第七单元达纲检测 AA 级
一、单词辨音(4 分) 单词辨音(4 ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. holiday )
  2. A. invention )
  3. A. lab )
  4. A. how B. possible B. question B. safe B. now C. capital C. save C. down D. beautiful D. late D. own C. operation D. congratulation
二、单词拼写. 根据句意及词首字母填入所缺的单词(4 分) 单词拼写. 根据句意及词首字母填入所缺的单词(4
  1. Thomas Edison had 1093 inventions during his l
  2. What kind of s
  3. The boy was so f that he could not move. . . do you need to become a scientist.

  4. How will you be able to write n 三、根据要求变换词型(8 分) 根据要求变换词型(8
  1. invent(名词)
  5. safe(名词)
  7. own(名词)

  2. use(形容词)
  4. send(过去分词)
  6. noisy(副词)
  8. health(副词)
四、用所给词的适当形式填空(16 分) 用所给词的适当形式填空(16
  1. Will you please say it again more
  2. The radio says that it may stop
  3. You’ll have to build it
  4. Do you mind my
  6. My home town has
  8. I think art is
  5. Ask the doctor to come
  7. It’s another way of ?(slow) (rain) later. (you). (quick). (say)“fast”.
(sit) next to you. (change) a lot since 19
(little) interesting than music. 五、选择填空(8 分) 选择填空(8
  1. He is a great
. He a new machine. He has made many . useful A. invention; invented; inventors B. inventor; invented; inventions C. inventor; invented; invention D. inventions; invented; inventors
  2. Will you
see him next Monday?
A. can ( A. on (
B. able to B. in
C. be able to C. at
D. can be able to D. to invention?
  3. The twins were born
the morning of April
  4. Which do you think is the A. quite important C. second more important
B. first important D. very important his lessons. B. have nothing to do with B. has nothing to do with difficult C. even more C. using C. if D. more much D. to use D. until him own book?
  5. Most of his questions
A. have anything to do with C. has something to do with ( A. very much ( ( A. use A. while )
  6. The problem is B. very more B. used B. when
  7. Why didn’t you tell him
  8. Lily didn’t go to bed
she finished doing her homework.
六、用动词不定式或动词的现在分词填空(20 分) 用动词不定式或动词的现在分词填空(20
  1. Her mother told her
  3. He found it hard
  5. Uncle Wang can make his kite
  6. My mother let me
  7. -Do you often hear John 一 Listen!How we can hear him
  8. Remember
  9. I want (not read) in bed. (listen). (work). (catch) up with his class. (fly) higher in the sky. (not do) it by myself. (sing) in his room. ( sing) in his room.
  2. When class began, we stopped
  4. Li Ming was very tired, but he kept
(tell) him about it before he goes away. (take) these books to the classroom. 七、完成对话(10 分) 完成对话(10 A: Hello! B: Hello! (
  1) ?
A: Sorry! (
  2) . Could you speak more clearly, please? B: Yes, I said,“Could I borrow your volleyball, please? A: Sure! (
  4) ? B: (
  5) . A: OK. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow morning. B: Thank you very much. Bye! 选项: A:It’s not a very good line B:Mike’s broken. C:Tomorrow if possible D:Could I borrow your volleyball, please? (
  3) . ”
E:When do you want it. 八、完形填空(20 分) 完形填空(20 Have you ever loved something? That’s 1 happened to me when I saw a train set for the first time. Just then I was only six. My dad 2 a train set for my brother. I was the only one in my family to want to 3 it. I 4 that train set was really special(特别的). I sat there 5 it for a long time. I would count each time the train went around the track(轨道). A few days later my dad bought me a train set. It was an old one. It had four 6 cars(车厢). One was for people 7 in. The last one was for the workers to eat and sleep in. To me it was the finest train set 8 it was my first and my own. 9 Now I have whole collection(收集)of trains. I’ve bought most of the trains . If I want to buy a train and it is very expensive, I will save my money and buy it. 10 way to save money is to buy train kits(积木元件). Kits aren’t expensive and they are very interesting, too.
  1. A. what
  2. A. buy
  3. A. play
  4. A. think
  5. A. to watch
  6. A. difference
  7. A. to sit
  8. A. though
  9. A. me
  10.A. Another B. where B. buyed B. play with B. thought B. watched B. same B. sat B. so B. myself B. Other 九、阅读理解(10 分) 阅读理解(10 New York can be a dangerous city ? especially at night. Many people do not go out into the street alone after dark. The problem is especially bad for women. One New Yorker found an unusual way to work out the problem. She is a singer named Brien. She has to drive home after the show. Brien needed a “friend” to keep her safe. Now she has Freddie - a balloon(气 球). It looks like a man. He sits in the front seat of Brien’s car beside her when she drives at night. People on the street think the woman driver has a man with her ? and Brien feels safe.
  1. The writer tells us this story to make us know . C. why C. bought C. to play C. thinks C. watching C. the same C. sitting C. because C. mine C. The other D. which D. buys D. p1aying with D. to think D. watch D. different D. sit D. but D. I D. Others
A. a woman alone in New York is not very safe at night B. Brien has no husband nor friend C. Brien is a very good singer working for the night party D. New York is a busy city and almost everyone goes out by car
  2. Brien has to find an unusual way to work out the problem because .
A. she has nobody with her and needs someone as a friend B. she drives home alone after the show at night C. she is a New Yorker with great courage(勇气) D. she is a very clever woman who can do everything well
  3. What does the word “show” mean in this passage? A. Many things put together for being looked at. B. A kind of meeting for congratulation. C. A performance(表演) especially at the dancing party. D. A talk given in the open air.
  4. Who is Freddie? A. A singer. B. A friend of Brien. C. A man driver D. Something that looks like a man.

  5. Brien puts Freddie in the front seat of her car beside her at night so that . A. Brien won’t be hurt B. Freddie can keep Brien from any danger C. Freddie can stop her from falling out of the car D. People may think she has a man with her
参考答案: 参考答案: 一、
  1-4 C B A D 二、
  1. lifetime
  2. spirit
  3. frightened
  4. neatly
  4. sent
  5. safety 三、
  1. inventor(invention)
  2. useful
  3. pupil

  6. noisily
  7. owner
  6. changed
  7. saying 五、
  1-5 B C A B B 六、
  1. not to read
  6. not/ do
  2. to listen 七、1?5 八、
  1-5 A C B B C
  7. sing singing

  8. healthily
  8. less D
  4. working
  5. fly
  1. slowly
  2. raining
  3. yourself(yourselves)
  4. sitting
  5. quickly
  6-8 C D
  3. to catch D A B E C
  6-10 D A C B A

  8. to tell
  9. to take
九、1?5 A B C D D



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