时态练习题 一、用所给词的适当形式填空
  1.Heswimming in the river every day in summer. (go) .
  2.Ityou are right. ( seem )
  3.Look, the children basketball on the playground. ( play )
  4.Heto the radio when I came in, ( listen )
  5.It is very cold .I think it . ( rain )
  6. ?I need some paper . ?I some for you . ( bring )
  7.I can’t find my pen . Whoit ? ( take )
  8.He said that heback in five minutes . ( come )
  9.I didn’t meet him. He when I got there. ( leave )
  10.Imy bike, so I have to walk to school. ( lose )
  11.Hedown and began to read his newspaper. ( sit )
  12.He is very hungry. He anything for three days. ( not eat )
  13.Iwith you if I have time . ( go )
  14.We will go to the cinema if itfine . (be )
  15.I will tell her the news when sheto see me next week. (come)
  16. “ Whenyouthe car ?” “ In 1998 . ”( buy )
  17.Wegood friends since we met at school . (be) )
  18.Whatyou at five yesterday afternoon ? (do)
  19.The bike is nice . How muchit? (cost) 二、选择最佳答案填空 B.was C. will be D.is ( )
  1.We’ll go swimming if the weatherfine tomorrow.A. is going to be ( )
  2.Itfive years since he has left for Beijing.A. was B. has been C.is D.is going to be ( )
  3.Please don’t leave the office until your friendback. A.came B.comes C.have come D.will come ( )
  4.By the end of last year heabout 1500 English words.A. learns B.learned C.was learning D.had learned ( )
  5.Listen ! Someonein the next room .A.cried B.crying C.is crying D.has cried
  6.You must tell him the news as soon as youhim. A.see B.sees C.will see D.is seeing ( ) ( )
  7.He told me that heto see us the next day. A.comes B. came C. will come D. would come ( )
  8.We can’t find him anywhere . Perhaps hehome. A. is going B. went C. has come D. would come ( )
  9.The teacher told us that the sunbigger than the earth. A. is B. was C. has been D.will be ( )
  10.Could you tell me where the railway station?A. was B. is C. will be D. would be C. have gone D.have ( )
  11.Weto the Great Wall several times. A. go B. were going been ( )
  12.It seemed that the old manfor something over there.A. looks B. looked C. was looking D. has looked ( )
  13.He was sure that hehis wallet in the office .A. left B. would leave C. had left D. has left
( )
  14.You must study hard if you want to fail the exam. A. won’t B. don’t C. haven’t D. hadn’t ?Sorry , Iknow. A. don’t B. won’t C. can’t ( )
  15. ?I’m afraid you can’t sit here . D. didn’t ( )
  16. As shethe newspaper , Grannyasleep. A. read , was falling B. fell C. was reading , was falling D.read , fell
  17. ?But he !A. promises 许诺) promised B. ( ) ?Jim is not coming tonight . (许诺) C. will promise D. had promised ?I.A. forget B. forgot C. had forgotten D. am ( )
  18. ?What’s her name? forgetting 三、动词时态能力综合测试 B. washes C. has ( )
  1.He oftenhis clothes on Sundays.A. washing washed D. wash B. you are coming C. you ( )
  2.I’m Chinese. Wherefrom? A. do you come come D. are you coming B. is never walking C. walk never ( )
  3.Mayto school. A. never walks D. never is walking B. will come C. come ( )
  4.We will start as soon as our teacher .A. comes D. is coming
  5.How long agoplaying football?A. have you stopped B. had you stopped C. ( ) did you stop D. do you stop B. rains C. was ( )
  6.It hard when I left my house .A. is raining raining D. will rain B. is easy C. was easy ( )
  7.I think this questionto answer.A. easy D. will easy B. is sleeping C. slept ( )
  8. Don’t talk so loudly . Your father.A. sleeps D. had slept 疾病)? ( )
  9.How many people does the doctor know whoof the disease (疾病 ?A. are dying B. 疾病 is dying C. has died D. dies
  10.Imy homework now. A. finish B. finished C. have finished ( ) D. had finished B. has been in the army C. joined ( )
  11.Hefor three years.A. has joined D. has served the army B. was dead C. has been ( )
  12.His grandfatherfor thirty years. A. died dead D. has died B. have not heard C. ( )
  13.I from my brother for a long time.A. not have heard have heard not D. do not hear B. ( )
  14.Maths, one of the most important subjects, always interested him。A. has 。 have C. are D. is ?. ( )
  15.?Did your brother go to America last year? A. No , he did never go there B. No , he has never gone here C. No , he never was there D. No , he’s never been there B. has worked in C. has ( )
  16.He that factory since 19
  58.A. has left gone from D. has come to
C. has ( )
  17.Our teacherto Beijing three times. A. went B. had gone gone D. has been C. feels and ( )
  18.Last week Johnhis leg.A. felt and broken B. fell and broke breaks D. fallen and broken B. put on ( )
  19.Jackhis thick coat because it was snowing. A. puts on C. takes on D. took on ( )
  20.Hethe picture on the wall. A. hanged B. hung C. has hanged D. was hanged ( )
  21.Next monthtwenty five. A. has my sister B. my sister will be C. my sister shall have D. my sister is going to be ( )
  22.Youher again in a few weeks. A. will see B. have seen C. had seen D. have been seen ( )
  23. By the end of last term weEnglish for two years. A. have studied B. have been studied C. would studied D. had studied ( )
  24.Mrs Brownin New York for three years before she went to London. A. lived B. had lived C. has lived D. will live ( )
  25.When we arrived , the dinner. A. already began B. has already begun C. had already begun D. was just begun ( )
  26.I will go home for the holiday as soon as I my exams. A. will finish B. finish C. finishing D. finished ( )
  27.When, I’ll talk to him. A. does Peter come B. Peter will come C. Peter comes D. can Peter come ( )
  28.My sisterto see me . She’ll be here soon. A. comes B. is coming C. had come D. came ( )
  29.They said theyour answer the next day . A. had heard B. would hear of C. would hear D. will hear ( )
  30.The old man said that lightfaster than sound. A. went B. will go C. travels D. will travel
基 本 型 用所给动词的正确形式填空: 用所给动词的正确形式填空:
  1. A cow (eat) grass but gives milk.
  2. The room is dirty. I (clean) it in a minute.
  3. Mary (sing) three songs already. Let her have a rest.
  4. It is late at night. Dad still (work) at the desk.
  5. Tell Robert to turn off the lights before he (go) out.
  6. He put on his clothes and (hurry) to school without breakfast.
  7. He (fall) and (hit) his leg on a table that day.
  8. She (be) there twice already.

  9. What time Jim (get) up every day
  10. Look! Tom (mend) the car over there.
  10.You (not sweep) the floor yesterday. . (hold) on a minute, please! I __ (look) for a piece of paper now. If you (speak) too loudly in public places, other people (not be) pleased. “The light in the classroom (be) on.” “Oh, sorry, I forgot (turn) it off.” “Hoe about all of us (take) a short rest?” “Sorry, I feel like (watch) TV after supper.” (not worry). He’ll come back soon. (1999 昆明 昆明) February usually (have) 28 days? “I’ve (have) another letter from him,” Mr. White said. “His leg’s (get) worse. That’s too bad.” you (wait) for a bus now?(1999 宁夏 宁夏) We (not go) climbing the hills if it rains tomorrow.
提 高 型
  1. “I’ve finished my homework.” “When you it?” A. have; finishedB. do; finishC. did; finishD. will; finish
  2. Judy the Great Wall twice, and now she still to go there.(河北 河北) 河北 A. went to; wantedB. goes to; wants C. has gone to; wantsD. has been to; wants
  3. They usually TV in the evening. (1999 北京 北京) A. watchB. will watchC. are watchingD. watches
  4. The child crying when he saw his mother.(1999 吉林 吉林) A. stopB. stopsC. stoppedD. stopping
  5. What were the twins talking about when you them? A. had seenB. were seeingC. sawD. see
  6. Please buy some stamps for me if you the post office. A. passB. will passC. have passedD. passed
  7. ?Where is Jim?-He to the library. A. wentB. has beenC. goesD. has gone
  8. Kate to bed until her father returned yesterday evening. A. won’t goB. doesn’t goC. wentD. didn’t go
  9. “Have you ever been to Shanghai?” “Yes, I there last year.” A. wentB. goC. wereD. gone
  10. The two old men each other since 19
  70. (1999 河南 河南) A. didn’t seenB. don’t seeC. haven’t seeD. won’t see
  11. She says that she to Beijing next week.(1999 武汉 武汉) A. has goneB. will goC. goes
  12. I’ll go for a walk with you if it tomorrow. (1999 广东 广东) A. won’t rainB. doesn’t raiC. will rain

  13. I her to bring my book to school yesterday. A. toldB. tellC. am tellinD. have told Be quite. The child .(1998 广东 广东) A. sleepsB. sleptC. is sleeping I don’t know if he tomorrow. If he , I’ll meet him. A. will come; comes B. comes; comes C. will come; will comeD. comes; will come I an old friend of mine when I in the street yesterday afternoon. A. met; was walkingB. was meeting; walked C. was meeting; was walkingD. met; walked ?Is Mr. Wang at home?-No, he isn’t. he to Nanjing. A. wentB. goesC. goingD. has gone ?Have you mended the motorbike, Tom? -Yes, I it ten minutes ago. A. haveB. hadC.mendedD. have mended If it is fine, the sports meeting two days. (1998 天津 天津) A. lastsB. will lastC. lastedD. last Our geography teacher told us that the earth around the sun. A. goesB. goC. wentD. Going
  1. By the end of last term, we 1000 English words. (1996 河南 河南) A. have learnedB. has learntC. had learnedD. learned
  2. The Reads lunch when I got to their house.(1997 南京 南京) A. were havingB. was havingC. are havingD. is having
  3. His family TV from 10 to 12 last night. A. watchedB. were watching C. had watchedD. was watching
  4. “Have you ever to the USA?” “Yes, I there last summer.” A. gone; wentB. gone; have been C. been; wentD. been; have
  5. He his homework and now is listening to music. A. finishedB. finishesC. has finisheD. finish
  6. We’ve waited for you 2 hours. Where , Jim? A. are youB. have you bee C. are you fromD. have you gone
  7. He’s out. He to the library. A. wentB. has goneC. has beenD. had gone
  8. “How long have you there?” “About six years.” A. comeB. goneC. leftD. worked
  9. Our workshop since two years ago. A. was openedB. openedC. has been openD. has opened
  10. My grandpa for half a year. A. has been deadB. diedC. has dieD. was dead “When the Greens back to China?” “Next month”. A. did; comeB. are; come C. will; comeD. have; come
Stay inside, please. It hard right now. A. is rainingB. has rainedC. rainsD. was raining Our knowledge of the universe all the time. A. grow B. is growingC. growsD. grew Look! Lily with her sisters a kite on the playground. A. is flyingB. flyingC. are flyingD. fly It’s five years since I you last time. A. metB. meetC. have metD. had met I thought the news important for us all. A. isB. wasC. wereD. will be The woman fell off the bike and on the road. A. liedB. lieC. layD. lying Granny Wang told the children that the sun from the east. A. has risenB. roseC. risesD. raise Go to help her if she in trouble. A. is goingB. will beC. comesD. is Do you know which picture best? A. does she likeB. she likes C. did she like D. she is liking The Whites many places of interest since they came to China. A. have visitedB. will visiC. visitedD. visit I don’t know if she me when she .(2000 黑龙江 黑龙江) A. tells; arrivesB. tells; will arrive C. will tell; will arriveD. will tell; arrives Never trouble me while I in my room!(2000 河北 河北) A. will sleepB. asleepC. am sleepingD. slept If you lunch at school today, so will I.(2000 湖北黄冈 湖北黄冈) A. haveB. have hadC. will have D. had ?You’re smoking a lot. Only at home. No one me but you. Lucy is studying in Beijing. She London for one year. A. has leftB. gas left for C. has been away fromD. has been away They never knew what to the world in a hundred years. A. happenedB. would happen C. had happenedD. would be happene 26 ( ) 1 When Miss Zhao came into the classroom, the students. A. talked B. were talking C. talking D. talk ( ) 2 When Mary came to see me, I the music. A. am listening to B. listened to C. was listening to D. was listening ( ) 3 When I arrived there, youvolleyball. A. has already played B. played C. were playing D. would play ( ) 4 When I knocked at the door, my mother. A. cooked B. cooking C. was cooking D. cook
( ) 5 We heard a cry when we TV last night. A.



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