鲁莽,不够冷静 too young = not old enough 太年青,不够老 too silly/foolish =not smart/clever 太愚蠢,不够聪明 11 too...to = not + adj.+ enough to = so...that... 太..而不能 enough money/ + n.足够的 sth. 12 work at night 在晚上工作 work every night 每天晚上工作 13 stop wearing that silly earring 停止戴那个愚蠢的耳环 14 seem to do.似乎 15 look cool/clean/smart 看起来酷/干净/聪明 16 spend time with friends/sb. 花时间与某人在一起 17 So do we . = We do, too. 我们也是 18 would like to do 想要做 19 wear one’s own clothes 穿某人自己衣服 20 concentrate on 全神贯注 concentrate energies on studying 把力量贯注于学习 21 feel comfortable 感觉舒适 22 be good for 对…有益 23 design one’s own uniforms 设计某人自己校服/某物 获得某人驾驶执照 一个 15 岁的学生 一类人(复数) 5 have/get/find/look for a part-time 找/有/得到一个兼职 15 岁的学生/孩子(复数)
7 get one’s ears pierced=pierce one’s ears 钉耳洞
24 a good way to do sth. 25 keep + n. + adj.
26 study in group 在团队学习 27 learn a lot from sb./each other 从…学习许多 28 have an opportunity to do 有个机会做… have a chance to do 29 go back to school 回校 30 a good experience for sb.对某人是一个好经历 31 have hobbies 有爱好/有兴趣 32 as much as sb. want 尽某人想要 as much as one would like to 尽某人想要做... 33 a running star 一个田径队员 34 on/in one’s school running team 在田径队 35 a professional athlete 一个职业运动员 36 achieve one’s dream = realize 实现某人理想 37 in every one of one’s races 某人每场比赛 38 be serious about sth 对…过度认真
  39.make decisions for sb./oneself 为某人做决定 40 on school nights 上学晚上 41 seem strict 似乎严格 42 spend time on sth.花时间在某物上 spend time in doing 花时间做某事 43 a chance of achieving one’s dream 现梦想的一个机会 44 get in the way of sth./doing sth.妨碍某事 45 get to class late = be late for class 上课迟到 6 study with sb.和某人学习 47 at least 至少 48finish a test early 很早完成考试 take the test 参加考试 pass the test 考试过关 fail a test 考试不及格 49 eight hours’ sleep a night 一晚 8 小时睡眠 50 have a special day 有特别的一天 51 sing songs 唱歌 52 perform a play 表演 53 visit primary school 参观小学 54 help teach young student 帮助教小学生 55 be a great experience for sb 对某人来说是一个很棒的经历 有个机会做…
56 do other jobs 做其他工作 57 write for a newspaper office 写给报社(投稿) 58 volunteer in a newspaper office 在报社做自愿 59 both A and B 两个…都 60 be sleepy 困倦的 61a long week of classes 上一周的长课 62 have Friday afternoons off 星期五下午休息 63 reply to sb. =answer the letter Unit 4what would you do? 1 what if 如果```将会怎么样 2 not…in the slightest 一点也不,根本不 3 plenty of+可数 n / enough+n. 很多的,足够的 4 get along with 与`````相处 5 let down 使```失望或沮丧 6 come up with 针对问题提出想法 7 first-aid book 急救书 8 come out 出饭,发表 9 have/find a million dollars 拥有 100 美元 10 medical research 医学研究 11 wear a tie /necktie 戴领带 12 worry about=be worried about 担心 13 get pimples 得了小脓疱 15 take an exam/test (later) 19 feel/be confident 补考 18 feel/be energetic 感到有活力 感到自信 have confidence in sth/dong sth 走某事有自信 20 a shy person 一个害羞的人 21 without permission 不允许 22 permit (allow) sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 23 be permitted to do sth 被允许做某事 24 bother sb 打扰某人 26 get/be annoyed at sb 对某人生气 给某人回信
annoy ab
27 fairly confident 相当自信 28 plenty of +可 n.复 足够 enough + 可或不可数 n 足够. 29 a good listener 一个好的听众 30 represent our class 31 let sb down 33 come up with 32 run up with sb 赶上 提出
  34.get the medical help 取得医护帮助
  35.make sb + adj(comfortable) 使某人舒服
  36.stay with sb 与某人呆在一起
  37.put sth under sth 把某物放在某物下
  38.the burned area 受伤的面积
  39.(cold) running water (冰)自来水
  40.stop doing sth 停止做某事
  41.have a lot of experience 有许多经验
  42.be confident of sth 对某物自信
  43.millions of 成百上万
  44.hundreds of 成百上千
  45.be dangerous of/doing sth 做某事危险
  46.talk to sb about sth 与某人谈论某事
  47.hide oneself from sb 藏起来不让人找到
  48.internet friend 网友
  49.in a public place 在公共场所
  50.make a speech 发表演讲
  51.in the front of (在内部)在````前面
  52.in front of (在外部)在```前面
  53.talk a lot 健谈
  54.get nervous 紧张的
  55.look terrible 看上去糟糕的
  56.lucky you 你非常幸运
  57.introduce sb to sb 把某人介绍给某人
  58.do a personality survey 做一个性格调查
  59.speak in public 在公共场合说话
  62.do sth better 做某事更好 代表 使某人失望

  63.have a cold 感冒
  64.borrow sth from sb 从某人那借某物
  67.be in a movie 拍电影
  68.with a new student 和一个新学生
  69.have dinner at one's house 在某人家里吃晚饭
  71.social situation 社会情况 72….what you want 73 catch up with sb 74 the rest of sth 75 have a rest/break 76 have a first-aid book 77 on a nearby shelf 79 cover sth with sth 80 be covered with sth 81 press sth hard 82 go upstairs 83 go downstairs 84 fall downstairs 86 be burned 87 injure one's knee 88 feel some pain 89 feel painful 90 offer sb sth 91 refuse sb sth 92 refuse to do sth 93 be helpful 94 treat sb as sth 95 give money to charit



   Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? 1 not at all =not in the slightest 根本不 2 end up 结束 3 make mistakes in sth 在某方面出错 4 later on 随后 5 be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of sth/sb 害怕…… 害怕…… 6 laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 7 take notes=write down the notes 做笔记 9 ...


   1.初中英语教材中共出现近 500 个词组,其中有一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用。 2.在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注意介词词组和短语动词的积累。 3.对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义。例如,动词 look 愿意为“看”,但 look after 意为“照料”,look up (a word in a dictionary)意为“(在词典中)查找(单 词)”。 4.要十分注意固定词组中冠词的使用。有时冠词可引起词义的变化,例如,go the school 意为“上学”,而 go to ...


   汉译英 50个重点句型练习 1. as soon as 2. (not) as/so…as… 3. as …as possible 4. ask sb. for sth. 5. ask/tell sb. ( how) to do sth. 6. ask/tell sb. ( not) to do sth. 7. be afraid of doing sth./that 8. be busy doing sth. 9. be famous /late/ready/sorry for 10. b ...


   Make ★be made to do do ★make +adj ★ be made in of【布,丝绸】 (看清楚材料的) from【木头】 (看不清原材料) Need 1.动词: (don’t)need sb/sth need to do ★need sb to sth 2.情态动词:need (not)…. 3.名词:people in need to do sth Hope +(that)从句 (I/you+can / could / will)或 一般现在时表将来 litter ...


   语词组总汇- 裼镂恼略亩?view-Y' ?g5 裼 - QM费在线英语学习 S阌锪废 V奂短ψ柿 W(线翻译 会员: 密码: " " 注册会员忘记密码?我浏览过的资料 9疚?滓 加入收藏夹 加入QQ书签 q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q e !zà阅读 裼镄挛 ? !剧本 裼锟际 [f习方法 裼镂目 裼?Q "¤ 娱乐搞笑 S阌镅盗 \Q? \[f RN- a?u5[P书籍 裼锾 痰ゴ 试题 试卷 ?蕴 eYgPT,R : ...


   初三英语教学工作总结 英语学科是一门基础性学科,又是一种非常重要的语言交际工具,随着初 三下学期工作的结束,我感触颇多,可谓得失并重;为了进一步搞好本学期的 教育教学工作,取得更好的教学效果,特把下学期的教学工作总结如下: 一:学情分析 1 我所教初三( 1 ,2,3 )班,就英语而言,学生个体差异较大,两极 分化现象较严重,最低分 20 分,最高分 105 分。知识、能力分布存在严重的 不均衡,同时给日常的英语教学带来了诸多不便,直接影响了英语教学的顺利 进行。 2 自开学,我就发现有较大 ...


   初三英语教学工作总结 当英语学科是一门基础性学科,又是一种非常重要的语言交际工具, 随着初三下学期工作的结束,我感触颇多,可谓得失并重;为了进一步搞 好本学期的教育教学工作, 取得更好的教学效果, 特把下学期的教学工作 总结如下: 一:学情分析 1. 我所教初三( 1 、 2、3)班,就英语而言,学生个体差异较大,两 极分化现象较严重,最低分 9 分,最高分 95 分。知识、能力分布存在 严重的不均衡, 同时给日常的英语教学带来了诸多不便, 直接影响了英语 教学的顺利进行。 2. 自开学伊始 ...


   16. on account of (=because of) 由于,因为. 17. on no account(=in no case, for no reason)绝不要,无论如何不要(放句首时句 子要倒装) 18. accuse…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 指控,控 告 19. be accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be us ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高考高频词组 1 1. a big headache 令人头痛的事情 7. account for 解释 11. agree with 同意 14. alien to 与...相反 2. a fraction of 一部分 3. a matter of concern 焦点 6. abundant in 富于 10. after all 毕竟,究竟 17. all of a sudde ...


   英语六级考试听力常见替换词组 above all - most importantly account for - explain as a matter of fact - in fact ,to speak the truth as a rule - generally ;normally about to - be ready to;be on the point of doing something an old hand - be an experienced persom any ...



   2011 年高考考试说明(新课标)??英语 年高考考试说明(新课标) 英语 来源:搜狐教育 2011 年 03 月 07 日 15:34 我来说两句(0) 我来说两句 复制链接 打印 大中小 第1页:关于考试要求的说明 Ⅰ.关于考试要求的说明 一、语言知识 基于考生的实际情况,从《普通高中英语课程标准(实验)》中精选了 3000 个左右的单词,作为高考 命题的词汇范围。另外,为命题的需要,增加了个别单词,以*号标明,仅要求考生知道其汉语意思。 二、语言运用 1.听力 听力是与外国人直接交往中 ...


   新目标七年级英语下 专项复习同义句 含答案) 专项复习 同义句(含答案 同义句 含答案 1. His pen pal is from the USA. = His pen pal comes from the USA. = His pen pal is American. 2. Where is the bank? = Is there a bank near here/in the neighborhood? = How can I get to the bank? = Can you t ...


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   20092010 高三教学工作总结 今年我所带高三文科三个班的英语课,本届学生是新教材使用以 来第一届参加高考的学生,与往届学生在很多方面有所不同.现将一 年来的工作总结如下. 文科三个班其中 7 班为重点班,相对知识掌握程度较好一些,但 也存在很多问题.8,9 两个班为普通班知识掌握程度相对较差一些, 学习上存在的问题较多.因此在教学中所用方式和时间也不尽相同. 首先,重点班学生大部分词汇基础较好,因而主要精力放在语法,阅 读和写作三个方面,通过详细地语法复习和大量地阅读写作练习巩固 基础 ...


   ☆自考乐园心境随缘,诚与天下自考人共勉!! ! 俱乐部名称:自考乐园;俱乐部 id:5346389(请牢记它哦~在百度贴吧的搜索框中输入俱乐部 id,可以直接 进入俱乐部) ;俱乐部 url 地址:http://tieba.baidu.com/club/5346389(您也可以通过此 url 进入俱乐部. ) I. Vocabulary and Structure 1. D 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. B II. Cloze Tes ...