1、A、school )
  2、A、sound )
  3、A、said )
  4、A、maps )
  17、――Mum, I don’t feel like eating. ――Oh dear!
B、foot B、cloud B、wait B、books B、borrowed C、room C、house C、again C、days C、helped
D、tooth D、would D、train D、stops D、laughed (
A、Bad luck! 一、语音题。 (请选出下列每题中划线部分读音不同的一个。每题 1 分,共 5 分。 ) ( ( ( ( (
B、It doesn’t matter
C、What’s wrong? she is very busy. C、because
D、See you later!
  18、Tashi always helps others B、if
A、though (
  19、Our teacher asked us to B、look at
the new word in a dictionary. C、look up to the park. C、has gone D、has been tonight. D、go to bed D、look for
A、look out ( A、go (
  20、Marry isn’t at home. She B、goes
二、单项选择题。 (每题 1 分,共 25 分。 ) ( A、a ( )
  6、There is B、an )
  7、These machine toys. C、look for for her new house? C、took D、spent how to use the computer. D、think D、look up elephant show in the zoo at 1:30 p.m every day. C、the D、/
  21、I still have a lot of work to do. I have to B、get up C、sit up a good job? C、finding across the river. C、build at the meeting? C、tell . C、yours
A、wake up (
  22、What do you have to do B、to find
A、find (
A、look like (
B、look after
  23、A new bridge will B、be built
  8、Did you know how much she B、paid
A、be building (
A、cost (
  24、What did he B、say
  9、You’d better go and ask Mr. Brown. He may B、say C、know
A、speak (
A、tell ( )
  25、It’s my fault, not B、your
fine day that I think I’d go out for some fresh air. B、so a C、such D、so
A、you ( A、do (
D、your own
A、such a ( )
  26、What’s can stop us from B、to do
so if we want to? C、will do D、doing while we were away. D、was well taken care of
is it from here to the Water Park?
――About half an hour’s walk. Let’s go and visit it. A、How long ( B、How often C、How far D、How much
  27、A neighbour helped to keep our dog. It B、took care of C、is taken care of
A、was taken care (
  12、――I won the high jump yesterday. ――
  28、The girl is the person who B、was hurt
in the accident yesterday. C、were hurt D、hurt
A、hurts B、It’s all right. C、I hope so. D、Congratulations to you! ( )
  29、Let me the box? C、to lift the match with us? C、look piano very much. B、playing the C、to play D、playing D、look at D、both A and C
A、It’s a small thing. (
you in with those bags. B、to help C、help D、helps I read about him on the newspaper. C、when D、as soon as
  13、Will you help me B、lifting
A、helping (
A、lift (
  30、I knew nothing about Yang Liwei B、until
  14、Will you go and B、watch
A、see ( )
  15、She enjoys
三、完形填空。 (每题 1 分,共 10 分。 ) A rich man and his wife went into a shop to buy a watch. They looked at a lot of beautiful watches, and after
  31. of them was very young.
A、to play the ( A、so
an hour there were two which
  16、We bought her a birthday present, B、or
she liked it very much. C、and D、but
they liked very much, but they had not them was very expensive, and

been able to choose

them. One of
  42、How did she feel when she answered the little girl's call? B、She was surprised. D、She was happy.
was quite a lot cheaper.
  36. them the more expensive one, because then
  39. his
A、She was worried. C、She was sorry. (
Of course, the shopkeeper wanted to he would
  37. more money from

  38. , so he said to the lady, "Oh, go on.
  43、How did the police and the doctors get into the house? B、They didn't go in. D、The women was outside.
money. If you don't, he will only spend it on his second wife."
several seconds
A、They went in through the windows. C、They broke the door open. (
nobody said a word, and then the lady said angrily, "I'm his second wife." ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  31、A、Neither )
  32、A、two )
  33、A、already )
  34、A、in )
  35、A、the other )
  36、A、give )
  37、A、get )
  38、A、it )
  39、A、Cost )
  40、A、Before B、Some B、one B、yet B、between B、other B、show B、have B、she B、Borrow B、At C、Several C、it C、how C、on C、others C、keep C、return C、him C、Spend C、Since D、Both D、half D、have D、for D、all D、sell D、buy D、them D、Lend D、For
  44、How could the little girl learn to call 9
  11?. B、She called it by chance(偶然地). D、Her mother taught her one Monday.
A、She learnt it by herself. C、Her mother often taught her. (
  45、How old was the little girl? B、She was five. D、Only two.
A、She was nine. C、She couldn't walk,so she must be less one. (B)
In England nobody under the age of eighteen is allowed (允许) to drink in a public bar. Mr.Thompson often went to a bar near his house,but he never took his son, Tom, because he was too young. Then when Tom had his eighteenth birthday, Mr.Thompson took him to his usual bar for the first time. They drank for an hour. Tom drank a little. and then Mr. Thompson said to his son, “Now, Tom, want I
四、阅读理解。 (每题 1 分,共 10 分。 ) (A) Mary was an operator(接线员)911 in Los Angeles.One Thursday morning,she was surprised to get a call from a young child who said,“Mom my ill,Mom my ill,''again and again.Mary hurried to find the address of the call.She called the police,in a minute,the policemen and doctors arrived at the house. They broke the door open, they couldn't believe their eyes. The little child was so young that maybe she could not walk!She was sitting beside her mother and holding her mother's hand.Tears(眼泪)were running down her face. The doctors gave the woman some medicine and soon she woke up.Later,she told people, “Everyone was surprised that my daughter could call 9
  11.One Monday I tried to teach her how to call 9
  11,but she couldn't do it.”Mary was surprised,too.It's the first time I've seen a two-year-old child call 9
  11.” ( )
  41、What did Mary do every day?
to teach you a useful lesson. You must always be careful not to drink too much. And how do you know when you've had enough?Well,I'll tell you.Do you see those two lights at the end of the bar? When they seem to have become four,you've had enough and should go home.” “But, Dad,” said Tom,“I can only see one light at the end of the bar.” ( )
  46、Young people B、are not allowed to drink in a bar until eighteen. C、may D、must taking him. D、without .
A、is not ( A、by (
  47、When Tom was a child, his father often went to a nearby bar B、for C、with
  48、On Tom’s eighteen birthday, he drank together with his father in that bar for B、once C、many times . B、something about the light D、something about the bar at the end of the bar. B、were two lights D、were four lights D、eighteen times
A、the first time (
  49、Father wanted to tell his son
A、the time to drink C、when to stop drinking ( )
  50、In fact (事实上) , there
A、She answered the telephone calls. B、She talked with the policemen and the doctors. C、She played with the children. D、She dealt with emergencies(紧急情况).
A、was one light C、were three lights
五、补全对话。 (每题 2 分,共 10 分。 ) A:Jane, what would you like to drink? B:I’d like some pop. I like it best. A:I’ll have some orange juice.
  51. Pizza here tastes wonderful. B:But I like cakes. There are many kinds of cakes at this restauraut.
  52. A:Yes, they are delicious. B:
  53. I like fruit salad. Please pass me a plate. A:
  54. B:Thank you! A:I’d like some ice cream. Would you like some, too? B:
  55. A:OK. Let’s have our dinner. A、Here you are. C、Thanks, but I don’t like it. E、I want to have some salad, too. B、Would you like some pizza? D、Do you like them?
八、句型转换。 (每题 2 分,共 10 分。 )
  71、My mother said to me, “show me your homework..” (变为间接引语)

  72、Many people are using new computers all over the world. (变为被动语态)

  73、They have a beautiful home. (改为否定句)

  74、Your home is a safe place. (改为反意疑问句)

  75、Jane can’t make breakfast because she can’t move her arms or legs. (对划线部分提问)
九、根据汉语意思完成句子。 (每题 2 分,共 10 分。 )
  76、超市整天有很多人。 Many people at the supermarket
  77、每天做作业我要用两小时的时间。 It two hours my homework every day. .

  55、 六、改错。 将选项番号放在题前的括号内,将改正的单词或词组写到题后的横线上。每题 2 分,共 10 分。 ( ) ( )
  56、Thanks a lot for ask me to your party.
A、 B、 C、 D、
( ( ( (
a English teacher
B、 C、
in our school.

  78、我告诉她我想有一天成为一名教师。 I told her that I

a teacher
  58、When did
A、 B、
you get in Beijing yesterday?
C、 D、
We should
  80、快点,不然我们要迟到了。 , we will
people around us.
  59、Watching Tv too much
A、 B、
is bad to
C、 D、
your eyes?

  60、I have two pens, one is red, another is blue.
A、 B、 C、 D、
七、正确词形填空。 (每题 1 分,共 10 分。 )
  61、Zhu Ziqing was a great (write). (hero).
第 1――50 题的答题卡。 (每题 1 分,共 50 分)得分
题号 答案 题号 答案 题号 答案 题号 答案 题号 3 答案 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  62、We all think Dong Cunrui and Huang Jiguang are both
  63、He gave a rather
  64、This film is
  65、To protect environment is
  66、I saw him
  67、He often
  68、Can you
  70、It is very cold, I think it (wait) at the door. (come) to see us last year. (read) that sign from this distance? (live) here for ten years. (rain). (surprise) answer. (interesting) that I have ever seen.
(important) to take care of ourselves.



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