形容词 Adjective
用来描写或修饰名词、代词的一类词, 对它们起修饰、描绘作用,表示名词的性质 和特征。

  1. 作定语

  1) She is a good student. They are old teachers.
  2) I have something important to do. Is there anything wrong with your bike? Anyone intelligent can do it. 总结: 形容词放名词前,放不定代词后.

主观 看法 kind fine good sick 大小 长短 large small 新旧 温度 old new 颜色 red blue 国籍 材料
Chinese wooden Canada Japan stone silk gold
round young yellow long hot
brown English

  1.Mary给了我一个实用的大的棕色木盒子. Mary gave me a useful big brown wooden box. a small round table
  2.一张小圆桌 a tall white building

  2. 作表语
Our hometown is beautiful. The trees turn green. The soup smells delicious. 注意:常用的系动词有: be,become,get, look,feel,smell,sound,turn,seem,grow等 The baby is still awake. The old man is alone.

  3. 作补语
The news made us happy. Keep the classroom clean and tidy, please. She died young. The room was found empty.

  4. the+adj
The old are taken good care of in our country. The English like tea very much.

  1. 构成

  1) 规则变化
long tall nice large busy easy big hot useful interesting
-er -r y i-er
双写辅音 字母-er
-est -st y i-est
双写辅音字 母-est
单音节词 和 少数双音 节词

  2) 不规则变化
原级 good/well bad/badly/ill many/much little far old
比较级 better worse more less
最高级 best worst most least
farther/further farther/furthest
older/elder oldest/eldest

  2. 用法

  1) 和…一样 as + adj + as 和…不一样 not so(as) + adj + as
汤姆和凯特年龄一样大。 他的个子没有他父亲的个子高。

  2) …是…的多少倍 倍数 + as + adj + as
Tom is as old as Kate. He is not so tall as his father. Tom is twice as old as Kate.

  3) 只能修饰原级的词有very,quite,so,too
他太累了以至于不能再继续走了。 He is too tired to walk on. 他跑得那么快以至于我跟不上 He runs so fast that I can’t follow him.
表示“ 几倍”
  4) 表示“甲比乙…”或“甲比乙…几倍” (倍数)+ 形容词比较级+than
汤姆比凯特高。 Tom is taller than Kate. This room is three times bigger than that one. 这个房间比那个大三倍。

  5)表示“越来越……”比较级 表示 ”比较级+and+比较级 比较级
It’s getting darker and darker. 天越来越黑了. 花儿越来越漂亮. The flowers are more and more beautiful.

  6)表示“越……,越……” 表示“ 表示 , ”
the + 比较级,the + 比较级 比较级,
你越认真,犯的错误越少。 The more careful you are,the fewer mistakes you’ll make.

  7)可以修饰比较级的词有much,a lot,far,even…的多. a little,a bit,…一点儿
第一课比第二课容易得多。Lesson One is much easier than Lesson Two. 汤姆甚至比以前更年轻。 Tom looks even younger than before.

  8)表示“……是……中最 表示“ 中最……的”。 the + 形容词最高级 表示 是 中最 的
Tom is the tallest in his class. 汤姆是他们班上所有学生当中最高的。 这个苹果是五个当中最大的。 This apple is the biggest of the five.

  9)表示“……是……中最 表示“ 中最……之一”。one of the + 形容词最高级 + 复数名词 之一” 表示 是 中最 之一
北京是中国最大城市之一。 Beijing is one of the largest cities in China.
  1】 ?Which is season in Beijing?? D ?I think it's autumn. ? A.good B.better ?C.best D.the best? 【例
  2】 It istoday than yesterday.Shall we go D swimming this afternoon? A.the hottest B.hot? C.hottest D.hotter? C 【例
  3】 Hainan is a very large island.It’s the secondisland in China. A.large B.larger? C.largest D.most large? 【例
  4】 Her mother was out.She stayed at home, A but she didn't feel . ? A.alone,lonely? B.lonely alone? C.alone,lonely? D.lonely,alone? 【例
  5】 ?Is the physics problem?? A ?Yes,I can work it out . A.easy,easily? B.easy,easy? C.easily,easy? D.easily,easily?
写出下列词的比较级和最高级。 Ⅰ.写出下列词的比较级和最高级。 ?
  1.badly /bad/ill worse?worst
  5.hard earlier?earliest more difficult?most difficult?
thinner?thinnest? ? harder?hardest ?
根据句意填空。 Ⅱ.根据句意填空。? more interesting
  1.Which film is ,this one or that one? (interesting)?
  2.I think English is one of the most important subjects in middle school(important).?
  3.Li Lei doesn't study so as his sister.(care) carefully ? younger
  4.Ann is a little than Joan, but she is much .(young,tall)? taller
  5.The Changjiang River is very .It's the long third river in the world. (long)? longest
  1.Your English is good.I’ll try my best to speak it as you
A.clearly as? B.clear as? C.clearer than?D.more clearly? C
  2.I feel even now.? A.bad B.well ?C.worse D.worst? C
  3.Keep quiet,please.It's noisy here.? A.many too B.too many? C.much too D.too much A
  4. Who gets home usually in your family? A. the latest B. later C. early D. as late B
  5.The more we looked at the picture, . A. we like it less B. the less we liked it C. better we liked it D. it looked better C 6 Beijing is biggest cities in China. A. the first B. one of C. the second D. second
  7.?Is your mother badly ill? --No, , only a little cold. --No, C
A. serious anything B.serious nothing C.nothing serious D.anything serious
  7.Music is not so useful as science.It'suseful than science.? A.fewer B.less? C.more D.a lot?
  8.He is taller than in his class.? C A.any boy B.any boys? C.any other boy D.some other boys? B
  8.You must wear glasses.They can keep your eyes? A.soft B.safe? C.safely D.safety?
  10.?What was the weather like yesterday?? D ?It was very bad.It rainedpeople couldgo out.? A.hard,hard B.hardly,hard C.hardly,hardly D.hard,hardly
  11.English is asas Chinese.You should learn it well. A A.important B.more important? C.the most important D.much more important?



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英语- 形容词

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   形容词和副词 1. 形容词和副词的功能及位置 (1)形容词的功能:主要是用来描写或修饰名词,说明名词的性质、特征、状态,在句中 作定语、表语、补足语等成分。 (2)形容词的位置 ① 作定语一般位于它所修饰的名词之前; ② alive, afraid, awake, alone, asleep 等表语形容词作定语需后置 需后置; 需后置 ③ 修饰 someone, somebody, something, anyone, anybody, anything, nobody, nothing 等 ...


   专题4 专题 形容词、 形容词、副词 中考对形容词和副词的考查热点一般集中在对它们的原级、比较级和最高级的变化及用 法上。命题形式往往是在一句话中空出形容词或副词,让考生根据句子的意义和结构确定空 白处应用形容词还是副词,或者应用原级、比较级还是最高级。具体内容如下: 1.形容词、副词的各种用法。 2.形容词、副词的比较等级。 3.各种表示比较的句型。 4.形容词、副词构成的一些重要短语及句型,动词与副词搭配构成的短语。 知识网络 修饰形容词、副词 形容词和副词 副词的用法表示频度的副词 ...


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