1) This is important book. It helped me a lot in old days. A. a; an
  2) B. an; the C. the; an D. /; the Amy had nothing for breakfast, she? . She had some bread and milk. A. had; Yes
  5) A. more exciting B. had: No B. more excited C. did; Yes C. exciting D. did; No D. excited The more books you read, the you will feel. It’s hard problem for the twins that of them can work it out . A. so, neither B. such a, none C. so a, neither D. such a, neither I like skiing better than climbing because I think climbing is skiing. A. more exciting than C. not as most exciting as
  6) What did he say? He asked B. not as more exciting as D. less exciting than .
A. if did your uncle catch the “bird flu” virus B. who has been sent up into space in “Shenzhou-VI” C. when Zhalong Nature Reserve became one of the world’s important wetlands D. that the 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing
  9) wonderful music! Yes, it’s written by Jay Chou, a pop singer. C. How the radio every day. C. with D. by D. How a
A. What B. What a We can listen to English songs A. on B. to English classes .
Look at the beautiful woman, she teaches English very well. She always makes her
A. our; interesting B. we; exciting C. us; lively D. ours; surprising
  10) Our teacher often tells us our precious time playing computer games. A. don’t waste B. not wasting C. to not waste D. not to waste
  11) What did he just now? Sorry, I didn’t catch his words. I about something else. A. speak; am thinking B. talk; thought C. say; was thinking D. tell; have thought
  12) When I first came to USA, I the importance of knowing English. A. worked out B. found out C. looked over D. came over
  13) ??Which do you prefer, fish meat? ??I prefer fish meat. A. or, to B. to; or C. to; to D. or; or
  14) In Lily’s opinion, Li Ming sings as as Zhou Jielun. A) nice B) well C) good D) fine
  15) Be careful, you will fall from the chair. A) and B) or C) but D) so
  16) You’d better tell your father the truth he comes back.
B) though C) so that D) as soon as
  17) ! The man has a knife in his hand. A. Watch out B. Find out C. Break out D. Call out
  18) In order to protect the river we must stop dirty things into it. A) throw B) thrown C) throwing D) to throw
  19) A: Let’s have a surprise party on New Year’s Eve. B: A) What a surprise party! B) Well done, isn’t it? C) That’s a good idea. D) I think so, but I hope not.
  20) When the weather is fine, the old man likes to watch children in the garden. A) play B) to play C) played D) were playing
  21) The reporter asked the pupils . A) how many trees they have planted B) how many trees they had planted C) how many tree have they planted D) how many trees had they planted
  22) The Chinese people first paper in the world. A) invented B) discovered C) found D) designed
  23) He tried to the words on the sign in the dark but he couldn’t. A) give out B) make out C) pick out D) put out
  24) My new flat is on the floor in the building. A) three B) thirteen C) third D) thirty
  25) ?Are you going to the picnic with us tonight? ?Yes. ?You won't be late, ? A.should you B. will you C. don't you D. can you
  26) The boy can’t get up early the morning because he goes to bed late night. A) in; at B) at; in C) in; on D) on; at 二.用括号中所给单词 的适当形式完成下列句子
  2) birthday happily on October 1 ,2009 (sixty) We celebrate our country’s The interview our headmaster on how to raise students’ ablities.(report)
A) until

  3) Our new student Nancy wants to introduce to us. (she)
  4) he of the computer has improved people’s life greatly. (invent)
  61. One important thing for the blind is to keep when they cross the road. (save)
  6) As we all know, English is the most used language in the world. (wide)
  7) The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai will be to people from all over the world. (attract)
  8) About 600,000 people of lung cancer(肺癌) in 2008 across China. (death)



   初三年级英语语法练习题 一,根据所给名词的适当形式填空:10% 1. There are a lot of ( leaf ) on the tree. 2. Uncle Li bought two ( watch ) yesterday. 3. There are many ( child) in the classroom. 4. We have a lot of nice ( tomato ) here. 5. There are lots of ( sheep ) in the hil ...


   小学英语语法练习题 姓名 姓名 写出下列单词的复数形式。( 。(5 一、写出下列单词的复数形式。(5%) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. book mango sheep radio yo-yo knife children man Walkman tooth 班级 班级 二、写出下列数词的基数词或序数词。(5%) 写出下列数词的基数词或序数词。(5 。( 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. one two three five nin ...


   教育是一项良心工程 网址: 网址:www.longwenedu.com 翻译--汉译英 翻译 汉译英 50 个重点句型练习 1. as soon as 3. as …as possible 5. ask/tell sb. ( how) to do sth. 7. be afraid of doing sth./that 9. be famous /late/ready/sorry for 11. both …and… 13. buy/give /show/send/pass/bring/le ...


   初三英语语法练习。 1. Would you please (not talk) in class? 2. He asked whether they ( arrive) in an hour. 3. He said that he (come) to see us when he had time. 4. At that time , he was too young ( look) after himself . 5. We didn’t know if they (have) a me ...


   中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 \教学内容 教学内容 1. English talking: my favourite person 2. 看图说话 精锐教育网站:www.1smart.org 精锐教育?教务管理部 中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家 3.语法专项训练 一、写出下列单词的复数形式。(5%) 写出下列单词的复数形式。(5 。( 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. book mango sheep radio yo-yo knife children m ...


   听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台! 听力课堂,开放式外语学习平台!TingClass.com 语法综合练习 【专项训练】 一、用所给动词的适当形式填空: 1、Tom (be) in Paris since 2 years ago. 2、I (be) to the Great Wall twice. 3、My uncle (be) in this city for many years. 4、We (visit) our teacher already. 5、 May (go) home yet? ...


   讲义: 讲义:初中英语宾语从句小结 一、当由陈述句充当宾语从句时,用 that 引导,that 无词义,在口语或非正式文体中常省 略。如: She said that she would leave the message on the headmaster's desk.她说她会把留言条放在 校长桌子上。 He said that he could finish his work before supper.他说他会在晚饭前完成工作 二、当由一般疑问句充当宾语从句时,用 if 或 whet ...


   语法(词法Ⅰ) 一.考点透视 知识与能力要求 重难点问题归纳 中考热点分析预测 应试策略 二.知识讲解 名词 代词 冠词 数词 形容词、副词 介词 三.典型例题 四.强化训练及答案 一.考点透视 【知识与能力要求】 1.掌握所学单词的形态变化。 2.掌握简单句的五种基本句型,四笔头练习基本正确。 3.能理解不复杂的、含有状语从句或宾语从句的复合句。 4.掌握动词的五种基本时态(一般现在时、一般过去时、一般将来时、现在进行时、现在完成时)的基本用法。 5.能理解并初步掌握过去进行时、过去完成时 ...


   英语专业四级词汇语法练习题(六 英语专业四级词汇语法练习题 六) 温馨提示:帮考网外语免费练习题,如需完整题库请登录 http://news.bangkaow.com 温馨提示: 帮考网外语免费练习题, 1.in the past, at the moment it is a favorite choice for wedding gown. A. Unpopular has as white been B. White has been as unpopular C. Unpopular ...


   词性一、实词 二、虚词 三、判断词 四、其他 句子成分一、主语 二、谓语 三、宾语 四、定语 五、状语 六、补语 七、表语 动词时态一、 一般现在时 二、 一般过去时 三、 一般将来时 四、 一般过去将来时 五、 现在进行时 六、 过去进行时 七、 将来进行时 八、 过去将来进行时 九、 现在完成时 十、 过去完成时 十一、 将来完成时 十二、 过去将来完成时 十三、 现在完成进行时 十四、 过去完成进行时 十五、 将来完成进行时 十六、 过去将来完成进行时 动词语态一、主动语态 二、被动语 ...



   大家好,我叫 GREEN! 来到英文国家有一段时间,真的很荣幸能够在这里跟大家相识。 真希望我这么一点点的经验更够帮助一些英语学习爱好者。 1)关于 TH 的发音 ::z7 首先说明一点,流利的英语口语不光是需要非常准确的音标而已,还需要很多因素,比如 Intonation。 我只是想把我可以天天体会到的事情给大家听。 # l: R# ~3 _6 C" Z- n 我的耳朵告诉我, 中国人学英语的时候最差的一个音标就是 th, 所以导致很多中国人无法发 出 ths,thsh 和 st ...


   " 25 " 我想自修n?P?考?f: TKT R?jK英??教 ^+???I 「舒葳老^+教你考英j?k-TKT 篇(2-2)」 舒葳老^+教你考英j?k- )」 (R?jK部落格邀?嗽?野喑?呷?#美女老^+、s斡?R?jK大[x ESOL 考?f院台pcS@}?理 的舒葳老^+,撰[搿菏孑诶?+教你考英j??k。文章於每月的第二?1&第四?1y?菟目?,? 大家定期收看, 肯定g\於n?P?英j?非常有^k助唷! 如果有任何UO?L, 非常ka迎大家留言v|UO! 舒葳老 ...


   推荐几个不错的学英语软件... 现在流行一种这样的话题??双脑并用:中国人学好英语的捷径。双脑是指左脑+右脑、人 脑+电脑。 速成是指根据英语能力形成和发展规律及大脑内部言语加工机制规律提高学习效 率,少走弯路。 具体而言,左脑+右脑是指在英语学习过程中,在保持原有左脑积极加工的基础上,强化右 脑,充分开发右脑潜能,实现左右脑言语加工的协同作业;人脑+电脑有两层含义,一是借 鉴电脑人工智能及神经网络原理,优化大脑英语加工机制和加工程序,使之更加科学合理; 一是运用电脑多媒体技术及计算机网络优 ...


   s=主语 v=动词 行为动词: 1:主语+v3单4+。。。。 2;主语+don't/doesn't+ v原形。。。。。 3:do/dose+主语+动词原形。。。。 4:主语+do/dose. no's+don't+doesn't... 5:do/dose+主语+动词原形。。。。 3单4: 1:+s 2:+es 3:y改i+s 4:y改i+es 行为动词: 1:主语+be+..... 2;主语+be not+..... 3: be+主语+..... 4:主语+be .....NO,主语+be ...


   2009 年秋期六年级英语月考测试题 班级 姓名 得分 (20 分) 一、练一练。把下列字母带着小写规范的书写在四线三格内。 练一练。把下列字母带着小写规范的书写在四线三格内。 ( A C D E H I L O S T 二、想一想。把下列一组字母按照字母表中的先后顺序,带着小写规范 想一想。把下列一组字母按照字母表中的先后顺序, 写在四线三格内。 (10 地写在四线三格内。 ( 分) B G E M Y (10 分) 三、连一连。把大写字母与右边相对应的小写字母用线连起来。 连一连。把大写 ...