九年级英语试卷 九年级英语试卷
  19.My mother usually gets up very early the morning. A.in B.on C.at D.of
  20.Hi,Mary.Could you please show your new pen? A.I B.me C.my D.mine
  21.?Would you like to go to the cinema with me tonight? ?I’d love to,I’m sorry I can’t.I have to stsy at home. A. or B.and C.so D.but
  22.There many flowers along the street. It looks more beautiful than before. A.is B.was C.are D.were
  23.Computers are muchthan before.Why don’t you buy a new one? A.cheap B.cheaper C.cheapest D.the cheapest
  24.Mr. Brown often tells his sonmore friends at school. A.makes B.made C.to make D.making
  25.Turn off the radio,please.Your sister her homework now. A.is doing B.did C.will do D.does
  26.My parents always enjoyfor a walk after supper. A.go out B.went out C.to go out D.going out
  27.?Hi,Mike.Did yoll go to Sally’s birthday party last Sunday? ?Yes.We a great time there. A.have B.had C.will have D.are having
  28.?Must I finish writing the composition today? ?Yes,you. A.must B.can C.need D.may
  29.?do you watch TV? ?Twice a week. A.How many B.How far C.How long D.How often
  30.We will invite Mr.Li for dinner if heto our school this afternoon. A.came B.will come C.comes D.has come
  31.There are still apples here. We needn’t go shopping now. A.few B.a few C.little D.a little
  32.Mr. Blackus a talk on pollution next Friday. A.give B.gave C.will give D.has given
  33.Who my English book?It was here just now,but I can’t find it now. A.will take away B.is taking away C.took away D.has taken away
  34.?How old is the bridge over there? ?Oh,very old.It about three hundred years ago. A.is built B.was built C.is building D.has built
  35.I want to knowthe day before yesterday. A.what you do B.what do you do C.what you did D.what did you do
  36.Which of the following can you probably see in the meeting room?
二、完形填空 Years ago,when I was working as a psychologist(心理学家),a boy showed up in the waiting-room.It was David,who was looking down at his feet nervously. David had lived together with his mother and grandfather since he lost his father.But when he turned
  13,his grandfather died and his mother was killed in a car accident. He became very 37 ,refusing to talk to others from then on. The first two times we met,I did most of the 38 ,but David didn’t say a word.He just sat in the chair and was even careful not to allow our eyes to meet. When he was going to 39 after the second visit, put my hand on his shoulder. He accepted it, still didn’ 40 me. I but t When he came the next week, suggested playing a game of chess. agreed. I He After that we played chess evers Wednesday afternoon-in complete silence. It was not 41 to cheat in chess,but I managed to let him win once or twice. But why did he 42 look at me?“Perhaps he only needs someone to 43 his pain (痛苦)with,” I thought. I kept wondering and playing with him,until some months later, suddenly,he looked up at me,“It’s your turn,” he said.That made me 44 because I could see the hope of success. After that day,David started talking.Soon he got a lot of 45 in school and joined a bicycle club.He wrote to me several letters about how he would try to get into university. After some time,the letters 46 .I knew he had really started to live his own life. Maybe I gave David something.At least I learned a lot from him.He 47 me how one- is a shoulder to cry on,a without any words-can reach out to another person.All it 48 friendly touch and an ear that listens.
  37.A.serious B.tired
  38.A.writing B. listening
  39.A.explain B.speak
  40.A.look at B.listen to
  41.A.useful B. easy
  42.A.ever B.always
  43.A.share B.find
  44.A.relaxed B.worried
  45.A.friends B.teachers
  46.A.lost B.stopped
  47.A.gave B. advised
  48.A.makes B.gives 三、阅读理解 C.sad D.angry C.alking D.reading C.arrive D.leave C.smile at D.shout to C.difficult D.important C.never D.sometimes C.lose D.kill C.interested D.excited C.classmates D.parents C.went D.came C.passed D.showed C.takes D.uses A
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  49.Which book is the most popular one among the buyers? A.Ten Little Fingers. B.Bookmarks by Phillips. C.The Mystery of Breathing. D.The Best of the Song Books.
  50.You read this advertisement most probably. A.in a novel B.in a magazine C.on the Internet D.in a newspaper
  51.If you buy the four mentioned books(one of each),how much can you save? A.$
  00. B.$
  00. C.$
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  00. B Homework is a big part of going to school.Unluckily,homework has to be done,outside class?during times when rou would probably much rather be doing something else, example, for you prefer going to a birthday party to copying out a whole Chinese text. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make homework less work. First,be sure you understand the task.Write it down in your notebook if you need to,and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what’s expected.If you want,you can also ask how long the special homework task should take to finish,so you can budget your time. Second,use any small pieces of time you have in school to work on your homework.Many schools have study halls that allow students to study or get homework done.The more work you can get done in school means the less you’11 have to do that night. what if you don’t have time in school to get homework done? You’11 need to think about how much homework you have for a given night and what else is going on that day,and then budget your time.Most high school students have between 1 and 3 hours of homework a night. it’ a heavy homework day and it seems like you got a task in every subject but gym and If s lunch, you’ need to spend more time on homework. s a good idea to come up with some kind ll It’ of homework timetable, especially if you enjoy sports or activities or have an after-school job.
  52.Usually,students don’t like very much outside class. A.playing sports outside B.having birthday parties C.asking any questions D.copying out a text
  53.What’s the meaning of the word budget in Paragraph Two?
A.Plan. B.Save. C.Waste D.Kill.
  54.The writer advises you toif the homework is heavy. A.do less homework at night B.finish other subjects first C.come up with special sports D.make a homework timetable
  55.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A.It is natural for you to finish your homework. B.You can finish your homework in school or at home. C.You can do your homework as much as you can every day. D.It’s good to use small pieces of time to get homework done. C Science has changed the way we live and the way we think.New inventions and discoveries have made it possible for us to think about the wodd in new ways. The means of transportation we use today are good examples.They are based(以……为基 础)on the idea that transportation means moving something from one place to another. This takes time,of course,and we can only travel as fast as the laws of physics allow.It is not easy to travel much faster than today's airplanes and to travel very far, such as to the stars or to other planets. Now, scientists believe that we might be abe to send things from one place to another without moving them through space.This sounds strange,but a new way of transportation may become possible in the future. Teleportation is a combination(组合)of sending information through telephone or the Internet. With normal transportation,for example,by car or plane,a person or thing is moved from point A to point B.With teleportation,a person or thing is taken apart(把……拆开)at point A and put together again at point B. becomes possible, may be able to travel faster and It we farther than we could imagine. In the 1990s,scientists discovered that teleportation was possible. Experiments showed that teleportation could be done,but the thing being teleported was broken into pieces on the way.So far scientists have only been able to teleport photos-particle (粒子) What about teleportation of . human beings 人) ( ?Teleporting a human being would be very (difficult since there are so many parts in a human body.Even the smallest mistake could cause serious problems with the person’ s mind or body. There is still a long way from being able to use teleportation to move human beings, what but we used to think impossible does now seem possible.What we know and what we imagine often work together;the more we know,the more we can imagine and the more we imagine,the more work together; the more we know, the more we use to make our dreams come true and to build a new world with our ideas.
  56.According to the laws of physics,we know that. A.human beings can be taken apart first and put together again B.human beings can move everything from one place to everywhere C.it’s easy for human beings to drive much faster than airplanes D.it’s difficult for human beings to travel to the stars or other planets

  57.Teleportation has the following advantages EXCEPT that. A.it can travel very fast B.it can be very cheap C.it can travel very far D.it can teleport small things
  58.We can learn from the last paragraph that. A.imagination is the most important way to build a new world B.we can only use modern science to make our dreams come true C.many things thought impossible in the past seem possible now D.it is certain that human beings can be teleported in the near future
  59.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Teleportation. B.Inventions. C.Transportation. D.Information. 四、选词填空 根据短文内容,用方框中所给词的适当形式填空。 liKe, two, arrived, because, lonely, winter, frinends My name’s John.I live in London,but I was born in Sydney,Australia.We moved to England5years ago when my dad got a new job here. I didn’t want to leave Australia__6I had a great life there.I had lots of7and we went swimming almost every day after school.And the weather was always great. I didn’t like the life in London when we __8at the very beginning.I didn’t have any friends.It was still
  9,so the weather wasn't very nice??it was really cold and it rained all the time! I felt10and wanted to go back to Australia. Things got better when I started school.All the kids at school were friendly to me.Now I11living here.I think London is a great city. 五、完成句子,根据中文意思完成句子。
  12.外面下雨了,你最好呆在家里。 It’s raining outside.stay at home.
  13.别担心,他一回来我就把电影票给他。 Don’t worry.I’11 give him the film tickethe comes back.
  14.今天太晚了,明天讨论这个问题怎么样? It’s too late today.discussing the problem tomorrow?
  15.我太忙,今天没时间去买东西了。 I have no time to go shopping today.
  16.我们有必要阻止孩子们花大多的时间玩电脑游戏。 too much time on computer games. 六、阅读与表达,阅读短文,根据其内容回答问题。 On September
  06,the American tennis player,Agassi said a tearful goodbye to his
  21-year career(生涯)after losing in the third round of the US Open.The
  36-year-old man tried his best,but was unable to keep up with German Benjamin Becket,who is ten years younger. Before he left the court 球场) he told the world that it was his fans who had pulled for ( ,
him on the court when he was in trouble.He said that he wouldn’t succeed without their encouragement. Agassi hated tennis as a teenager as much as he loves it now.His f



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