第一篇 Dear Reader, Imagine an 11-year-old child whose days are often spent washing clothes,looking after a baby, 36 hard in the fields. knows there will not be enough food for dinner,who can't fill her stomach Imagine a little girl 37 with water because it's polluted,and,and who has watched life slip away from her father and little brother and sister because the family is 38 poor to see a doctor. Is it hard to believe?For Maria Pastora ,there are the real life. Maria would 39 walk miles to school,but her mother now alone,needs her badly at home.Maria .What will be her future?In many ways,it will be disastrous(灾难性 will grow up without any 40 的). But fou just 52 pennies a day,you can sponsor a child like Maria.Show her that somewhere, 41 cares about her. 42 "Save the Children", you can help Maria's mother get the tools and ways she needs to turn their poor food 43 a good dinner and get the money she needs to buy clothes and school things 44 Maria . To help Maria most, your money is put together with 45 of other sponsors, so hard-working people can help themselves.Biuld a school,a hospital,bring in 46 water.This is what "Save the Children" has been about 47 19
  32. Fou you there are many rewards. Have the 48 to write to or hear from your sponsored child .Receive photos or progress reports .Know you are reaching out to another person .Not with a hand out, but a hand up .That's 49 "Save the Children" works .But without you, it can't work .Please take a moment now to fill in and post the form below to help a child like Maria and her village . It can make 50 in her life and yours. For the children, David Logier President ( )
  36.A.to work Bewared Cowering Dwarfs ( )
  37.A.who Bashed Cowhand D.whose ( )
  38.A.so B.very C.to D.much ( )
  39.A.glad B.gladly C.never D.hardly ( )
  40.A.food B.clothes C.water D.schooling ( )
  41.A.everyone B.someone C.anyone D.no one ( )
  42.A.Through B.By C.In D.At ( )
  43.A.to B.into C.become D.out ( )
  44.A.for B.to C.with D.towards ( )
  45.A.those B.these C.that D.this ( )
  46.A.clean B.hot C.polluted D.fresh ( )
  47.A.in B.until C.by D.since ( )
  48.A.chance B.right C.time D.duty ( )
  49.A.what B.how C.why D.that ( )
  50.A.so a difference B.such a difference C.a such difference D.a so difference 第二篇 , Last Tuesday I took my two daughters,aged five and seven,to town by car.It began to rian 36 so I decided I would have the children in the car before I went quickly into a shop.I 37 the girls
not to touch anything and told them I would be 38 within a few minutes .Then I locked the doors and left 39 happily looking out of the window. I returned to the car in less than five minutes but the girls had disappeared! I could hardly believe my 40 .The car doors were 41 locked,the windows were shut and on the back seat 42 only two coats.Being 43 ,I ran to the corner of the street 44 there of them.I rushed up to an old lady nearby and asked 46 she had seen two was no 45 small girls but she said "No".Feeling quick sick with fear, I sat on the driver's seat,and 47 to stop trembling.Suddenly,I 48 a merry laugh behind me.I got out of the car,ran round to open the boot and these inside were two very red-faced and excited 49 .They had obviously pulled out of the back seat, 50 behind it and then been unable to push the seat forward again.With tears in my eyes,I learned forward and pulled their ears. ( )
  36.A.heavy B.hard C.hardly D.big ( )
  37.A.let B.warned C.allowed D.repeated ( )
  38.A.away B.out C.back D.alone ( )
  39.A.them B.her C.themselves D.herself ( )
  40.A.ears B.words C.eyes D.brains ( )
  41.A.too B.again C.already D.still ( )
  42.A.there B.sat C.seen D.were ( )
  43.A.excited B.proud C.frightened D.pleased ( )
  44.A.where B.which C.that D.when ( )45A.warning B.sign C.body D.face ( )
  46.A.that B.when C.whether D.how ( )
  47.A.tried B.made C.wanted D.had ( )
  48.A.left B.smelt C.saw D.heard ( )
  49.A.sons B.daughters C.women D.children ( )
  50.A.climbed B.flew C.threw D.landed 第三篇 A little boy wanted to meet God ,so he started his trip 36 some cakes and orange juice .On his way he saw an old woman 37 in the park .The boy sat down next to her .The old lady looked 38 ,so he offered her a cake .She 39 it thankfully and smiled at him .Her smile was 40 pretty that the boy wanted to see it orange juice .Once again she smiled at him .The boy was very again ,so he gave her 41 42 !They sat there all afternoon eating and smiling ,but they never say a word . 43 it grew dark ,the boy got up to leave . 44 he left ,he gave her a kiss .She gave him her 40 smile . When the boy 46 home ,his mother saw the look of joy 47 his face .She asked him ," 48 made you so happy ?" He replied ,"I had lunch with God .I've got the most beautiful smile I've never seen !" The old woman also returned to her home 49 .Her son asked,"Mother ,why are you so happy?"She answered ,"I ate cakes in the park with God .You know ,he's 50 so younger than I expected . ( )
  36.A.in B.with C.to D.without ( )
  37.A.sits B.sitting C.to sit D.sat ( )
  38.A.hungry B.angry C.thirsty D.tired ( )
  39.A.received B.gave C.accepted D.refused ( )
  40.A.very B.too C.so D.quite
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  41.A.an )
  42.A.sad )
  43.A.As )
  44.A.Before )
  45.A.big )
  46.A.got to )
  47.A.in )
  48.A.Which )
  49.A.happily )
B.a B.happy B.For B.After B.bigger B.got B.with B.Where B.happy B.quite
C.a bottle C.bad C.So C.Since C.the biggest C.reached at C.at C.What C.happiness C.too
D.a bottle of D.luckily D.With D.Until D.biggest D.arrived in D.on D.Why D.happier D.much
第四篇 Some years ago ,Chinese high school students would show their new schoolbags, Clothes or new pens to .If you still come back their classmates when the new term started .Today ,however ,All have 36 to school 37 only these things ,you are falling out-of date(过时的) .Students in big cities like to bring the latest high-tech things to school ,and feel happy and 38 to show off(炫耀) these things to 39 .Mobile phones ,MP3 players ,CD players ,electronic dictionaries ,the list is endless . .They don't Young people think that ,living in the 21st century ,they must keep up with the 40 want to fall 41 .Besides ,they think 42 they need to keep in touch with their classmates ,so they need mobile phones .They also like to 43 the pop music ,so they need CD players .They explain that , 44 like electronic dictionaries ,these can be 45 in their study , 46 .They think that their parents should understand 47 they want these things .Foreign students will also bring some to school at the beginning of a new term . 49 they often latest high-tech things when they 48 use the money which they made by themselves during the holiday to 50 these high-tech things that they want . ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B.come C.joined D.stopped B.from C.of D.with B.luckey C.nice D.pleased B.the other C.otherss D.the others B.days C.years D.date B.off C.behind D.back B.how C.if D.which B.listen to C.read D.play B.just C.feel D.something B.modern C.latest D.useful B.too C.either D.then B.which C.what D.why B.return back C.reach D.arrive B.However C.So D.Still B.buy C.lend D.take 第五篇 Museums are often 36 interesting and beautiful things ,but in most museums you can only 37 the things there ,you can't touch them .This is not very 38 for most of us .People want to touch things there .They want to use them and 39 them .That's 40 we learn about things .If ,we learn about it 42 .But some museums are we are interested in 41 43 .For example , 44 Museum in Boston ,young people can use computers and 45
  36.A.changed )
  37.A.to )
  38.A.right )
  39.A.other )
  40.A.times )
  41.A.down )
  42.A.that )
  43.A.hear )
  44.A.look )45A.new )
  46.A.also )
  47.A.where )
  48.A.return )
  49.A.But )
modern machines .They can 46 move and play games a lot 50 museum ,children feel very happy .They can 49 ( )
  36.A.full of B.full with C.filled of ( )
  37.A.look B.look in C.look at ( )
  38.A.interested B.interesting C.interest ( )
  39.A.play B.play together C.piay for ( )
  40.A.how B.why C.where ( )
  41.A.anything B.something C.nothing ( )
  42.A.much easily B.much easier C.more easily ( )
  43.A.same B.difference C.different ( )
  44.A.Child's B.Children's C.Childs' ( )45A.these B.another C.that ( )
  46.A.also B.too C.then ( )
  47.A.here B.in here C.in there ( )
  48.A.In B.At C.Into ( )
  49.A.look at B.see C.watch ( )
  50.A.from B.at C.in
47 . 48 the same time . D.fill with D.look on D.interests D .piay with D.when D.all things D.more D.difficult D.childrens' D.other D.either D.there D.For D.learn D.of
this kind of
第六篇 Human beings have always been trying to conquer(征服) seas and oceans ,mountains and the they are men or women ,old or young .In their history ,many of them dived deep universe ,no 36 into the sea , 37 up high mountains or flew into space in spaceships .Among them ,Li Lida ,a 16-year-old schoolboy is a fine example . Like 38 parents ,the boy likes swimming very much .He began to learn to 39 even when he was a baby .He first tried to swim across the Qiongzhou Channel in June ,2000 40 he was 12 years after swimming for twelve hours .Then on May 17 ,2001 ,his 42 old .But he 41 birthday ,he tried again .He 43 at 6:02 in the morning from a beach in Xuwen ,Guangdong .Three .Then he slowed down as the wind became men swam together with him .Li swam quite fast at 44 stronger . 45 the crossing ,he had some food and drinks .By 2 p.m. he could see a high building in Haikou .He felt 46 ,but went on swimming ,After another two 47 swimming ,he finally reached the other side of the channel at 4 p.m. As the 48 swimmer to cross the channel ,Li was 49 spoken of by his teachers .He's not only of his school ,but also of the people in Hannan. the 50 ( )
  36.A.matter B.hurry C.problem D.worry ( )
  37.A.drove B.climbed C.jumped D.walked ( )
  38.A.my B.your C.his D.her ( )
  39.A.swim B.ski C.skate D.climb ( )
  40.A.when B.if C.until D.unless ( )
  41.A.won B.beat C.died D.failed ( )
  42.A.11th B.12th C.13th D.14th ( )
  43.A.set B.crossed C.arrived D.started ( )
  44.A.all B.last C.least D.first ( )45A.During B.After C.At D.By ( )
  46.A.worried B.tired C.afraid D.sad ( )
  47.A.minutes' B.hours' C.days' D.weeks ( )
  48.A.youngest B.cleverest C.slowest D.oldest ( )
  49.A.lowly B. carefully C.slowly D.hignly
C.challenge D.winner 第七篇 Sam lived in a small village .His mother was often ill and he had to spend much money on 36 .And when he was twenty-eight ,he borrowed some 37 from his friends and married .His wife was beautiful but came from a poor 38 .So she couldn't help him .She had to tell her husband to find work in the town .She hoped he would get 39 money to pay off(还清) his debt(债) .The young man to her and started. thought she was right and had to say 40 The young man could not read or write .Of course 41 would employ(雇) such a man like him in the town .He had to go an island and 42 trees for a farmer there .The island was small and there were only three men on it .They lived a 43 life and Sam missed his mother and wife very much .He wanted to 44 them ,but he couldn't .Luckily ,Charlie who was 45 for five years ,helped him . the answer every day .About two He asked the farmer to post the letter for him .From then on ,he 46 months later the farmer brought his wife's letter to the island .He was very 47 but he didn't read it .He had to ask Charlie to help him again . The farmer came out of the house and found Sam was stopping(捂着) Charlie's 48 while he was listening to the young man reading .It 49 him and he said ,"What are you doing it for , Sam?" "I can't let him 50 my wife's letter .'' ( )
  36.A.drinks B.fruit C.medicine D.newspaper ( )
  37.A.clothes B.money C.houses D.cotton ( )
  38.A. office B.school C.hill D.family ( )
  39.A.enough B.little C.few D.several ( )
  40.A.sorry B.goodbye C.hello D.good morning ( )
  41.A.nobody B.somebody C.everyone D.anyone ( )
  42.A.burn B.buy C.break D.plant ( )
  43.A.light B.sad C.hard D.safe ( )
  44.A.look after B.write to C.call D.played with ( )
  45.A.at home B.in hospital C.at work D.in school ( )
  46.A.waited for B.heard from C.looked for D.looked up ( )
  47.A.afraid B.careful C.happy D.unhappy ( )
  48.A.ears B.nose C.mouth D.eyes ( )
  49.A.worried B.troubled C.interested D.surprised ( )
  50.A.see B.hear C. write D. touch 第八篇 Tom woke up on Monday morning .He left 36 .He always felt sick on Monday morning .He had to go to school for a 37 week !He almost wished there were no week-ends . 38 was even more difficult for him to go back to school ! He 39 in bed and wondered that excuse(借口)he could make this time .He looked at his body ,but could find 40 wrong ,A little headache ? 41 .He had used that excuse many times .Then he realized that one of his teeth was loose(松动).Good !He was just to start groaning(呻吟) 42 he thought that Aunt Polly would pull the tooth out .That would 43 !He looked for something else .Suddenly he remembered what the doctor had said about a certain problem with toes .He pulled his right foot out and looked at it . 44 of the toes was really hurting ,Tom began to groan . "What's 45 matter with you ?"Aunt Polly asked . "My toe hurts ." The old lady felt into a chair , 46 a little ."Tom ,you frightened me .Now shut up at once and get out of 47 ." Tom felt like a thief being caught ."Well ,it seemed all right .It hurt so much 48 I forgot my tooth ." "Tooth eh ?What's ." "No problem ,"answered Aunt wrong with your tooth ?" "One of them is loose and it hurts 49 Polly ."I can pull it out ." "Please ,Auntie !Don't pull it out .It has 50 hurting now .Please !" "No
way !We



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