九年级质量检测英语 九年级质量检测英语
  19.What have you decided to buy for your motherMother’s Day? Some flowers. A.at B.on C.to D.in

  20.Oh.my God! It’s a sea of cars.How can you pick out your car? That’s easy. is colored differently from any other one. A.My B.Mine C.Their D.Theirs

  21.are you going to the airport next Monday,Betty? By taxi. A.How B.What C.Where D.When

  22.Would you mind slowly? I Can’t follow you. A.speak B.to speak C.spoken D.speaking

  23.Liu Xiang may run even after the operation because he works very hard and exercises every day. A.fast B.faster C.fastest D.the fastest

  24.During the earthquake,many school buildings fell down. the people there didn’t give up hope. A.And B.So C.But D.Or

  25.Do you think John will help me move the piano? You’d better not ask him.He a composition. A.write B.writes C.is writing D.wrote

  26.How long Korean singer Jang Nara China? For years.She can speak and sing in Chinese. A.does;go to B./;was in C.has;been to D.has;been in

  27.Don’t you think her radio is too noisy? Yeah.I'll go and ask her it up. A.not to turn C.to turn B.not turn D.don’t turn

  28.David,is that man your Chinese teacher? It be him.He’s having a meeting. A.mustn’t B.can’t C.needn’t D.won’t

  29.Do you know how many gold medals the 23 year?old Michael Phelps at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games? Eight. A.win B.wins C.won D.has won

  30. my father my mother is able to use a computer.However,I can. A. Both;and B.Neither;nor C.Either;or D.Not only;but also

  31.Did you go to Mike’s birthday party? No,I. A.didn’t invite B.haven’t invited C.wasn’t invited D.am not invited

  32.I didn’t see you when I came here last night.Where were you I my project at home. A.designed B.have designed C.would design D.was designing

  33.Do you know ? PSP. A.what is it called C.how it calls B.how it is called D.what it is called

  34.I'm afraid I can’t return the book to you before Tuesday. A.Don’t be afraid C.Take your time 二、完形填空 I should say I owe my success to my mother.My belief began when 1 was just a kid.I __35__becoming a doctor. My mother was a servant.Through her work,she found that__36__people spent a lot more time reading than they__37__watching television.She told my brother and me to watch only two to three pre?selected TV programs during the week.In our free time,we had to read two books from the Detroit Public Library and__38__written B.Yon are welcome D.Be careful
book reports to her.She would mark them up with check marks and highlights.Years later we realized her marks were a trick because my mother was uneducated. When I entered high school,1 was an A?student.but not for__39__.I wanted the brightly coloured clothes and 1 wanted to hang out with the guys.I went from being an A.student to a B.student to a C?student.0Be night my mother came home after 40 her various jobs and I complained about not having enough Italian knit shirts. She said,“Okay,I'll give you aU the money I__41__! this week by scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms,and you can buy the family food and pay the bills.With everything paid off.you can have all the Italian knit shirts you want.”1 was very __42__with that arrangement but once I got through allocating(分配)the money, there was __43__ left. I realized my mother was a great woman to be able to keep a roof over our heads and any kind of food on the table,let alone buy clothes.I also realized that immediate satisfaction wasn’t going to get me anywhere.Success required intellectual preparation. I went back to my__44__and became an A?student again,and at last I__45__ my dream and I became a doctor. My mother is a woman with46formal education or property who used her position as a parent to change the lives of her children.There is no job more important than parenting.
  35.A.thought of
  45.A.expected B.depended on B.easy。going B.paid B.present B.far B.shopping B.win B.pleased B.everything B.mother B.realized C.gave up C.Successful C.took C.teach C.long C.making C.spend C.disappointed C.something C.studies C.changed D.dreamed of D.careful D.did D.explain D.often D.getting D.make D.bored D.nothing D.play D.tried

  46.A.1ittle 三.阅读理解
remind:tell someone to remember to do something
  47.This note was written by A.Alison Lester B.John Buchan C.Joy Lee D.Jane Johnes

  48.John Buchan is A.the writer Of Mr Standfast C.due on 24th January
  49.This is. A.a piece of news C.a reminder letter B.a story D.an ad B.Mr Standfast D.a friend of Joy Lee’s

  50.From this note we know that . A.Jane Johnes has not lent these books B.Joy doesn’t like reading in the school library C.this library has a few books to lend to others D.Joy may not borrow any new books now (B) It seems school children all over the world complain about their school food.Cherie Blair,the wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair,said that she would prepare a packed lunch for her son if
school dinners do not improve. So what do students of your age eat for lunch at school? Japan High schools have canteens,which serve everything from noodles to rice,but not burgers and chips.Other children bring food from home such as cold rice balls,meat or fish,pickles and vegetables. The United States A typical menu from a US school is made up of a hamburger with fried potatoes or roast chicken,lettuce and pickles,fruit and cookies. School lunches must also provide at least one?third of the daily dietary allowances(定量)of protein,vitamin A.vitamin C,iron,calcium,and calories(卡路里). Australia Meat pies,sausage rolls and hotdogs are all traditional dishes in Australian school shops.But as the nation pays more attention to children’s health,healthier foods have started to find their way onto school menus. Many schools have used a traffic light system.The sale of red.1abelled foods. including pastries,chocolate and soft drinks,is served only twice a week.Healthier green-labelled foods such as sushi,sandwiches,corn and watemelon,however.are served every day. In some schools.students have a choice of up to 89 foods to choose from, including popcorn and rice. South Africa Most of South Africa’s schools do not serve meals at all.Classes end at
  1:30 pm and students.get their own lunches.Many students bring food from home,usually sandwiches. Fast flood and fried food sell the best among students,which has led to a rise in obesity among children.But as more people began to realize the fact that being too fat may cause different diseases,some schools in towns have led the way towards better nutrition.Now students at these schools are provided with lunches of porridge with
vegetables,such as cabbages,onions,beans,carrots and tomatoes. 5
  1.What does the underlined word“obesity”in the last paragraph probably mean? A.Allowances. B.Sadness.
  52.We can infer from the passage that A.a typical menu from a US school is made up of enough nutrition B.most students in South Africa eat their lunches at home C.many schools in Australia have traffic lights outside their schools D.you can have whatever you like in school canteens in Japan
  53.What is the main idea of the passage? A.Food served in the US is the best of a
  11. B.Schools should try to satisfy the needs of students. C.Schools serve different foods from country to country. D.School children all over the world dislike their school food
  54.Who is the article meant for? A.School lunch suppliers. C.Students. (C) Jeanne Calment took up skating at age
  85,made her first movie appearance at age 1
  14.and held a concert in the neighborhood on her 121 st birthday. When it comes t0 long life,Jeanne Calment is the world’s recordholder.She lived to the ripe old age of 1
  22.So is 122 the upper limit(限制)to the human life span(寿 命)?If scientists come up with some sort of pill or diet that would slow aging,could we possibly make it to 150?or beyond? Researchers don't entirely agree on the answers.“Calment lived.to 1
  22,SO it wouldn't sul33rise me if someone alive today reaches 130 or 1
  35,”says Jerry Shay at the University of Texas. Steve Austad at the University of Texas agrees.“People can live longer than we think.”he says.“Experts used to say that humans couldn’t live past 1
  10.When Calment blew past that age,they raised the number to 1
  20.So why can’t we go higher?” B.Headmasters. D.Nutritionists. C.Nutrition. D.Overweight.
The trouble with guessing how old people can live to be is that it’s all just guessing.“Anyone can make up a number.”says Rich Miller at the University, of guessing Michigan.“Usually the scientist who picks the highest number gets his name in Time magazine.” Won’t new anti?aging techniques keep us alive for centuries? Any cure,says Miller,for aging would probably keep most of HS living until about 1
  20.Researchers are working on treatments that make the life span of mice longer by 50 percent at most. So,if the average(平均)human life span is about 80 years,says Miller,“adding another 50 percent would get you to 1
  20.” So what can we learn from this little disagreement among the researchers? That life span is flexible(有弹性的),but there is a limit,says George Martin of the University of Washington.“We can get flies to live 50 percent longer.”he says.“But a fly’s never going to live 150 years。”Of course,if you became a new species(物种),one that ages at a slower speed,that would be a different story,he adds. Does Martin really believe that humans could evolve(进化)their way to longer life?“It’s pretty cool to think about.”He says with a smile.
  55.What does the story of Jeanne Calment prove to us? A.People can live to 1
  22. B.Old people are creative.
C.Women are sporty at
  85. D.Women live longer than men。
  56.According to Steve Austad at the University of Texas, A.the average human life span could be 110 B.scientists cannot find ways to slow aging C.few people can expect to live to over 150 D.experts aren’t sure how long one can live
  57.Who thinks that a scientist will become famous if he makes longevity? A.Jerry Shay. B.Steve Austad. C.Rich Miller. D.George Martin.

  58.What can we infer from the last three paragraphs? A.Most of us could be good at sports even at 1
  20. B.The average human life span cannot be doubled。
C.Scientists believe mice are aging at a slower speed than before. D.New techniques could be used to change flies into a new species. 四、完成句子(共 10 分,每小题 2 分) 根据中文意思完成句子。 多好的天气啊!去“鸟巢”怎么样? What a nice day ! to the Bird Nest?
  6.珍妮很热心,她与同学相处得好。 Jane is so warm-hearted
  7.对于许多外国人来说使用中国筷子是很难的。 Chinese chopsticks.
  8.我认为父母不会阻止我参加这个体育活动。 this sports activity.
  9.他们一到那里,就看到了战士们正在为国庆 60 周年做准备。 the Celebration of the 60 Anniversary of Chinese National Day 五、选词填空(共 7 分,每小题 1 分)
根据短文内容,用方框中所给词进行填空。 Do you have any hobbies? If we don’t have any
  10. except school work,we may become boring people.And that can influence our studies。 Studying without relaxing isn’t 11 for health.We can’t get good grades if we have bad health.We should make use of our free time.We should do something we like.Some people like singing,
  12. photos and drawing pictures.Other people prefer collecting stamps,reading or shopping.I have a few hobbies,but my favorite one is collecting stamps.I like it best
  13.I can learn a lot of things from stamps. Some people
  14. stamps because they can get money from the
stamps.But I am just interested in collecting them and enjoy looking at them when I am free. Stamp collecting is becoming more and more popular all over the world.I know an Australian boy and a French girl
  15. the Internet.They a



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