初三英语语法练习题 一、根据所给名词的适当形式填空:
  1. There are a lot of ( leaf ) on the tree.
  2. Uncle Li bought two ( watch ) yesterday.
  3. There are many ( child) in the classroom.
  4. We have a lot of nice ( tomato ) here.
  5. There are lots of ( sheep ) in the hill.
  6. There are about eighty ( man doctor) in the hospital.
  7. I have a lot of ( information ) to tell you.
  8. The baby has two ( tooth ).
  9. There are 13 ( Japanese) and 30 ( German) here. 二、根据所给的动词的适当形式填空:
  1. It took us two hours ( finish ) the work.
  2. I heard someone (go) upstairs at 12:00 last night.
  3. I asked him ( not make ) much noise there.
  4. Why not ( have ) a drink? It is too hot.
  5. Please remember (turn) off the light before you go to bed.
  6. Thank you for ( help ) me with English.
  7. I am interested in ( play ) soccer.
  8. It is time for us ( play ) baseball.
  9. They both take turns ( look after ) the old man.
  10. My uncle often goes ( shop ) on weekends. 三、用所给的动词以适当的时态形式填空:
  1. The teacher told us that the earth ( go ) around the sun.
  2. We won't go to the park if it ( rain )tomorrow.
  3. Mike usually ( take ) a walk after supper.
  4. Jack ( visit ) her uncle last week.
  5. I will tell you as soon as he ( come back).
  6. He often ( watch ) TV at night.
  7. Jenny ( read ) a book when her mother came home.
  8. Look! The children ( swim ) in the river.
  9. My uncle ( leave ) for Shanghai next week.
  10. Mary __ ( have ) lunch at noon yesterday.
  11. Tom ( come ) back from Australia in a week.
  12. Mom ( cook ) when the bell rang.
  13. The boys ( play ) football on the playground now.
  14. Hurry up, or you (miss) the train.
  15. Listen. Someone ( knock ) at the door.
  16. Be quiet. My father ( sleep ) in the bedroom.
  17. I ( go ) hiking with my friends last Monday.
  18. My mother ( stay ) at home yesterday.
  19. I ( mend ) my broken bike at 9:30 yesterday morning.
  20. I ( feed) my dogs the day before yesterday.
四、选择填空: ( )
  1. I have . A. two piece of papers B. two pieces of paper C. two paper ( ) 2?They are thirsty, would you please give themCertainly!? A. some bottle of waters B. some bottles of water ? C. some bottle of water D. some bottle of waters ( )
  3. Every morning he takes a to his office. A.20 minutes walk B.20 minute's walk C.20 minute walk D.20 minutes' walk ( )
  4. There are twelve in a year. A. month B. months C. months D. weeks ( )
  5. room is the cleanest in their family. A. Ann's and Tom's B. Ann and Tom's C. Ann's and Tom ( )
  6. Jean is one of my best . A. friend B. a friend C. the friend D. friends ( ) 7 This is seat. is over there. A. your, my B. mine; your C. your, mine D. my; your ( )
  8. I taught English when I was 8 years old. A. myself B. me C. my D. mine ( )
  9. I have two pencils. One is red , and is black. A. any other B. others C. the other D. other ( )
  10. Either Jack or I good at math. A. is B. are C. am D. were ( )
  11. Neither Mary nor the twins from Australia. A. is B. comes C. was D. come ( )
  12. There are lot of trees on sides of the street. A. both B. either C. all D. each ( )
  13. We have a holiday after the exam. A. two month B. two-month C. two month's D. two-months ( )
  14. Wei Hua studies in . A. Class five B. Class Fifth C. Class Five D. the five class ( )
  15. There are about two sheep on the farm. A. hundreds B. hundreds of C. hundred of D. hundred



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