1 These days computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small shops along busy _1_ have changed into computer game houses in order to get more __2 These places are always crowded with people. In the computer game houses, people 3 a lot of money matching on the machines, It's 6 8 4 5 for one to beat a computer, but one can do well after trying again and again. People want to when they play computer games. The more they can't 7 without it. and they play in computer game houses for hours . When school is over, 11 . . Some of them are 14 . 9 . They don't want to have 10 The result is that some people don' t want to and hours. For school boys, things are they rush to the computer game houses near their .
rooms and sweep the floors. She tried her than the other servants(佣人).
5 and worked hard. Mrs Baker liked her and paid her 6
It was Sunday, Mr Baker was reading and Mrs Baker was watching TV in the sitting room. The girl came in and said,“I'm It __9 8 to you?” 10 work yet?”Mrs Baker 7 ,Mrs Baker. I have to tell you I can't work for you any longer.” Mr. and Mrs Baker. The woman asked,“What makes you say that? Aren't we
“Yes, you are, Madam,”the girl said.“Have you found a piece of asked. “No,I haven't,”Miss Carter said.“ 11 “You are 12 none of them to ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. died )
  2. A. hurried off )
  3. A. finished )
  4. A. work )
  5. A. better )
  6. A. much )
  7. A. sorry )
  8. A. in surprise )
  9. A. friendly )
  10.A. good )
  11.A. But )
  12.A. wrong )13 A. bad )
  14. A. poor )
  15..A. break keys in my study.” was “It 14
, the more they want to win, and at last they even
I don't think you trust(信任) me.” girl. And I often leave my
,Miss Carter,” Mr Baker. always think you are a 13 said “I 15 the safe(保险箱).” B. dieded B. hurried to B. stopped B. works B. good B. more B. glad B. surprise B. friend B. better B. And B. right B. good B. true B. answer C. dying C. sent away C. end C. job C. best C. little C. angry C. surprised C. rich C. best C. Though C. foolish C. well C. bad C. find D. dead
that you often left the keys in your study,” the girl. said “But I could use
“Well,”said Mr. Baker.“You can go right now!” D. stopped D. over D. jobs D. well D. less D. please D. surprises D. cold D. well D. What D. bright D. happy D. well D. open
Some of them can get enough money from their 12 Computer game addiction(上瘾) is a ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. streets )
  2. A. boys )
  3. A. take )
  4. A. possible )
  5. A. read )
  6. A. lose )
  7. A. come )
  8. A. watch TV )
  9. A. better )
  10.A. lessons )
  11.A. classes )
  12. A. classmates )
  13. A. lucky )
  14. A. good )
  15. A. important B. schools B. money B. spend B. easy B. learn B. try B. eat B. go out B. exciting B. games B. rooms B. teachers B. unlucky B. bad B. serious
  2. Miss Carter is a beautiful girl. Her father 1 and 2 15
_13_enough to get the money. So they have to steal or rob others' and become C. towns C. computers C. cost C. good C. win C. waste C. study C. stay there C. even worse C. families C. schools C. sisters C. careful C. rich C. unusual
problem in our life. Something has to be done to stop it. D. cities D. houses D. pay D. hard D. download D. watch D. live D. work D. interesting D. sports D. shops D. parents D. polite D. poor D. wonderful
3 “A friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”Sometimes in 1ife,you find a special friend:
two years ago and her mother made a terrible mistake 3 middle school, she couldn't go on studying.
Someone who Changes your 1
just by being part of it; ; 3 in the world;
.They began to live a hard life. When she
Someone who makes you laugh Until you can't 2 Someone who makes you believe that there really is
Her uncle found a 4 for her. Mr Baker, a rich shopkeeper, hired(雇) her. Her work was to clean the
Someone who convinces(使相信) you that there really is an it. This is Forever Friendship.
4 door just waiting for you to open
out of the window. His father could do Then Mike's father wanted to 6
5 . a joke on his son. He took Mike's cap quietly, hid it 7 his away. " Mike touched his head and it was really gone. The to get your cap back. " __11 can you
back and said, "You see, your cap has 8 boy looked 7 . 9
When you’re 5 ,and the world seems dark and empty,your forever friend __6 you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and You forever friend gets you your forever friend holds your 10 And if you 9 8 the hard times and the sad times.If you turn and walk away,
and then he began to cry. He wanted to get his cap back.
"Don't worry, son. " said his father, "I have a strange 10 get it back?" asked Mike in surprise.
. If you 1ose your way,your forever friend guides you,encourages you, 12 not worry.You have a
His father said, "Close your eyes and whistle(吹口哨) once, and maybe your cap will come back. " Mike came 12 "Oh! It was ( )
  1.A. look )
  2.A. At )
  3.A. care )
  4.A. hear of )
  5.A. nothing )
  6. A. do )
  7.A. before )
  8. A. dropped )
  9.A. worried )
  10. A. road )
  11.A. Why )
  12. A. on )
  13.A. while )
  14.A. terrible )15 A. threw to the window, closed his eyes and whistled. Just at that 14 13 , his father quickly 15 put the cap on the son's head. !" Mike laughed. He was pleased, then he quickly took his father's cap and B. see B. Of B. careful B. listen B. anything B. work B. behind B. thrown B. glad B. path B. How B. up B. second B. wonderful B. placed
  5. David received a parrot for his birthday. The parrot had a poor vocabulary (词汇量), and many C. watch C. To C. carefully C. hear C. some C. play C. after C. sent C. happy C. way C. What C. in C. minute C. had C. brought D. notice D. In D. careless D. listen to D. any D. take D. at D. flown D. proud D. street D. Where D. out D. moment D. lovely D. got it out of the window. "Now it is your turn to whistle, Dad!" he said happily. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
and tells you that everything is going to be OK. 11 such a friend, you fee1 happy,because you 13 .
forever friend for life,and forever has no Remember: 14
A true friend is someone who gives you a hand and touches your heart. happens,happens for a reason(理由). I know.But some of us have all D.work D.Offer D. scenery D.unborn D.down D.stands D.proud D.beside D.fo11ows D.back D.warn D.have D.goa1 D.wherever D.anyone How many people have eight true friends in fact? Hardly 15 right friends and good friends. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A.food )
  2. A.think )
  3. A.good )
  4. A.unpacked )
  5. A.high )
  6. A.1ifts )
  7. A.natural )
  8. A.around )
  9. A.leaves )
  10. A.head )
  11.A.make )
  12.A.need )
  13.A.job )
  14.A.however )
  15.A.someone B.time B.stop B.health B.unlocked B.above B.shuts B.full B.below B.travels B.hand B.treat B.must B.end B.whoever B.everyone C.1ife C.harm C.human C.unfixed C.across C.catches C.funny C.through C.moves C.heart C.find C.may C.top C.whatever C.none
were not polite. David tried hard to 1 the bird's words and was often 2 polite words, playing 4 Mike was a little boy. One day Mike went with his father to a small town to 1 his grandparents. the train, Mike put his head out of the window every minute. His father said, "Mike, be 4 3 ! his father and went on putting his head
soft music, 6
trying anything he could
3 to set a good example. But nothing 5
4 . He shouted at
the bird and the bird just got angry and became even was
.Finally,without any hope, David put the 8 that he might have hurt the bird and 11 that I
in the freezer. For a few moments he heard the bird kick(踢) and cry loudly in it. Then suddenly it 7 ?not a sound for half a minute. David was the freezer door. The parrot quietly 10 out onto David's arm and said, “'I
Don't put your head out of the window!" But Mike didn't
quickly 9
may have made you angry 12 to be polite. I am 13
me about my impolite language and actions. I will try my best at once what had made such a surprising D. have D. telling D. think of D. did D. not polite D. food D. quiet D. frightened D. repaired D. escaped D. celebrate D. D. with replied D. just
15 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
, too. )
  1. A. Many )
  2.A. can )
  3.A. hour )
  4.A. because )
  5. A. want )
  6. A. used )
  7.A. after )
  8.A. Everybody )
  9.A. wet )10A. difficult )
  11.A. one )12 A. have )13 A. alive )14 A. talk )15A. new B. Few B. can't B. week B. when B. sell B. new B. until B. Nobody B. fresh B. good B. four B. buy B. boring B. know B. old 7 When you write a letter or make a telephone call, your words 1 a message. People your face C. No C. like to C. month C. so C. swap C. beautiful C. without C. Somebody C. clean C. hard C. five C. learn C. busy C. worry C. cheap D. All D. often D. year D. after D. buy D. interesting D. with D. Anybody D. beautiful D. easy D. many D. want D. difficult D. complain D. valuable
sorry and beg your pardon. "
David was surprised at the bird's change, and he was just 14 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.A. change )
  2. A. talking )
  3.A. look after )4 A. happened )
  5. A. polite )
  6.A. parrot )
  7.A. noisy )
  8.A. amazed )
  9.A. locked )10A. ran )
  11.A. believe )
  12. A. in )
  13. A. much )
  14. A. to ask )
  15. A. went on to B. teach B. speaking B. look over B. appeared B. less polite B. chicken B. painful B. surprising B. shut B. stepped B hope B. B. for really C. make C. saying C. think over C. worked C. more polite C. meat C full C. boring C. opened C. swam C. dream C. C. to to reply C. a little C. went over
change when the parrot 15 saying, "May I ask what the chicken in the freezer did?"
B. asked B. went on
D. went
communicate with words. Do you think you can communicate shows you are happy and friendly. Tears in your eyes tell 1 people have been collect stamps __4 that you are sad. When you 6 7 . 5 your hand in class, Stamp collecting is perhaps the most popular hobby in the world.
2 words? A smile 3
the teacher knows you want to say
collecting stamps from different countries, for different reasons and in different ways. I collect stamps from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the U. K. only. I 2 3 . My father and sister work in offices, Most of my stamps are 6 paper 7 4 sometimes they bring foreign stamps home. If I don't any stamps because they cost too much money. from every country because there are too many. Some countries have hundreds of new stamps every
ask questions. You shake your head, and people know you are saying no. You nod a sign at the bus stop helps you to
and people know you are saying know which bus tell you 9 8
Other things can also give some information. For example, to go in or out.
. A sign on the wall of your school helps you to find the library. Signs on doors 10 you ever noticed that there are a lot of signs around you and that 12 many other ways. 13 about the blue sea and many other things. 11 them all the time? People can communicate
want a stamp, I try to swap it with a friend. I don't 5 damaging( 毁坏)them. 8
you receive messages Books 14
ones, which are stuck on paper at first. I have to get the stamps off the wants to collect damaged stamps. I put the stamps into water 9 . Then it is 10 to peel off
artist can use his drawings to tell about beautiful mountains,
to tell you about all wonderful things in the world and also about people and their ideas.
in a bowl. After ten to twenty minutes, the water makes the paper I have 11 albums, one for each country. 12
Books, magazines, TV and radio and films all help us to communicate with other people. They all help us to know 15 is going on in the world. ( )
  1.A. take )
  2.A. by )
  3. A. in )
  4.A. others B. bring B. with B. on B. the others C. carry C. use C. at C. other D. gives D. without D. over D. the other ( ( (
the stamps carefully and let them dry. After that, I put them in one of my stamp albums(集邮册) . I can many things from my stamps. They make my school subjects 13 . They show me
what birds, animals and plants there are in a country. They let me
14 about the people and events in
different countries. Some old stamps are very valuable. Perhaps one day some of my stamps will be
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  5. A. put on )
  6. A. when )
  7. A. no )
  8. A. to get )
  9. A. which )
  10. A. Do )
  11.A. from )
  12. A. with )
  13. A. The )
  14. A. write )
  15.A. what
B. put out B. or B. hello B. to choose B. where B. Did B. of B. by B. An B. wrote B. which
C. put up C. but C. yes C. to have C. how C. Had C. about C. without C. A C. is written C. that
D. put down D. if D. nothing D. to take D. what D. Have D. for D. in D. Some D. are written D. who
( ( ( ( ( (
  10.A. write )
  11. A. either a pen or C. both a pen and )
  12. A. forgot )
  13. A. he )
  14. A. brushing )
  15.A. find out
B. remember
C. understand
D. use
B. neither a pen nor D. not only a pen but B. read B. his friend B. walking in B. listen to C. took C. his wife C. leaving C. see D. threw D. his daughter D. cleaning D. write

  9. Someone once wrote, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. "Work is everyone needs leisure time too. Leisure time 2 free time to do whatever you want. 3 __1 , but is a time
8 Mr. White is a member of his office. He's So he's always 2 __5 he 1 and can easily deal with(处理) all kinds of matters. __3 and has no time to do the 6 . Now Mrs. White
for anything that interesting places, things. Rig



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