Unit 15 A doctor for animal
一.教学目的和要求(Teaching aims and demands)
  1. 词汇 grateful tail lonely success make up one’s mind mostly pig education countryside treat before long regard regard…as… exactly keep experience painful rock as if at sea story two-story grab crash mobile phone at all least at least rewarding wag vet heal injection earthquake
  2. 日常交际用语 Do you like being a doctor for animals? Vets helped heal horses,… He started treating… Is it easy to heal…? It isn’t easy to give the baby an injection. It is important to do what the doctor tells you . It is a little painful to get an injection.
  3. 语法 动词不定式作主语 To help animals is helping people. 二.教学步骤 第 57 课 步骤 1 复习
  1. 检查家庭作业。
  2. 复习可作为宠物的名字:dog, cat, snake, parrot, rabbit, fish. 问:Does anyone have a pet? 让学生讨论他们拥有什么样的宠物动物。 步骤 2 介绍新语言项目 教师问:Why do people have pets? What does the pet do for them? Where do people take their pets if they get sick?让学生两人一组套讨论这些问题。然后全班一起讨论这些问题。 步骤 3 朗读、表演 学生用书第 71 页第 1 部分。 口语录音带第 57 课, 让学生合上书。 问学生: What animal does the dad like best? 放录音,让学生寻找答案。全班核对答案:He doesn’t have a favourite animals.让学生打开书。再放一遍录音,让学生边听边重复。让学生通过上下文猜测生词: rewarding ,grateful, wag, tail, lonely 等。如果学生猜不出来,可以允许他们查字典。 做练习册第 57 页练习
  1。全班核对答案。让学生两人一组练习朗读这个对话。让几组 学生为全班表演这个对话。 步骤 4 重组对话 练习册第 57 课练习 2 和练习
  2。 分小组做练习
  3。然后全班检查答案。 家庭作业 完成联系册中的练习。 复习本课的词汇。 第 58 课 步骤 1 复习
  1. 检查家庭作业。
  2. 让学生通过讨论宠物来复习词汇。 步骤 2 阅读前 学生用书第 72 页第 1 部分。让学生分小组讨论这些读前的问题,然后全班一起讨论这
两个问题。 步骤 3 阅读 学生用书第 72 页第 2 部分。口语录音带第 58 课。让学生看课文标题。问学生:What do you think this story is about ?学生两人一组讨论这个问题。然后叫几组学生说出他们的观点。然 后再问:Who is the man who loved dogs?学生快速阅读课文寻找答案(James Herriot) 。然后 让学生再次快速阅读课文并划出不熟悉的词语。这些单词和短语应包括:Scotland, make up one’s mind, vet, mostly, heal, education, Yorkshire, countryside, treat, before long, regard, regard…as, exactly, keep, experience 等。你可以用简单的英语解释其中的一些词语,如: make one’s mind = make a decision vet = veterinarian which is a doctor for animals. mostly = most often continue = to keep doing something and stopping. 做练习册第 58 课练习
  1。 再放一遍录音,让学生边听边重复。让学生注意语音语调。 步骤 4 练习册 练习册第 58 课练习 2??
  2。 两人一组做练习 3 造句子。 课堂上口头做练习。 家庭作业 把练习册第 58 课练习 3 的句子写下来。 复习本单元的词汇。 第 59 课 步骤 1 复习
  1. 检查家庭作业。
  2. 复习第 58 课的故事,可用练习册第 58 课练习 1 中的问题作为指导。 步骤 2 准备 教师说:I don’t like going to the doctor’s because I don’t like injections。出示一张打针的图 片,说:When I have to get an injection, I make a face like this(痛苦的怪相)because it’s a little painful. However ,I let the doctor give me an injection because it’s necessary。 当你说这些生词时 把这些生词 (injection, painful, necessary) 写在黑板上。 Now let’s interview each other to see 说: how you feel about going to the doctor’s。问学生:What are some questions you can ask each other?帮助学生回答下列问题:Do you like going to the doctor’s? What do you have to get an injection? Would you like to be a doctor?等。让学生两人一组活动,相互采访。叫一组学生向 全班汇报他们的采访结果。 步骤 3 采访 学生用书第 73 页第 2 部分,和学生一起过一遍这些句子。保证他们知道做什么。让学 生两人一组像本课第 2 步一样进行采访, 在他们相互采访时完成这个对话。 叫几组学生向全 班汇报他们的采访结果。 参考答案:interesting, a good job, they are so pretty, it is very difficult 步骤 4 看、说 学生用书第 73 页第 1 部分。和学生一起过一遍这些句子。然后让学生两人一组看图并 讨论。全班一起,让学生改变这些句子,并给出他们所想的更多的句子。答案如下:
  1. It’s important to do what the doctor tells you.
  2. It is a little painful to get an injection.

  3. It is not easy to give the baby an injection.
  4. It is necessary to take medicine on time.
  5. It is not interesting to work in the hospital. 步骤 5 练习册 练习册第 59 课练习 1??
  2。 做练习 3 时,先个人读一读,然后两人一组回答问题。 家庭作业 完成练习册中的练习。 把练习 2 写在练习本中。 第 60 课 步骤 1 复习
  1. 检查家庭作业。
  2. 复习不定式,把下列句子写在黑板上:It is important to do what the doctor tells you. It’s a little painful to get an injection. It’s necessary to take medicine on time. It’s interesting to work in a hospital.让学生把不定式放在句首来改变这些句子。 步骤 2 听 学生用书第 74 页第 1 部分。 听力训练录音带第 60 课。 让学生合上书: 告诉学生: There’s something wrong with Tom’s dog .The doctor gives him some pills.?(如有必要,解释 pills 的 意思).What colour are the pills?放录音,学生寻找答案(red, yellow 和 white) 。然后读练习 册第 60 课练习 1 的表格。保证学生知道做什么。再放一、二遍录音,让学生寻找答案。学 生两人一组讨论答案。最后全班一起核对答案。 听力原文: Cody felt ill. His nose was warm and he just lay around. His owner, Joe, took him to the animal doctor. The doctor said, “Listen carefully. I’m going to give you three different medicines. First, I’m going to give you these red pills. I want you to give one pill three times a day to Cody. Now , look at these yellow pills. I want you to give one to Cody every night before he goes to sleep. Now look at these white pills. Give him two every time his is warm, but NEVER give him more than four in a day. Do you understand?” “ Yes, doctor.” Said Joe, “thank you very much.” Joe took Cody home and did as the doctor told him. Soon Cody was running around as happily as ever before. 答案:
  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. A
  5. A 6 B. 步骤 3 读 学生用书第 74 页第 2 部分。口语录音机第 60 课。问学生:学生快速阅读课文并寻找答 案:He grabbed the baby in his mouth. 然后让学生再认真地读一遍课文。让学生猜测下列词 语:earthquake, rock, as if ,at sea, story(另一种拼写形式为 storey), two-story, grab, crash, mobile phone, least 和 at least. 做练习册第 60 课练习
  2。让学生自己做这个练习,并与同伴检查答案,然后全班核对 答案。 步骤 4 谚语 学生用书第 75 页第 3 部分。让学生两人一组自己编造谚语。让学生说明这些谚语在什
么情景下使用。例如,有人犯了错误,他/她的朋友会告诉他/她: “To make a mistake is human.”建议性谚语如下: To read every day is a door to knowledge. To work hard is the key to happiness. It is better to listen , than to speak and let everyone know you are a fool. To drive fast in the middle of town is to invite a policeman to your car. To help animals is the same as helping people. 步骤 5 写 学生用书第 75 页第 4 部分。首先让学生写一段关于他们父母的情况,在写作中至少要 用上两处不定式。然后让他们向其同伴展示其作文。同伴为其改正错误。然后按同伴的修改 意见修改作文。教师在教室内巡视,必要时提供帮助。作文样张如下: My father is a teacher and my mother is a doctor. They both think that to work hard is the key to success. Since I was in primary school, they have always wanted me to do well in school. Even though they are both very busy, they always have time to help me with my homework. However, they also teach me to be resposible at home as well. Since I was 8 years old, I have always had jobs to do around the house. I have to keep my room clean and take out the rubbish every day. When the dog needs to go outside, it is my job to take her. I also have to walk her for at least 30 minutes a day. I’m glad my parents have taught me how to work hard. This will help me in the future. 步骤 6 复习要点 过一遍本单元的复习要点
  15。必要时再给学生一些练习:可以复习前几课的对话。花 点时间练习一下常用短语。复习本单元的词汇,处理学生提出的任何问题。 步骤 7 测试 听写下列内容,按要求停顿。 Tom and his mother* are at the doctor ‘s.* Tom says * he has got a headache and a cough. He says * he feels very bad and tired .* But Tom has caught a bit of cold. * He thinks* that the boy will be fine* after the biggest football match of the year. 步骤 8 练习册 做练习册第 60 课练习 3??
  6。练习 3 和练习 5 可以单独做。 练习 4 应首先全班一起做。然后让学生两人一组练习对话。如果时间允许,让几组学生 为全班说一说他们的对话。 练习 6 可以两人一组做,也可以以小组的形式做。当他们完成写作之后,让他们读他们 的故事。 家庭作业 复习本单元的内容。 把练习册的练习 4 的对话写在练习本里。 把练习本练习 6 里的故事写在练习本里。



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