九年级英语下册 Unit 6 教案 2
Section B needs 1~2 periods. Section B 需用 1~2 课时。 The main activities are 1a and 2a. 本课重点活动是 1a 和 2a。 目标要求 Ⅰ. Aims and demands 目标要求
  1. Master new word: bottom
  2. Review the present perfect tense and learn how to use it with other tenses. (
  1) Maybe I have done some things that hurt your feelings in the past three years. (
  2) I’ve certainly forgotten anything like that.
  3. Learn how to exchange the past experiences with others.
  4. Learn how to make a speech at the graduation ceremony.
  5. Farewells
  6. Apologies (
  1) …, I want to beg your pardon. (
  2) It’s nothing. (
  3) You don’t need to say sorry. Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具 磁带/录音机/写有阅读任务的小黑板 Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案 Step 1 Review 第一步 复 习(时间:15 分钟)
  1. (复习上节课功能话题以及现在完成时态和其他一些时态的综合运用。) T: Boys and girls, glad to see you again. Ss: Glad to see you, too. T: Our graduation is coming. What will you do for it? S1: I must study hard for the final examination. S2: I will buy some gifts for my good friends. S3: I will make some cards for my classmates and design some beautiful flowers
and words on the blackboard for the ceremony. T: Great! Now, please work in pairs and discuss what you have done for graduation. (学生互相讨论,复习现在完成时态的用法。教师尽量引导学生复习含有完成 时态的陈述句、疑问句及其回答。) T: S4, could you tell us what you have done? S4: I have taken some photos to send to my good friends. S5 and I have prepared a program for the graduation ceremony. S5: Yes, we have practised the program for a long time. T: That’s great. Most of you have prepared for the examination, haven’t you? Ss: Yes, we have. T: It’s so smart of you to do so.
  2. (导入新单词及本课关键短语。) T: Boys and girls, we have stayed here for three years. How time flies! We’ll say goodbye to each other. I think in the past three years, you have got along well with each other. But you may have done some things that hurt others. If so, you should beg their pardon. To my great joy, most of you are studying so hard. Thanks to your hard working, all of you have made great progress. As a teacher, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all success for the future and remember the friendship forever. Will you? Ss: Certainly. (教师在陈述的同时,板书并领读画线部分的单词及短语。) say goodbye to… get along well with… beg one’s pardon To one’s great joy Thanks to… bottom
(呈现写有下列内容的小黑板。此项活动复习已学单词、短语,激活旧知识, 为课文理解作铺垫。) Fill in the blanks with a word or phrase in a proper way to complete the following sentences: to one’s joy, realize, enjoy oneself, get along well, go on, thanks to
  1) (
my classmates’ advice (建议), I have made so great progress. , I met an old friend in Beijing. your dreams. with each other. very much.
  3) Work hard, and you will (
  4) These years, we
  5) At the class get-together, they had a good time and (
  6) Having a rest, we writing our composition.
(学生单独做作业,随后讨论并修改。教师指出学生在作业中的典型问题。) T: Boys and girls, discuss the answers on the blackboard and then let’s check them together. Answers:
  1. Thanks to
  2. To my joy
  3. realize
  4. have got along well
  6. went on

  5. enjoyed themselves Step 2
Presentation 第二步 呈现 呈现(时间:12 分钟)
学习 1a,完成 1b,并学习 2a。
  1. (进入 1a 部分。) T: Turn to page
  43. Look at the picture. Kangkang and Michael are talking about something. Listen to the tape and learn what they are talking about. There are some questions for you after listening. (呈现阅读任务,听 1a 录音并核对答案。) (
  1) Who will go back to America, Kangkang or Michael? (
  2) Has Kangkang done anything that hurt Michael’s feelings? What does Kangkang say? (
  3) What are they going to remember?
  2. (进入 1b 部分。) (把学生分成两组,分角色朗读。) T: All right. Read the dialog in roles and check your answers. Group 1 and Group 2 act as Kangkang, Group 3 and Group 4 act as Michael. One, two, three, go! T: Now, you have to finish a task alone according to the dialog. Turn to 1b on page
  43. Fill in the blanks and finish it as soon as possible.
(学生独立作业,老师核对答案。) T: The answers are: miss, has ever done, feelings, sorry, remember.
  3. (进入 2a 部分。) T: Boys and girls. Maybe some of you will make speeches at the graduation ceremony. Today, we’ll learn how to make it. There are two speeches at the graduation ceremony in 2a. Let’s see what they say in the speech. Read the passage in 2 minutes. There will be some tasks for you. (教师呈现写有阅读任务的小黑板。2 分钟后检查同学们完成的情况。) How they feel What they got What they will do Step 3 Consolidation 第三步 巩固(时间:8 分钟) 巩固
巩固 1a,2a,完成 2b。
  1. (听 2a 录音,并模仿语音语调。) T: We’ve learnt what the speech says. Now, look at 2a and listen to the tape. Pay attention to its pronunciation and intonation. (播放课文磁带。)
  2. (开展任务型活动,帮助学生进行语音语调练习,加深对句子的理解。)
  3. (在听的过程中,引导学生画出文中关键词,并鼓励他们用自己的话复述 2a。) (进入 2b 部分。) T: I’ll check how you grasp the text. Turn to 2b on page 44, choose the similar meanings. At first, finish the part alone.
  4. (整合文章内容。练习学生的语音语调,进一步加深对文章的理解。) T: There are some questions. Could you answer them according to the text? (教师板书阅读任务,同时给学生一些思考的时间。)
  1. Why is Maria feeling so excited and happy?
  2. What has Maria got during the three-year time?
  3. What will Kangkang do after graduation?
Step 4 进行活动 2c。
Practice 第四步 练习(时间:5 分钟) 练习
(小组讨论在毕业典礼上的发言。) T: We have learnt a speech and discussed how to make a speech. Now, we’ll discuss what you are going to speak at the graduation ceremony. (教师给出讨论的要点。) (
  1) My feeling. (
  2) The reasons for my excitement and happiness. (
  3) What I’ve learnt and done during the three years. (
  4) The most moving event. (
  5) My plan for the future. (教师根据情况让 1~2 名学生陈述。) Step 5 写作练习。
  1. (练习写毕业典礼演讲稿。) T: I think most of you have prepared for writing a speech. Now, write it on your exercise book. There are some requirements for you. (
  1) 先列出提纲,再写正文。 (
  2) 文章中尽量能运用已学或你收集的谚语或俗语。如: ①Where there is a will, there is a way. ②It’s the thought that counts. ③No pains, no gains. (
  3) 词数:80-1
  2. Homework Think of the activities according to the text. Which ones do you think are not good for us? Show your reasons. Project 第五步 综合探究活动 综合探究活动(时间:5 分钟)


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