初三英语上 Module 8 Unit 2 学案 一、 课前播报 二、 复习: 一)默写出下列单词 复习: (
  1. 有历史意义的
  2. 即使
  3. 规模
  4. 美丽
  5. 类别,种类 类别,
  6. 以……为特点 ……为特点
  7. 包括
  8. 丰富的
  9. 祝贺
  10. 摄影师
  11. 授予
  12. 典礼
  13.吓坏的 吓坏的 (二)用 that, which, who 等词填空
  1. We’re doing a project about countries we want to visit.
  2. He Zhong is the one won the photo competition last time.
  3. There were kangaroos were jumping along the car on our way back from Uluru.
  4. It’s the band gets everyone dancing .
  5. I got some great shots of the boy plays the guitar on the left.
  6. His father is the person will be most unhappy. 三、 多层阅读 一读:浅层读(surface reading) 将获奖者、奖项与事物连线匹配。 一读:浅层读 将获奖者、奖项与事物连线匹配。 He Zhong the Most Beautiful Natural Crazy Feet/Becky Wang Zhang Min the Music Tian’anmen Square Li Wei the Most Unusual Beijing Three pupils the Historic China the mountains in Xiangshan Park 二读:深层读(deep reading) 完成课本 P67 Activity
  4. 二读:深层读 三读:再读课文,找出其中的定语从句并口头翻译 三读:再读课文, 精讲足练: 大声朗读课文 找出你的疑点、难点。 大声朗读课文, 小组交流、互助。 四、 精讲足练:
  2. 小组交流、互助。 语言点导学
  1.Compared with other years, we received many more photos. 与往年相比,这次我们收到的照片多了很多。 与往年相比,这次我们收到的照片多了很多。 compared with 在句中作状语,意思是“和……相比”。 在句中作状语,意思是“ ……相比 相比” e.g. This road is quite busy compared with ours. 和我们的马路相比,这条马路算是繁忙的。 和我们的马路相比,这条马路算是繁忙的。 考例:和他的作文相比,你的作文更优秀。 考例:和他的作文相比,你的作文更优秀。 Your composition is more excellent .
  2. Even though all of the photos are excellent, we can’t give prizes to everyone. 尽管所有的照片都很优秀,但我们却不能给每人都颁奖 每人都颁奖。 尽管所有的照片都很优秀,但我们却不能给每人都颁奖。 even though 意为“虽然,即使” though 常作连词,引导让步状语从句,even 放在 though 的 意为“虽然,即使” 。 常作连词,引导让步状语从句, 语从句 前面是用来加强语气的。 前面是用来加强语气的。 e.g. It is better to ask him even though he should refuse. 虽然他会拒绝,还是去问问他比较好。 虽然他会拒绝,还是去问问他比较好。 考例: 考例: the soldiers are very tired, they keep on working. They are great. We must learn from them. A. Because;/ B. Though;/ C. Because; so D. Though; but
  2. He Zhong manages to show the movement and the sounds of great new band, and the fun which their fans are having. 何忠成功展示了这支新近成立的伟大乐队的动作和音效,以及“粉丝们”陶醉其中的情景。 何忠成功展示了这支新近成立的伟大乐队的动作和音效,以及“粉丝们”陶醉其中的情景。
  1)manage,动词,意为“管理,能应付” manage to do sth.,设法做某事。 ) ,动词,意为“管理,能应付” 。 ,设法做某事。 e.g. They managed to learn English well to welcome the Olympic Games. 他们想方设法地学好英语迎接奥运会的到来。 他们想方设法地学好英语迎接奥运会的到来。
考例:There is no much time left, we must manage ( finish ) the work. 考例:
  2)which their fans are having 作 fun 的定语,构成定语从句。 的定语,构成定语从句。 ) have fun (in) doing sth. 做某事有很大的乐趣。 做某事有很大的乐趣。 e.g. The children usually have fun (in) playing sand. 小孩子们通常玩沙子玩的很高兴。 小孩子们通常玩沙子玩的很高兴。 考例:男孩们在操场上踢足球踢得很高兴 在操场上踢足球踢得很高兴。 考例:男孩们在操场上踢足球踢得很高兴。 The boys are having fun football on the playground.
  3. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered the competition. 祝贺我 们的获奖者,并感谢所有的参与者。 们的获奖者,并感谢所有的参与者。 congratulations to sb. (on sth.) 表示 (因某事)向某人表示祝贺 。 表示“(因某事)向某人表示祝贺”。 e.g. I passed my driving test yesterday. 昨天我通过了驾照考试。 昨天我通过了驾照考试。 Did you? Congratulations! 是吗?祝贺你 是吗? 考例:I did quiet well in the school sports meeting. 考例: . A. Congratulations B. Don’t worry C. That’s all right 学后读: 五、 学后读:朗读课文找出下列词组
  1.对……感到满意 对……感到满意
  2.和……相比 和……相比
  7.设法做某事 给某人颁奖 获奖 远离 设法做某事
  8.(因某事)向某人表示祝贺 (因某事)
  9.感谢某人 感谢某人
  10.同意做某事 同意做某事
  11. 在颁奖典礼上
  12.在月底 在月底 六、 巩固练习
  1. He a piece of waste paper, and put it into the rubbish bag.(2007 河北) 河北) ( A. picked up B. threw away C. looked for D. handed in
  2. The girl won the match not so long ago is called Guo Yue, a famous Chinese table tennis player. (2007 浙江) 浙江) A. who B. which C. what D. whom
  3. Barbaba, where do you work? I work for a company sells cars. (2007 河南) 河南) A. which B. where C. what D. who
  4. The duty of Project Hope is to help poor children, isn’t it? Yes, it has built many schools those children can study happily.(2008 黑龙江哈尔滨) ( 黑龙江哈尔滨) A. where B. when C. which
  5. What are you looking for? I’m looking for the book I bought yesterday. (2008 湖南长沙) 湖南长沙) A. who B. which C. whose
  6. We should give love to the children lost their parents in the earthquake(地震). (地震) (2008 陕西) 陕西) A. who B. whom C. those D. which
  7. Shaolin Temple lies in the west of Zhengzhou welcomes the visitors both at home and abroad. (2008 河南) 河南) A. where B. which C. who D. what
  8. I’m sure I will get good grades (成绩 in the graduation exam. 成绩) 成绩 If so, I believe your parents will the result. (2009 黄冈) 黄冈) A. be satisfiedwith B. be angry about C. be bored of D. be worried about


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