中考练习 6 时态练习题 一、用所给词的适当形式填空
  1.He swimming in the river every day in summer. (go)
  2.Ityou are right. ( seem )
  3.Look, the children basketball on the playground. ( play )
  4.Heto the radio when I came in, ( listen )
  5.It is very cold .I think it ( rain ) 6 .I can’t find my pen . Who it ? ( take )
  7. What you at five yesterday afternoon ? (do)
  8.The bike is nice . How much _it? (cost)
  9.I didn’t meet him. He when I got there. ( leave ) 10 He said that he back in five minutes . ( come )
  11.He down and began to read his newspaper. ( sit ) 12 I with you if I have time . ( go )
  13.We will go to the cinema if it fine . (be )
  14.I will tell her the news when she to see me next week. (come)
  15. “ When you he car ?” 二、选择最佳答案填空 ( A. is ( )
  1.We’ll go swimming if the weather fine tomorrow. B .was C. will be D .is going to be )2 I don’t know if he tomorrow. If he , I’ll meet him. “ In 1998 . ”( buy )
A. washing ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
B. washes
C. has washed
D. wash

  5.Listen ! Someonein the next room .A.cried B.crying C.is )
  6.You must tell him the news as soon as youhim. B.sees C.will see D.is seeing )
  7.He told me that heto see us the next day. )
  8.We can’t find him anywhere . Perhaps hehome. )
  9.My sisterto see me . She’ll be here soon. B. is coming B. will go C. had come C. travels C. have gone C. you come D. never is walking B. will come B. rains B. is sleeping C. come C. was raining C. slept D. is coming D. will rain D. had slept
crying D.has cried A.see
A.comes B. came C. will come D. would come A. is going B. went C. has come D. would come A. comes A. went D. came D. will travel

  10.The old man said that lightfaster than sound. )
  11.Weto the Great Wall several times. D.have been A. do you come D. are you coming )
  12.I’m Chinese. Wherefrom? B. you are coming
A. go B. were going

  13.Mayto school. A. never walks B. is never walking )
  14.We will start as soon as our teacher . )
  15.It hard when I left my house . )16 Don’t talk so loudly . Your father )
  17.Imy homework already.
C. walk never A. comes A. is raining .A. sleeps
A. will come; comes B. comes; comes C. will come; will come D. comes; will come ( ( )
  3.Please don’t leave the office until your friend back. )4He often his clothes on Sundays. A. came B .comes C. have come D. will come
A. finish A. died (
B. finished B. was dead
C. have finished C. has been dead
D. had finished D. has died C. my sister shall have

  2. He’s out. He to the library. A. went B. has gone C. has been D. had gone
  3. They usually TV in the evening. A. watch B. will watch C. are watching D. watches
  4. The child crying when he saw his mother A. stop B. stops C. stopped D. stopping
  5. What were the twins talking about when you them?
( )
  18.His grandfatherfor thirty years. )
  19.Next monthtwenty five. B. my sister will be
A. has my sister ( ( (
D. my sister is going to be )20Youher again in a few weeks. B. have seen B. finish B. washes C. had seen C. finishing C. has washed D. have been seen D. finished D. wash )
  21.I will go home for the holiday as soon as I my exams. )24He oftenhis clothes on Sundays. A. will see A. will finish A. washing
A. had seen B. were seeing C. saw D. see
  6. Please buy some stamps for me if you the post office. A. pass B. will pass C. have passed D. passed
  7. ?Where is Jim?-He to the library. A. went B. has been C. goes D. has gone
  8. Kate to bed until her father returned yesterday evening. A. won’t go B. doesn’t go C. went A. went B. go C. were D. gone D. won’t see D. didn’t go
  9. “Have you ever been to Shanghai?” “Yes, I there last year.”
  10. The two old men each other since 19
  70. A. didn’t seen B. don’t see C. haven’t seen
  11. She says that she to Beijing next week A. has gone B. will go C. goes
  12. I’ll go for a walk with you if it tomorrow. A. won’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. will rain
  13. I her to bring my book to school yesterday. A. told B. Tell C. am telling D. have told 14 Be quiet. The child . A. sleeps B. slept C. is sleeping 15?Is Mr. Wang at home?-No, he isn’t. he to Nanjing. A. went B. goes C. going D. has gone
  1. A cow (eat) grass but gives milk.
  2. The room is dirty. I (clean) it in a minute.
  3. Mary paper now. 5 He put on his clothes and (hurry) to school without breakfast.
  6. She (be) there twice already.
  7. What time Jim (get) up every day 8 Look! Tom (mend) the car over there.
  9.You (not sweep) the floor yesterday. 提 高 型
  1. “I’ve finished my homework.” “When you it?” A. have; finished B. do; finish C. did; finish D. will; finish (sing) three songs already. Let her have a rest. (look) for a piece of
  4. (hold) on a minute, please! I
17?Have you mended the motorbike, Tom? -Yes, I it ten minutes ago. A. haveB. hadC.mendedD. have mended 18Our geography teacher told us that the earth around the sun. A. goesB. goC. wentD. Going 综合型
  4. “Have you ever to the USA?” “Yes, I there last summer.” A. gone; wentB. gone; have been C. been; wentD. been; have
  5. He his homework and now is listening to music. A. finishedB. finishesC. has finisheD. finish
  6. We’ve waited for you 2 hours. Where , Jim? A. are youB. have you been C. are you fromD. have you gone “When the Greens back to China?” “Next month”. A. did; comeB. are; come C. will; comeD. have; come Stay inside, please. It hard right now. A. is rainingB. has rainedC. rainsD. was raining I thought the news important for us all. A. isB. wasC. wereD. will be Granny Wang told the children that the sun from the east. A. has risenB. roseC. risesD. raise



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   天津市龙文环球教育南开芥园道(红桥)校区友情提供,地址:天津市红桥区芥园道 136 号紫芥园底商明华里公交站旁,电 话:27573262,联系人:王主任 初二英语上学期期中英语试卷 初二英语上学期期中英语试卷 学期期中英语 II. 根据提示写出正确的单词。(20 分) 根据提示写出正确的单词。 1. My father lets me become a doctor in the f . 2. Miss Li a with me. I am very happy. 3. I went to ...


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