1、Tom (be) in Paris since 2 years ago.

  2、I (be) to the Great Wall twice.

  3、My uncle (be) in this city for many years.

  4、We (visit) our teacher already.

  5、 May (go) home yet?

  6、He (read) the book 3 times.

  7、They just (leave) the farm.

  8、She (not play) football these days.

  9、My friend (see) the film before.

  10、He never (meet) a foreigner.

  11、He (give) you the answer as soon as he (come) back.

  12、There (be) a meeting tomorrow. Please (come) on time.

  13、My mother (work) for 3 years.

  14、 (be) there much snow last winter? No, there (not).

  15、We (start) at 10 if it (stop) raining.

  16、The plane (take off) in a moment.

  17、It (rain) for 3 days. There are too much rain is year.

  18、How long you uncle (live) in Beijing.

  19、We (learn) many words since we can to this school.

  20、Where is Tom?
He (go) to Hangzhou.
he ever (be) there before?
Yes. He (be) there 3 times.
When he (go) there?
He (go) there 3 days ago.

  21、The wind (blow) hard yesterday. It (blow) off my hat.

  22、 you (hear) the news last night?

  23、They (write) letters the whole morning. They didn't have a rest.

  24、One day I (happen) to be alone at home. He (come) and we (have) a chat.(聊天)

  25、She often (talk) about that book.

  26、The train (leave) in 10 minutes.

  27、Look! The children (play) in the park.

  28、I already (walk) for 20 minutes. I'm too lived.

  29、How long your father (live) in Beijing.

  30、I (not read) today's newspaper yet it (come)?

  31、His father (be) a doctor since 19

  32、The foreign guests (arrive) in 5 minutes.

  33、I (see) her this morning. What's wrong with her?

  34、The boy (study) now. (not make) any noise.

  35、Yesterday I (go) to (see) a film. On my way to the cinema, I (meet) your mother there. We (talk) a lot. We (be) very happy.

  36、What you usually (do) after class? Sometimes I (go) to the library and sometimes I (have) sports with my classmates.

  37、The students (listen) to the radio. (not sing) here, please.

  38、I'm late the train (leave)?

  39、Last week my grandma (go) to (see) a friend of her. She (be) very happy. She (cook) a good dinner. They (enjoy) it very much.

  40、Tomorrow (be) Sunday. I (visit) an old friend.

  41、I (fall) and (hurt) my neck last week.

  42、Sometimes Li Ming (do) his homework at school. Now he (do) it in the classroom.

  43、What Lin Ying (do) now? She (help) Wang Lin with his lessons. she often (help) him with his lessons? Yes, she (help) him with his lessons twice a week.

  44、We (have) one or two new subjects every year. We (have) physics next year. I (work) hard at it.

  45、It's five o'clock now. The students (clean) their classroom.

  46、Li Fang's father (work) in that school.

  47、We (have) a good time in the Summer Palace last Sunday.

  48、He (not do) the cooking yesterday.

  49、Look! the students (dance).

  50、Mary (listen) to the radio when her mother came in.

  51、Last night the boy (draw) a picture.

  52、My mother (work) for 3hours. She is very busy.

  53、I already (walk) for 20 minutes. I'm too tired to move.

  54、They (wait) for us for 3 hours.

  55、It's ten o'clock now. The meeting (last) for 2 hours.

  56、May I borrow the book "Lucky Jim"?
Sorry, I (return) it.

  57、A: How many times you (see) the film?
B: About 5 times.
A: When you (see) it for the first time?
B: 2 years ago.
A: you (like) it?
B: Yes. I (like) it very much?

二、根据句意, 选用方框中所给动词的适当形式填空:
sleep, crowd round, try, watch, answer rain, worry, put on, clean, talk arrive in, prefer…to, do, catch up

  1、My grandmather usually TV after supper.

  2、I don't know how this question.

  3、The teacher told him not to be late.

  4、I won't go to see you if it tomorrow.

  5、Have you your homework yet?

  6、The students their teacher and asking a lot of question now.

  7、Our friend tea coffee.

  8、Mr Green Beijing last night.

  9、Please be quiet. Mr Wang now.

  10、It you work hard, you with others.

  11、She looks , I'm sure she is having trouble.

  12、You'd better your coat. It's cold outside.

  13、Have you finished your bedroom?

  14、I met Tom in the street. I stop with him.

go, rain, jump, teach, stop talking, must send, be, happen, worry, come, live, help, stop cry

  1、Mrs Li always about her children.

  2、There no hospital thirty years ago.

  3、It's time for class. We'd better right now.

  4、English twice a day on TV.

  5、A young man into the river and saved the boy.

  6、Look at the dark cloud! It soon.

  7、Nothing to the boy since you left.

  8、Father won't let her alone.

  9、Spring after winter.

  10、My father with us three years ago.

  11、 he you with the cooking yesterday?

  12、How did Lin Feng make the baby ?

  13、The old man is ill. He to the hospital.

be, take, use, stay, hear, sing, write, go, come, keep…wait, lock, build, swim

  1、 you free last Sunday?

  2、Jim's uncle often fishing when it is fine.

  3、Uncle Wang back in a month.

  4、Great changes place since 19

  5、He me for a long time yesterday afternoon.

  6、Keys by people for doors.

  7、How long Peter here since he came here? "Five years."

  8、 you from your parents last month?

  9、 this swimming pool in 1990?

  10、Tom's friend often in makes.

  11、Listen! Rose and her sister beautifully.

  12、Do you know if Mr King to his teacher soon?

be, born, have, listen, read, cook, open, run, found, clean, lend, be, produce

  1、I my bike to him a moment ago.

  2、There four classes tomorrow morning.

  3、These machines in Shanghai last year.

  4、The People's Republic of China in 19

  5、Look! How fast Lin Tao !

  6、The new students' rooms once a week.

  7、He on May 20, 19

  8、It's time for us lunch now.

  9、They enjoyed to this song.

  10、Our teacher asked us to go on the new books.

  11、I would like you the meal today.

  12、It's vely hot today. Why not the windows?

begin, build, see, learn, take, rong…up, visit, go, have, get, play, work

  1、Do you know how cities long ago?

  2、Mr Green a lot of places since he left his hometown.

  3、Look! The children with snow in front of the building.

  4、I'll tell him about it. When I him tomorrow evening.

  5、Our teacher us to the Great Wall next week.

  6、The house many years ago.

  7、Miss Black to the cinema twice a month.

  8、Mary and Jane up very early this morning. They are reading now.

  9、The girl wanted to know how English.

  10、I would like a cup of tea.

  11、Please me when you are free.

  12、 She in this factory for 2 years.

give, bring, go, speak, rain, turn off, make, sleep, play, build

  1、Tom many friends since he came here.

  2、She swimming tomorrow afternoon.

  3、Jim is always busy. He only sixhours every night.

  4、Chinese in many countries today.

  5、Look! the students football on the playgrownd.

  6、The bridge by the farmers themselves in 19

  7、The headmaster us a talk yesterday.

  8、Please the lights when you leave.

  9、Mr Smith asked me the book with me that afternoon.

  10、Take the rain coat with you. It now.


  1、You're in Grade two now, ?

  2、Your father is a worker, ?

  3、Mary is going to study Chinese, ?

  4、We're going to have a meeting this week, ?

  5、Jack is playing in the garden, ?

  6、They all look fine, ?

  7、You like English, ?

  8、Kate swims the best in her class, ?

  9、Mike watches TV every day, ?

  10、They like spring best, ?

  11、They won't have a good time, ?

  12、He will go to see a film, ?

  13、She isn't going to buy a book, ?

  14、Tom and Mike are watching TV, ?

  15、You are doing some washing, ?

  16、Mrs White is cleaning the room, ?

  17、I bad a rest a moment ago, ?

  18、He was a teacher a year ago, ?

  19、They wrote letters last Sunday, ?

  20、Mr Smith made a table last year, ?

  21、Don't open the door, ?

  22、Let's go to school, ?

  23、Listen to me, ?

  24、There's little water in the rive, ?

  25、The little girl can hardly read, ?

  26、He has never been to Japan, ?

  27、The students borrowed few English books from the library, ?

  28、Kate made f



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