九年级英语下册 Unit1 教案 3
Objectives: To use ‘can’, ‘could’, ‘may’ and ‘might’ to talk about permission. Main points : The usage of ‘can’, ‘could’, ‘may’ and ‘might’. Difficult points: To use ‘may’ and ‘might’ to talk about permission. Teaching methods: Task-based teaching method, practice Teaching procedures Step 1: Lead-in
  1.T: There are different ways of asking for and granting permission. Each way has a different level of formality.
  1. Go through the tables at the top of page
  9. Explain the different levels of formality. Step2: Presentation
  1. Explain the context of the exercise.
  2. Ss complete the exercise on their own.
  3. Choose several Ss to read the completed questions and answers.
  4. Ask Ss to write sentences to ask permission in the following Qs
  1)Your cousin is watching a boring TV program, you ask her for permission to change the channel. (
  2)Your uncle and aunt have invited you to join them for a walk in a park nearby. You want to bring your dog along.

  5.Blackboard design

Step3 Homework. 一. 选择
  1. ? A. Can
  2. ? I smoke here ? B. May ? No , you mustn’t . C. Must D. Need ? Yes , you . D. May ; need
I visit Lucy on Sunday , Mum ? B. May ; may
A. Must ; can
  3. He
C. Need ; need
finish his homework on time . B. doesn’t need C. needs to D. needs
A. need not to
you like to hold the ladder for me ? A. Could B. Should C. Would at home . C. he may be D. may be he D. Must

  5. John didn’t come to the party , A. he maybe 二. 翻译
  2.Daniel 认为空气罐比干粮更重要. B. maybe he



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