O A shop owner closed his shop and went home.He was very
  1. But just as he went to bed the t The shop owner was 3 about this phone call. He put down the receiver without answering and “Oh,no,I don't want to get in,”the man said,“I want to go
  10.” ( )
  1.A.happy B.glad C.tired D.excited ( )
  2.A.ring B.rang C.rung D.rings ( )
  3.A.unhappy B.interested C.proud D.worried ( )
  4.A.upstairs B.downstairs C.back D.home ( )
  5.A.ago B.later C.before D.after ( )
  6.A.again B.once C.more D.much ( )
  7.A.another B.one C.same D.funny ( )
  8.A.angry B.happy C.sad D.strict ( )
  9.A.out B.in C.into D.in to ( )
  10.A.out B.in C.into D.in to P James was a boy. He was different from other children. He did everything very slowly. His And he said that he could do nothing to 4 him. James's parents were very
  5. James grew bigger every day. He was healthy and happy. But he could not 6 himself. One day his parents heard that there was a good doctor in a town. They took the boy to 7 h How 10 everyone was! ( )
  1.A.this B.there C.ready D.wrong ( )
  2.A.teacher B.doctor C.driver D.farmer ( )
  3.A.took B.read C.found D.forget ( )
  4.A.wait B.tell C.help D.teach ( )
  5.A.sad B.tired C.free D.angry ( )
  6.A.put on B.wake up C.look after D.stand up ( )
  7.A.visit B.thank C.watch D.answer ( )
  8.A.did B.saw C.called D.hoped ( )
  9.A.hear B.see C.speak D.run ( )
  10.A.easy B.clear C.busy D.happy Q A small boy and his father were having a walk in the country when it suddenly began to rai For a long time they 5 home in the rain. The boy was thinking. Then at last he 6 his fathe “ No,it isn't very nice,but it's very useful,Tom,”answer his father. “It rains to make Tom 9 this for a few seconds,and then he said,“Then why does it rain on the road,10,Fathe ( )
  1.A.with B.on C.in D.by ( )
  2.A.hide B.to hide C.hidden D.hiding ( )
  3.A.that B.then C.so D.while ( )
  4.A.well B.good C.happy D.angry ( )
  5.A.got B.were driving C.went D.were walking ( )
  6.A.turned on B.turned down C.turned for D.turned to ( )
  7.A.is it B.isn't it C.was it D.wasn't it ( )
  8.A.to grow B.grew C.grow D.growing ( )
  9.A.worried about B.thought about C.laugh at D.listened to ( )
  10.A.too B.either C.also D.yet R When Jack was very young,he played a lot of football,and he was very 1 at it. But then he
Then he began to get rather 4,so he thought,“I have stopped playing football,and now I'm He had a few 7,and then played for a few months. He met a nice girl at the tennis club one day,and they played a game of tennis 8 another y “Oh,”she said,“you have played before,10?” ( )
  1.A.better B.best C.good D.well ( )
  2.A.tennis B.girl C.school D.team ( )
  3.A.working B.playing C.studying D.watching ( )
  4.A.fat B.angry C.short D.tall ( )
  5.A.what B.when C.which D.why ( )
  6.A.many years B.quiet a few years C.about ten years D.a few years ( )
  7.A.tables B.lessons C.balls D.friends ( )
  8.A.for B.without C.against D.on ( )
  9.A.surprised B.angry C.satisfied D.pleased ( )
  10.A.haven't you B.don't you C.do you D.did you S There are 1 80 pyramids in Egypt. But the Great Pyramid is the biggest
  2. It is nearly 5,0 ( )
  1.A.over it B.more C.around D.few ( )
  2.A.of all B.all of C.at all D.all right ( )
  3.A.age B.ago C.old D.olds ( )
  4.A.tall B.high C.higher D.taller ( )
  5.A.made of B.make of C.made from D.make from ( )
  6.A.big B.large C.bigger D.huge ( )
  7.A.each other B.each C.each one D.every ( )
  8.A.as well as B.as much as C.as many as D.as soon as ( )
  9.A.it B.they C.It D.They ( )
  10.A.year B.month C.years D.months T One day Mrs King told her husband to go to London to see 1 uncle. Before he left home,his About twenty minutes 5 the conductor began to check the tickets. He came to Mr King and sa “I believe you bought a ticket. All right. You don't 8 buy another ticket,”said the cond ( )
  1.A.hers B.her C.she D.she's ( )
  2.A.wife B.uncle C.aunt D.friend ( )
  3.A.at B.about C.of D.from ( )
  4.A.bought B.sold C.found D.late ( )
  5.A.after B.later C.before D.late ( )
  6.A.ticket B.things C.book D.money ( )
  7.A.turned on B.looked for C.put on D.found ( )
  8.A.must B.can C.have to D.may ( )
  9.A.still B.already C.yet D.never ( )
  10.A.hold B.forget C.remember D.see U Mary did not 1 such sentences as “She is blue today.”,“You are yellow.”,“He has a “Mrs Smith,there is a 4 in each of these sentences. What do they mean?” she asked. “In 5 English,Mary,blue 6 means sad. Yellow?afraid. A person 7 a green thumb grows plant “Would you give me an 8 for a white lie,teacher?” “Certainly. Now I give you a cake. In fact you don't like it,but you won't say it. 9 you ( )
  1.A.know B.understand C.read D.see
( )
  2.A.blue B.yellow C.white D.green ( )
  3.A.for B.to C.with D.by ( )
  4.A.word B.colour C.mistake D.question ( )
  5.A.today B.common C.everyday D.usual ( )
  6.A.sometimes B.some times C.sometime D.some time ( )
  7.A.to B.with C.of D.at ( )
  8.A.answer B.book C.question D.example ( )
  9.A.And B.Instead C.But D.Also ( )
  10.A.ill B.happy C.full D.hungry V Dick was a sailor on a big ship. It went to Japan and Australia,1 Dick was often on the sh When he was 23,Dick got 3 and bought a small house with a garden 4 his wife's town. It was The next morning he 8 until 9 o'clock. Then he woke up suddenly and looked out of the wind ( )
  1.A.there B.if C.because D.so ( )
  2.A.started B.looked C.worked D.found ( )
  3.A.lost B.worried C.married D.surprised ( )
  4.A.in B.around C.behind D.of ( )
  5.A.home B.ship C.country D.parents ( )
  6.A.station B.sea C.ship D.town ( )
  7.A.off B.back C.again D.more ( )
  8.A.slept B.worked C.started D.woke ( )
  9.A.ill B.frightened C.angry D.quiet ( )
  10.A.left B.reached C.seen D.hit W Peter's uncle lived in the country. 1 Peter went to stay with him for a few weeks. Every t “I don't know all these people,”said his uncle. “Then why do you wave to them?”asked Peter. “Well,Peter,”answered his uncle,“when I wave to someone and he knows me,he is 5,he cont ( )
  1.A.One time B.Once C.At a time D.At one time ( )
  2.A.passed B.past C.pass D.pasted ( )
  3.A.angry B.happy C.sad D.surprised ( )
  4.A.somebody B.anybody C.everybody D.all people ( )
  5.A.pleased B.please C.pleasing D.to please ( )
  6.A.in B.of C.by D.with ( )
  7.A.doesn't answer B.doesn't know C.understands D.knows ( )
  8.A.with B.about C.in D.at ( )
  9.A.became B.become C.seem D.seems ( )
  10.A.lucky B.unlucky C.happy D.unhappy X Millie stopped 1 a shoe-shop and looked in the window.For some time,she looked 2 at a pair “I'd like to buy a pair of boots like 4 you have in the window.” She asked the shopkeepe 5 the price was neither too high nor too low,Millie decided to try a pair on. The shopkeep Millie was wearing a pair of stockings made of fine white silk. “8 my asking,”the shopkeeper said at last,“but where did you get these for some time. T “They're beautiful,aren't they?” Millie said. “10 was given them by my grandmother.” ( )
  1.A.inside B.outside C.near D.beside ( )
  2.A.straight B.strangely C.in surprise D.worriedly
( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

  3.A.thinking of B.talking about C.looking for D.finding out
  4.A.it B.them C.one D.the ones
  5.A.As B.When C.If D.Though
  6.A.stand up B.wait for C.sit down D.have a rest
  7.A.went on B.kept C.stopped D.finished
  8.A.Forget B.Remember C.Keep D.Excuse
  9.A.latest B.coolest C.finest D.oldest
  10.A.Mine B.It C.She D.I
e went to bed the telephone
  2. A man asked,“What time do you open your shop?” thout answering and went 4 to bed. A few minutes 5 the phone rang 6 and the man asked the 7 question
g very slowly. His parents did not know what was 1,so they took him to a
  2. The doctor 3 that the bo
6 himself. took the boy to 7 him. The doctor 8 a small operation and James could
ddenly began to rain very hard. They didn't have their umbrella 1 them,and there was nowhere 2 from last he 6 his father and said to him,“Why does it rain,Father? It isn't very nice,7?” “It rains to make the fruit and the vegetables 8 for us,and to make the grass grow for the cows and n the road,10,Father?”
at it. But then he went and worked in a town and there was no 2 for him,so he stopped
otball,and now I'm getting fat. 5 am I going to do?” He thought about it for 6,and then he said to
tennis 8 another young man and woman. Jack play very badly and was very 9 with himself,“I've never

  2. It is nearly 5,000 years
  3. It is about 137 metres 4 today,but is was once higher. It is 5 2,300,
e he left home,his 2 said,“Now you have all these things. Take care 3 them on the train.” He went e to Mr King and said,“Show me your 6,please,”Mr King 7 his ticket in all his pockets,but he could ket,”said the conductor kindly,but Mr King 9 looked worried. “You don't know why. If I find my tic
“He has a 2 thumb(大拇指).”,“He has told a little white lie.”,and so on.And she went to h ” she asked. n thumb grows plants well and a white lie is not a bad one,“ the teacher said.
on't say it. 9 you say,‘No, thanks,I'm not
  10. 'That's a white lie.”
was often on the ship for several months at a time. When he woke up in the morning and 2 out,he only wife's town. It was faraway from the sea. Then he had to go back to his 5 ,and he was away from his ked out of the window. There were trees a few metres away. He was very 9 and jumped out of bed,shout
few weeks. Every time they went for a walk or for a drive in the car and they 2 somebody,his uncle
me,he is 5,he continues his journey 6 a happier heart. But when I wave to someone and he 7 me,he is
looked 2 at a pair of boots on show. “They're just what I've been
  3.” She thought. The boots were asked the shopkeeper. “Could you tell me how much they are,please?” ir on. The shopkeeper asked her to 6 and brought her a pair. While she was helping Millie to put the
se for some time. They're the very 9 fashion and they are in great need.” my grandmother.”
sked the 7 question. The shop owner became very 8 and he shouted,“You needn't ask me when I open th
octor 3 that the boy could not see anything.
was nowhere 2 from the rain,3 they were soon very wet,and the small boy did not feel very
ow for the cows and sheep.”
nd then he said to himself,“I know,I'll play tennis.”
imself,“I've never played as badly as this before,”he said to the girl.
her. It is 5 2,300,000 6 stones. Most of them are higher than a man and weigh about two and a half t
e train.” He went to the station and 4 a ticket on the train with it. ockets,but he couldn't find it.” Mr King said. y. If I find my ticket,I can 10 my station.”
And she went to her teacher 3 help.
g and 2 out,he only saw the sea,or sometimes a port. was away from his home for 2 months. He went from the port to the 6 by bus,and was very happy to se ed out of bed,shouting:“We've 10 land.
somebody,his uncle waved. Peter was 3 and said,“Uncle George,you know 4 here. Where did you meet th
e and he 7 me,he is surprised and says to himself,‘Who is that man? Why did he wave to me?' So he h
ght. The boots were unpriced,so Millie decided to ask how much they cost.
g Millie to put them on,she 7 looking at Millie's stockings.
k me when I open the shop for I won't let you 9 …”
eel very
ut two and a half tons
  7. Some weight 8 fifteen tons. 9 took more than 100,000 men twenty 10 to buil
as very happy to see his wife
ere did you meet them all?”
ave to me?' So he has something to think 8 during the rest of his journey,and it can make his journe
n twenty 10 to build the Great Pyramid.
can make his journey 9 shorter. So I make everybody



   It is a thousand kilometers across that desert (沙漠). The road is 1 nearly all the way. Sometimes there is a deep sand. A driver must then put his foot down hard and drive through! There are three small 2 along the way. Vick reached the first place ...


   Mr and Mrs Moore were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year. They 1 their car outside and went in. Mr Moore had never got drunk (醉) before, so he was 2 not to drink too much, 3 his friends asked him to drink more 4 . During the party,Mrs ...


   陶然 时间:2009-09-25 作者:陶然 来源:新东方中学部 英语完形填空题主要考查学生阅读理解能力、逻辑思维能力和对具体语境的把握能力, 设 20 处空白,每处空白要求学生从文下所给的四个选项中选择一个最佳选项作为答案。考 生必须尽可能地利用短文中上下文中出现过的信息词、信息句去猜测推断意思,理解线索, 弄清句与句之间、 段落与段落之间的联系, 从而达到全面理解整篇文章、 进而找到最佳选项, 使补全后的短文意思通顺、前后连贯、结构完整的目的。 完形填空的特点。 一、 完形填空的特点。 ...

中考英语 完形填空

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   完形填空的命题特点 完形填空是一种要求高、综合性强的语言测试题, 完形填空是一种要求高、综合性强的语言测试题, 以阅读为形式,以上下文为线索,以理解能力、 以阅读为形式,以上下文为线索,以理解能力、词 汇知识、语法知识、 汇知识、语法知识、习惯用法以及分析判断能力为 解题基础,是一种较高层次的“阅读理解题” 解题基础,是一种较高层次的“阅读理解题” 完形填空的考查范围 完形填空的考查范围 (1)词语辨析、基本句型、基础语法; 词语辨析、基本句型、基础语法; (2)固定搭配与习惯表达; 固定搭 ...


   中考英语完形填空(附答案) (1) It was the afternoon of April 1. The bell rang __1__ the end of school. The students __2__ their books into their bags. They were ready __3__ home. Just at the moment, their English teacher came into the classroom and said to them ...


   初中英语完形填空中考全攻略(二 初中英语完形填空中考全攻略 二) 专项练习: 专项练习: (1) ) A man and his wife had a dog to keep their house. When they went out, they always left the dog inside the house. One evening they wanted 1 to the cinema, 2 they left the dog in the house and locked ...


   高中英语应试辅导篇:完形填空解析 As she walked round the large shop, Edith realized how difficult it was to choose a suitable Christmas __1__for her father. She __2__that he were as easy to please as her mother, who was __3__satisfied with perfume(香水). __4__, shop ...

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   2 Tel: 67445352 4145:BDDCC 4650CACAB 5155ADDBC 5660BBDAB 6165:CABDA 6670:DABCA7175:CAACC7680:AECFD 六 Last night, I was waiting for a taxi. After 5 minutes, I was 31 . The driver seemed to be angry. I asked him what the 32 was. He said he had just c ...



   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! 九年义务教育八年级下册英语综合训练(一) 注意事项: 注意事项: 1 试卷分 I 卷(1-8 页)和 II 卷(9-12) ,考试时间 90 分钟, 共 120 分。 2 请在 II 卷上填写姓名,考号及班级。 3 请将 I 卷的答案选项填写在 II 卷的答题卷中,II 卷的答案直接写在卷上, 考试结束直 接交 II 卷。 小题, 第 I 卷(共 60 小题, 计 70 分) 听力试题。 ...

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   1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy 2.人民生活水平的显著提高/ 稳步增长 the remarkable improvement/ steady growth of people’s living standard 3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges 5.人们普遍认为 It is ...


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