19.?Lucy,is it ballpoint pen? ?Yes,thanks. A. you B.your C.yours D.yourself
  20.I know,the super star will visit the Water Cube next week. A.So far B.As soon as C.As far as D.As long as
  21.More and more modern buildings have been built on sides of Chang'An Street. A.each B.all C.both D.every
  22.?Tony,keep quiet.Didn’t you see the board which says“”there? ?I’m sorry. A.No running B.No shouting C.No smoking D.No parking
  23.Great changes have taken place in Beijing he left for America in 19
  89. A.since B.when C.until D.after
  24. Jim,there are so many spelling mistakes in your composition.Why don’t you the words in the dictionary? A.look through B.look for C.look up D.look over
  25.I’m sorry,sir.The play for 10 minutes.Please wait outside for the second scene. A.began B. has been on C.has begun D. was on
  26.All the cars here are made in Japan the green QQ.It’s made in China. A.except B.besides C. with D.about
  27.?Peter,would you pleaseme the magazine? ?Sure.Here you are. A.to pass B.passing C.pass D.passed
  28.?Have you gone to see Mr. Smith? He wanted to talk to you. ?NO,but I. A.didn’t B.haven't C.was D.will
  29.He will treasure(珍惜)the he had in America,where he stayed with an American family.It’s really amazing. A.experience B.exercise C.experiment D.excuse
  30.?Do you know how many gold medals China got in the 29th Olympic Games? ?Oh,fifty-one!We all felt when we heard the news. A.exciting;excited B.excited;exciting C.exciting;exciting D.excited; excited
  31.Don’t worry about your children.They will in the child-care centre. A. take care of B.be taken care C.take care D.be taken care of
  32.?Excuse me,could you tell me? ?Go straight and turn right.You'1l find it on your right. A. how can I get to the National Stadium B. which was the way to the National Stadium C.how far the National Stadium is D.where the National Stadium is
  33.Two thousand dollars too much for the course.Can we make it cheaper? A.are B.is C.was D.were
  34.He is the old man spoke at the meeting just now.
A.which B.whose C.what D.that
  35.The sign always makes me think of the great time I spent in Beijing in 20
  36.?Would you like to enter the photo competition? ?,but I lost my father's new digital camera last month. A.I’d love to B.That’s all right C.I’m sorry D.Come on 二、完形填空 This past Christmas was one of the best I have ever had. This was made possible by my sister,Laura,who is nine years older. My sister bought me three wonderful gifts, 37 only one would stay in my heart forever.First she handed me the smallest.Because Laura was careful with her actions,I favourite.It was a bag of sweets.I was happy with it,but I knew this was her 38 waned to know about what lay ahead.Next she handed me a box. After tearing(撕)away the wrapping paper,I 39 a fashionable and expensive sweater.I was deeply moved that my sister was so 40 . Then she handed me the last gift. Judging(判断)by the familiar size and 41 ,I knew it was a CD.It was the record of music from the movie“Rocky”, with encouraging songs to all players,dreamers…I 42 loved it,but no as much as I would after my sister explained to me. She was talking about a knee injury that 43 me half of my soccer season.I expected to be with my teammates and suffered(遭受痛苦)each minute when I sat on the bench.I tried hard,hoping my knee injury would heal(治愈)soon.This was what led my sister to
  44. the gift,Laura played the CD for me.Even though I After mentioning what was 45 had heard those songs a thousand times, each note struck(撞击)me as if it was new.It played in my soul(灵魂)and on my emotions. I 46 breathlessly,as the words“Trying me in a way beyond the hard now.It’s hard now” sounded through the room.It 47 happiness most gifts could bring.I couldn’t help crying and hugged my sister.Knowing that my siter had 48 the problem so deeply made me realize that I am the luckiest little sister in the world.I had received a gift with so much thought behind it!I’11 keep it forever.
  37.A.bu B. so C.or D.and
  38.A.most B.less C.least D.more
  39.A.noticed B.found C.felt D.realized
  40.A.kind B.serious C.helpful D.rich
  41.A.colour B.shape C.look D.style
  42.A.easily B.suddenly C.immediately D.finally
  43.A.paid B.stopped C.took D.cost
  44.A.give the sweater B.play the music C.heal the injury D.buy the CD
  45.A. from B.in C.behind D.for
  46.A.said B.listened C.cried D.laughed
  47.A. touched B.harmed C.helped D.broke
  48.A.workes out B.seen C.felt D.found out 三、阅读理解
A Hong Kong is the Events Capital of Asia and that means there’s always something fun and exciting to do.Hong Kong Winter Festival is just one of many special events that you can enjoy this Christmas season. Event name A Symphony(交响乐) Of Lights National Ballet of Chian Hong Kong International Races (horse races) Ocean Park Christmas Sensation Date and Time Every night 8pm-8:18pm Nov.
  24-25 and 27 -28 7:30pm Dec. 12 Noon-6pm Dec. 18 to Jan. 2 10am-8pm Park closes at 6pm on Dec. 18 and 25 Place The Avenus of Stars Price Free; fireworks added To shows on Dec.
  24-26 and Dec. 31 HK $100, $180, $350, $480 Coming Horseracing Tour price: HK $790 HK $185 adults, HK $93 children aged 3?11
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre Sha Tin Racecourse Ocean Park

  49.We can wach the symphony with fireworks on. A.Dec.25 B.Dec.28 C.Nov.28 D. Nov.25
  50.The kings wi11 be free on the afternoon of December
  12,and they can have fun at A.the Ocean Park B. Grand Theatre C.Sha Tin Racecourse D.the Avenue of Stars 5l.If you and your parents want to visit the Ocean Park,you will payfor the tickets. A.HK $463 B.HK $555 C.HK $278 D.HK $370 B Just like the planners for the Beijing Olympics in 20
  08,the planners for the London Olympics in 2012 are making sure that the Games will benefit the people of their city.London is planning to hold the most environmentally friendly Olympic Games ever.For example,a wind turbine(涡轮机)is going to be built to the north of the Olympic Park.London’s Olympic planners say that it will have blades(叶片)about 40 meters and that they plan to use it after the Games to deliver(传送)energy to homes and businesses in the local area for at least 20 years. The Olympic Delivery Authority(ODA)plans to use the turbine to produce energy for the Olympic Park in East London.It is expected to produce the same amount of energy that l,200 homes use in a year.They're also hoping to make a big impression on the thousands of visitors in London for the Games.It’s planned to be 120 metres high over the Olympic Park in East London when the Olympic Games take place in 20
  12. The ODA is also hoping to use other ‘green’ energy sources(来源).Solar energy from the summer sun and hydro(水的) power from the River Thames are also possible future energy for this part of the capital.
London also plans to provide a clean modern transport system for the Game. A tuain called Javelin(which will ravel at up to 225 km per hour)is gong to link(连接)the Olympic Park with central London in just seven minutes. The organizers hope to use the new Channel Tunnel Rail Link at St Pancras in central London to bring even more peope to the Games.Eurostar trains between London and Pairs and between London and Brussels wi11 be often and these high-speed trains are goingto reduce the number of flighs from Europe needed to deliver the sportsmen and audience to London. In addition, with new railway lines and stations in the local area,transport planners are aiming for the rail network to deliver 2
  40,000 passengers an hour to the Park with a train arriving every 15 seconds.In this way planners hope to reduce the need for planes,cars and buses and therefore make London greener’ in 20
  52.From the passage we know that“benefit” probably means “”. A.do harm to B.do good to C.show D.teach
  53.People will go to the Olympic Park from central London by A.Javelin B.Eurostar C.Channel Tunnel D.plane
  54.According to the passage,which statemem is NOT true? A.A wind turbine will be built to deliver energy. B.The River Thames may be the source of hydro energy. C.With the use of new railways,London wi11 be greener in 20
  12. D.The ODA is an engineer who can build things for the Olympic Games.
  55.What is the main idea about this passage? A.The transport in London will be modern and perfect. B.The ODA is hoping peope will use solar energy and hydro power. C.London will hold the most environmentally friendly Olympic Games. D.Afrer the Games the energy will be used for businesses. C Householders are being made to collect their own mail because postmen are not bothering (费力)to deliver parcels(包裹)and letters that must be signed for.Instead,they simply leave cards saying “Sorry you were out” without even ringing the doorbell to check. Customers then have to collect their mail from their local Post Office. Consumer Watchdog Postwatch said it had received 150 complaints(投诉)from Royal Mail customers across Britain who received“Sorry you were out ”notices when they were actually at home. Most parcels and all recorded delivery letters need to be signed for.But some postmen do not seem to want to wait for householders to answer a knock at the door.Others,employed (雇用)as short-term workers,have been known only to deliver the cards. “ We have had complaints that postmen are leaving these cards even when people are in, a spokesman for Postwatch said.“And we have also had customers telling us that short-term postmen are not allowed to take signed-for mail to he door,so they had to drop these notices through the letterbox instead.It is completely unacceptable that this mail is no being delivered. The recorded mail service is more expensive and is mean to be a top quality(品质) delivery service,bnut this is not the case.” Musician Adrian Bradbury,
  38,complained to Postwatch after he received two cards
through the letterbox at his South London home while he was there caring for his baby daughter.He ran after the postman,only to find he did not have the parcels with him.The postman told him that he was a short-term worker and said the parcels could be picked up from the post office.More than three weeks later,Mr. Bradbury has not had a chance to pick up his parcels.“ I am so busy looking after the baby,” he said,“ The parcels are probably presents for her” The Royal Mail said it knew about the situation in Mr. Bradbury's area and it was a way “to simplify(简化)things for new short-term workers that came in”. The Communication Workers Union criticized(批评)the Royal Mail.“If the managers are encouraging this practice,the CWU condemns(谴责)it.For the Royal Mail to deliver the service customers deserve(应得),the company needs to spend money on properly trained and paid long-term workers.
  56.Customers complain that the postmen leave cards saying“Sorry you were out”. A.when there is nobody in B.after they ring the doorbell C.without checking if there is someone in D.to save time and money
  57.The underlined sentence“but this is not case”means that. A.customers get a very good delivery service without paying so much B.the Royal Mail spends much money on a top quality delivery service C.customers have to pay more money for better delivery service D.the Royal mail doesn’t provide the service customers deserve
  58.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A.Some of the complaints have to do with the short-term workers. B.The recorded mail is more expensive and should be signed for. C.Mr.Bradbury is so angry becausc the parcels for his daughter are lost. D.The Royal Mail should be condemned if it doesn’t change the situation.
  59.From the passage,we can infer(推断)that Postwatch is probably a(n). A.householder B.postman C.letterbox D.organization 四、根据中文提示完成句子
  5.快点,要不然你看电影就迟到了。 Hurry up,or you will the movie.
  6.费尔普斯的出色表现使他赢得了“飞鱼” 的称号。 Phelps’excellent performance the nickname of“flying fish”.
  7.呆在家里太没意思了,出去散散步怎么样? It’s boring to stay at home.?
  8.接到你的电话后,我就尽快地把书带来了。 After I answered your phone call,I.



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