九年级英语下册 Unit 2 教案 9 Teaching objectives:
  3. To understand the idea of how robots can change our lives. To recognize and understand vocabulary about life with robots. To identify the good points of owning a robot.
Teaching procedure: Step 1: Background information: A robot is an automated machine that is programmed to perform functions just as a human would do. Step 2: Reading “The first person to own a robot”
  1. Review the things that a robot can do in “welcome to the unit”. Ask students whether they believe people will use robots to them in the future.
  2. Explain the context of the reading passage. Daniel is reading an article about having a robot at home. There are good points and bad
  3. Ask students to listen to the passage, paying attention to the pronunciation, and make some of them to read the paragraphs aloud.
  4. List the good points.
  5. Ask students to read each paragraph and put forward questions if they have. Step 3: language points
  1. the first one to do sth.
  2. in order to:引导目的状语,后接动词原形,可以放在句首,或句末,否 定形式 in order not to do sth.: She listens to English every day in order to get good marks. =so as to do: She listens to English every day so as to get good marks. =in order that +从句: She listens to English every day in order that she can get good marks. =so that: She listens to English every day so that she can get good marks.
  3. as a result: “因为,由于,由于。。。结果”, 用来做结果状语 She was late as a result of heavy rain. points. do their chores for

  4. no longer: “不再,再也不,今后不再“,指时间,多由于修饰某种具体 状态,相当于 not any longer, 其中 any longer 一般放在句末。 I no longer go there.= I don’t go there any longer. (no more 也用来表示不再, 再也不“, 但是强调数量和程度=not any more) There’s no more water.=There is not water any more.
  5. for an extra hour: extra “额外的,附加的” Step
  4: Homework: :
  3. Recite the useful vocabulary and paragraphs. Complete some exercise. Preview reading(


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