Ⅰ、Choose the best answer. 1 .May I use your pen? Mine is broken.-- Of course, here are two and you can use of them. A. both B. every C. any D. either
  2. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, obtaining water is not the least. A. of which B. for what C. as D. whose
  3.-- Please write to me when you have time.-- Sure. But is your e - mail address? A. when B. where C. what D. which
  4. The heart is intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain. A. not so B. not much C. much more d. no more
  5.-- Have you finished your composition yet? -- No, I'll finish it in __ten minutes. A. another B. more C. other D. else
  6. There's interesting in the film, so is interested in it. A. something, nobody B. nothing, somebodyC. anything, anybody. D. nothing, nobody. 7 By the time you arrive in London, we in Europe for two weeks. A. shall stay B. have stayed C. will have stayed D. have been staying
  8. Oh, boys and girls, come in please. And make at home. A. yourself B. us C. you D. yourselves
  9. I don't like winter because it’s cold. A. too much B. far more C. much too D. much more
  10. This match made them at last. A. friendly B. happily C. quickly D. slowly 11 . Who can reach the book on the top shelf?-- Jack can. He is boy of us all. A. taller B. a tall C. the tallest D. much tallest
  12.-- The shop is on Saturday and Monday.-- I see. I'll go here on Monday then. A. open B. close C. opened D. closed
  13. It is to work out this problem. You needn't go to the teacher. A. enough easy B. easily enough C. easy, enough D. very easily
  14.Why don't you ask Tom to do it?-- I don' t know whether he is to. He sometimes makes things worse. A. possible B. able . C. afraid D. easy
  15. Her mother was out. She stayed at home , but she didn' t feel A. alone, lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D; lonely, lonely 16, I appreciated the opportunity to study abroad two years ago. A. having been given B. having given C. to have been given D. to have given 17 The millions of calculations(计算) involved, had they been don't by hand, all practical value by the time they were finished. A. could lose B. would have lost C. might lose D. ought to have lost 18 No bread eaten by man is so sweet as earned by his own labour. A. one B. that C. such D. what
  19. Jack's brother doesn't work so as Jack. A. harder B. hard C. hardest D. hardly 20 It isn't cold enough for there a frost tonight, so I can leave Jim's car out quite safely. A. would be B. being C. was D. to be Ⅱ、Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.
  1. Can you give me further on this matter. (inform)

  2. He has none of his sister’s . (honest)
  3. The manager’s office is on the floor. (thirty)
  4. I can work out the problem. And you? (easy)
  5. The girl’s mother was sent to work in Africa as a member of a team. (medicine)
  6. The government is going to this road this morning summer. (wide) Ⅲ、Rewrite the sentences as required.
  1.I found that it was difficult to do the sum. (change into a simple sentence) I found to do the sum.
  2.I didn’t do my homework last night. I played with the piano, instead. (write a sentence with the same meaning) I played with the piano doing my homework..
  3.“The earth circles round the sun,” said the teacher. (change it into a indirect speech) The teacher us that the earth round the sun.
  4.This bridge was built over 100 years ago.(write a sentence with the same meaning) The bridge more than 100 years .
  5.The bird has filled the bottle with small stones. () The bottle has with small stones Find out the errors and correct them for the following sentences.
  1. Everyone of us is working hard in the factory.
  2. I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it.
  3. This is the steel plant where we visited last week.
  4. Following the road and you will find the store.
  5. This is all what Dr. Smith said at the meeting.
  6. He promised to come and see us after the supper.
  7. John had been here to see you, but he left five minutes ago.
  8. My mother is busy preparing for supper.
  9. I’ve heard him but I never know him.
  10. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park. 翻译
  5、我想把这些花送到 202 房间
  9、他在 20 多岁时就被肺炎夺去了生命



   初三英语复习计划 初三英语复习计划 复习 一、指导思想: 指导思想: 2011 年中考在即,我们将本着以《英语课程标准》为依据,以盐城市中考 纲要为标准,以教材,指导丛书,复习指导为具体内容,根据国家提出的素质教 育的要求,结合我校实际情况,带领学生进行全面复习,稳打稳扎,争取在短短 的三个月内提高学生的听、说、读、写能力,发展学生的综合语言运用能力;面 向全体学生,为学生全面发展和终身发展奠定基础,为今后的进一步学习作好充 分准备。 二、复习策略 1.系统归纳,分清脉络。依纲扣本,注重双基 ...


   初三英语复习练习卷三 本卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分,共六大题,满分 113 分 第一卷(三大题 共 68 分) 一、听力选择(满分 24 分) (请先用两分钟时间熟悉听力试题,然后再动笔答题) A) 回答问题(共 6 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 6 分) 听下面 6 个问题,从每小题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,每个问 题读两遍。 1. A. It’s sunny. 2. A. No, I don’t. B. It was sunny. B. Yes, I ...


   熊 初三英语复习系列讲座之二: 俞成功 一、听力题 1.进场后定下心,播放录音前快速 浏览题目,以便捕捉听的重点,做到心中 有数。 2.听准关键词,获取事实性的具体 信息,听出全篇大意,特别注意时间、地 点、人物、事件之间的关系,并用自己明白 的符号或缩写记下一些日期、价钱、数量、 人名、地名或关键词,以便使用。 3.注意利用能表现某一语境特征的 信息词、说话者的语气来对说话的背景和 读全句,从语法、语境和常识方面推敲一 遍,最后“一锤定音”。解题可采取:(1)排 除法,如few,a few ...

初三英语复习材料 U3 U9 U12单元 词组 完成句子 练习题

   出题人: 一.短语 1. 十六岁的人 2. 被允许做某事 3. 在夜晚工作 4. 停止做某事 5. 给某人理头 6. 傻气的耳环 7. 考试不及格 8. 更集中精力于 9. 敬老院 10. 当地医院 做题人: 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 被发明 电池驱动的 错误地 意外地 根据 足够咸 靠近的灌木 被用来做某事 可调的轮子 电灯泡 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 应该做某事 毕竟 做计划 寄宿 ...


   初三英语复习教学 一、认清形势,明确要求 认清形势, 从近两年来的中考命题分析,命题已向听、说、读、写四会能力的培养上倾斜, 注意了基础知识和学科能力的比例,更重视语境和语言的实际运用能力。在卷面上 适当减少了识记性内容,增加了语用考查的比重,突出了情景语言,在语境中考查 考生的识记、理解、综合、运用能力。在宏观上基本保持稳定性和连续性,但在微 观上,题型在原有的基础上均有一定的改动,更加突出了语用能力的考查。 因此,在复习中要注重基础知识的落实和基本技能的训练,培养学生的语用能 力,加强读 ...


   初三英语复习计划? 悬赏分:0 - 解决时间:2007-2-3 18:05 提问者: ymshlsy - 见习魔法师 二级 最佳答案 保持良好心态 中考对一个人来说可以说是一次重要的挑战。怎样迎接挑战,并成为竞争中的胜利者,我认为除考生自身 的实力外,还与考生所承受的心理压力、对待中考的态度、复习计划是否合理及临场发挥等许多因素有关。 这诸多因素中良好的心态是至关重要的,这就是说良好的心理素质,可以做到遇事不慌,临险不惧,沉着 自若,稳坐钓鱼台,顺利通过中考。我说的心理素质是包括毅力、自信心 ...


   六峰中学 2008 学年度第二学期初三英语复习计划 学年度第二学期初三英语复习计划 初三英语复习 一.指导思想: 指导思想: 以《英语新课程标准》为指导,根据国家提出的素质教育的要求,结合考试 大纲,稳打稳扎,争取提高学生在听、说、读、写的能力,为升学作好准备。 二.复习目标 以升中考试为目标,抓好学生基础,训练学生的做题和运用能力,力求达到 镇和学校给我们的目标。 三.复习进度表: 复习进度表 周次 1 内容 精读 Module1 Unit 1 and Unit2 专项复习:名词、冠词、数 ...


   浅谈高三英语复习 ??三个突破 ??三个突破 姚? 本人是新教师,但是很荣幸学校能够给我带高三。不知不觉带高 三英语已经有半年了。 在这半年来我对高三英语的复习有一点自己的 感悟。 高三英语复习中有三个突破: 即突破阅读理解, 突破书面表达, 突破短文改错三大难关。 NMET 卷中此三 题共 85 分, 在 占总分的 56%, 比重大,也是多数学生的薄弱环节,而且英语运用能力的高低集中又 都大致体现在这 三大题上。因此,我们应把它们列为重点和难点。 一、大量阅读,提高理解能力 大量阅读,广泛 ...

计算机英语复习 词汇

   一、Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese. (写出下列单词或词 写出下列单词或词 组的汉语) 组的汉语 Access 访问 Adapter 适配器 address 地址 address bus 地址总线 Administrator 管理员 Algorithm 算法 allocating system resources 分配系统资源 Antivirus program 反病毒程序 Application 应用,应 ...


   编辑点评: 编辑点评:俗话说一年之计在于春,新年伊始也正是我们打起精神,从头开始好好学习的时候!在此时拟 定一个适合自己的学习方案,再一步一步执行下去,相信到了年底你一定会收获满满.那么对于英语学习 来说,又有哪些事情是一份计划中必不可少的呢? 转眼又是春暖花开之时,俗话说一年之计在于春,新年伊始也正是我们打起精神,从头开始 好好学习的时候!在此时拟定一个适合自己的学习方案,再一步一步执行下去,相信到了年 底你一定会收获满满,为自己这一年的努力而庆幸.那么对于英语学习来说,又有哪些事情 是一 ...



   FACTS AND FIGURES 常用概括图表信息的词组和表达方式 上升趋势 to to to to to 下降趋势 increase / an increase to collapse/ a collapse大幅 下降 grow/ a growth to drop/ a drop leap/ a leap 急速上升 to fall/ a fall soar/ a soar 大幅上升 upswing/ an upswing to reach a low point/ a low point ...


   鲤鱼网(http://www.iliyu.com) 经典教材精选的美文 这个优秀文章 36 篇是我从新概念三、四的教材里精心挑选出来的,其中新概念三 20 篇和新概念四的 16 篇,从贴近考研英语的角度来筛选,剔除了大部分的记叙文和说明文题材,主要就是论说文了。 这些精选出来的文章作为必须背诵的素材。原来的文档很多都有或多或少的小错误。这里我都精心对 照过,并且尽力避免出现错误。 以前那个版本只有 20 篇文章(新三 12 篇,新四 8 篇) ,有网友反映排版使用不是很方便,这里重新 排版。 ...


   001 同 步 题 库 类 型:二年级(第2学期)加入时间: 2003-6-1 2001-2002年学年度第二学期同步教学 一、本周教学课时数:五课时 二、本周教学进度:Lesson One2 三、本周教学内容。 重点词组、句型及日常交际用语: -1.词组: -(1)be born(要求4会) -(2)at the age of(要求4会) -(3) ...


   在职攻读硕士学位全国联考英语 ?词汇扩展 词汇总要求 * 1、领会式掌握 4500 个单词和 500 个词组; * 2、复用式掌握 1800 个单词和 200 个词组; * 3、掌握一定数量的前缀,并能根据构 * 词法和语境识别常见的派生词。 词汇扩展有方法 * 一、重点突出缩减法 * 二、词根词缀科学法 * 三、语境场景串联法 * 四、近义反义联想法 * 五、词组换位巧记法 * 六、阅读练习积累法 * 一、重点突出缩减法 *Y * yet yield * We love peace, ye ...


   1.If you are about Australian cities, just read the book written by Dr   Johnson.(1996上海) A. interested               B. anxious C. upset                 D. curious 2.We are all going to the games. Why don't you come ? (1996上海) A. up              ...